Nearly reaching the 500mph milestone! | #2019HST

  • Published on Nov 5, 2019
  • The Bloodhound LSR car nearly reached the 500mph milestone today, hitting 491mph (790km/h).
    It was the sixth run down the desert for the car, which is being pushed faster each time by driver and current World Land Speed Record owner Andy Green.
    The team is gathering vital data from each run to prepare the car for its World Land Speed Record attempt next year, when it hopes to break the current record of 763mph.
    Andy said: “The aim of today was to measure the slowdown, from 500 down to 200, to measure the aerodynamic drag. We've got all that data, and now it’s time to crunch the numbers."
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  • steve ed
    steve ed 2 days ago

    It will propel Britain to the record books and break land speed record 😊🇬🇧

  • Johannez De La Cruz
    Johannez De La Cruz 24 days ago

    Metric System > Imperial System

  • khan jan
    khan jan 25 days ago

    But the speed in uk 20 mph for cars

  • Thetheoryguy55
    Thetheoryguy55 25 days ago

    Just add some RGB head lights

    PUNTLAND 27 days ago

    16/11 it did 628mph

  • bartsshorts
    bartsshorts 27 days ago

    GRETA: How Dare You!!

  • brotherscro
    brotherscro 28 days ago

    It looks slow when there are no buildings besides it to compare it to
    Still awesome tho

  • Mark Persad
    Mark Persad 29 days ago

    Good luck to the whole team! Fantastic technological achievement!

  • Junaid Hashami
    Junaid Hashami 29 days ago

    "...and let it coast down to 200mph..." yeah no biggie, 200 miles per hour.

  • Geeza Garage
    Geeza Garage 29 days ago

    Imagine going 500mph and not having a helmet/visor cam

  • Mark Atkin
    Mark Atkin Month ago

    It sounds odd to call this thing a car. Its a missile that just happens to have wheels.

  • Gary Wilson
    Gary Wilson Month ago

    You guys should make a wheelchair go that fast, see what happens

  • Pressed MV
    Pressed MV Month ago

    so its a rocket on wheels, alrighty then

    • Ian McGreevy
      Ian McGreevy Month ago

      Not yet , the rocket comes next year.

  • hillynath
    hillynath Month ago

    Yeah but I wouldnt really call it a car though

  • koeielul112
    koeielul112 Month ago

    What about the sonic shockwave? How are you planning to deal with that under that flat bottom of the car? It cannot dissipate to anywhere!

  • gary Hinchliffe
    gary Hinchliffe Month ago

    What about the air speed record ?🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    • Ian McGreevy
      Ian McGreevy Month ago +1

      gary Hinchliffe ask the Americans.

  • gary Hinchliffe
    gary Hinchliffe Month ago

    Well done boys fly the flag 🇬🇧

  • Johan Fouche
    Johan Fouche Month ago

    damn!!!!!! that hakskeen pronunciation.

  • Keith R Penny
    Keith R Penny Month ago

    OMG!!! Thank God Ian turned up in time!

  • Sarcasm
    Sarcasm Month ago

    Funny to think how the only reason they are doing this, is so they can break a record and essentially say they've done it.
    This has absolutely no utility on land travel as there sure as hell won't ever be cars that we'll be driving around at 500mph.
    But well... good luck for them.

    • Ian McGreevy
      Ian McGreevy Month ago

      The same team has already held the record since 1983. In U.K. this is a schools STEM project.

  • Graham Fitzjohn
    Graham Fitzjohn Month ago

    What a monumental waste of time money and effort . Plus it seems to be a two finger salute to the climate.

  • Sean B
    Sean B Month ago

    No doubts, Bloodhound will be knocking on the transonic door next...

  • Ahmed Kazi
    Ahmed Kazi Month ago

    1:37 RIP headphone users

  • Subah AL-Rashed
    Subah AL-Rashed Month ago

    C L E A R L Y..... Approves (((((((E A R T H is F L A T))))))))

  • Subah AL-Rashed
    Subah AL-Rashed Month ago

    C L E A R L Y..... Approves (((((((E A R T H is F L A T))))))))

  • Subah AL-Rashed
    Subah AL-Rashed Month ago

    C L E A R L Y..... Approves (((((((E A R T H is F L A T))))))))

    • Jimmy Boyd
      Jimmy Boyd Month ago

      Clearly proves flat errrrffffff is a cult !

  • O Circles
    O Circles Month ago

    I guess making this thing computer controlled instead of risking someones life just wouldn't be cool enough

  • michaeltd578
    michaeltd578 Month ago

    Is this the same car what will attempt 1000mph? I thought it was blue?

  • G erman C arrasco
    G erman C arrasco Month ago

    Remove the on-board pilot. That is just to risk that person's life.

    • G erman C arrasco
      G erman C arrasco Month ago

      @Alastair Archibald It should be about designing better engines and faster, safer, more reliable cars. There is no need to put a person inside it. Such a vehicle is not a prototype for a production model requiring a pilot, it is just to talk about "the fastest person", as if it delivered any good to society... Playing Russian-roulette would give him a bigger thrill for the cheap.

    • Alastair Archibald
      Alastair Archibald Month ago

      The driver, Andy Green, is an RAF jet pilot. He knows the risks perfectly well and is prepared to face them.

  • Eric C.
    Eric C. Month ago

    So let me get this straight... Y'all are driving a jet powered car but have to use a generator to power your drill?

  • Protomaker Black Sprint Original 3D Printer

    Heading towards the

  • Protomaker Black Sprint Original 3D Printer

    2:00 Coast down to 200 MPH :)

  • steve smith
    steve smith Month ago

    Very best of luck to all the team!! Donald Campbell would be proud of you!!

  • Joderic
    Joderic Month ago +1

    god this has come so far i remember being in elementary and it was still just a concept

  • Billy Kruger
    Billy Kruger Month ago

    Finally a manager/leader to get things done! If he fails to reach 500 again, he gets a written warning. And it WILL go in his permanent record.

  • Ade M
    Ade M Month ago +2

    Brilliant camera footage guys, shocked how massive the steering inputs are to keep the beast straight....... best of British 🇬🇧

  • jayson1979
    jayson1979 Month ago +1

    They should paint it blue as a tribute to the two Campbell’s

  • Peter Riis
    Peter Riis Month ago

    Yeah, well - but what is the point or purpose? Fame?

    • Ian McGreevy
      Ian McGreevy Month ago +1

      Peter Riis cheers Peter
      Regards Ian

    • Peter Riis
      Peter Riis Month ago

      @Ian McGreevy

    • Ian McGreevy
      Ian McGreevy Month ago

      Peter Riis Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. (STEM) it is a government initiative to help get school children inspired to study the STEM subjects and not to drop them. (As this is a concern in U.K.) . The Bloodhound attempt is all funded by private enthusiasts and many of the staff are volunteers. There has also been an economic and infrastructure boost to the remote region of South Africa where the attempt is to be made. Regards

    • Peter Riis
      Peter Riis Month ago

      @Ian McGreevy
      Well, I have no idea what a STEM project is, and I still don't know the point or purpose. 😊

    • Ian McGreevy
      Ian McGreevy Month ago

      Peter Riis in U.K. this is a Schools STEM Project. The team boss has held the world land speed record since 1983 and is not a fame-seeking type of person.

  • Matthew Throup
    Matthew Throup Month ago


  • Francois Menard
    Francois Menard Month ago

    Buckaoo Banzai 2.O 😂

  • Lewis Smith
    Lewis Smith Month ago

    Who else is watching the video while scrolling thru the comments!
    I need help gaining subs! 👍💖

  • Rick5123
    Rick5123 Month ago

    Wonder why they couldnt modify thrust Ssc? Most of the hard work done

  • Tacsense
    Tacsense Month ago +2

    0:40 brits and there tea ;-)

    • Nation States
      Nation States Month ago

      Lol, you can see the expert spoon handling 😂

  • keefsmiff
    keefsmiff Month ago +1

    That must feel a bit slow for Andy..

  • Mr Homsey
    Mr Homsey Month ago +1

    So happy to see this project back up and running again. Road to 1000mph starts once again!!

  • Shaun Edney
    Shaun Edney Month ago

    can't see my name on it??

  • nick4819
    nick4819 Month ago


  • vipahman
    vipahman Month ago

    Why is there so much steering input?

  • danny colerain
    danny colerain Month ago

    Telemetry please

  • The One and Only
    The One and Only Month ago

    I'm in the market for a commuter car, what's the make and model of this?

    • bilinas mini
      bilinas mini Month ago

      I thought they needed more funding for it and sponsors etc

  • alida flus
    alida flus Month ago +1

    This is the ultimate rush. Incredible. Bring it on !

    • bilinas mini
      bilinas mini Month ago

      and hard work, From what I see that makes all of you incredibly lucky.

  • Dump Chump
    Dump Chump Month ago

    Nearly 2% off on the max speed. You just can’t find the drivers these days 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Dump Chump
    Dump Chump Month ago

    It’s hard to tell, is there any form of HANS device on Andy’s helmet?

    • Dump Chump
      Dump Chump Month ago

      Beni Stingray
      I appreciate your honesty, Im not an engineer either and what Im saying is open to conjecture and criticism from people that know more than I do.
      I was surprised and shocked when looking at Jesse’s cockpit, the first thing I thought was how high up, far forward abd, exposed she was and how little structure there was to protect her. Look how hunkered down and more protected Green is in his?
      Depending on which article you read Hammond’s accident happened at between 288 and 325mph so I took a mid point. The point I was making is that it is possible to survive a high speed crash as long as your deceleration is not too violent. What nearly did the Hamster in was the sudden deceleration when his roll cage dug in and his head impacted the soil.

      Automobile manufacturers are designing their cars to different parameters, re cost, practically and survivability in collisions with other vehicles, trees, walls etc to make the declarative G forces the occupants receive survivable.

      It’s partly a humerus comment but also correct.
      “It’s not the speed that kills you it’s the sudden stop at the end”.
      I can’t remember where I first heard this but it’s true nonetheless.

    • Beni Stingray
      Beni Stingray Month ago

      @Dump Chump Richard Hammond crashed after he shut down the rocket engine and after the parachute was deployed, that crash happend at a much slower speed than 300mph.
      Look, im not a technician so i cant say for sure but there has to be a reason why you dont see HANS devices in speed record cars. I just guessed its because of the energys involved.
      WIth some basic understandings of physics you know how much energy is involved. Its the same reason why car manufacturers dont make normal crash test at more than 60mph for example, at some point the energy is just too much to get absorbed.
      I dont deny the effectiveness of HANS devices in motorsport in general, we know they work very well there but its a completly different story with high speed record cars.

    • Dump Chump
      Dump Chump Month ago

      Beni Stingray
      That’s a worst case scenario, every crash is different, as is every vehicle. Jesse’s cockpit looked to be a far less protected environment, more akin to a jet fighter than Green’s.
      What if a crash is not at max speed?
      Richard Hammond was in an OPEN cockpit dragster traveling at around 300mph when he crashed. If I recall correctly it was the vehicles roll cage digging into the soft grass that caused the trauma and the vehicle to tumble so violently. That will be less of an issue on a salt flat. It would unfortunate and extremely foolish to die in a crash that was survivable had he been wearing safety equipment like for instance Dale Earnhardt. His crash was survivable had he been using his seatbelts correctly and wearing a HANS device.
      What do you base your statement “Andy knows the hans wouldn’t help him etc” is that based on something he’s said or just supposition on your part?

    • Beni Stingray
      Beni Stingray Month ago

      ​@Dump Chump Youre right he would be fine because it just doesnt matter! If anyone crashes at these speeds there is just no change at all he would surivive. Thats just facts, the amount of energy at these speed are just to high.
      We lost Jessi Combs earlier this year in exact such a highspeed crash (may she rest in peace).
      Oh and btw, a Hans is really bad in terms of head freedom and Andy knows Hans wouldnt help him so being able to move your head freely is probably more worth than a false security!

    • Dump Chump
      Dump Chump Month ago

      Beni Stingray
      Using that logic he doesn’t need a helmet or a fire proof suit either then? T-shirt, shorts, flip flops and a pair of sunglasses should be fine. 🤣

  • Tsu 800
    Tsu 800 Month ago

    I was a member of the Mach 1 club that provided some of the funding when Thrust SSC broke the sound barrier in 1997 but was so underwhelmed by Andy Green's response to it all that it completely put me off any more attempts in the future and I have no interest in any of this now! Come on Andy Green, show a little pride in your achievements!

    • Tsu 800
      Tsu 800 Month ago

      To stop the vehicle veering off course, of course!

    • alida flus
      alida flus Month ago

      What is the function of a steering wheel going 500mph.. especially seen him turn it like 70+ degrees, if I did that going 70mph in a car I'd be flipping it over on it's side.

  • A. Fahad
    A. Fahad Month ago

    Ofcourse it will go to 500 with jet engine, it should even cross 800 with this engine, what about real car engine speed on land? 😒

  • wnnalis cioov
    wnnalis cioov Month ago +1

    You had one job Andy, one job 😝 But seriously, the steering inputs at those speeds are terrifying!

  • TheGodParticle
    TheGodParticle Month ago

    Thank you for using MPH. Km/h is so American.

  • Dan Martin
    Dan Martin Month ago

    Has to be the most drawn out project I have ever seen. No coincidence it is British!

    • Nation States
      Nation States Month ago

      Ian McGreevy well said mate, too many of the above cretin quick to put the british down, forgetting to add that the brits are the innovators who made the modern world

    • Ian McGreevy
      Ian McGreevy Month ago +1

      These guys have held the LSR since 1983. They can do it their way and take as long as they like. It is privately funded and most of the staff are volunteers with their “daytime jobs” on hold. They only have to answer to their team owner.

    • Nation States
      Nation States Month ago +1

      The brits are in it for the long run, hence most inventions are british . Thankyou. Goodnight old chap

  • Derek Thurgood
    Derek Thurgood Month ago

    Good luck for the record guys! You can do it and everyone's rooting for you here in the UK. Go bloodhound! Go bloodhound!

    • wnnalis cioov
      wnnalis cioov Month ago

      traditional spiritual discipline that abides by the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and has been persecuted by the Chinese regime since 1999

  • Simon
    Simon Month ago

    Okay, new rule - from now on the "car" has to look somewhat like a car or else it doesn't count!

    • Ian McGreevy
      Ian McGreevy Month ago

      The verifier, FIA , requires that it is a four-wheeled vehicle (with all wheels remaining in contact with ground) . Car is not mentioned. 😀