Bernie Responds to Trump's Decision on Iran Nuclear Deal

  • Published on May 8, 2018
  • Sen. Sanders responds to President Trump's decision to pull out of the Iran Nuclear Deal.

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  • kamran kam
    kamran kam 2 months ago

    Dear Senator Sanders,
    As an Iranian I could not agree with you more, however as an Iranian I see an America that invades and bombs nations here and then accuses Iran of destabilization, it sells billions of dollars worth of weapons to the region and then accuses Iran of proliferation, it tears up agreement after agreement and accuses Iran of having trust deficit.
    I know we The Iranian nation will forge forward and gain our rightful place in the world and we are not waiting for approval from USA in order to do so.However hope for a better future for all of us God bless, an Iranian patriot.

  • MsMyselfish
    MsMyselfish 4 months ago

    Guess who's behind these insane policies? Who's pushing america to unless wars in the middle east? ISRAEL again and again

  • Mark Hebbe
    Mark Hebbe 4 months ago

    Thank goodness bernie was defeated and knocked out of the race in 2016!

  • Ricky christ
    Ricky christ 5 months ago

    the chickens are about to roost!

  • Moe Njaim
    Moe Njaim 5 months ago

    Trump's action on Iran deal was the best he ever did but you don't have any clues if they did got the deal.
    Q: what Iran did with 150 billion dollars when they got the deal from the scumbag Barack Obama & the cunt Hillary Clinton? nothing in Iran was made, yet they kept supporting terrorist activities in Middle East and Europe. So Bernie Sanders if you really want peace in Middle East stop iran supporting terrorist. That If you got the balls

  • Daran Moghadam
    Daran Moghadam 5 months ago

    I believe at the end the Iran people will have the ability to build 100's of bomb's leaving the future uncertain and vulnerable and at the wim of a rogue nation, Trump has a strategy it is secret he is not telling the press, lol

  • Mark Martin
    Mark Martin 5 months ago

    Did Trump check with Hannity? He seems to be running the country with trump.

  • Rodolfo m jr ambario
    Rodolfo m jr ambario 6 months ago


  • Hoo- Rei
    Hoo- Rei 6 months ago

    There ya go America. Here's your new president. Someone who is listening to the people not the illuminati

  • AnimeVamp360
    AnimeVamp360 6 months ago

    I really hoped this man would become potus.
    At least he can see clear and knows what he is talking about. But I guess people are Placed in power, and Ultimately there is a definite agenda at work.

  • Île-de- France
    Île-de- France 6 months ago

    Watch "Former Republican Governor Christine Todd Whitman Thinks Trump Should Resign | Op-Ed | NowThis" on TheXvid

  • Morteza Hassani
    Morteza Hassani 6 months ago

    You fit to be the president of America.

  • Morteza Hassani
    Morteza Hassani 6 months ago

    This was indeed an insult to the world power what Trump did.

  • Μιχαλης Επιφανης

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  • Animal Man
    Animal Man 6 months ago

    You notice that they always talk about their masters first Israeli government. He’s just another Zionist Jew loving garbage. Please do your own research about the so called Israeli art students during 9/11

  • Bernie DIAPER SANDERS Lukso

    Fuck you Bernie. Why do you love America's enemies so much?

  • George Soros Intelligence Network

    Senator Bernie Sanders, please become a candidate for the U.S. presidency 2020.

  • LordAcidious
    LordAcidious 7 months ago

    Good for Iran that Trump withdrew: now Iran can finally justify the development of a nuclear weapon and will get even stronger than they are today. If that is in the interest of the US? Well, I do not know... ;) More confrontation with the Mullahs will only strengthen their regime. We will not see a regime change due to external pressure. History has shown that this has never worked. Iran will be the winner in the long run although it may look different at the moment. Lets discuss again in 5 years...

  • JustJ
    JustJ 7 months ago +1

    America has to stop being a slave to the Israeli Zionist regime

  • Emp Pro
    Emp Pro 7 months ago

    Bombing Iran then .... US Run , King's Run , Iran missile's come's .... but is late cuz Israel already is Down , this is not prophecy this is a dark fact of after bombing Iran .... this regime can't be change in yanki way .... Those who have revolution 40 years ago already or almost death , the generation has changed and the new generation does not understand American hostility.

  • sardar nuraddin
    sardar nuraddin 7 months ago

    Donald Trump is not gonna put you into an endless war. He's just made the right decision!

  • Albert Moore
    Albert Moore 7 months ago

    Senator Sanders the socialist is so stupid. The deal that never was was the dangerous path.
    Iran and North Korea are Putin proxies scheming with him to annihilate the populations of the USA and China by successive thermonuclear EMP and neutron bomb attacks.
    Iran and North Korea would suffer any residuary retaliation from sea, air, space and American allies. This would be a small part of American retaliatory power, but still enough to destroy these two small countries many times over. Russia would be the sole remaining superpower, precisely the point of Putin’s genocidal machinations.
    The Iran nuclear deal was void ab initio for fraud in the inception by Iran's despotic Arabic rulers and the queer communist Quisling pretender Barack Hussein Obama II d.o.b. 4 August 1961. The continued nuclear arms development by the Iranian leadership is an existential threat to the United States of American. Those who breach sanctions against it are mortal enemies of the USA - and Iran and North Korea.
    When the Persian people fully realize that their Arabic rulers are dragging them into a war that will destroy them, they might rise up against their rulers and change them. They might even use this analysis to garner support from the current establishment for this movement, especially when nudged by effective sanctions. Amicable relations with America and the rest of the world might then be re-established.
    Meanwhile, the assets of Rouhani and Khamenei should be blocked under President Trump's 21 December 2017 Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption.

  • Ram Murthy
    Ram Murthy 8 months ago

    America would have been in safer place,if had allowed Iran to be regional power.

  • siavash shajari
    siavash shajari 8 months ago

    as an iran citizen I honor that president trump is now the president of US not bernie all he is saying is nonesenseLong live Trump

  • Mark Fischer
    Mark Fischer 8 months ago

    Senator Sanders I am so happy the American voters did not elect you President. President Obama bought a pig in a poke when he signed that deal. He knew it couldn't possibly pass in the US Senate. When his presidency ended so did his deal. Iran's military bases are off limits to inspectors. That means they can continue their nuclear weapons development and still be in compliance as far as anyone knows. The leaders of Israel and Saudi Arabia don't buy this deal and neither do the American people. Crushing sanctions will be imposed on Iran to bring about regime change. If it doesn't work the US will have no choice except to launch a massive nuclear first strike annihilating the entire country and it's surrogates like Hezbollah in Lebanon. Frankly Senator you just don't have the balls to be President of the United States. You don't even have the spine to fight for yourself when you were robbed of the nomination. How could you possibly be expected to fight for America in a hostile wotld?

  • Shash
    Shash 8 months ago

    Here is a fair and balanced discussion on Trump's biased decision on Middle East Policy:

  • Spider Man
    Spider Man 9 months ago

    America needs you now more then we ever have.

  • Randy Churchill
    Randy Churchill 9 months ago +1

    Who cares what this clown thinks

  • Taylor- martin Gibson
    Taylor- martin Gibson 9 months ago

    Here's another question for you, If Pres. B.Netanya stated that's it's the Hamas who is instructing the Palestinian people to cross the boarder, then why kill the Palestinian people? If you know the Palestinian people aren't armed with any weapons other than a slingshot and a rock, why is it necessary to kill them with automatic weapons? If Israel is an alleged peaceful nation then why were the Palestinian people evicted from their homes with the use of "Skunk water? Why is it that it was at first it was the Iraqies, then Iran, then Afghanistan or the Syrian or the Shites or the Hamas or the Palestine's etc? It just seems to me that the Israelites can't get along with any of it's neighbors. So like the story of the blasphemer, just kill them. So who is the real threat here? Who has historically been the problem? Why is it that the Jews were kicked out of so many nations? The answer is, of course, EVERYBODY ELSE! Why is it that Israel is allowed to have nuclear weapons but nobody else is? Why do you think it is that Egypt, a non-democratic nation, opened it's boarder along the Gaza strip to let in the Palestinian people and escape from the Jews? Who is more humane here? Why do you think it is that the U.S. is the most hated and feared nation on the planet with Israel a close second? Gee, I don't know, maybe it's Israel that is the "boy who cried wolf" here. If the Jews won't allow anyone else in their country then why should we? In what why are the Jews tolerant of other nationalities or religions? They aren't! It's actions that speak louder than words and the Israelite's are blatantly killing unarmed people! and that's a fact!

  • Taylor- martin Gibson
    Taylor- martin Gibson 9 months ago

    What a load of Shit! If Israel want peace then why doesn't Israel remove their nuclear weapons? Why is it ok for Israel to have more than 300 nuclear weapons but nobody else can? Then it's Israel who poses the real threat in the middle east, correct? What complete bullshit. They talk of peace but retain weapons of war. I believe I understand the Jewish mentality. It comes from their books in the bible aka- Torah. Book of Genesis tells a story of Abram and his wife, Sarah. Abram instructs his wife to lie. By the end of the story, Abram walks away with livestock, slaves, and fortunes. Essentially a profit from a lie. In the book of Leviticus it tells a story of a Blasphemer who is stoned to death by order of Moses. The very next paragraph, it states "Thou shall not take a human life. a life for a life, an eye for an eye, a limb for a limb. But here's the thing, the blasphemer didn't kill anyone! So why was he killed? If you coincide that story with the events regarding the Palestinian people, you should conclude that if you disagree with Israel, you will be killed. So much for "THOU SHALT NOT KILL! It just seems to me that they will twist, contort their own God given laws to justify their actions.If Israel wants peace then remove your nuclear weapons, otherwise your words are completely false and you are the one's who are antagonizing war. By definition, that's an ASSHOLE! I DON'T KNOW ABOUT ANYBODY ELSE, BUT I DON'T LIKE LISTENING TO ASSHOLES.

  • Bok Tan
    Bok Tan 9 months ago

    Sander you n your cronies are scumbags n should be go n commit suicide. Don't be a disgrace shameful traitors of America, accepting bribe to do all evils.

  • Jose Becerril
    Jose Becerril 9 months ago

    The obama deal is as bad as your socialist mentality and

  • MrSeby202
    MrSeby202 9 months ago

    Bernie is walking on egg shells in how he would deal with the Iranians, keep in mind he would be kind and nice to a regime that was seen burning American flags in their own parliament building...

  • Steve Mohammed
    Steve Mohammed 10 months ago

    The US may be kidding itself. Iran is no push over because Iran is a powerful force to be reckoned with. Is would be folly if they think that they hit Iran and get away with it.

  • Leon Maliniak
    Leon Maliniak 10 months ago

    Bernie now has absolutely ZERO CREDIBILITY after failing to firstly contest the primary results while knowing that Clinton committed voter fraud and fucking all his supporters . Then he compounded the felony by unabashedly supporting her candidacy even know he should know, like any American with a brain should know, that Clinton sold out the country many times but most notably in her dereliction of duty in the Benghazi case and with her pay-to play politics culminating in her treasonous support for the sale of American URANIUM to the Russians

  • pius danial
    pius danial 10 months ago

    berenie he forgot to mention it that trump he is worried about his daily stock market rises if he is talking war against iran ,, if he talks peace than he and his stock holding brothers losing money very the same hours ,,, its the the reality of politics in the usa mother of all the corrupted capitalism of the world ever been ..

  • Tom Beller
    Tom Beller 10 months ago


  • Telly Vin-a
    Telly Vin-a 10 months ago

    the price of gas already went up because of re-implementing the iran sanctions. thanks president idiot!

  • Haha Joker
    Haha Joker 10 months ago

    Isolates us from our european friends??? Fuck that... USA stands with others if possible and alone if neccessary

  • Phoenix Chastaine
    Phoenix Chastaine 10 months ago

    Trump is a madman. A thousand times worse than Bush Jr!! An incompetent conspirator against this country for Putin!

  • goldenhawk H
    goldenhawk H 10 months ago

    This idiot goes to Moscow for his honeymoon and wants Americans to believe everything he says. Bernie you're a miserable lying Socialist, get the hell out of my country and go to Venezuela, it's the exact same type of government, that you love.

  • Mitchell McNeely
    Mitchell McNeely 10 months ago

    Hey, how's that new crib there, you sell out douchebag? Did Hasbro toy company give you some money when they used you as their model for the Troll dolls? What a loser. Go change your diaper. You can smell your nasty butt through the internet. Pissy pants. You couldn't even beat a crook/traitor like Hillary Clinton. Worthless and weak.

  • Maverick Watch Reviews
    Maverick Watch Reviews 10 months ago

    I love these losers, that got *HUMILIATED* in 2016, think ANYONE cares what they have to say...lmao. Bernie, Kerry, Clinton, Biden and Obozo are thankfully IRRELEVANT now :) This truly is and always has been the greatest country in the world! America saw right through these utter losers and chose Trump.

  • Tony Kennedy
    Tony Kennedy 10 months ago

    Piss off commie.

  • John Metzger
    John Metzger 10 months ago

    Throw the Jew down the well.

  • Maverick Watch Reviews
    Maverick Watch Reviews 10 months ago

    Is the show "The Biggest Loser" back on the air? Poor, lazy Bernie still thinks people still care what he thinks after Hillary bent him over...lmao. Go away Bernie. You're the laughing stock of BOTH parties...lmao.

  • missinglew
    missinglew 10 months ago


  • missinglew
    missinglew 10 months ago


  • Da vid Einzige und das wahre in Walhalla

    Babylon is falling

  • Da vid Einzige und das wahre in Walhalla

    Israel ist Vergangenheit israel ist Asche

  • Musaed Al Tamimi
    Musaed Al Tamimi 10 months ago

    in al these creative minds in the U.S why they sucks so much in foreign policies maters ... try to learn for the U.K or Germany ... Bernie sanders should be the U.S president not the current psycho or the old hag

  • Brendan Hall
    Brendan Hall 10 months ago

    1:19 Jews always take both sides. Deniability comes in handy.

  • Brendan Hall
    Brendan Hall 10 months ago

    It's the Jews, Bernie. Jewish National security is all that matters to the Deep State.

  • J Law
    J Law 10 months ago

    the Iran Nuclear deal was just cover up to allow Iran to run around developing nuclear bombs...

  • Mohammad Karim
    Mohammad Karim 10 months ago

    No worries every country has their own choice. The good way is to tell the historical rights and religious rights of the Jews to all of the world. Then those who do not accept they can comment through media and a dialogue would be settled through youtube and facebook. The European countries have already been indulged with Muslim communities by the way. :)

  • Mike Johnston
    Mike Johnston 10 months ago

    Why would anyone trust you Bernie after selling out to Hillary after the voters put their trust in you and you never said a damned thing about her rigging.

  • Stephen Yount
    Stephen Yount 10 months ago

    Wyou thell whem Bwouniee. Azzhat clown.

  • Sam Rahmati
    Sam Rahmati 10 months ago

    Ok, this not the only worse action OF Americans president since they vote to him , trump suck

  • Steve johnson
    Steve johnson 10 months ago


  • Thanh Thuy Le
    Thanh Thuy Le 10 months ago

    keep quiet Bernie

  • dogsquat1
    dogsquat1 10 months ago

    bernie. bernie your a chicken shoot

  • martin donva
    martin donva 10 months ago

    americans love war

  • עידן סתיו
    עידן סתיו 10 months ago

    If Sanders was president.

  • dave angel
    dave angel 10 months ago

    hillary for president 2020 ,bernie knows its a good idea

  • Paul Folau
    Paul Folau 10 months ago

    Who is this guy? Give him some medicine, he is sick I guess lol.

  • vinton zwahlen
    vinton zwahlen 10 months ago

    Bernie the problem is Israel and the us government. It's a bad mix and we will be fighting Israel's wars for years to come

  • Brane Storm
    Brane Storm 10 months ago

    Wait a sec. I'd swear I seen Netanyahu praising Trump for doing this and then I heard he was whisked off to a circle jerk with his Zionist pals not long after. Netanyahu seems to being calling the shots for Washington these days and can't wait to go full force on Iran at the American Tax Payers expense. Trump believed his power point presentation from Iran's former program 15 years ago. Does Israel even have to pay back the US for all the billions in weaponry and aid it receives from Uncle Sam every year?

  • Andy Roo
    Andy Roo 10 months ago

    Donald Caligula, Nero, trump. How to make enemies and destroy countries. Trump knows.

  • William L.
    William L. 10 months ago

    Bernie....what is going on with you....?
    Why are you out there sheep-dogging for the Democratic Party?! Especially since HRC just committed one of the biggest election fraud crimes in US history AGAINST YOU!! You act as if it didn't even happen! This blatant criminal attack on our Constitution is also being ignored by the MSM, btw), and now you are trying to tell us Netenyahu and the Israeli political machine really did want Trump to recertify the Iran Nuclear Treaty

  • Thomas MacKelly
    Thomas MacKelly 10 months ago

    trump voters will not be viewed kindly in the history books.
    They should expect being harassed by everyone for a long time.

  • Travels World
    Travels World 10 months ago

    I think Bernie needs to talk with Israeli prime minister and Israeli prime minster is manipulating to president trump to make him believe. And everybody else knows that he is biggest liar 🤥.

  • richard morris
    richard morris 10 months ago

    Traitor to your Jewish community socialist loser (check out the aadvark& the ant show) courtesy of the Pink panther cartoon show= Heart Bernie

  • moondust
    moondust 10 months ago

    Oh c' mom Burnie stop lying. Israel didnt say they agree with the Iran deal. You should be on your hands and knees thanking God that trump got us out of the deal. There is a reason they call it "DEAL" there was no binding on it and not signed by Iranians and obama. He pulled wool over our eyes and Congress, he sneeked the deal
    Like he did with e/thing. He is a muslim and does favor to Muslims, he surrounds himself with Muslims or communist.

  • Ruby Tuesday
    Ruby Tuesday 10 months ago

    Trump is playing on another level, Bernie. Sit back and watch.

  • Mesa Man
    Mesa Man 10 months ago

    Please explain why we should deal with any terrorist country at all? Bernie, you're a fkin regard and a commie as well. I'm glad the deal is off and oboma the dumb ass should have NEVER....given them 1.6 BILLION tax lay rd money in the first place to start with. Fk off anti-American shit faces!

  • Ronald Baak
    Ronald Baak 10 months ago

    your wrong bernie its Bomb Bomb Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran to the Beach boys tune Barbra Ann

  • Dana Herron
    Dana Herron 10 months ago

    not bad. the troll fuckwits have discovered this channel. Bernie terrifies those assholes.

  • mo Tibortina
    mo Tibortina 10 months ago

    That’s why you’re not a President

  • wahid yousuf
    wahid yousuf 10 months ago

    Idiots became presidents and itellectuals became employee that is the problem.trumph is an idiot

  • Delina Momberg
    Delina Momberg 10 months ago

    Fuck Iran, they are a dangerous snake !!. Its head should be cut off. God be with Trump !!. Fuck Bernie. He is repeating himself.

  • Made in USA
    Made in USA 10 months ago

    Topics in Iran
    Organization of Islamic Cooperation
    Islamic Republic
    Non-Aligned Movement
    States in Group 15
    Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)
    Middle east
    States surrounding the Arabian Sea
    Islamic Historical States
    Fertile Crescent
    Countries participated in the World Cup football
    Presidents of the United Nations General Assembly
    The mountain ranges of the Iranian plateau and its location politically and geographically
    Shahnama 's Ephedra
    Economic Cooperation Organization
    ******************** (Iran is a state worshiping Satan before the birth of Christ)
    Nuclear agreement is invalid
    It benefits only Europe and Iran
    And harms the United States of America
    Obama is also a traitor to the United States of America * is not born in the United States of America *

  • Prince Angel
    Prince Angel 10 months ago

    another puppet fooling the mASSes. all in the same team working for the same masters (Israel). Why don't we get tired of this? Same show all the time, they good then bad then separate but all with the same master..

  • Mazda Artaxerxes
    Mazda Artaxerxes 10 months ago

    Bernie i love you , unfortunately US populations are to stupid to understand your words.

  • Johannes Sekgololo
    Johannes Sekgololo 10 months ago

    Only a fool would sign any future agreement with the USA, the next democrat president will tear down all Trump's work, this doesnt only affect the USA, but the credibility with other countries.

  • If You Dont Run, They Cant Chase You.

    Is this that John Birch society guy?

  • Ashraf Jadwat
    Ashraf Jadwat 10 months ago

    This is America 😆🖕

  • Kim Bird
    Kim Bird 10 months ago

    trump is a traitor . and has been bought by israel . and is doing there job for them, with our money .he is a liar along with mrs may who is also a traitor .they need to be taken to court for war crimes .

  • Rob MacGregor
    Rob MacGregor 10 months ago

    Bernie is part of the club. He is a bloody socialist and is part of the big puzzle. You don't get the platform he has without giving up something. So obvious if you understand certain ideologies throughout history. He is the opposition they give us to cheer on...problem, reaction solution. Hegelian twat.

  • Howard Romano
    Howard Romano 10 months ago

    Quit whining you fucking libtard. If the deal is worth making, make it a treaty with the vote of congress. If you make it the law of the land, then you tie Trump's hands. If you give that POS Obama the power of the pen and the phone, don't bitch when Trump takes it. I live in Thailand and they have a saying for this" som nam na" mother fucker. Loosely translated: that's the fucking you get for the fucking you got. I suggest that you, Mr. Bernie, before you steal all the American's guns, you put one to your head first.

  • Tessa Cunningham
    Tessa Cunningham 10 months ago

    You are a weak minded man.

  • Redcrown 06
    Redcrown 06 10 months ago

    Iran Nuclear Deal...
    I ran nuclear deal...🤯🤯🤯

    YURZ•TRULY [N.M.E]™ 10 months ago

    Bernie should have been casted by Danny Glover for part of "This is America". If he'd just cut out the political correctness & talk his shit he would probably be our president right now. People only like Trump bc they feel he talks commonly to act as a discursive antagonist to the status quo of US government, when really he just speaks that way bc he simply knows no other.

  • Jacob Rothschild
    Jacob Rothschild 10 months ago

    I guarantee it if America gets into an all-out War you will have no allies, to come to the aid of America. China Russia, Iran, are willing and able to invade American Shores. America will be invaded from the East and the West. God help you people. All I can bloody say is prepare.

  • sanitman1
    sanitman1 10 months ago

    Hey the communist pickle salesman from Queens !

  • Jacob Rothschild
    Jacob Rothschild 10 months ago

    Donald Trump won't be happy until Americas are in a all out war with somebody in the world, and puting every American life on the line. Americans it's time to stand up to this dictator, and this man from hell, and have him impeached from the White House.

  • Bob Smiley
    Bob Smiley 10 months ago

    YTo dumb bitch Burnee, Bibi doesn't agree with you. You missed his show and tell with graphic view of evidence that Iran is cheating and he believes that Israel should censure Iran and the incomponent 'deal' should be terminated. Clean your ears out, you old fool. Better yet retire to the commie pinko old folks execution hostel. Make room for some more Latinos and Somalles.

  • Drew McGregor
    Drew McGregor 10 months ago

    Let's see, stay in a deal with a country who chants death to America on a daily basis or tell them to go FU€K themselves. Hmmm, I say Bernie Sanders and Iran go FU€K yourselves.

  • David Ross
    David Ross 10 months ago

    Bernie is a total RETARD! How does not anyone see that?