Cannibal Island: The Real Battle Royale

  • Published on Sep 25, 2018
  • Today we’ll tell you a truly shocking tale of cannibalism though, in this episode of the Infographics Show, Cannibal Island - The Real Battle Royale.
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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  10 months ago +1053

    When faced with a moral dillema - eat human meat or be eaten. What would you have chosen?

    • Yee Ultimate
      Yee Ultimate 7 days ago

      The Infographics Show none

    • Mattia Leneveu
      Mattia Leneveu 11 days ago


    • Gabriella Diaz
      Gabriella Diaz 18 days ago

      The Infographics Show I would of eaten anything to survive

    • ピッチPixel
      ピッチPixel 22 days ago

      It was satisfying to change the like number to 1k owo

    • Ava Ratcliffe
      Ava Ratcliffe 25 days ago

      If it was a life or death situation and they were already dead and I didn’t know them well then yes I would eat human meet

  • Nycoz Nite ツ
    Nycoz Nite ツ 3 days ago

    i would eat the sun, if plants can do that, why cant we? just drink some chlorophyll.

  • TGT AG_gamer
    TGT AG_gamer 3 days ago

    In America: the hungry games

  • gaou201
    gaou201 6 days ago

    In America, we play battle royale
    In Russia, battle royale plays you

  • mamad roosta
    mamad roosta 6 days ago

    Another normal day in Russia

  • TreesWillSneeze
    TreesWillSneeze 10 days ago

    Cool now we know a place to move the Fortnite players to

  • Zyla Studios
    Zyla Studios 11 days ago

    Fort-oog battle royale

  • Painfulldarksoul
    Painfulldarksoul 12 days ago

    If the body is dead, it's not the person it was anymore. But just biological matter.

  • Quackyled
    Quackyled 13 days ago

    Isn’t there a option to swim away

  • Calo Studios
    Calo Studios 14 days ago

    Wanna pop some 90’s?
    *gets stabbed*

  • sean croke
    sean croke 14 days ago

    i would try to find bugs frogs bees flyies and eat the flyies with the four as diping sauce

  • ホフマン日向
    ホフマン日向 15 days ago

    Winner winner not chicken dinner

  • DreamX
    DreamX 18 days ago

    Let's get a 20 bomb bois

  • Daniel Joyce
    Daniel Joyce 18 days ago

    Ermmm, May 18th is my birthday 🤭

  • Gay Rice
    Gay Rice 19 days ago

    Looks more like rust in my opinion.

  • The_P0LAR_B3AR
    The_P0LAR_B3AR 19 days ago

    Soon were there legendary guns on the island?

  • Sean Doherty
    Sean Doherty 19 days ago +1


  • Taylor Weenink
    Taylor Weenink 24 days ago

    painis cupcake would like to know this istlands location

  • ChainLagg _
    ChainLagg _ 25 days ago

    All of russia is a battle royale

  • Jon Laroche
    Jon Laroche 26 days ago

    Im amazed that people are referring to games I'm disgusted

  • Luka Lux
    Luka Lux 26 days ago

    You spelled ostrvo smrti incorrectly

  • blappinOncoppaz
    blappinOncoppaz 26 days ago

    This ones a little gnarly

  • qυєєи ɨռֆǟռɨtʏ

    Eyeless Jack: **Lick his lips-** Oh it's on-

  • Granite Dragon Art&Aviation

    Send fortnite players,ALL OF THEM

  • ali zain
    ali zain 27 days ago

    it was horrific

  • Ultra Puma
    Ultra Puma 29 days ago

    Minecraft Hunger Games

  • kuljit minhas
    kuljit minhas Month ago +1

    im just dusgusted with humanity's crimes yet people are making jokes about it about people thrown on the island and died

  • Fortnite_gameplayz
    Fortnite_gameplayz Month ago +1

    They are surrounded by water can't they just hunt for fish

  • Don Jon
    Don Jon Month ago +1

    When a person wants to complain about how bad they have it today in a 1st world country, just tell them to watch this.

  • GrieferGuy
    GrieferGuy Month ago +2

    Why didn't they all team up, and fight the guards to get their weapons, to then fight the next guards on the boat with some flour, to then escape and flee to another country?

    • EfaN
      EfaN 29 days ago

      And it was communist Russia that could’ve just sent more guards in that amount of time

    • Udester Swag
      Udester Swag Month ago

      U have to remember that the guards were in a heavily fortified position as well

  • Cristian Prodan
    Cristian Prodan Month ago

    and idiots in US want communism in their country (aka antifa)

  • Kobe Santos
    Kobe Santos Month ago

    I know Cyka Blyat

  • Harry Bröhan
    Harry Bröhan Month ago +1

    Winner Winner Humandinner

  • Rubix
    Rubix Month ago

    The real Battle Royale:

    **minecraft* *hunger* *games**

  • Evatan
    Evatan Month ago +1

    Knee anter tals

  • droid
    droid Month ago

    Take the high grounds

  • Noel Santiago
    Noel Santiago Month ago +1

    Quentin Tarantino/Eli Roth MOVIE PLEASE


    *They Did Squads*

  • Mia Lisovska
    Mia Lisovska Month ago

    Osmof smorti, IM DYING HAHAHAHA it's actually ostrof smerchi

  • Lovia Pranatta
    Lovia Pranatta Month ago

    Meanwhile chicken and cows: "meh"

  • Bill Cipher
    Bill Cipher Month ago

    And yet all they had to do was gather 5 wood and build a boat.

  • trickshot_time!
    trickshot_time! Month ago

    Sure the guards were in charge
    But if seems like they were abusing their flour

  • TMN's GAMING Youtube

    :O my birthday is on May 18..

  • Ash Cooper
    Ash Cooper Month ago

    the animation style just keeps me coming back

  • daz man
    daz man Month ago

    All Meat breakfast 🤣... Why the guard would take a date to death island blew my mind 😲...

  • Patrick Igana
    Patrick Igana Month ago +2

    I hope none of them can build 90s like a pro

  • tinchi
    tinchi Month ago

    I'd make sure to bring a gold scar

  • tashi kun
    tashi kun Month ago

    Well atleast they cant build

  • FaLLEN
    FaLLEN Month ago

    4:03 poor girl

  • Elroy Lee
    Elroy Lee Month ago

    Reported,this is solo,NO TEAMING!

  • Mato Lamper
    Mato Lamper Month ago

    Ostrov smrti is also in Slovak language and Cech language too

  • 陆惠英
    陆惠英 Month ago +2

    Fortnite: hahaha we never have anything like that
    Mine craft:new cannibal mod
    Apex: :.../

  • AniD ss
    AniD ss Month ago

    so who got the chicken dinner?

  • Caroline Cardwell
    Caroline Cardwell Month ago

    The cutesy animation seems a tad inappropriate

  • Mr. Biscuit
    Mr. Biscuit Month ago

    Where’s the zone? How come none of them have scars?

  • Malick Animations
    Malick Animations Month ago

    Crucial Fortnite in real life

  • Bluey Flamey
    Bluey Flamey Month ago

    That means Russia owns Fortnite?

  • Tee Jay
    Tee Jay Month ago

    You gotta do what u gotta do

  • Noel Truong
    Noel Truong Month ago

    Epic games: We have the best battle royale game
    This island: Am I a joke to you?

  • Late Hate
    Late Hate Month ago +4

    Cannibilizm? I guess you gotta get that W somehow.