BEST FOOD at Singapore 7-ELEVEN | BREAKFAST Food Review

  • Published on Dec 11, 2019
  • I've done a lot of #seveneleven reviews in other countries but I haven't reviewed the 7-eleven in #Singapore so here's my breakfast 7-eleven #mukbang.
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Comments • 2 328

  • TheMoonlover93
    TheMoonlover93 15 hours ago

    I love the 7/11 series

  • Pang Kang Zhen
    Pang Kang Zhen 16 hours ago

    you have to try Hainanse Chicken in Malaysia !!!! much more better

  • Gabriel Real
    Gabriel Real Day ago

    I live in Texas and my 7 11 is no where near like that 😭😭

  • Mohammad Gueddar

    why are you talking to a egg sandwhich like your about to give the last rose .

  • jotazetzet
    jotazetzet Day ago

    'something is bitter, is this dick soy sauce' i love autotranslate

    SUMIT 3 days ago

    Worst food for stomach

  • L3thal W a s p
    L3thal W a s p 4 days ago +1

    I cut my tongue accidentally and it hurts to eat

  • Hafiz Arifin
    Hafiz Arifin 4 days ago

    Which hotel did you stay at?

  • worldwidehandsome seokjinnie

    i don't have a 7 eleven in my country 😩

  • cheerycolours
    cheerycolours 5 days ago

    As a Sgrean, I've nvr thought much of packaged meals/desserts here, be it those sold at convenience stores or supermarkets. The visuals is an appetite-kill for me and personally, I've eaten some but most just didn't cut it for me. After watching this vid, I'm now curious to try the hajuku eggs (which I've alws wondered abt the taste whenever I see them at 7-11), buttery chicken briyanni and chocolate lava cake. I hope I won't hv to regret not sticking to my convictions regarding convenience foods. 😂

  • Stephanie Baguette
    Stephanie Baguette 5 days ago

    i'm honestly curious and concern at the same time at how many calories he could gulp in one meal..

  • Moopheus
    Moopheus 6 days ago

    I was raised on bland, terrible food being a Midwesterner. Then I got out on my own and it was like 'whoooooah, there's a whole world of flavors out here!' Never looked back.

  • Janelle Smith
    Janelle Smith 6 days ago

    Aaaahhhh still my favorite 711 food vlogger. Lovedt it. Now I need to go to the nearest 711 store. Gotta go. Bye

  • Keondre the gamer
    Keondre the gamer 6 days ago

    where i live we don't have a 7 11 so you should be lucky but i travel so i go every now and then

  • Wolfe Shay
    Wolfe Shay 7 days ago

    In my class, I also have a Singapore friend of mine but now she lives in Vietnam with me and the same school, with me

  • Letter Wrap
    Letter Wrap 7 days ago

    I just watched another video on this same 7 eleven

  • Akmal Ismail
    Akmal Ismail 7 days ago

    Yo man, thats not how you cook the hot head curry. Boil water, put water in to cook/soften the noodles. Drain water the excess water then only mix it with the seasonings..

  • sak plays roblox
    sak plays roblox 7 days ago

    Dude why the fuck u did only 7 eleven no offense

  • Jimin Park
    Jimin Park 8 days ago +1

    I don't know much about Singapore and I got confused by the fact that most of the products in the 7-Eleven are in English and they use dollars. A couple simple google searches can go a long way.

    • Jimin Park
      Jimin Park 2 days ago +2

      @Apollyon - Yeah, I figured that out 😂. Have a good one, my dude.

    • Apollyon -
      Apollyon - 4 days ago +1

      Their main language is English bro😂

  • Deana Neff
    Deana Neff 8 days ago

    This guy cracks me up.. bashes Disney food but loves gas station food.. lol

  • Ayeur Hueya
    Ayeur Hueya 8 days ago

    Why would you subject your body to microwaved plastics???

  • Steve Kek
    Steve Kek 8 days ago

    Every 7-11
    If u gave me this at a restaurant I wont even know it was microwaved

  • Gabriel Rada
    Gabriel Rada 8 days ago +3

    15:10 wtf

  • Gabriel Rada
    Gabriel Rada 8 days ago

    5:30 is so funny

  • CarwathaGamerz
    CarwathaGamerz 8 days ago +1

    When he said "frozen Coke?" I'm like finally a country besides Australia has Frozen Coke

  • Billie’s Fan
    Billie’s Fan 8 days ago

    U are suppose to eat the ramen dry

  • Mini Pewdiepie
    Mini Pewdiepie 8 days ago

    Try it in denmark pls

  • Acdfed Aacdcd
    Acdfed Aacdcd 9 days ago

    In my country (singapore) spicy noodles are actually spicy

  • Courtney Queen
    Courtney Queen 9 days ago


  • Hrvoje Ozanic
    Hrvoje Ozanic 9 days ago

    How you stay in shape wuthin taking so much calories??

  • RA Rocks
    RA Rocks 9 days ago

    U should try the 7-11 Mac and cheese is damm nic

  • Poppy ASMR~°•♡
    Poppy ASMR~°•♡ 9 days ago

    i gasped so loud at 14:21 xD

  • Pampilog
    Pampilog 9 days ago

    Calamansi is originally form the Philippines

  • The Husky Lynx
    The Husky Lynx 10 days ago

    Mikey : “I’m sold on anything black pepper
    My brain : about black pepper ice cream

  • Stefyiscool1 ;-;
    Stefyiscool1 ;-; 10 days ago +6

    I love his videos but… does anybody fall asleep watching his vids

  • karebu2
    karebu2 10 days ago

    7-11s microwave food in Singapore used to be overpriced and sucked. I’ve tried that Briyani. It is damn good and cheap.

  • Samanta Samanta
    Samanta Samanta 10 days ago

    This butter chicken with biryani is a indian dish

  • Nayto610
    Nayto610 10 days ago

    You look like the dog from Family guy

  • Lesly Hang
    Lesly Hang 10 days ago

    Guys, can anyone tell me the name of intro song? Thank you :))

  • Albisha Gurung
    Albisha Gurung 10 days ago

    Me : y does the place look so familiar

  • Camille Maez
    Camille Maez 11 days ago

    I'm so jealous of Korea, Taiwan, and Japan. I was very disappointed with the 7/11 in the Philippines. 😭

  • Pia Michelle
    Pia Michelle 11 days ago

    i saw that chocolate lava cake and i fell in love

  • Fred Miller Jr
    Fred Miller Jr 11 days ago

    I'm in awe of Mikey. I'm a 300 pound man and I can't eat as much as he does.

  • JoElle Trammell
    JoElle Trammell 11 days ago

    I watch all of his videos! Even after ditching meat from my diet. My tastebuds were unintelligent until I found this channel.🥺

  • Mr. S
    Mr. S 11 days ago

    Its insane to me how ghetto and unappealing our 7/11's are here in the states

  • CeeJay1872! !
    CeeJay1872! ! 11 days ago

    Why no seven 11 in uk 😪

    LAU DING EN HCI 11 days ago

    Omg tell me when u come singapore i can bring u round

  • ruchira patil
    ruchira patil 11 days ago +6

    Ok maggi has ramen in Singapore why haven't they introduced them in India. I want the ramen experience

    • glassyoongi
      glassyoongi 7 days ago +1

      Ikr?! Like so many people would buy that stuff if maggi had it here! Looks delicious 😩

  • What? Bang
    What? Bang 11 days ago

    3:28 OK *now* IM JEALOUS

  • putra syah
    putra syah 12 days ago

    'Hainanese chicken rice the national dish of singapore'
    As a singaporean I have to dis agree

  • a
    a 12 days ago +1

    You’re living my dream man

  • ladalino
    ladalino 12 days ago +1

    Your 7eleven episodes are the best of the best!!!!

  • Takashima Shou
    Takashima Shou 12 days ago +4

    I'm a Malaysian
    And seeing him accidentally made a Maggi Goreng into a soup Maggi almost made me yeet my phone

    • cheerycolours
      cheerycolours 5 days ago

      There was once I deliberately prepared dry instant noodles ala soup style and I regretted big time after the first bite. 😅

    • Wong Desmond
      Wong Desmond 9 days ago

      Takashima Shou ikr I was freaking out just now

  • Eck_ Zie
    Eck_ Zie 12 days ago

    Yesp the butter chicken briyani is the best at 7 Eleven sg

  • i1tsome
    i1tsome 12 days ago +1

    Jelly filled donuts

  • kirana kylalisha
    kirana kylalisha 12 days ago


  • Gwendolyn Tan
    Gwendolyn Tan 12 days ago +4


    literally nobody:

    mikey chen: brings 7-11 lava cake to microwave at hotel restaurant

  • _ Voca
    _ Voca 12 days ago

    think you left the sweet soy sauce with the heat too long lol

  • Abbey Key
    Abbey Key 13 days ago

    U need to do a sushi challenge

  • Ted Atkins
    Ted Atkins 13 days ago

    Always love the videos no matter what it's about.