My Wife and Kids S05E11 They Call Me El Foosay

  • Published on Dec 27, 2015

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  • Fábio Alves
    Fábio Alves 4 days ago

    From Brazil. I'm Watching in Dec, 5, 2019...
    In 16:45 is played "Lonely Bull"...
    My dead father was loved this music...
    Laughing with this episode in 16:45, what challenge :D ...
    Here in Brazil, was watched in SBT (in English, Brazilian TV System/Network, TV SBT) in 2004/2005... Very good...

  • Bluebyyou Blue
    Bluebyyou Blue 10 days ago

    One oof my favs..yop37

  • Vicky Silva
    Vicky Silva 13 days ago

    This table is called Pimbolim in Brasil, and I used to play it.

  • Patrick Pearson
    Patrick Pearson 23 days ago

    Poncho Villa!!!!!

  • Patrick Pearson
    Patrick Pearson 23 days ago


  • melissa hector
    melissa hector 2 months ago +1


  • Thomas Bailey
    Thomas Bailey 3 months ago

    I wanna cover jays entire body in whipped cream and lick it all off, especially her sexy, thick booty

  • Eagle
    Eagle 4 months ago +1

    I swear the guy who plays Junior is extremely funny! He's the life of the show. He's even funnier than Michael

  • shyroz vishiki
    shyroz vishiki 5 months ago

    Am revisiting this episode..lupalinda......booyashaka😂😂😂

  • Nomonde Mini
    Nomonde Mini 6 months ago

    😂 Jr is everything and more!!

  • 08420633
    08420633 8 months ago

    Best rpisode ever

  • Piatequila
    Piatequila 8 months ago

    I knew Franklin would come to beat him !!!! lol

  • Zintle Gcadinja
    Zintle Gcadinja 9 months ago +2

    Why can't i download this so that i can put in my offline videos?

  • mohammed hussein
    mohammed hussein 9 months ago

    I don't have wife and kids but whan I got I want my family to be like this

  • xcdj
    xcdj 9 months ago +7

    When Michael beats junior
    Vanessa :In your face!! Lupelinda!!! im a tell your son !! and he aint gonna respect Yooooooouu! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    this whole entire episode had my dying af🤣🤣🤣

  • James Punting
    James Punting 10 months ago +1

    Jay has small boobies lol she needs big fakes

  • Kacey Anu Brai
    Kacey Anu Brai 10 months ago


  • The Guy Next Door
    The Guy Next Door 11 months ago

    Cheap and fun...a Foosball table is not as fun as a hooker

  • Catherine Do
    Catherine Do 11 months ago

    Miss this show so much wish it was back on TV

  • Trending WorldTV
    Trending WorldTV 11 months ago +1

    From Kenya and am still watching this 2040

  • Charles Oyuke
    Charles Oyuke 11 months ago

    My best episode Eva!!!

  • Rose Njuguini
    Rose Njuguini Year ago

    😂😂😂😂 Junior..old chicken imitation.. "Oh , my hip!!" Lol...

  • Thiago wurie Bah
    Thiago wurie Bah Year ago


  • Simon Makacha
    Simon Makacha Year ago +2

    I watch this episode almost everyday 😂😂😂😂 one of my favourite.

  • Bethuel J Mangwale
    Bethuel J Mangwale Year ago +2

    In your face! Lol! "All i wanna know is, have you been to Lupelinda!"

  • Xarden Namikaze
    Xarden Namikaze Year ago +1

    This is by far the most funniest Episode ever! I can't stop laughing PMSL! 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Daniela Anchora
    Daniela Anchora Year ago


  • lays leoah
    lays leoah Year ago


  • ObviouslyKieran
    ObviouslyKieran Year ago +3

    Franklin, Tony and Vanessa added so much more dynamic to this show.

  • Nancy Mwakishau
    Nancy Mwakishau Year ago

    Hahaha hilarious

  • Ntandoyenkosi Ndlovu


  • Ntandoyenkosi Ndlovu


  • Matthew Lewis
    Matthew Lewis Year ago +3

    I loved my wife and kids Franklin and Junior nailed it for me

  • shyroz vishiki
    shyroz vishiki Year ago

    Am always smiling and giggling when watching this episodes hahaha

  • Garville Smalling
    Garville Smalling Year ago +10

    Watching from Jamaica in 2018...a it mon..funny up mon

  • Garville Smalling

    Watching from Jamaica in 2018...a it mon..funny up mon

  • Sphesihle Mpho
    Sphesihle Mpho Year ago

    Lupalenda!!! I'm telling the baby! Loser

  • Precious Phiri
    Precious Phiri Year ago


  • KAY W
    KAY W Year ago

    In yo face daddy 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Gavin Kissoon
    Gavin Kissoon Year ago

    Loopa loopa lol

  • Adam Rattab JJ
    Adam Rattab JJ Year ago +4

    This is probably my favourite episode. Kills me every time!!

  • Jendrik Loeschner
    Jendrik Loeschner Year ago +4

    Legendary episode

  • Nicole McKenzie
    Nicole McKenzie Year ago


  • Tonaya Brackett
    Tonaya Brackett Year ago +3

    Victory song lol

  • Wreck Tard
    Wreck Tard Year ago +26

    "your baby won't respect you" nah nah that's too deep

    • Queen Purple
      Queen Purple Year ago

      Init, Junior behaviour is DISGUSTING.

    • Jamster946
      Jamster946 Year ago +2

      Y'all young people soft as fuck lol

  • nonexistent
    nonexistent Year ago +1

    When Vanessa said "Don't touch me." 😂

  • Sally
    Sally Year ago +1

    this show became boring after the son madeout with his girlfriend and got her pregnant

  • Daisy Mushandu
    Daisy Mushandu Year ago

    still loving this show

  • Kaleem Akbar
    Kaleem Akbar Year ago +4

    Shame My Wife And Kids Ended ☹

  • lee stevens
    lee stevens Year ago

    Leeeeeeeeeeeee the power to check in and see how it will look good for you and

  • jermaine tobin
    jermaine tobin Year ago

    Damn Vanessa is so beautiful that's what wifey material looks like right there

  • Rabihah Keshwah
    Rabihah Keshwah Year ago

    my favorite episode except for where franklyn enters

  • Cardo Adderley
    Cardo Adderley Year ago

    GB yv

  • rockerz Lewis
    rockerz Lewis Year ago +1

    My Wife and Kids S05E11 They Call Me El Foosay

  • Alan.Johnson JLB
    Alan.Johnson JLB Year ago +5

    Lmaooo that victory song had me cracking up 😂

  • Preeti Aggarwal
    Preeti Aggarwal Year ago


    • Rabihah Keshwah
      Rabihah Keshwah Year ago +1

      Preeti Aggarwal probably by the other grandparents. lol

  • Video world
    Video world Year ago

    Junior- In your face girl in your face

  • Jay Julien
    Jay Julien Year ago +20

    The scene where Franklin has to be lifted over the barrier rope.

    DANYAL Year ago

    How come theres no upload date in the description?

  • Ö Good Feelings Ö

    if i did win, i'll say *LMAO* !!!!