Bill Hader Lost It During Kate McKinnon's 'SNL' Audition


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  • Mitch Mabee
    Mitch Mabee 22 days ago


  • geno mccgeno
    geno mccgeno 23 days ago +2

    Kate Mckinnon is hilarious, she is definitely the star of SNL.

  • Darlene
    Darlene 23 days ago

    So who laughed in his audition: Tina or Amy? He has two versions. Although, there are more interviews where it's Tina.

  • 8 0
    8 0 27 days ago

    Ok wait so bill is still on snl?

  • Ryben Flynn
    Ryben Flynn 28 days ago

    So where is the video of the audition that he lost it? Click Bait.

  • JKL
    JKL Month ago

    Well I'm disappointed. This is NOT what I expected "Actors on actors" to be. Hehe

  • Maisie Mills
    Maisie Mills Month ago

    Largely respectively live road consume appoint dry cash tissue.

  • J is Scoobysmom
    J is Scoobysmom Month ago +1

    I love Bill Hader, he always makes me laugh & seems like he's a good guy & a good friend. He & John Mulaney are brilliant together.

  • Rod Nelson
    Rod Nelson Month ago

    Kate is one of the very best ever on SNL. And Bill Hader and Fred Armisen are also top shelf.

    • macrocosmique
      macrocosmique Month ago

      True! With Amy Poehler, Maya, Kristen, Sudeikis... in my opinion
      (I also love Cecily, Bobby...wait I like too many of them. Now I'm a big fan of Beck&Kyle)

  • Nate Harris
    Nate Harris Month ago


  • Atif Hassan
    Atif Hassan Month ago +3

    i wanna see this audtition now

  • Mr. OshagHennesy
    Mr. OshagHennesy Month ago +2

    Bill Hader is that guy you call so you can sit on his face.
    But only by appointments.

  • Rebecca Elliott
    Rebecca Elliott Month ago +14

    So disappointed by Jason bateman’s comments in that arrested development interview with the whole cast.

    • Ollie Elmius
      Ollie Elmius Month ago

      Waah waah waah, GET OVER IT!

    • tvmattkc
      tvmattkc Month ago +4

      It was a bad slip-up on his part, but not a career-destroying slip-up (see Roseanne).

  • rdecredico
    rdecredico Month ago +1

    Hader is a treasure.
    Bateman should be buried.

    • rdecredico
      rdecredico Month ago

      Ollie Elmius: You are an ignoramous and have no clue what really goes on.
      Bateman is an enabler and complicit and so are you.
      Good luck. You have no family and thus no one to even miss you when you expire.

    • Ollie Elmius
      Ollie Elmius Month ago +1

      rdecredico No, you deserve to be tortured & killed in front of your whole cunt family. We don't bury people in civilized society for accidentally coming off as a bit insensitive in interviews. Ur INSANE.

  • Shaun Vaughn
    Shaun Vaughn Month ago

    Jim Carey's 'The Mask' and down syndrome formed mouths having a baby = Kate Mckinnon

  • Shaun Vaughn
    Shaun Vaughn Month ago +10

    every time bill hader laughs his hairline recedes

    • Shaun Vaughn
      Shaun Vaughn Month ago

      That's the reaction I usually get from women when I'm doing stand up. They gasp and their boyfriends either try to hold in there laugh or just love that it's so funny to them and so appalling to you. So they laugh very loud then burp on your tits.

    • don'tknowhowitgottothispt.
  • Charlotte
    Charlotte Month ago +6

    Is there any way to watch this but mute and blur out Bateman..?

    • Ollie Elmius
      Ollie Elmius Month ago

      Charlotte Your parents clearly did a HORRIBLE job raising your overgrown child ass if you can't stand the sight of someone cuz they...tried to do damage control on an interview & it went south?? He did NOTHING that is unforgivable. Everyone who works with him say he's a great guy. Grow up, you're embarassing yourself with this regressive SJW insanity!

    • don'tknowhowitgottothispt.
      don'tknowhowitgottothispt. Month ago +1

      I second that please! Also Variety, you should've invited Matthew Rhys instead!

  • Trry331
    Trry331 Month ago +1

    Oh, yeah, more Jason Bateman! Is he the most talented person who even lived, the male Meryl Streep? Or does somebody just like him a lot at The Hollywood Reporter. I guess the #metoo movement ended and we all just moved on and don't even remember it happened anymore. Dead and buried without a tombstone.

    • Ollie Elmius
      Ollie Elmius Month ago +1

      Trry331 Jason Bateman does NOT have nor ever will have a #MeToo story or accusation, dumbass.

  • Kaide Curry
    Kaide Curry Month ago

    I read Bill Hader and Kate Mckinnon and I thought "This was made for me"

    • Shaun Vaughn
      Shaun Vaughn Month ago

      you must've felt the same when they added gay pornhub to pornhub

  • Theo Lamp
    Theo Lamp Month ago +13

    I've rarely seen anyone as talented as Kate on SNL since the 1st days of the program. Most recently her Rudy Giuliani (how did she do those eyes), then, her Jeff Sessions, and Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

    • Hypatia52
      Hypatia52 Month ago +1

      Her Jeff Sessions is amazing. He's really very "pretty" and little, so that's helpful, but my mouth would hurt trying to do what she does during her Sessions imitation.

    • Gen McGregor
      Gen McGregor Month ago +1


    • Patty J. Ayers
      Patty J. Ayers Month ago +3

      Theo Lamp Her Betsy DuVos !

  • John Hampton
    John Hampton Month ago

    Fucking clickbait to get somebody to listen to Jason fucking Bateman? Fuck that bastard

  • Bronx Blues
    Bronx Blues Month ago +22

    Kate McKinnon is so talented

    • Shaun Vaughn
      Shaun Vaughn Month ago

      yea, I-I honestly don't know if I mean it. It just makes me laugh.

    • Bronx Blues
      Bronx Blues Month ago

      Shaun Vaughn that’s just out of nowhere. Holy shit

    • Shaun Vaughn
      Shaun Vaughn Month ago

      way to add that jewel. fuckin hope the bronx finally realizes suicide ends the blues.

  • Frank Rizzo
    Frank Rizzo Month ago

    "FAYGALA's?"... "No, just merry"

    • Dora Glasberg
      Dora Glasberg Month ago

      That word, dont know about spelling is Yiddish for "little bird"

  • Chunk
    Chunk Month ago +63

    I'm only watching this for Bill. Jason is cancelled.

    • Ollie Elmius
      Ollie Elmius Month ago +2

      Only retarded braindead regressive SJW snowflakes with no connection to reality say people are "cancelled". Those of us evolved beings don't take outrage culture seriously & realize this insane posturing usually lasts a few weeks & then they move on!

    • Ollie Elmius
      Ollie Elmius Month ago +1

      Charlotte Fuck you, u irrational twat! Bateman's a sweetheart, he was just trying to do damage control & it backfired. He's amazing in OZARK and has an Emmy nod coming in July, haters be damned!

    • Ollie Elmius
      Ollie Elmius Month ago +4

      intrepidmolasses EVERYONE who has worked with Bateman says the same thing about him, including the woman you're pearl clutching for. I bet he's probably a better person than you with your self-righteous nonsense! Bateman's a mensch. Now go play in traffic!

    • tvmattkc
      tvmattkc Month ago +8

      Bateman’s detractors represent a very vocal minority of people who won’t let the NYT incident go. He had blind spots in that moment (as did Hale and Cross). He apologized for the way he treated his female co-stars in that interview. And yet, the public still wants to keep giving him shit? Even going as far as to pretend like he doesn’t exist? Do they think this is what Jessica Walter wants? This outrage mob is becoming a parody of itself.

    • don'tknowhowitgottothispt.
      don'tknowhowitgottothispt. Month ago

      Yep. Its a shame cause Bill is a lovely person and from people who worked with him not a dick. Shame he had to do this with him.

  • ok
    ok Month ago +42

    my heart-rate doubled when i saw this. i love these two so much

  • Rosamaria Mendoza
    Rosamaria Mendoza Month ago +53

    I really, really like Jason Bateman!

    • tvmattkc
      tvmattkc Month ago +1

      So do I 😁

    • Shaun Vaughn
      Shaun Vaughn Month ago

      in the words of the late great Patrice O'Neal, "you're just a dumb bitch."

  • AKP
    AKP Month ago +247

    Kate McKinnon is a national treasure.

    • eurositi
      eurositi Month ago +2

      McKinnon said in her award acceptance speeches that 'it's all about the writing', but Hader also notes here that Cecily Strong and Kate McKinnon really have become the stars of SNL. And he should know, because he, Fred Armisen and Kristen Wiig used to be the most versatile actors on the show themselves. The ones that just keep developing and therefore can pull off many more different characters and more complex expressions than the others. Hader and Armisen must've used some of their homemade characters (like Vinny Vedecci) on the show, but even they wouldn't have been able to shine if it hadn't been for the high standards of the SNL writers.
      It must be a tremendous gift to an actor to be allowed to develop and experiment on a show like SNL, so I can definetely understand Bateman's envy and admiration.

    • Shaun Vaughn
      Shaun Vaughn Month ago

      Jim Carey's 'The Mask' and down syndrome formed mouths having a baby = Kate Mckinnon

    • Jayson Crady
      Jayson Crady Month ago +3

      She's funny.. but not that funny.

    • cats and dogs are both awesome
      cats and dogs are both awesome Month ago +4

      Kate McKinnon is a treasure to the whole universe and also the multiverse.

    • Mehrose Javed Syed
      Mehrose Javed Syed Month ago +6

      AKP International*

  • Ace 1o7
    Ace 1o7 Month ago +133

    Bill was such a SNL legend

  • You get a car!
    You get a car! Month ago +45

    What a treat it must have been to watch Kate's very first steps at SNL. A star was born!

    • jbn675478
      jbn675478 Month ago

      what a treat thilly!

    • Shaun Vaughn
      Shaun Vaughn Month ago

      you know what treat is equivalent to that? Aids cookies.

  • Omer Ozdemir
    Omer Ozdemir Month ago +2

    Bill you're the best I'm far Whittier and girthier but you're the best. Also Cobra Kai Never Dies

  • tuesdaysawyer
    tuesdaysawyer Month ago

    fuck jason bateman