might quit

  • Published on Mar 18, 2019
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  •  4 minutes ago

    Is this his last video?

  • Phoenix Wright
    Phoenix Wright 56 minutes ago

    This song is mad groovy. Thank you Bill.

  • naekiko moon
    naekiko moon 2 hours ago

    This is an extraordinary decent song, it's like Phil Collins on acid after his first solo but jumps forward 3 months before he produced songs for tarzan.
    Come back now, more music !

  • Ahmad Chemkhi
    Ahmad Chemkhi 3 hours ago

    Hey bill wurtz a video idea could be the Ancient Greek myths in the same format of the history of the world and japan. Also if it does well you could do other mythology’s

  • E smith2
    E smith2 3 hours ago

    Day 125: Please oh no. Bill... PLEASE COME BACK!

  • Moonphaser
    Moonphaser 4 hours ago +1

    bill: hasn’t posted in 3 months
    everyone disliked that

  • Lets Build Things!
    Lets Build Things! 4 hours ago

    I tip my hat to you, *From one legend to another.*

  • Tuffi Schnuffi
    Tuffi Schnuffi 6 hours ago

    Okay but seriously I really want a comeback I'm fucking scared AKAOSEKNDÖFLSK

  • best bird
    best bird 6 hours ago

    well, burt.. i cant say im not crying
    wherever you are, i hope youre feeling alright, and best of luck for you in whatever you're doing :)
    it's been a feeling we wont forget

    • Lazaro Ramirez
      Lazaro Ramirez 5 hours ago

      Hes not quitting yet... He is doing something big so it takes a while

  • Jerimia Ferrer
    Jerimia Ferrer 7 hours ago

    wow face reveal!!!!

  • Malkovith1
    Malkovith1 11 hours ago

    Concerning how it sounds like it's about depression and quiting life.

  • Malkovith1
    Malkovith1 11 hours ago

    You're a genius, my man

  • Deku fan
    Deku fan 12 hours ago


  • realmothecatlover4310
    realmothecatlover4310 12 hours ago


  • Oscar Newsome
    Oscar Newsome 14 hours ago

    Guys, I think he’s working on another big project, like the next “history of” video

  • Mriz basnet
    Mriz basnet 15 hours ago

    we need this song "their friends and our friends are not friends, plus they are invading entire ocean " 😃

  • Asriel Goddard
    Asriel Goddard 16 hours ago

    Bill pls no quitting. Sincerely everyone.

  • KeylessTyrone
    KeylessTyrone 18 hours ago

    jokes gone long enough bill... 4 months

  • Lets Build Things!
    Lets Build Things! 19 hours ago +1

    (Everyone liked that)

  • dos h
    dos h 21 hour ago

    bill.... where’d u go......

  • Ember Draws
    Ember Draws 21 hour ago


  • South Texas Railfan
    South Texas Railfan 21 hour ago

    something is wrong

  • Dennis Moyers
    Dennis Moyers 21 hour ago +1

    ^scared noises*

  • iM BaMboOzLd
    iM BaMboOzLd 21 hour ago +1

    When bill says he's quitting i'll cry

  • Potato Productions
    Potato Productions 22 hours ago +1

    Coming back to this four months later, I get the feeling everyone's initial reaction to the title was maybe not wrong. While I agree with the vast majority of people in the comments that that would be a 100% bummer experience for us, I don't want to just lay here in my bed and ask Bill to keep on pumping out material as per usual.
    Bill, I get this is a four-month old video, and one of almost 16k comments, but if you're reading this, and this video really is about TheXvid and not school (which, considering this was made around the end of the American school year, probably? Course, for all I know you're Australian), do it. I'm subbed to a lot of very different channels, and the one thing that seemingly unites them is their shared sentiment that the TheXvid gig is a constantly pushing maelstrom of stress in its purest form. Your stuff is great and I enjoy it, but it's infinitely worse for something people love to become something that hurts the creator than it is for us to have to look at _different_ videos with hilarious absurdist humor. You've probably already made the decision yourself (it has been four months, after all), and I doubt that, whatever your decision was, I could change it by typing anything out here, but I just want there to be a comment down here encouraging you to quit if that's what you need.
    There's a lot of comments showering endless encouragement and praise so that your stuff keeps coming, but I just hope you see both sides down here in the cursed hellscape we call the comments section. I don't know what the deal is right now, but if you want to quit, you should.

  • Epic Sax Guy
    Epic Sax Guy 22 hours ago

    I know this song isn’t about quitting TheXvid, but isn’t it strange that this is the last video he’s uploaded in 4 months?

  • ultra arcs
    ultra arcs 22 hours ago

    *make another history video or we riot*

  • Ibis Doodle
    Ibis Doodle 23 hours ago

    New big video in a year???

  • TheihYYou
    TheihYYou Day ago +1

    me when I clicked the video: oh another song.
    me when I came back months later to watch the video again: ...
    *realized bill hasn't uploaded in 4 months*
    me: crap

  • Fushy ,
    Fushy , Day ago +1

    Bill we all love u come back 1 day

  • stripethecatsoldier

    0:50 how to prevent panic over bill quitting youtube

  • Gaster
    Gaster Day ago

    Bill dont you gave me a heart attack

  • Pi Owl
    Pi Owl Day ago

    You could make a movie out of this

  • salmon taquito
    salmon taquito Day ago +1

    well last time he was on Twitter was a month ago I believe, so he might be making something in the works

  • A Freindly Canadian

    *sees title*
    bill: doesn't upload
    me: oh shit-

  • 00000000 0000000000

    This is deep asf

  • Spencer Rosenfeld

    Does anybody know where this genius studied to write and produce like this?

  • Aliyan Taqi
    Aliyan Taqi Day ago

    Goodbye bud

  • juniper duck
    juniper duck Day ago

    bill come back to us

  • Dickhunter41
    Dickhunter41 Day ago

    Are you secretly making the history of ou whole exsistens i gues?

  • Ny Nah
    Ny Nah Day ago

    No plzes

  • dairan camcho
    dairan camcho Day ago +1

    *actualy quits*

    • Lazaro Ramirez
      Lazaro Ramirez Day ago

      He might just be going to college and not have much time to do these anymore

  • Kyle Foust
    Kyle Foust Day ago +3

    Song title: Might quit
    Song: Not about quitting youtube

    *Four months later...*

  • Camo Lizard
    Camo Lizard Day ago +1

    A lot of those lyrics could make an actual song that would 100% BOP! Don't get me wrong, I love all of his content.

  • baeng-yag
    baeng-yag Day ago


  • 郭秦菘
    郭秦菘 Day ago

    I sense an overload of autistic quality in this song. What a brilliant mind.

  • Leo Keularts
    Leo Keularts Day ago

    Is this a quit video or a music video?

  • TheRandomArcade
    TheRandomArcade Day ago +2

    His patron is still open which means that he is still using it, so that means that he is making a new video

    • Lazaro Ramirez
      Lazaro Ramirez Day ago

      Yeah it takes a while because he might be in college

  • Steaky x
    Steaky x Day ago

    DON'T QUIT >:(((((

  • whatasandwich 777
    whatasandwich 777 Day ago +2

    come back

    the internet misses you


  • Bih h
    Bih h 2 days ago +1

    I have seen your video now. I liiiiiiiiiiiike it. I have a unicorn

  • Bih h
    Bih h 2 days ago +2

    Hiiiiii my name is Anne. I'm not subscribed but we can be friends anyways. I can subscribe too. I liked one of your videos. I haven't seen this but yeah. I only wanted to say Hiiii! (You seem interesting to me because of that one video) Bye!

  • The Scot
    The Scot 2 days ago

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ so much love

  • Helio GT
    Helio GT 2 days ago

    that song was wholesome thank you

  • joy summer
    joy summer 2 days ago +1

    Just think maybe he just someone who just gone through time and is from 2000-2009 and is some how here in 2019 and now he knows how to get back and now he's saying goodbye in song

  • Autism Tord
    Autism Tord 2 days ago

    This is amazing to watch on acid

  • twoscraptasticgals
    twoscraptasticgals 2 days ago


  • White Skul
    White Skul 2 days ago

    Question: don't you posted more TheXvid videos?
    Bill: i am learning how to post more

  • Aramadani2x
    Aramadani2x 2 days ago

    What tripping on acid feels like

  • Blue Purple
    Blue Purple 2 days ago

    Dont quit bill its the only thing keeping god from making the rapture

  • Rustyduhusky
    Rustyduhusky 2 days ago

    Uhh bill? You there? Its been a while...

  • Faive
    Faive 2 days ago +4

    bill: doesnt upload
    everyone: 2:23

    bill is coming back. he said so on his website :D

  • Galaxy [GD]
    Galaxy [GD] 2 days ago +1

    Almost forgot to watch it today
    Btw timezones

  • Storm_does_stuff
    Storm_does_stuff 2 days ago

    um bill..... this was a joke right?

  • Brando7Q :
    Brando7Q : 2 days ago +3

    The Theory:
    He depressed /sad
    He really quitting yt, to live normal life
    He is going to college
    He is continuing to be a big singer

  • Need memes? I got u
    Need memes? I got u 2 days ago

    Might quit

    *4 MONTHS AGO*

  • Ditto 73
    Ditto 73 2 days ago

    Bill, please, come back. Just accept that you can't lower the prices at the diamond store and come back. We miss ya, bud.

  • Ainchase Ishmael
    Ainchase Ishmael 2 days ago

    Bill I’m worried

  • The Colinizer
    The Colinizer 2 days ago

    please dont quit youtube ur very talented in both music and comedy and if you quit youtube will lose an amazing channel

  • Woffi Waferz
    Woffi Waferz 2 days ago

    Bill hasnt uploaded in 4 months im qu a kin g

  • Lazy Boy
    Lazy Boy 2 days ago +1

    Hey, remember that bill uploaded 10 times in 2017, and barely any more in 2018. It takes time to edit.

  • Joskadel
    Joskadel 2 days ago

    Bill: Might Quit
    *confused screaming*
    4 months later

  • Jiru Dadufalza
    Jiru Dadufalza 2 days ago

    What will happen to bill wurtz

  • Shinju Sadie
    Shinju Sadie 2 days ago

    Me*finds this channel and loves it
    Bill wurtz *hasn't posted for 3 months
    Me: F*** NOOOOOOO

  • GlassOfJuicePlz J
    GlassOfJuicePlz J 2 days ago

    I hope he’s not actually crazy and was brought to a hospital or anything lmao 🤣💯🔥💞👌

  • Dominus Empyreus
    Dominus Empyreus 2 days ago

    velcro video when

  • Keven The human child Cerberus

    Please play at my funeral!

  • Unknown_Gigamates
    Unknown_Gigamates 3 days ago +1

    I thought he was quiting youtube T-T gave me a heart attack

  • The Jakob Hallett Nerve Centre

    This song is absolutely amazing. 😊 I love it so much! Can't stop singing it.

  • FormidablyHorrible
    FormidablyHorrible 3 days ago

    Bill it’s been 4 months this can’t be a coincidence please come back-

  • v
    v 3 days ago

    last time you uploaded, it was the first month of autumn. now its the second month of winter and my happieness is slowly going down y the day.

  • Manigeitora
    Manigeitora 3 days ago

    This was an unexpectedly emotional journey. Not being able to describe how things don't make sense to your peers in school.....definitely something I can relate to.

  • Exes_Nate
    Exes_Nate 3 days ago +1

    Bill, I’m sad... I miss you... HOW THIS THIS HAPPEN ):

    I'M BATMAN. 3 days ago

    this is hella valid tho

  • Nathanael super Tech

    :when this is your career choice

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix 3 days ago


  • IrvineYlardeGaming
    IrvineYlardeGaming 3 days ago +1

    He won't quit, because his content is so cool! Btw, this is a great composition as the chords of this one (which is E major) was one of my favorites!

  • Philippine Ball
    Philippine Ball 3 days ago


  • Ember Draws
    Ember Draws 3 days ago +36

    bill wurtz: *uploads a video called "might quit" *
    Everyone: AAAAAA
    Everyone: *watches video * oh okay, he isn't quitting!
    *4 months later*

  • Israel Nevarez
    Israel Nevarez 3 days ago +1

    Bill please dont leave us your videos make us happy

  • I can Not even
    I can Not even 3 days ago

    No don’t quit please

  • Κώστας Αλμπάνης

    Make a funny video about history of Greece

  • Raxdeg
    Raxdeg 3 days ago +2

    Miss you, Bill Wurtz!!!!

    TKONIGEL 3 days ago +2

    3 months later...

  • Eclipsol
    Eclipsol 3 days ago +11

    What if this is bill’s way of saying hes leaving TheXvid to live in a house in the woods?

    • Blake Louthan
      Blake Louthan 15 hours ago

      Eclipsol no he’s becoming a Minecraft TheXvidr

  • Tonezone
    Tonezone 3 days ago +1

    Bro please bro don’t do this to us bro bro please

  • ARetardAndTheirShittyArt

    I was hella scared bro

  • Reid Erickson
    Reid Erickson 3 days ago

    What’s going on Bill? Do you need to talk?

  • MrTingles
    MrTingles 4 days ago


  • Neo2266
    Neo2266 4 days ago +6

    Please tell me you're working on like the history of a whole continet or something... please