Rocketman (2019) - Official Teaser Trailer - Paramount Pictures


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  • Jaded Old Joe
    Jaded Old Joe 13 hours ago

    Looks... unnecessary.

  • inês Martins
    inês Martins 15 hours ago +1

    Now do Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and The Rolling Stones. That is all i am asking..

  • Josh S5
    Josh S5 15 hours ago

    Elton had some good songs

  • ded mnwlkn
    ded mnwlkn 15 hours ago

    It was... truely... a fantasy... can’t wait to watch it!

  • Danny Palin
    Danny Palin 16 hours ago

    The real Rocketman has Harland Williams.

  • Lao Mendes
    Lao Mendes 16 hours ago


  • David Brand
    David Brand 17 hours ago

    I keep thinking of Steven Crowder’s parody

  • Stephen Washington
    Stephen Washington 19 hours ago

    Go head taron

  • Ishmael Thompson
    Ishmael Thompson 19 hours ago

    That Benny and the Jets is lethal!!!

  • KFC Fat Man
    KFC Fat Man 20 hours ago

    Music Cinematic Universe

  • BennyChamberlain
    BennyChamberlain 21 hour ago

    now I'm just waiting for a biopic on either x or lil peep

  • OBE’S Planet films
    OBE’S Planet films 21 hour ago

    I’m so excited for this movie to come out it’s gonna be fantastic

  • Albzz Mazzken
    Albzz Mazzken 21 hour ago

    Everything sucks made me revisit Elton John’s song

  • Adrian
    Adrian Day ago

    The year is 2057
    The new movie coming out this November is:
    Baby - Justin Bieber

  • ftw420anon
    ftw420anon Day ago

    First Freddie Mercury and now Elton John? This is gonna be an awesome year for movies

  • killerkowalczyk
    killerkowalczyk Day ago

    Guy sounds Irish instead of English.

  • Murad Ali
    Murad Ali Day ago


  • Rene Groulx
    Rene Groulx Day ago


  • Erick 55
    Erick 55 Day ago

    Imagine-John Lennon

  • Christopher Twiggle

    Is that not the voice of Robb Stark with a Scottish accent?

  • Salvador Ramírez


  • Will McC
    Will McC Day ago

    K if this was the actual song I’d be on board :/

  • Zoinks
    Zoinks Day ago

    Somewhere in this Universe, we need Teenage Wasteland.

  • Monarch Of Memes

    Taron "The Biopic" Egerton

  • Terry Rycroft
    Terry Rycroft Day ago

    Elton ....A TRUE talent 👍

  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott Day ago

    Coming 2020
    Space Oddity
    Coming 2021
    Penny Lane

    Coming 2022
    Purple Rain

    Coming 2023
    Don't Stop Believin

  • Gary M
    Gary M Day ago

    Where's Shatner?

  • MoonWalk: A Tribute to Michael Jackson

    Elton isn’t amazing...

    He’s fantastic.

  • Hayden Cross
    Hayden Cross Day ago +1

    Please make a Beatles movie next. How about, “A Day In Our Lives”. That’d be epic.

  • Luke Green
    Luke Green Day ago +1

    Elton John's Rocketman The Movie Is Coming To The Big Screen. X

  • Cole OLS
    Cole OLS Day ago

    Wow! Bandwagon much?

  • Jakob _
    Jakob _ Day ago

    So they finally made a movie about the North Korean dictator!

  • English Bob
    English Bob Day ago

    The Rolling Jones - Brian Jones

  • Joe Normile
    Joe Normile Day ago

    Discount bohemian rhapsody

  • Preston Mathew
    Preston Mathew Day ago

    That's amazing! Elton John was in the latest kingsman and now Taron is playing Elton! This had to have been planned.

  • Carlos Rodriguez Jr.

    All I’m asking for is a Beatles movie..that’d be awesome

  • Ash Man
    Ash Man Day ago

    what is the song at the start? before rocketman starts playing?

    • Mia Bautista
      Mia Bautista 19 hours ago

      Bennie and the Jets

    • Ash Man
      Ash Man Day ago

      the piano playing up until he falls into the swimming pool isnt rocketman, thats another elton john song im sure

    • Akhanami Gaming
      Akhanami Gaming Day ago


  • Kristofer Milhauser

    Lol Elton doesn't have a thick Irish accent

  • FinKaiser
    FinKaiser Day ago

    I figured this was going to be a Kim Jong Un biopic but this looks good too!!

  • Jacob McKinney
    Jacob McKinney Day ago

    I was hoping this would be about Kim Jong Un....

  • G. Meza
    G. Meza Day ago

    So.. this is part of the Gay Cinematic Universe?? At the end of the movie Freddie Mercury will show up to ask him to join...

  • Pair 'o Glasses Productions

    Taron Egerton is Eggsy in Kingsman.
    Elton made a cameo in Kingsman.
    Taron Egerton is Elton John in Rocketman.
    My Mind Is Blown.

  • Brendan Duncan
    Brendan Duncan Day ago

    Can't wait for The Fab Four movie

  • Jimmy Barr
    Jimmy Barr Day ago

    2020 Oscar nomination for Taron?

  • Aiden Topp
    Aiden Topp Day ago

    What’s the name of the track that starts at 0:19?

  • the sodium lights

    that image of Elton levitating the crowd through music, wow, classic.

  • ImagineFandoms
    ImagineFandoms 2 days ago

    Little did he know that Sing was his audition for this movie.

  • Ashton Thompson
    Ashton Thompson 2 days ago

    This is so weird, Taron saved Elton John’s life on The Golden Circle and sang his song “I’m still standing” in the animated film Sing, and now he’s playing as him

  • Luke Landreth
    Luke Landreth 2 days ago

    Ohh no did bohemian raphsody kick off a trend and now Hollywood is going to start pumping out one of these every year

  • GrapeDrank25
    GrapeDrank25 2 days ago

    Its funny cuz Elton John was in Kingsman

  • cleardragon
    cleardragon 2 days ago

    All rockstar movie bios start and end same. Live hard die fast

  • Justanotherperson03
    Justanotherperson03 2 days ago

    Then next music biopic should totally be one on Janis Joplin.

  • Colton Rostvet
    Colton Rostvet 2 days ago

    Should make a Tom petty one, he’s a legend

  • TreeroyJ
    TreeroyJ 2 days ago

    Could they have hired an actor who can sing?

  • Caleb Cox
    Caleb Cox 2 days ago

    Wow! Awesome. Sounds just like Elton..
    Not.. 😂

  • Dre
    Dre 2 days ago

    Years from now, they’ll be making lil Pump nostalgia movies

  • Dre
    Dre 2 days ago

    Another music bio no one asked for. Don’t even wait the year. None of us are building anticipation. Just give it along with the Billy Joel, Kiss, Elvis, and Prince movies you have on the shelf.

  • James Draws
    James Draws 2 days ago

    Pink Floyd next

  • Renée Tyler
    Renée Tyler 2 days ago

    Bohemian Rhapsody and this AH

  • holomatrix
    holomatrix 2 days ago +1

    Whilst this looks good (I mean clearly by the production budget you can tell they're serious), and he does look quite physically accurate, if they don't dub Elton's actual vocal onto the mix this movie will fail, hard.

  • Anthony Marcus
    Anthony Marcus 2 days ago

    Sorry ass singing. I'll pass.

  • Tori Austin
    Tori Austin 2 days ago

    It’s pretty interesting because Elton John and Taron Egerton worked together for Kingsmen Golden Circle.

  • Alagad ni CONG TV PAWEER!

    woah biopics all over the place!

  • King Kaiju Slayer
    King Kaiju Slayer 2 days ago

    A David Bowie movie is mandatory now

  • Alan Stringfellow
    Alan Stringfellow 2 days ago

    T-Baby as Elton John!! Genius :)

  • The Creative Nerd
    The Creative Nerd 2 days ago

    Either Paul McCartney or George Harrison should get the next biopic.

  • joe samm
    joe samm 2 days ago

    please please dub in elton's early voice. your killing this biopic by not using his voice

  • cameron baiers
    cameron baiers 2 days ago

    They should have dubbed in Elton singing.

    • joe samm
      joe samm 2 days ago

      you are exactly right. not using his early voice will ruin the movie for most elton fans like myself

  • Ringo Harrison
    Ringo Harrison 2 days ago

    I think there needs to be a proper, well handled Beatles biopic.

  • kkoz
    kkoz 2 days ago

    I'm not going to watch this unless there is a "Reginald Dwight joins Gentle Giant" scene.

  • Dean Anderson
    Dean Anderson 2 days ago

    Why does he have a Scottish accent?

  • Honey Badger
    Honey Badger 2 days ago

    I thought this was about Kim Jong-Un

  • Jorge Jehoshua May Caamal

    Elton jhon

  • Daniel Solis Rodriguez

    But elton john work with the Beatles one time no????? Rocketman has to be had that band

  • Mikey B
    Mikey B 2 days ago +1

    now please make a piano man movie with billy joel!

  • Joshua Clem
    Joshua Clem 2 days ago

    God I hope Billy Joel is next to get a movie

  • Walrus With Ebola
    Walrus With Ebola 2 days ago

    Crazy that Taron and Elton John have starred in a movie together too.

  • Mikkel Emil Aaskov Henriksen

    name of the first song??.... not rocketman

  • Darryl Pearson
    Darryl Pearson 2 days ago

    This is going to be a great film
    Have young thug version play in the credits please🐍

  • mister gibzzz
    mister gibzzz 2 days ago

    I like to eat children

  • Imani M
    Imani M 2 days ago

    Going to Opening Day to see this 😍 And I haven't been to the movies since spring! I adore Elton John!

  • OBE’S Planet films

    I really want a bill withers movie

    OSIAM FILMS 2 days ago


  • Venom
    Venom 2 days ago

    So that’s why he made that cameo in Kingsman 😂

  • Joe River
    Joe River 2 days ago


  • Kevin Sipos
    Kevin Sipos 3 days ago

    Man they have to do Alice In Chains, Nirvana probably Alice In Chains, GNR, perhaps Led Zeppelin.

  • Lord Kitten
    Lord Kitten 3 days ago

    Fruit Loops would love this.

  • Tootsie Pichi
    Tootsie Pichi 3 days ago

    Hahaha do a michael jackson one and call it either man in the mirror or moonwalker
    Again hahaha

  • Eli Rucker
    Eli Rucker 3 days ago

    They saw Bohemian rhapsody and said who else is a popular musician that knows piano

  • Georgorowsky
    Georgorowsky 3 days ago

    Where's the David Bowieo movie?

  • Criswill TM
    Criswill TM 3 days ago


  • Play Jay
    Play Jay 3 days ago

    Taron Egerton Loves Elton john:
    Kingsman 2

  • Pedro Enrique Palomino Escárate

    I would love if Rami Malek makes a cameo like Freddie.

  • Andew70
    Andew70 3 days ago

    Last year Elton John was in Taron Egerton movie and next year Taron Egerton will be playing Elton John..

  • MrKajithecat
    MrKajithecat 3 days ago

    A Queen movie and an Elton John movie??? Hell yes! Just need a Bowie movie!!

  • The Sky Is Blue
    The Sky Is Blue 3 days ago

    I thought this was going to be a Kim Jong Un movie.

  • Derek Connors
    Derek Connors 3 days ago

    I really want a Billy Joel movie.

  • frick
    frick 3 days ago

    Queen and now this *HELL YEAH*

  • Carter Miller
    Carter Miller 3 days ago

    I wonder if there’s gonna be an avengers movie equivalent with every musician from the musical cinematic universe 😂😂😂

  • Bryan Fury
    Bryan Fury 3 days ago

    Behold, British Musician Universe

    Can't for the extended American unvierse starting with Michael Jackson