Did the Ravens choke against the Titans? | NFL on ESPN

  • Published on Jan 12, 2020
  • Trey Wingo, Tim Hasselbeck and John Fox react to the Baltimore Ravens’ 28-12 loss to the Tennessee Titans in the AFC Divisional Playoffs, the first time a 6 seed has beaten a 1 seed in the NFL since 2010.
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Comments • 4 095

  • Chris Scovitch
    Chris Scovitch 20 hours ago


  • Peter Saiki
    Peter Saiki Day ago

    Ravens: Always respectful towards their opponents after a win or loss.
    Lamar Jackson: Humble and Confident after a win.
    Lamar Jackson. Humble and confident after a loss.
    News Sources: Praise the Ravens during a win, criticize the Ravens during a loss. Blaming Lamar for the loss.
    Titans fans, players, social media: When Ravens lose, they proceed to make fun of Lamar and the Ravens on social media.
    Me: Stay humble people. This is why bullying exists in the world.

  • Matt Rogers
    Matt Rogers 2 days ago

    It annoys me that people think they lost because they "weren't themselves", or "they had a bad day".
    How about you stop making it about the what the ravens did wrong and give some props to what the Titans did right?
    The ravens looked bad all right, but it wasn't just because they were "off". The titans had their way with them and were the better team on that field. They watched their tape, figured out how to counter them, and had the tools to do it. It wasn't blind luck or a bad day. It was the Titans' run game, overall physicality, great defense, and superior execution all around.

  • daniel DanielK
    daniel DanielK 3 days ago

    Joe flacco laughing at this

  • Kyle Marini
    Kyle Marini 3 days ago +1


  • aznpanda510x
    aznpanda510x 3 days ago

    Both first seed... 49ners used their free week to heal... raven used it to choke.

  • george willson
    george willson 3 days ago

    guys raven left the teen titans

  • SuperZombiepimp
    SuperZombiepimp 4 days ago

    Watch ravens wont be the same next year they proved that if you challenge them they go into panic mode

  • Diontae Daughtry
    Diontae Daughtry 4 days ago

    Lamar will rise again

  • Christopher williams

    A choke is when you get beat in a close game that you clearly should have won. Despite the total yardage for Baltimore's offense, there are two stats that support the notion that the Ravens just got beat by a better team. Total rush yards for Tenn. and the turnover margin. The Titans ran it down their throats, and they clearly rattled Jackson when it mattered most. 3 turnovers by LJ (2 ints and a lost fumble). Plus, Baltimore was outcoached, plain and simple. I'll tell you what...I wouldn't want to play this Titans team right now. Baltimore didn't choke. They simply got beat.

  • Anon Ymous
    Anon Ymous 4 days ago

    i think that first raven's possession that was intercepted set the tone for the titans and frustrate the ravens the whole game.

  • zutrue
    zutrue 4 days ago

    They are NOT capable of coming back from many scores down??
    That is a bunch of bull for a group that really didn't want the Ravens to
    succeed anyway. But from what I have seen from Lamar Jackson...in only
    his second season in the league...he will be back STRONGER.

  • whatzup
    whatzup 4 days ago

    black qbs still suck! if it was a decathalon they would excell. but not nfl football quarter backing

  • tMAConDUBS
    tMAConDUBS 4 days ago

    Yall quit down grading my TITANS! We DEMANDING RESPECT ⚔️🚂💨💨👑

  • Antonio Medeiros
    Antonio Medeiros 4 days ago

    Too much hype, embarrassing loss.

  • Super G
    Super G 4 days ago +2

    Lamar Jackson can’t carry his team to a Super Bowl just look at Michael Vick.

  • Win Deezy
    Win Deezy 4 days ago

    big truss

  • JaeKiDd 1k subs I will restart channel up again

    That's what happens when you don't humble yourself... That is the one thing the Patriots do good They block out outside noise & humble themselves

  • Nathanial Smith
    Nathanial Smith 5 days ago

    Yes they did.

  • Thomas Reece
    Thomas Reece 5 days ago

    And the dumbest caption goes to...

  • Anthony Atkins
    Anthony Atkins 5 days ago

    Oh never mind it's just Derek Henry my bad

  • Anthony Atkins
    Anthony Atkins 5 days ago

    I hear a train coming toward Kansas City !

  • Jessshae Finch
    Jessshae Finch 5 days ago

    Yes , they choked . That's what happens when you have a second rate running back playing quarterback .

  • JuiceManVon
    JuiceManVon 5 days ago

    People saying the Titans were better just wasn't watching the game property.
    The Ravens gave Titans everything essentially beating themselves.

  • rob farris
    rob farris 5 days ago

    They were off to long. Amost a month for the srarters. Thats too long

  • Jpkrao
    Jpkrao 5 days ago

    The Ravens badly choked ... A total embarrassment. Lamar Jackson throws the football 59 times for more than 500 yards😲. That's absolutely not acceptable. Throwing the football is not what won them 14 matches. I believe that the Ravens who pathetically lost on Saturday against the Titans would have also lost against either the Clemson Tigers or LSU.

  • Mike Green
    Mike Green 5 days ago

    Same play calling every game. Everyone is gonna figure you out, Roman. Overrated. Just like Marshawn Lynch behind a weak O line

  • Jesse James
    Jesse James 5 days ago

    Did they choke? The Ravens nearly died!! For crying out loud they're faces had more purple than thier uniforms. Henry ran it right down thier throat. Looks like Jimmy G gonna finally earn a Superbowl 💍

  • D Blok
    D Blok 5 days ago

    Everybody betta watch out for dem titans started 4-4 switched QB'S and went 5-2 💯 and ain't stopped yet💯

  • Patrick Strickland
    Patrick Strickland 5 days ago

    The titans heard all week that they needed to score more than 14 points to win and throw for more than 76 yards.... nope 14 would have won the game and they added an extra 10 yards passing to make everyone happy.

  • Colin Kamm
    Colin Kamm 5 days ago +1

    This is how many people still love the Ravens

  • Kelvin Reaves
    Kelvin Reaves 5 days ago

    Yes we did choke simple as that

  • mattmat74
    mattmat74 5 days ago

    Never had the lead, they didn’t choke they lost because the Titans played better in all aspects. PUT SOME RESPECT ON KING HENRY AND THE TITANS 👑⚔️💙

  • Dario Castaneda
    Dario Castaneda 5 days ago +1

    What do Titans fans think?
    Isn’t this getting too derivative...
    - Titans Beat Pat - Is Pat’s fault, Brady is no good
    - Titans beat Ravens. It’s Ravens Fault, Lamar Jackson’s fault.
    How about giving some credit to the Titans

  • FMA Bincarim
    FMA Bincarim 5 days ago

    The Ravens under estimated what they were up against
    essentially themselves.
    Heisman trophy winning RB tough defense mobile QB
    a couple of coaching errors put them in a bad spot and they couldn't over come it

  • Jack Salonsky
    Jack Salonsky 5 days ago


  • ljpal18
    ljpal18 5 days ago

    Choke no. That's disrespectimg what the titans did. They just got hit by the Henry Train. And tannehill was surgical with the limited passes he threw.

  • Daniel Ornelas
    Daniel Ornelas 5 days ago +1

    All I can remember last week was analyst stating titans have to score more then 14 this time! Or they don’t have a chance...!

  • Quinn Campbell
    Quinn Campbell 5 days ago +1

    Forgot to put pepper in the soup😁😁😁.Thought they had it wrapped up before they hit the field.

  • J Ruiz
    J Ruiz 5 days ago

    It’s ok Lamar he’s the mvp and we gonna se him this year again go Ravens

  • John Black
    John Black 5 days ago

    Poor coaching and too much Rust from the layoff. They need a couple of Big Tight Ends and a couple of mean linebackers and a back up running back.

  • Osama Binfaq’n
    Osama Binfaq’n 5 days ago +2

    “Everyone has a plan until they nut in their pants”- Jamaal Johnson

  • 5thGen
    5thGen 5 days ago

    They deff choke 😭😭

    NEO ARAGONA 5 days ago

    To Answer your question In 2 letters... Si..

  • SinCityMadman
    SinCityMadman 5 days ago

    Henry might get 1000 yards in the playoffs😂😂

  • 2Duv4Luv
    2Duv4Luv 5 days ago

    There's a difference between a Running QB and a qb that runs. Lamar Jackson needs to improve on his passing skills for the Ravens to make it to the Super Bowl.

  • SinCityMadman
    SinCityMadman 5 days ago

    KC might be in trouble...

  • PhAnToM Of The AQUA
    PhAnToM Of The AQUA 5 days ago +1

    Dude got exposed as a running back on Saturday.... I love it

  • Rknee Gordon
    Rknee Gordon 5 days ago

    When the QB has more rushing yards than the RB, and completed 50% of his 59 pass attempts, that’s pretty much all you need to know. The Titian’s forced Jackson to throw on 3rd down a lot, that was a game plan. It worked.

  • Perry Williams
    Perry Williams 5 days ago

    They going to remember the night they played the Titans na na na na nah nah nah nah hey hey hey goodbye

  • mtrujillo1973
    mtrujillo1973 5 days ago


  • DLA Drums
    DLA Drums 5 days ago


  • Randy Porter
    Randy Porter 5 days ago

    Lamar was impressed with Henry’s touchdown pass and was overheard saying “Gee, that was a great play ! I really have to hand it to the Titans. ...But, I already did that.”

  • Red Ficher
    Red Ficher 5 days ago

    "Its ok ravens there is always next year"


  • Billy Bruin
    Billy Bruin 5 days ago

    they flat out choked!!!

  • Guy Davis
    Guy Davis 5 days ago

    No other way to say it a 14-2 team choked to the Titans!

  • Dan
    Dan 5 days ago

    Add to 10 best teams to NOT win the Superbowl?

  • Savage Cabbage
    Savage Cabbage 5 days ago +1

    Where’s everybody gone that licks Lamar’s nuts on every single video?

  • hav bryter
    hav bryter 5 days ago

    The Ravens are who we thought they were, the media built them up so big but they are who we thought they were

  • stylin60es
    stylin60es 5 days ago +1

    They absolutely choked.
    Latrell Sprewell level.