Novak Djokovic vs Roger Federer Wimbledon 2019 final highlights

  • Published on Jul 14, 2019
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Comments • 5 596

  • LanzEarthling
    LanzEarthling Day ago +1

    In all honesty. This game would be top 2 as the best Wimbledon match ever played next to the 2008 Finals.

  • Connor Ferris
    Connor Ferris Day ago

    Moral of the story, don’t play a tiebreak against Djokovic

  • 전종현
    전종현 2 days ago

    who are the man besides the ground??

  • Artur Chernicharo
    Artur Chernicharo 2 days ago

    So unfear.. I still cant believe

  • Rallynub
    Rallynub 4 days ago +1


  • Keyser Sose
    Keyser Sose 4 days ago

    In the last 10 years Roger won 5 GS. 5! Nole won 15 and Rafa 13. I know that Roger plays the best Tennis, but it does not seem the most effective one concerning winning. Roger and Rafa both have more 1000 titles too. Hard to say if he will end his career as the most successful one. I think not. But still my favourite

  • Matthew Maguire
    Matthew Maguire 4 days ago

    It still hurts to watch. It should have been #21

  • Vidisha Roy
    Vidisha Roy 4 days ago +2

    Am I the only one who's happy when Federer loses???!🤭🤭

  • alutha ty
    alutha ty 4 days ago +1

    still hurt.

  • Vikito Awomi
    Vikito Awomi 4 days ago

    Thanks Novak for stopping 21😂

  • Jeremie Aston
    Jeremie Aston 4 days ago

    I don't think Djokovic could win this final if he takes Nadal just before Roger...
    Roger beats Rafa and two days after he goes with Djoko...
    GG Roger, beating Rafa and facing Djoko at this level, close to the victory, so fare in the game, at your age ?! Whaou...
    What a Master !!!

    • Thor Nado
      Thor Nado 19 hours ago

      Your master cannot beat a player younger than him.

  • Lav Rana
    Lav Rana 5 days ago

    Federer tried to hit a massive six in the last match point. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 .. Out of the stadium.

  • ليبرالي مصري

    Europe is devided into 3 ethnic peoples
    Germanic people (North) = Scandinavia + Britain + Germany + Netherlands + Switzerland + Austria
    Latin people (South) = Spain + France + Italy + Portugal + Romania
    Salvic people (East) = Russia + Poland + Chezoslovakia + Balkans
    Federer belongs to the North
    And three of four grand slam held into Anglo Saxon countries
    So they support federer in madness way
    Only France as a Latin country so Nadal didn't suffer alot from them
    The solution is to distribute the 4 grand slam in a fair way
    Like China + Russia + USA + France

  • xxi ccen
    xxi ccen 5 days ago

    I come back to review 15-40 two championship points to down😆

  • Kantri Valli
    Kantri Valli 5 days ago

    19 ✌️✌️✌️✌️

  • Ricardo Feitosa
    Ricardo Feitosa 5 days ago

    This match was gripping and exciting to watch! Another epic wimbledon final!!

  • Sandeep Andre
    Sandeep Andre 6 days ago

    Seems Federes wife is favourite of cameramen ...I Wann see her face when Federer lost but then cameramen did not show her face

  • Sandeep Andre
    Sandeep Andre 6 days ago

    British people so pathetic..... seems slave of Federer

  • hajimemashite watashi wa reysin desu

    tennis, golf,and F1 are the most boring sports I've ever watched! there is no trick shot just hitting the ball hard. And the strangest thing is the prize is very big just to hit the ball hard!
    boring sport, it's just exaggerated!
    that is my opinion.

  • Hussein Ali Mohammed Salihah

    True Crocodile

  • Geetam Manocha
    Geetam Manocha 7 days ago

    after a win like this Rafa would have dug 10 feet deep in the ground. Djokovic didn't celebrate cause he was playing against the british crowd, being fully respectful towards federer

  • Beyond Birthday
    Beyond Birthday 7 days ago

    I have a feeling that the crowd pissing off djokovic gave him a boost of energy.

  • shashwat gupta
    shashwat gupta 7 days ago

    Djokovic is a self straint beast. He doesn't care if the crowd supports him or not

  • thomas willery
    thomas willery 7 days ago

    Que dla chatte Djokovic cte grosse merde

  • Ansah Budu
    Ansah Budu 10 days ago

    Djokovic had to beat Federer, the umpire and the crowd at the same time. My G.OA.T.

  • Andres Rose
    Andres Rose 10 days ago

    7:45 matchpoint for federer and what a shot from novak haha

  • Darion Spark
    Darion Spark 10 days ago

    Novak Djokovic will never be the best tennis player in history. Pimp, arrogant, cheater, bully and a bad person.

    I'm not surprised that the public doesn't love him.

  • Amar Saidani
    Amar Saidani 11 days ago

    what a match

  • Dkusa
    Dkusa 13 days ago

    crowd of 🤡s

  • Healty Wealth
    Healty Wealth 13 days ago

    Biggest choke of Feds career...2 match points on serve ?????

  • DudeGT
    DudeGT 14 days ago +1

    Crowd: Roger! Roger!
    Novak: Hold my Rakija

  • Ayaan TV
    Ayaan TV 14 days ago

    Dumb djocovic

  • Redskins win win
    Redskins win win 14 days ago

    Novak and pistol best ever

  • Casey
    Casey 14 days ago +1

    I still think Federer is the GOAT for playing the better match at 38 years old but congrats to Novak for winning against such a disrespectful crowd.

  • John Dunlap
    John Dunlap 16 days ago

    It's a pity we'll never get to see these two play each other at the same age.

  • Leteca Tiina
    Leteca Tiina 16 days ago

    I love how hard these dude are cheering for Federer, jumping into the shot every time... so sad for them.

  • Emma Tian
    Emma Tian 16 days ago

    I will never do that bit bit dumb thing

  • pierre cunescu
    pierre cunescu 16 days ago

    novak make exactly the same point for save the match point that federer did for break him

  • Carlos Barbosa
    Carlos Barbosa 17 days ago +1

    Delightful to watch federer lost match points.

  • dagnu
    dagnu 17 days ago +1

    Djokovic needs 5 sets, a tie break and the longest final to beat an old Federer.

  • النساء قويات

    Nole idemo 💪

  • Amber Abalama
    Amber Abalama 18 days ago

    GG to Djokovic, but Roger is the best ever.

  • Julián Junior
    Julián Junior 18 days ago

    ATP ranking 2007: 1 Federer 2 Nadal 3 Djokovic. 2019: 1 Djokovic 2 Nadal 3 Federer Hello? Where is the new generation ... of new players? Promises that were not and the years go by: Tsitsipas, Zverev, Monfils, Dimitrov, Thiem, Goffin, Nishikori (these in the current top 20). Other players missing from the map of the last 13 years of big three domain: Tsonga, Simon, Berdych, Gulbis, Gasquet, Dolgopolov.

  • Étienne Gauthier
    Étienne Gauthier 18 days ago

    Who’s still crying after that 40-15?

  • Travis Bowman
    Travis Bowman 19 days ago

    Exactly how Roddick lost to Federer's serve on match point 10 years ago

  • Masked Piano Player
    Masked Piano Player 19 days ago

    highlights stink. in 2 minutes they already finished "Highlighting" 2 sets. Just terrible.

  • Mimi Yt
    Mimi Yt 19 days ago +1

    Bravo nole pokidao si najbolji tenisac sa nasih prostora a i u svijetu kapa do poda majstore 🇭🇷🇷🇸

  • محمد حمد
    محمد حمد 19 days ago

    Im ushahid fi hayati mithl hadhih almubarah Roger😱

  • K'
    K' 20 days ago

    Those damn strawberries 🤣😉

  • Carlaca 1988
    Carlaca 1988 21 day ago

    A clown with luck. Crowd KNOWS

  • novak djokovic
    novak djokovic 21 day ago

    The crowd really shows why there's Britexit. What a joke.

  • Death ForAll
    Death ForAll 21 day ago

    Everything is flattening out. And quality is sharply decreasing. In music, politics, knowledge, culture and food. Our mindset has become mediocre. Creativity is just an unfashionable adjective. Sport is no exception. Modern tennis is expression of boredom and bad taste (quantity over quality). Everyone plays the same way. I'll deal with it, but as far as there's someone who can share beauty and creativity through his rare qualities, doesn't matter where he is from or bullshit like that, just enjoy his game and be grateful for that. Mediocrity can wait a little bit more...

    • Death ForAll
      Death ForAll 21 day ago

      Well, creativity is a noun not an adjective, but that doesn't make any difference.

  • Faridkhan3212 Khan
    Faridkhan3212 Khan 21 day ago +1

    Novak is 🐐 don't forget he will finish this year while winning 2 masters us open and world tour final to match Sampras six year no 1

  • Plant Seed
    Plant Seed 22 days ago +2

    Federer needs to work on his 40-15s, and then also his 15-40s.

  • Akim Kim
    Akim Kim 22 days ago

    Djokovic quel mental d’enfer

  • Alessio Galetti
    Alessio Galetti 22 days ago

    Messi=Federer --> Leadership 0

    SRINIVAS VANGALA 23 days ago +4

    Djoker vs Choker

  • Mach Dach
    Mach Dach 23 days ago +1

    Niemand ist wie du. Du hast alles und bist du nie langweilig. Hvala ti za svaki trenutak uzivanja.

  • vaga rak
    vaga rak 24 days ago +1

    i n a t

  • Katie Lastname
    Katie Lastname 24 days ago +1

    Federer with 2 championship points on his serve and couldn't pull thru. Old age catching up he must've forgot how. He will be retiring soon he has nothing else 2 prove. He should've won. That will be his last Wimbledon final.