Billy Mitchell Statement

  • Published on Apr 15, 2018
  • At the Midwest Gaming Classic today, Billy Mitchell made this official statement to Old School Gamer Magazine.
    Note: Billy Mitchell is on the advisory board of this magazine.
    You can get pictures and more info on the magazine at http:://

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  • Chester Copperpot

    Still Waiting

  • Kevin Fry
    Kevin Fry 11 days ago

    His hair looks like a hoodie.

  • Bean dahbest
    Bean dahbest Month ago

    I find it disgusting the he says “now a professional due diligence is being done.”
    It was done Billy. Apollolegend quite clearly and professionally owned your ass.
    His statements to smear the name of the person who called him on his bullshit is frankly gross, and befitting an idiot like Billy. Typical scummy smear tactics.
    There was nothing shock jock about it, other than your weird interview with that butt kissing weirdo with the bells and whistles.
    What a fuckstick.

  • dave idmarx
    dave idmarx 2 months ago

    53 and nary a grey hair in sight? More cheating going on, methinks. Billy's gotta be using "Just For Mullets"...

  • BlindWeeboo 69
    BlindWeeboo 69 2 months ago

    Why does he look like John wick

  • Gregory Stevens
    Gregory Stevens 3 months ago

    You have to admire this guy's tenacity to prove things that don't matter at all.

  • TheColdrush22
    TheColdrush22 3 months ago

    Initially I was elated when I heard the news that he was caught cheating. But I was reacting emotionally. With time I wondered, “why am I so invested in this guy being a cheater?“ It’s because I kind of can’t stand him. But my negative view of him has nothing to do with the “truth”; it was a knee jerk reaction simply b/c he annoys tf out of me.
    So, yes, I actually hope he DOES prove his point. I would love to know that there is a base honesty beneath what to me seems like snake oil salesman characteristics. I actually HOPE he is being honest and gets vindicated. I want to believe that most people are better than their worst portrayals.
    I absolutely cannot stand his personality, But I simply can’t wish ill on the man because he rubs me the wrong way. Particularly if he is right. Truth should always reign over opinion.

  • The One
    The One 4 months ago

    Geez, this video is his shovel aint it...

  • meddude
    meddude 4 months ago

    Nice summary of lies from Billy right here:

  • Dr Wolfenstein
    Dr Wolfenstein 5 months ago

    Yeeeeeaaaahhhh... no, fuck you, you narcissist prick. Lick my butthole, Billy Mitchell.

  • Kyle .Thompson
    Kyle .Thompson 5 months ago

    So glad he's finally outed as a crook. I want a public apology from Billy Mitchell to Steve Wiebe IN PERSON with Twin Galaxies' Walter Day mediating and apologizing as well. The rage I still feel from King of Kong remains insatiable.

  • ShawneTheGreatGamer
    ShawneTheGreatGamer 5 months ago

    Hey guys, don't you recognize me? I'm Shawne Vinson from Sacramento, California, and I'm the famous champion gamer and world record holder, when I was on Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition.
    And I just won a video game tournament 36 times in a row.
    Even I already know and meet Billy Mitchell, Stevie Webie, and Walter Day, when I was at the video game award ceremony too.

  • D-MMA
    D-MMA 5 months ago +1

    It's July my dude. How's that investigation going?

    BLIND MENACE 5 months ago


  • ba55bar
    ba55bar 5 months ago

    there was NO COLLUSION with emulators!

  • Billy Bobinzki
    Billy Bobinzki 5 months ago


  • scott austin
    scott austin 5 months ago

    Why can’t you just play the games again dude? Nobody is going to believe you at this point. Take your own advice and go play the games at a sanctioned location with plenty of witnesses

  • Aidan Walter
    Aidan Walter 6 months ago

    I believe in you Billy!!!!! I know all of your records are real... fake. Die.

  • Talisman218
    Talisman218 6 months ago +1

    Still no news on this

  • Van Buren Boy
    Van Buren Boy 6 months ago

    fucking cheater

  • Roy Moore
    Roy Moore 6 months ago

    Can't tell if that's his hair or a hoodie.

  • Brogan Hogan
    Brogan Hogan 6 months ago

    "Billy Mitchell primo joystick dude, cheating with MAME, he ain't gonna lose"

  • zimThuet
    zimThuet 6 months ago

    i always thought of him as an arrogant prick. he went the full-offense mode to hide his cheating, but even if he had never cheated i still wouldn't have any respect for a man talking and acting like he did. turns out he's genuinely full of shit and not just an arrogant over-the-top american. cant say im surprised or sorry for him.

  • a street car named swagmobile in da hood

    "wtiness, documents everything will be availble to you" but is the witness a hot grill? cause otherwise i dont want no wutnesses

  • Top 10 Archive
    Top 10 Archive 6 months ago +1

    "We've been at this since 1982.." At what, being a narcissistic conman douche?

  • The Top Loader
    The Top Loader 7 months ago

    Don't stand there and lie wearing your countries flag

  • ConcreteSurfer420
    ConcreteSurfer420 7 months ago

    It's there in black and white clear as Crystal you stole fizzy lifting drink you bumped into the ceiling which now has to be washed and sanitized there for you get nothing YOU LOSE GOOD DAY SIR!!!!!!

  • zeger bayle
    zeger bayle 7 months ago

    "we've been at this since 1982 and its not going to stop now"
    BOY, he been lying longer than i been living

  • Let's Chat
    Let's Chat 7 months ago

    Note: Billy Mitchell is on the advisory board of this magazine.

  • Martyn Tully
    Martyn Tully 7 months ago

    I'm sure he is related to Hillary Clinton

  • Shieldlesscap
    Shieldlesscap 7 months ago

    Huh, I was expecting ads on the vid.
    Anyways, is it just me or is he starting to look like Donkey Kong with that lighting?

  • Versus
    Versus 7 months ago

    King of Kon.

  • Adam Hoggatt
    Adam Hoggatt 7 months ago +1

    It's been almost a month. Still waiting for that response, Billy.

    • Madlittlepixel
      Madlittlepixel 6 months ago +1

      Adam Hoggatt 2 months now since his statement.... Wheres it at? Wheres the evidence? Or did everyone involved just decide to forget about it and move on? Lol

  • samus vikerness
    samus vikerness 7 months ago +1

    Go back your Mom's basement.....Oh wait you probably never left.

  • Steven Shilling
    Steven Shilling 7 months ago

    His hair looks like the emperor's hood.

  • C. B.
    C. B. 7 months ago +1

    Giving a shit about arcade highscores in 2018 is sad

  • sprdvx
    sprdvx 7 months ago

    Maybe he can look for the real killer in the OJ case while he's at it.

  • EuroHEV
    EuroHEV 7 months ago +1

    Freaking Con Artist! Either play the game again and get those records or it didn't happen!

  • Justin Reedy
    Justin Reedy 7 months ago

    Somewhere, Brian Kuh is crying into what used to be his cum rag for Billy Mitchell

  • Justin Reedy
    Justin Reedy 7 months ago +1

    Lying pussy. Wouldn't even play with Weibe. Corny ass fuck boy

  • Matthew Kodatt
    Matthew Kodatt 7 months ago

    What a scumbag

  • S.Perry
    S.Perry 7 months ago

    Game over.

  • allnamesaretakenb4
    allnamesaretakenb4 7 months ago

    lol, who the hell cares..... why is this even in the media, albeit just as a funny curiosity

  • Mr Screamer
    Mr Screamer 7 months ago

    Just like Lance Armstrong. Deny everything right up until the moment you can't.

  • the way
    the way 7 months ago

    SORT YOUR HAIR OUT FFS............

  • Robert Green
    Robert Green 7 months ago

    I'm looking forward to King of Kong 2

  • xXwatevermanXx
    xXwatevermanXx 7 months ago

    And he says it with a straight face lol

  • Snake Plissken
    Snake Plissken 7 months ago

    Darth Mitchell is simply trying to make himself look innocent and let time go by.

  • Alan Dawson
    Alan Dawson 7 months ago


  • Sarah Lawrence
    Sarah Lawrence 7 months ago


  • Mike Saraft
    Mike Saraft 7 months ago

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥God sent His Son Jesus Christ, who died and rose from the dead 2000 years ago.
    By the blood of Jesus Christ we have everlasting life.
    Only believe!

  • Dave
    Dave 7 months ago

    "The investigation will show..." Oh really? Convenient. Call off the investigation then, you already know the results!

  • Oscar DeGuia
    Oscar DeGuia 7 months ago

    you dont have to investigate, if you really did make the highscore then you can do it again, live recording, public gameplay

  • AndyCunningham1
    AndyCunningham1 7 months ago

    Donna....let the boy watch....

  • Brennan Kline
    Brennan Kline 7 months ago

    Dude speaks and reminds me of donald trump. Both smell of bullshit and both are gonna get what they deserve very soon

  • Mel Evans
    Mel Evans 7 months ago

    Billy is more nutty than me. Crazy bastard probably does hardcore meth.

  • Ovo Ovo
    Ovo Ovo 7 months ago

    No one cares you loser , you are just fucking sad and so is your tie

  • Kaz _X
    Kaz _X 7 months ago

    I thought it would be Billy Mitchell from EastEnders, then again I am still half asleep...

  • England is my city
    England is my city 7 months ago +1

    Why are they more dislikes then likes

  • Harvey
    Harvey 7 months ago

    John Wick

  • delatroy
    delatroy 7 months ago

    Cheating and lying about it 1982 and he’s not going to stop now apparently 🤣

  • CaptinBringdown
    CaptinBringdown 7 months ago


  • CaptinBringdown
    CaptinBringdown 7 months ago

    Tuck your tie in behind your waist coat you cheating fuck knuckle!!!

  • Watermelon Gaming
    Watermelon Gaming 7 months ago

    John Wick?!?!?!?

  • Papa Show
    Papa Show 7 months ago

    Our Bill just needs to get Phil and Grant down

  • Why Bother
    Why Bother 7 months ago

    You're almost 60 Billy stop dying your hair and beard. I think all that hair dye is affecting your brain.

  • Sam G
    Sam G 7 months ago

    Who is this and what’s this about?

  • BonziDotEXE
    BonziDotEXE 7 months ago

    yeah ok bill

  • David Conley
    David Conley 7 months ago

    Please fucking cut that hair... It wasnt good back then, it isnt good now.

  • cosmosofinfinity
    cosmosofinfinity 8 months ago

    Do the world record again, with current filming technology!

  • Why Bother
    Why Bother 8 months ago

    Poor guy. Sounds like he was good but not number 1 good so he cheated.

  • Iso Tonik
    Iso Tonik 8 months ago

    Shampoo and conditioner

  • Geoffrey Searby
    Geoffrey Searby 8 months ago

    He looks like shit

  • Mae Popping ton
    Mae Popping ton 8 months ago

    Who cares lol

  • Mick Sidious
    Mick Sidious 8 months ago

    one word "BULLSHIT"

  • Slaking
    Slaking 8 months ago

    For sure.

  • Commander Sledders
    Commander Sledders 8 months ago

    Damn John Wick got a new tie

  • KeyranSolo
    KeyranSolo 8 months ago

    This guy is an idiot.

  • Izzy Skint
    Izzy Skint 8 months ago

    Brought to you by Cocker & Mitchell funereal parlour, Walford

  • Josh The Penguin
    Josh The Penguin 8 months ago

    Just Wow
    He didn’t deserve to be in a regular show episode

  • ゴ『LiamHasFriends』

    28 on trending!

  • Zoot Man
    Zoot Man 8 months ago

    Geezer from EastEnders looks different..

  • an!me S
    an!me S 8 months ago

    28 on trending, yet only 15 subs

  • Tyler Banks
    Tyler Banks 8 months ago

    He might not have any high scores but at least he still has his trophy wife.

  • Charles912
    Charles912 8 months ago

    He looks like a character from a movie that's making fun of video game nerds from the 90s

    • Jim Tuner
      Jim Tuner 8 months ago

      Well. He was one of the real guys from the 90s that most of those characters were based on.

  • mamahu123
    mamahu123 8 months ago

    No one gives a shit, stfu

  • Charlie Marshall
    Charlie Marshall 8 months ago +1

    He lost me at "Hi I'm Billy Mitchell"

  • Justin.B
    Justin.B 8 months ago

    Everything will be *transparent* you say ?! ForsenCD

  • NumberJ42
    NumberJ42 8 months ago

    Nobody fucking cares.

  • ondiras
    ondiras 8 months ago

    That guy reminds me to some other famous Con-Artist with bad taste in ties.

  • Luthfur 84
    Luthfur 84 8 months ago +1

    Honey is way above his league

  • scrappy3471
    scrappy3471 8 months ago

    Jeez it's just a game about a monkey

  • pogotwister
    pogotwister 8 months ago

    Hi, I'm Eddie Plant, the Fireblaster......

  • Anon ymous
    Anon ymous 8 months ago

    Oh Billy Why!

  • misternintendoking
    misternintendoking 8 months ago +1

    Your still lying!

  • Beyond Sanity
    Beyond Sanity 8 months ago

    A guy with 12 subscribers on the trending TheXvid these days

  • djlink111
    djlink111 8 months ago +1

    I cannot wait to see the results and "proof" presented!!!

  • orderchaos
    orderchaos 8 months ago +1

    donkey con

  • mat g
    mat g 8 months ago +1

    oh damn this guy

  • OpticalHaze
    OpticalHaze 8 months ago +1

    Poor old man shame on you!