Ashanti Proves Why She's The Lady Of Soul With A Medley Of Her Greatest Hits | Soul Train Awards '21

  • Published on Nov 27, 2021
  • The 2021 Lady of Soul, Ashanti shut down the Soul Train Awards stage with performances of her greatest hits including "Baby," "Happy," "Always On Time," "The Way That I Love You," and so many others.

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Comments • 9 094

  • BETNetworks

    Ashanti hits the Soul Train Stage with Ja Rule in 2002 for “Always On Time”

  • Jzon Azari

    People forget that Ashanti use to run the charts. Glad she is getting the recognition and to still give today's artists a run for their money makes moments like this even more enjoyable.

  • nlaguins

    I seriously hope she does re-record her earlier hits. Her voice has matured so beautifully 😍

  • CosmicPhenomenal

    Ashanti was THAT ERA!! When the crowd is singing word for word of all your hits, she’s iconic!! Hope she knows that!! 🤍

  • Tiffany A
    Tiffany A  +799

    I see plenty of self-care and internal self work. Her confidence is on a million! She looks and sounds amazing! A great vibe.

  • Nicole Davis

    She sounds even better than she did when she made these songs and she looks stunning!

  • Niggle W
    Niggle W  +701

    She gives off such a warm, peaceful, positive energy!

  • Naptural85

    The nostalgia I didn’t know I needed! 😭🙌🏾🙏🏾❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ruth Chelimo

    You know you've left your mark when people passionately sing along to your more than decade-old songs. Everyone in that arena is taken back to a time when things were different. The nostalgia really hits with this magical performance. She influenced an entire generation. You deserve that crown, Ashanti.

  • Amber M
    Amber M  +337

    Baby, Ashanti had those girls in a choke hold. She was an ERA and she deserves her respect and props. I had every single cd and would listen to them on my CD player.

  • Bella Dream

    I’m glad she got to receive her flowers…and when Ja came out and the audience stood up! Gave me chills! I loved the energy 🔥

  • Chris Allen

    She’s gotten better vocally which is usually not the case sometimes ppl voice wear out but you can tell Ashanti kept working on her craft

  • AutumnStardust

    Maaann!!! This era of music was EVERYTHING! I got goosebumps and felt like a little girl again. This was awesome!

  • TimeBucks

    Ashanti is a very talented singer and songwriter

  • AAB
    AAB  +508

    She’s so damn beautiful and her voice is magical. And yeah, she don’t age abit. Love love love

  • Xavier
    Xavier  +305

    They don’t make music like this anymore. When the bassist hits that note at

  • Vanessa Krueger

    That energy when ja came on!! U could just feel how happy they were to be on stage together!! Love it!!

  • Javoris
    Javoris 21 day ago +47

    Ashanti is the Princess of R&B/Hip-Hop. Her stage presence. Her confidence. Her honey-dipped, sultry, clean, baby doll tone. Subtle runs. Sex appeal. Consistent hits and comprehension of HER audience defines her artistry. I’m so glad BET/Soul Train gave her her just do flowers.

  • LEENUH ,
    LEENUH ,  +195

    She still got it. Back then I would literally buy her album and listen to her songs all the time on repeat. Her voice is so sweet and magical. People really missed out if they never listen to her in the early 2000s.

  • LinzToMySoul

    Everything. The hair, the dress, her presence. She Killed it.