Irish People Try Halloween Cocktails

  • Published on Oct 26, 2018
  • We found some hellish Halloween cocktails and dished them out for our lovely Irish people to try!
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    Ahh, Halloween, the season where everyone dresses up and down drinks like there's no tomorrow. Instead of the usual can or shot concoctions, we found some Halloween cocktails and decided to give them to our Irish People to do a Halloween cocktail taste test and see what they thought!
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Comments • 1 149

  • Steve Roloff
    Steve Roloff 5 days ago

    Are the bearded men related? I love all of you!

  • Deborah Fauvor
    Deborah Fauvor 8 days ago +1

    That guy was pulling out his inner Scot.

  • Sam Gabriel
    Sam Gabriel 10 days ago +1

    Who doesn’t know what a rosemary sprig or a cinnamon stick looks like?

  • Rev Wolf
    Rev Wolf 11 days ago

    Who mixes wine and tequila??

  • aftah kee
    aftah kee 15 days ago

    Piss. Piss tastes worse the more you drink it. That first sip is easy. The third is rough.

  • Dubbsteppa21
    Dubbsteppa21 17 days ago

    you know you've had a few too many when some suggests snorting a drink and you do it with out a single objection

  • SVMO3 BB
    SVMO3 BB 18 days ago

    watching this and seen the channel has hit 666k very fitting

  • Sib Pa
    Sib Pa 19 days ago

    Slow down with the Drink descriptions , no one can read that fast

  • EpochDeus
    EpochDeus 19 days ago

    One Halloween, I dressed up in robes and a wizard hat, with a large satchel, filled with Fireball whiskey mini shot bottles. (plastic)
    I went from bar to bar, casting fireballs at people. It was a fun Halloween.
    Spent like 100$ on fireball shooters bottles. Well worth it.

  • micacat86
    micacat86 21 day ago

    Ryan and Losley were fantastic together. And always love Brian's dry wit. Another excellent TRY drinking video :)

  • Gout Lord
    Gout Lord 21 day ago

    I totally understand the concept of 'It takes me a little to get drunk but a lot to stop drinking'. Damn the hard spirits!

  • Kelly Caico
    Kelly Caico 27 days ago

    Those are some ferocious wine colored shirts fellas 🍷

  • Jean Doe
    Jean Doe 29 days ago

    Im enjoying the cinnamon sniffing lol

  • so simply ruthy
    so simply ruthy Month ago

    why did i think the cinnamon stick was a blunt lmaooo

  • yaka
    yaka Month ago

    Should have tried the incredible hulk and the swamp thing

  • moses74ful
    moses74ful Month ago


  • morgan herens
    morgan herens Month ago

    It’s bad when you start snorting alcohol

  • Dale Martin
    Dale Martin Month ago

    Not everything tastes better the more you drink it. I tried both normal and lavender bleach and neither got any better. Even adding whisky didn't help...

  • gAyDHD
    gAyDHD Month ago

    Dude.... Seamus and Brian look like twins?

  • r y
    r y Month ago

    ginger whisky is king of everything

  • TomahawksNShotShells

    I've concluded from this video that Irish people become pirates when they are drunk.

  • Shana Martin
    Shana Martin Month ago

    Brian being amazed that lolsy knew the herbs was hilarious

  • Edilynn Mae
    Edilynn Mae Month ago

    I literally can smell the oj and tequila, oh God you poor ppl

  • R
    R Month ago

    Is paddy 25 or 50? Lol

  • Lourdes Garcia
    Lourdes Garcia Month ago

    Great video. And Seamus is so cute.

  • Talon6551
    Talon6551 Month ago

    Lolsy - sooooooooooo cute.

  • LeavesOfTea
    LeavesOfTea Month ago

    We need to combine one video where Brian's despising of Cinnamon and Dermot's loathing of peanut butter come together to form one horrible thing they have to eat together.

  • Marc D
    Marc D Month ago

    l love the thriller music rip-off you got going in the background... crackin me up

  • Juliana Ball
    Juliana Ball Month ago

    I felt my entire body shiver when the guy with a beard deeply whispered “daddy’s home” 🤤😫😍

  • A. Greene
    A. Greene Month ago

    these drinks are bad.

  • Dylan De La Pena
    Dylan De La Pena Month ago

    Can we have Seamus in more videos please! He's adorable!

  • Al Kohallick
    Al Kohallick Month ago

    Daddy's home.

  • avryptickle
    avryptickle Month ago

    Oh TheXvid. How did you know this is what I wanted... no, needed?

  • Samuel Penn
    Samuel Penn Month ago

    That was hilarious what Ryan said about snorting the drink was actually quite nice & SHE TRIED IT!!😳 Reminds me of the time my sister did a similar thing to one of our cousin's telling him dried pine needles were so good, he had to try them; he did & spit them out. What she didn't tell him was that they're disgusting but can sustain you if you're desperate! One of those things that you don't want to be the only one who was dumb enough to believe that they were delicious.😂

  • Chivo Primo
    Chivo Primo Month ago

    I see a spin off sitcom here.. "I love lolsey" snorting cinnamon. Awesome

  • Meloncholy19
    Meloncholy19 Month ago

    You found the irish mesut ozil

  • Carrie Bolyard
    Carrie Bolyard 2 months ago

    Very curious - what does Lolsy's shirt say?!!

  • Josh Palmer
    Josh Palmer 2 months ago

    Alright calm down there Scarface lmao. Made my day.

  • Marissa Stephenson
    Marissa Stephenson 2 months ago

    What is it about the Irish groups... The Men are handsome and the Women are so pretty and all of them are funny.. Jessh I need to move to Ireland lol

  • joel simms
    joel simms 2 months ago

    I would be happy too if l was drinkin with Lolsy!

  • noisyrhysling
    noisyrhysling 2 months ago +3

    Is it just me or does Seamus and Brian sitting side by side look like a Before and After photo?

  • EmberDragon224
    EmberDragon224 2 months ago


  • Miranda Zoch
    Miranda Zoch 2 months ago

    Brian: Daddy's home.
    Me: Yes please.

  • Ben Team
    Ben Team 2 months ago

    I'm pretty sure snorting alcohol through a cinnamon stick is prohibited by the Geneva Convention.

  • Meg B
    Meg B 2 months ago

    Oooooo, daddy’s home.

  • Uldihaa
    Uldihaa 2 months ago

    Just how tipsy was Lolsy when Ryan got her to snort that last drink?

  • Becki Williams
    Becki Williams 2 months ago

    If there's alcohol involved - excluding Leather Jacket Guy is a crime.

  • Kate Hawk
    Kate Hawk 2 months ago

    Now I'm gonna mix my own Devil drinks at home. I'll let ya know in another vid how it was.

  • A Frog
    A Frog 2 months ago

    Eat your sweets and go to sleep! Oh that shit wouldn`t work on THIS one ;)

  • C L Moore
    C L Moore 2 months ago

    tequila drunk = waking up the next day naked, don't know why you are naked, in a place you don't recognize and wondering who you are.

  • Lynne McGee
    Lynne McGee 2 months ago

    A video with Brian equals auto like. Lol

  • Lynne McGee
    Lynne McGee 2 months ago

    Brian! The fall is full of cinnamon! Deal w/ it. 😂

  • Mark McCormick
    Mark McCormick 2 months ago

    @ 2:46, did Brian say, “Daddy’s home???” Heeey 😛

  • Telawat Secord
    Telawat Secord 2 months ago


  • Metal Edge News
    Metal Edge News 2 months ago

    Great video!

  • Jacob Horton
    Jacob Horton 2 months ago

    2:46 that is all

  • David Atch
    David Atch 2 months ago

    We love most of you too Brian

  • Debbie Mclaughlin
    Debbie Mclaughlin 2 months ago

    I adore Brian. He's the Irish guy I'd tuck in me pocket and take home home.

  • Michael Christoferson
    Michael Christoferson 2 months ago

    0:15 the twins

  • Fonso Luna
    Fonso Luna 2 months ago

    You can definitely tell that they snort meth or cacaine.