Most Epic Ankle Breaker Skills In Football

  • Published on Aug 31, 2019
  • 👍 Most Epic Ankle Breaker Skills In Football ⚽🔥
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  • sheikh maamaan
    sheikh maamaan Day ago

    3:18 that's not an ankle breaker

  • corkoran
    corkoran Day ago

    Miss name players !!!

  • Siddharth pariyar
    Siddharth pariyar 2 days ago

    I think its the copy song of GMV

  • Ameen
    Ameen 2 days ago

    Ankle breaker is in basketball. In football its called body feint

  • Harry Subagyo
    Harry Subagyo 3 days ago

    4.22 - 4.30, very funny.. LOL🤣🤣🤣

  • skates
    skates 3 days ago

    the greatest complement i’ve ever received was being compared to messi by the pe teacher when we’d play for class.

  • Mamad Sis
    Mamad Sis 3 days ago


  • Juank Papu
    Juank Papu 4 days ago

    Jajaja como partieron a Messi

  • peace
    peace 4 days ago

    alexis should have stayed on arsenal team, it was an ideal team for him

  • k Hakmi
    k Hakmi 4 days ago

  • JhonaMontoya Games
    JhonaMontoya Games 6 days ago +1

    Este bato es mexicano va

  • Sudarshan Rana
    Sudarshan Rana 6 days ago +2

    No one talks about kaka this days he was a beast in his prime #legend

  • Murilo de Andrade
    Murilo de Andrade 6 days ago

    Faltou Romário x amaral

  • Aman kumar
    Aman kumar 7 days ago

    Song name ?

  • Victor Ramirez
    Victor Ramirez 7 days ago

    Fuck me the music was horrendous

  • Lil Nigha
    Lil Nigha 7 days ago

    Where's the best player from the last 20 years 😡

  • Lil Nigha
    Lil Nigha 7 days ago

    Didn't find the best player from the last 20 years lmao

  • محاكاة _ MOhakah

    Music is foooking 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Rakib Hussain
    Rakib Hussain 9 days ago

    Yes this channel does not know who is Ronaldo

  • Santiago Carrizo
    Santiago Carrizo 9 days ago +1

    Eu alguien sabe el nombre de la cancion q da al principio???

  • David Perez
    David Perez 9 days ago

    Name the music the video

  • Orang Teladan
    Orang Teladan 10 days ago

    name song?

  • GoldenAlistar
    GoldenAlistar 11 days ago

    This fuckin motivational Rap shit or ncs sounds in every compilation Like WHO df wants to hear this

  • Floyd Floyd
    Floyd Floyd 11 days ago

    Whres is Ronaldo? Without Ronaldo its not serius..

  • Pacholo HD
    Pacholo HD 12 days ago

    Nombre de la música?

  • Ijaz Ahmed
    Ijaz Ahmed 12 days ago

    Where is The O.G. Di Maria levelling out Puyol ?

  • Fr muleke bonzin
    Fr muleke bonzin 13 days ago +1

    Já deixei meu deslike, e vc não é fã do Messi, concerteza não é...

    • Fr muleke bonzin
      Fr muleke bonzin 11 days ago

      @Urso Traficante percebeu que seu comentário não tem nd a ver com o meu?

    • Urso Traficante
      Urso Traficante 11 days ago

      Mano o vídeo não se trata do Messi e sim de belos dribles e por mais q os melhores dribles sejam do Messi não existe apenas o Messi no mundo do Futebol 🖒

    FREEKS CLIPS 13 days ago

    00:55 ondi é que eu tÔ kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkjkjmhjjgh

  • Davixep
    Davixep 14 days ago

    Falta el de di María a Puyol

  • jonas elias pastrana
    jonas elias pastrana 14 days ago

    song neffex fight back

  • S. E.
    S. E. 14 days ago

    impossible to watch with this shit music...bye

  • Bass Jackers
    Bass Jackers 14 days ago

    Song name please...

  • miftahul hawaji
    miftahul hawaji 15 days ago

    What the Song no 1

  • Aman Vlogs
    Aman Vlogs 17 days ago

    songs used

  • dontzenyourselfout
    dontzenyourselfout 18 days ago

    ...puerile immature

  • Renatogamer 666
    Renatogamer 666 18 days ago

    Canción del principio

  • NameUnderConstruction
    NameUnderConstruction 18 days ago +1

    This music is so cringey 🤢🤢🤢

  • lufs 12
    lufs 12 20 days ago

    where ibra when he was at ajax

  • Jim Morrison
    Jim Morrison 21 day ago

    nice moves FUCKED UP MUSIC

  • Brayan Rosales
    Brayan Rosales 21 day ago

    esta bueno el video pero tienes que dejar a ver si isieron los goles o no en algunas jugadas

  • Akzal Yolandiyo
    Akzal Yolandiyo 21 day ago

    Title song?

  • Thundersub
    Thundersub 21 day ago

    The music Why?

  • Suzt Kdka
    Suzt Kdka 22 days ago

    There wasn't a space for CR7 in this video!!

  • Leoharyz
    Leoharyz 23 days ago


  • CayzFN
    CayzFN 23 days ago


  • Permanent Pen
    Permanent Pen 23 days ago

    What's name of this song?

  • ChanWin17
    ChanWin17 23 days ago

    What's the song name?

  • Frank Aylward Jr
    Frank Aylward Jr 23 days ago

    How do you thumbs down this video

  • ee chaval
    ee chaval 23 days ago

    4:29 el de rojo se golpeo la cabeza en el piso😂

  • Dandy Arif Rahmadi
    Dandy Arif Rahmadi 23 days ago +16

    0:51 Someone give him a map, he doesn't know where he is going.

  • Caleb Yuricha
    Caleb Yuricha 24 days ago

    Most of these aren’t even ankle breakers like this video is ass

  • Vixo_ 14
    Vixo_ 14 24 days ago

    Where's cristiano in manchester united?

  • Gean oliveira
    Gean oliveira 24 days ago

    Qual e o nome da música

  • Tomi_curtis
    Tomi_curtis 24 days ago

    Whats the firts song???

  • Walter Nazi
    Walter Nazi 24 days ago

    The first song?

  • Papa Dom
    Papa Dom 25 days ago

    N the winner is messi.. How many defander he've been bullied... How many sins he has😂

  • Eliezer Rodríguez
    Eliezer Rodríguez 25 days ago

    Y donde está la de Di María a puyol Jajaja

  • Natalie Wambui
    Natalie Wambui 25 days ago +2

    i actually muted like if you did to

  • Dickson Matogo
    Dickson Matogo 26 days ago +2

    I just watch this clip again just for 0:51 😂😂😂 i feel sorry for the guy

  • Ben Stretford
    Ben Stretford 27 days ago +1

    3:42 How to herd SHEEP 101
    If that guy is a youth team player then he's the next big thing