Lady Gaga - Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl LI Halftime Show

  • Published on Feb 5, 2017
  • On Sunday, February 5th, 2017 Lady Gaga took to the Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl stage for the Super Bowl LI Halftime Show, performing some of her biggest hits including Poker Face, Bad Romance, and Million Reasons off of her new album, Joanne.
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  • Ericka Wombacher
    Ericka Wombacher Year ago +4486

    Hands down the best Superbowl half time show to ever exist. She does not lip sync, she dances exhaustive choreography, she plays her instruments, and changes clothes WITHOUT having a guest singer/band to give her a break, and to top it all off she's in HEELS. Literal legendary one woman show.

  • Young Orange
    Young Orange 2 months ago +473

    Gaga inspired me to make music. She was once an artist without many listening. And now she’s on top. I believe it will happen for me one day, Im not stopping when it does! 💥

    • Shadez Marce
      Shadez Marce 25 days ago +2

      Gaga has always had many listening though, some just joined the party all late…

    • Orpheus
      Orpheus 25 days ago +1

      Yes keep going, you'll make it! :D

    • Saúl Yvan Calvillo
      Saúl Yvan Calvillo Month ago +1


    • Robert Boyle
      Robert Boyle Month ago +4

      GaGa would tell you to absolutely keep on going!

    • Joe Cuccio
      Joe Cuccio Month ago +3

      Put something out there to hear! I love to hear new artists!

  • joey decena
    joey decena 3 months ago +293

    It’s 2022 and still watching! The most awaited Halftime. Imagine, no guests, it’s HER, the stage, band and dancers. Unlike other halftime where there’s a lot going on and props. I can clearly see people stood up and just watch her perform. That’s what you call an artist. You engage and connect with your audience. Good job Stephanie. Forever Little Monster. Hope to see you in person.

  • Scarlet Belmont
    Scarlet Belmont 3 months ago +993

    She is the only one of the super bowl performances where I can tell she is actually singing.

    • Tom Sweeney
      Tom Sweeney 8 days ago

      @blonded. Because when you sing live when you're dancing... you're going to sound shitty. It's why people usually pre-record when they're doing the big events like this. There is no way to consistently sound amazing while also putting on a live singing show. Because there is a limit of human endurance. Particularly for something like the Super Bowl when they've gotta go hard for 13 minutes with no gaps. More can sing live at their concerts because you're talking all these songs over a couple hours as opposed to 13 minutes of fury.

    • GovernmentVenus
      GovernmentVenus 14 days ago +1

      @blonded. You better be joking right now, or if you’re not, clean your ears. Gaga is a flawless vocalist, and she’s up there in vocals with beyonce, whitney and mariah. If you’re deaf, I can’t help.

    • Offensive Bias
      Offensive Bias 16 days ago +2

      @blonded. lmfao you have to be joking 😂😂😂

    • blonded.
      blonded. 23 days ago

      @Yin only bey

    • Alice InChromatica
      Alice InChromatica Month ago +3

      @blonded. Do yourself a favor and look up Gaga's Sound of Music tribute at the Oscars. She is the ONLY person in the world who sang the entire thing in the same exact key that Julie Andrews did. Beyonce is talented, yes, no one is denying that. But when it comes to LIVE VOCALS, Gaga's the one that can sing circles around Beyonce. She's one of the best vocalists in the entire music industry, next to Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey.

  • Nohé Tubiana
    Nohé Tubiana 3 months ago +608

    0:11 Gob Bless America
    1:04 Jump into the void
    1:28 Poker Face
    2:53 Born this way
    4:37 Telephone
    6:03 Just dance
    7:09 Just dance Instru
    7:25 Discussion with the public
    7:42 Millions Reasons
    9:56 Bad Romance
    13:02 End

    • Pop the 911
      Pop the 911 21 day ago

      @Sonamy Tmnt its only like one lyric

    • Sonamy Tmnt
      Sonamy Tmnt 21 day ago

      @Pop the 911 in the intro you can hear: “Let’s play a love game.”

    • Pop the 911
      Pop the 911 21 day ago

      @Sonamy Tmnt theres no lovegame

    • Sonamy Tmnt
      Sonamy Tmnt 28 days ago

      You forgot Love Game

    • George Turton
      George Turton Month ago +1

      Love lady gaga she is a wonderful women xxx

  • Oliver Nguyen
    Oliver Nguyen 3 years ago +5999

    Please do not argue with me, just don't. She jumped from the roof, to the tower, to the floor, up in the tower, down in audiences and WITHOUT using any prerecorded audio. The best Super bowl performance ever

    • Бишкек моб мобил
      Бишкек моб мобил 10 hours ago

      Жакшы Кыз жкен

    • Tha Stan
      Tha Stan 4 days ago


    • Piglet*12
      Piglet*12 6 days ago

      @_marmaladeskies_ Wasn't aware she had Fibromyalgia! 😱 I do too, but I'm in my early 60s.

    • Luke Lim
      Luke Lim 6 days ago +1

      Let me tell you one more impressive thing. She doesnt have a strap to her micropohone

    • Piglet*12
      Piglet*12 6 days ago

      If she really did jump off of the top of the rooftop, she would have never made it to the stage do to the angle of the stadium's levels.

  • Dc Mac
    Dc Mac 3 months ago +684

    She’s an absolute boss. Crazy vocal range and musical ability… far more than a pop star.

  • Kevin Rushton
    Kevin Rushton 3 months ago +144

    I'm 59 years old and am mostly a classic rock and blues fan. Even though modern pop was never my thing Lady Gaga's beautiful voice and amazing talent made me go out one day and buy everything she ever recorded.

  • Vision Pro Studios
    Vision Pro Studios 5 days ago +41

    Lady Gaga is a genius. A musical genius..the likes of Prince, Michael Jackson, Elvis....her brand and publication of her pure genius. And the most exiting part in all of that, is her mood keeps evolving into other fields of music...proving just how Iconic she will always be for generations to come.

  • Jen Nicole
    Jen Nicole 3 months ago +334

    Totally flawless and fire performance. Gaga did the whole show by herself- no guest performers or breaks!

    • emmylou3321
      emmylou3321 Month ago +18

      @HendrixLove oh c'mon, I don't even listen to lady gaga, I didn't search for this and I have to admit it was a frickin' Performance capital P. Dancing and singing at the same time (and playing the piano), keeping 100% all the time, an amazing breath control...And the choreo, costumes, lighting, all was astonishing. She is talented for sure. It was objectively entertaining. Period.

    • GovernmentVenus
      GovernmentVenus 2 months ago +13

      @HendrixLove Leave Gaga's page right now

    • Karl Love
      Karl Love 3 months ago +22

      @HendrixLove the opposite actually.

  • Vivi
    Vivi Year ago +3921

    Has anyone any idea, how *impossibly hard* it is to still sing like this (or sing at all) while moving that much, changing, dancing etc? Hell this is incredible

    • bogey the dog
      bogey the dog 2 months ago

      Very talented italiana

    • traumatized in life
      traumatized in life 3 months ago

      how is her voice so stable while flipping upside down LMAOOO

    • Randy Randall
      Randy Randall 3 months ago

      @Wowie Arting and then run up a bunch of stairs for the finale

  • sharon chizik
    sharon chizik Month ago +7

    jaw dropped beginning to end. an icon forever!!!!!

  • Scott Bryan
    Scott Bryan 2 months ago +35

    I watched this Super Bowl with my wife in Chicago at Mother Hubbard's bar. I was not looking forward to the halftime show at all. Not a Lady Gaga fan whatsoever. For nearly 15 minutes that was the quietest bar I have ever been in. Nobody yelling, nobody talking. Just staring at the several TV's across the bar speechless. She was absolutely amazing. By far the best Super Bowl Halftime show I ever watched.

  • Susana Rubio
    Susana Rubio 4 days ago +3

    Gran talento. Me encanta su nariz y sus labios, ademas de su gran energia.

  • Andy Rocha
    Andy Rocha 3 months ago +96

    Gaga sin duda tiene el trono y corona. Es una mujer icónica, te guste o no con solo un sonido la reconoces ya sabes que se trata de ella y con eso ya es legendaria

  • Sam Newman
    Sam Newman 11 months ago +3602

    The fact she did the whole show solo, and all the songs were household hits, shows how talented and successful she is.

    • Tais Morán
      Tais Morán 8 months ago +1

      @12w0 this is not about them. She is a woman swhich makes her better because the industry is more strict with women, and the fact that she has those numbers shows how talented and dedicated she is

    • めぐみん(PCMMS66)
      めぐみん(PCMMS66) 8 months ago

      And she actuary sing🙂

    • AC72
      AC72 8 months ago

      @12w0 exactly, but how many years have been these 2 Legends making music, and how many has Lady gaga done, up to this point...she had 9 years of carreer ,and already marked alot of Points herself in such few time,enough to make her worth ,having this great chance ...she is already Iconic

    • Brando Pike
      Brando Pike 8 months ago

      @Jessica Missouri in a comment about gaga comparing her show to other artist. 😑

    • Danna Rivera
      Danna Rivera 9 months ago

      @Raven Rav yeah Yeah 😘 gaga did a great deal. 👀

  • Walter Londrie
    Walter Londrie 2 months ago +60

    This has been the most entertaining half-time show, ever! The crowd was amazing and Gaga's energy: exhilarating! This is what music is about: dancing, feeling great and loving life! No one can top this! ❤️

  • Sandrine Maini
    Sandrine Maini 2 months ago +2

    Quelle voix et quelle présence sur scène !!

  • Carlos Pavimentações
    Carlos Pavimentações 7 days ago +2


  • Scott Morgan
    Scott Morgan Month ago +13

    Lady Gaga is an underappreciated performer. Stellar performance here!

  • abby sanders
    abby sanders 2 years ago +12986

    3 years later, In 2020, stuck in quarantine, and I still believe lady Gaga is one of the most iconic singers

    • Razvan Tasca
      Razvan Tasca 7 days ago

      @Sincere Mimi agree, universal and unique talent! 💕🥰

    • Razvan Tasca
      Razvan Tasca 7 days ago

      We went through it watching her, honestly, helped me to keep hoping!🙏♈🌞⚡🌟✨💞🙏

    • Sol Azurmendi
      Sol Azurmendi 29 days ago

      It's 2022 and i think the same ♡♡♡

    • Noemí Sanchez
      Noemí Sanchez Month ago +1

      @Mr. Ditkovich gracias por su atención vamos con energía vamos con todo mi gente hermosa vamos TheXvid y Google. Mi humildad mi gente hermosa

    • Mr. Ditkovich
      Mr. Ditkovich Month ago +1

      @Noemí Sanchez dame las Drogas

    JAMES STEWART 3 months ago +56

    She really is one hell of a performer and singer I'll tell you that whatever anybody says about her she really is talented

  • Oscar Zepeda
    Oscar Zepeda Month ago +2

    Gracias lady le demostraste al mundo que grande eres un super medio tiempo para la nfl fue uno de los mejores tiempos lady gaga la mejor cooooolll

  • SH
    SH 3 months ago +6

    My lungs hurt watching her singing and dancing so hard at the same time. She's a legend, this remains as my favorite Super Bowl performance.

  • aalfano354
    aalfano354 3 months ago +5

    Best halftime show!! Just Pure talent and killer performance! Watch it all the time…never gets old!! Last weeks mess doesn’t even compare!

  • H R
    H R 2 years ago +1681

    Love her or hate her, you cannot deny she knows how to put on one hell of a performance.
    The total package, great singer, great dancer, great visionary, great artist. There isn't anyone in this industry who is on her level right now.
    (So hyped for the album drop, the first two songs are BOPS)

    • Thaissa Garcia
      Thaissa Garcia 2 months ago

      @Jordan C e o que cê tá fazendo aqui ouvindo parceiro?

    • GovernmentVenus
      GovernmentVenus 2 months ago

      @Jordan C *only haters

    • N
      N 3 months ago +4

      How can someone hate her? That's stupid.

    • Amazing Supergirl
      Amazing Supergirl Year ago +1

      Thank goodness she’s still around cuz new pop is garbage

  • Ameera
    Ameera 9 days ago +10

    Yes, I am in the year 18/5/2022, and I am still watching Lady Gaga's concert and I am enjoying it as if I am watching it for the first time, and although I watch it almost daily, but I find all the pleasure in the show, the singing, the voice, the dance, the movements and the feeling. From Libya🇱🇾❤️

  • Emay Kyuwo
    Emay Kyuwo 3 months ago +46


  • JAH_
    JAH_ 3 months ago +26


  • Cherry Natural
    Cherry Natural 2 months ago +27

    Impresionante, es el mejor show del Medio Tiempo, no hay otro igual, donde se cante, actúe y baile así.

  • immahit theworld
    immahit theworld 3 months ago +5021

    Insane how Lady Gaga headlined the Halftime Show ALONE for 13 minutes non-stop while doing choreographies and delivering live vocals. Mindblowing.

    • jtghm
      jtghm Month ago

      and the mouth breathers in the stands were oblivious to all of it, imo

    • guillermina
      guillermina Month ago

      No cantaba en vivo era grabado. Como todos los super bowl

      TEAM LAMBILY Month ago

      The 2nd most watched

    • Joseph Kelley
      Joseph Kelley Month ago

      Gaga made all of the outfits from scratch - and four days before
      the Super Bowl.

    • GTKJNow
      GTKJNow Month ago

      @Maira But the Question is Why?

  • Jim Jett
    Jim Jett 3 months ago +4

    Lady Gaga has it going on in a spectacular way !

  • Jayne Soriano
    Jayne Soriano 3 months ago +19

    Since I can't get enough of this recent super bowl half time. Here I am again, watching this Amazing Performance.

  • Shady Pikachu
    Shady Pikachu 3 months ago +6

    all by herself and all sung live, true queen

  • del
    del 2 months ago +3

    My favorite. Love her.

  • Aa rron
    Aa rron Year ago +7832

    Don’t worry. You’re not the only one listening to this masterpiece in 2022

    • Franc Coffee
      Franc Coffee 14 days ago

      I MEAN she fucking SERVED it!🥵🫠👑

    • Francesco Nero
      Francesco Nero 20 days ago

    • Maxz
      Maxz 3 months ago

      me right now in feb 1 2022:

    • Nico
      Nico 4 months ago


  • Ernesto Castillo
    Ernesto Castillo 3 months ago +6

    I can’t get enough of this show, she’s amazing!

  • Hassan Farhan
    Hassan Farhan 3 months ago +57

    She is very beautiful. She is super talented. She doesn't even need studio booth. She can generate tremendous energy on stage at anytime.

  • Catherine J. Paredes
    Catherine J. Paredes 3 months ago +32

    2022 and here I am watching it. She is the Queen 👑! I only remember that this day Gaga had tremendous back pain and that previously she needed medication and injections to go out to this show, with all this she is the best in history, she jumped into the void, danced and sang the entire live show. I just hope I can see her one day, it would be a dream come true.

  • Valentina Flores
    Valentina Flores Month ago +13

    Si en 13 minutos hicieron esto, no me quiero imaginar lo que es un concierto de Gaga, que gran artista!!!

  • Tara Fitz
    Tara Fitz Year ago +5205

    Gaga fan or not.... you can’t deny this was one of the best halftime shows ever. Her talent is absurd

    • Alan Wiggins
      Alan Wiggins 9 days ago

      She’s best

    • Patrick Cody
      Patrick Cody 19 days ago

      @Oh my god
      Madonna Lip Syncing all the time, Total mehhh

    • Oh my god
      Oh my god 19 days ago

      Little monster here, but Michael, Gaga, and Madonna have done some of the best halftime shows in my opinion

    • goku san
      goku san Month ago

      @DJLUCKYLÜKEN 11 month later. but yes MC is best live singer all the time but gaga is very close to him, she is unreal on live too

    • Patrick Cody
      Patrick Cody Month ago

      @Ruzan SBOW Nope Gaga Enter Top 10

  • Ting Taugo
    Ting Taugo 3 months ago +33

    Such an excellent music artist. A legend. Watching this 2022. What an exemplary performance. With her alone performing the half-time is such an incredible and spectacular performance. 10/10. ❤️

  • Lisa Amtrak
    Lisa Amtrak 2 months ago +1

    Davvero un ottimo lavoro...ben fatto Gaga 😉👌🏼👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👑

    PERRYOLA 😻 Month ago +10

    Best halftime show of all time ♥️

  • Adriano Oliveira
    Adriano Oliveira 17 days ago +4

    Lady Gaga fantastic what energy...🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Yordary Perez
    Yordary Perez 7 months ago +1712

    The world really doesn't give Lady Gaga enough credit for this show. Lady Gaga jumped from the top of the stadium, doing acrobatics, singing and dancing at the same time without missing a note, changing costumes and giving phenomenal vocals all solo while suffering from chronic fibromyalgia pains.

    • Karl Roc say I love you aka the movement 3
    • Andrew
      Andrew 3 months ago +1

      i loooooove lady gaga. but she didnt sing then jump from the roof. the rooftop singing, the drones, were all done separately then digital put together. she was lowered from the celling area just as she started performance. no way they were going to do all of that live in real time.

    • Sophie Collingridge
      Sophie Collingridge 3 months ago

      @Carlos F Coldplay/Bruno mars/Beyoncé was absolutely incredible though let’s be real

    • Nebz
      Nebz 3 months ago +3

      @Leonor Hinostroza they just danced. Inagine they sang live throughout...

    • Leonor Hinostroza
      Leonor Hinostroza 3 months ago +1

      @Carlos F have you seen shakira and jlo super bowl? THAT WAS WILDDDDD AND AMIZINGGG

  • don cruella
    don cruella Month ago +3

    So energic
    She so talented

  • Perez Hilton And Family
    Perez Hilton And Family 3 months ago +7

    This really was exceptional!

  • 홍선희
    홍선희 Month ago +15

    She’s really amazing.
    I’ve watched this video so many times. Every time, her performance make me surprised.

  • Patricia Munoz
    Patricia Munoz 3 months ago +2

    Pure talent!! Love you Gaga!!

  • Pav Lina
    Pav Lina Year ago +2425

    No playback, no autothune, just talent, Gaga rules ❤️

    • lun nuo yu
      lun nuo yu 6 days ago

      @Weather Station Lytovchenko lol ok🤭🥲🥸🥹

    • Weather Station Lytovchenko
      Weather Station Lytovchenko Month ago

      you don't have experience to make this comment, in fact the vocals were pre-recorded which she has admitted to.

    • ByeByeButti
      ByeByeButti 10 months ago

      @OOPS Athy I want to insult you but I’m thinking … hoping…English is your second language ? I was AGREEING with you. No need to get nasty. ( I think that’s what you were trying to do. ). If not my bad. And .. have a swell day !!

    • OOPS Athy
      OOPS Athy 10 months ago

      @ByeByeButti OK ,dude your

  • The Paper
    The Paper 23 days ago +3

    I try not to tear up when I watch this at work, but it's very difficult.

  • Helge Maron
    Helge Maron 2 months ago +2

    I'm from germany and i'm whatching the Super bowl since i was 14 years old. I was never a great Lady Gaga fan...but this Performance is by far the best in super bowl halftime history, since i can recall. And since then and the movie A Star is Born, i like her very much. Hope to See her in Düsseldorf this year. Keep doing what you doing, girl!

  • Roshana Lall
    Roshana Lall 13 days ago +4

    I freaking love lady Gaga

  • Paola Chavez
    Paola Chavez 3 months ago +21

    BEST HALFTIME SHOW VOCAL PERFORMANCE 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 she killed every note! Well deserved to have dropped the mic at the end.

  • S A
    S A 2 years ago +3290

    This is phenomenal. Her ability to dance and sing so intensely at the same is unparalleled.

    • Hannah-Michelle Cabana
      Hannah-Michelle Cabana Month ago

      yes it's very true!! 😀😀😀
      Ozzy Cabana Channel

    • HoodyKD
      HoodyKD Month ago

      @Diane Boylan neither Beyonce nor Swift can sing and dance to this level

    • Patrick Java
      Patrick Java 3 months ago

      @smoke screen Nope super bowl confirmed that she wasn't paid but they covered all expenses for the stage design and props.

    • Andrea Rivette
      Andrea Rivette 3 months ago +1

      @amir riddle I love pink

    • Andrea Rivette
      Andrea Rivette 3 months ago

      And in tune! Also during a Fibromyalgia flare

  • Linh Vu Dang Khanh
    Linh Vu Dang Khanh 3 months ago +3

    The songs and their order are so well arranged I just wanna cry at the transition from Million Reasons to Bad Romance. This is such a legendary performance 😭😭😭

  • Hanna J
    Hanna J Month ago +7

    I love looking back at SB performances after all the critique and inferences have been forgotten. Lady Gaga and her entourage nailed it. This was incredibly entertaining, high energy, great theatrics and one of the best voices ever. Well done Gaga!

  • SmertPerson332
    SmertPerson332 Month ago +19

    "No matter gay, straight or bi, lesbian, transgender life." Representation in the fucking SUPER BOWL. Lady Gaga is a ducking Idol

  • J. S.
    J. S. 20 days ago +15

    Most complete artist ever: Voice, piano, dancing. Best halftime show ever!!!
    I am so grateful having witnessed that show (on TV), being a football fan equally!!!!!!

  • Mysteria Kiito
    Mysteria Kiito Year ago +2259

    I heard that she included victims of sexual assault in her dance crew. Well done. That's a great way to give them their power and self confidence back. That's one of the reasons I've become a fan. I used to be a judgey stick in the mud until I learned more about her as a person. She may be weird but she's a good person. And that made me feel better about myself being weird because I do things to help people and animals. I hated myself so much but have learned to love myself a little because of Lady Gaga.

    • Mary Love my Name
      Mary Love my Name 9 months ago


    • Vousie V
      Vousie V 9 months ago

      @Gizem nur Aykan If you meant where in the video, well, it's less than 15 mins long. Not hard to find.

    • Gizem nur Aykan
      Gizem nur Aykan 9 months ago

      @Vousie V where is that part ?

    • Simon Podolak
      Simon Podolak 9 months ago

      she may be weird THAT'S what makes her a good person.

    • shing
      shing 9 months ago

      Character development❤️ luv that for u

  • Joyce
    Joyce 3 months ago +13

    even if you're not a fan and cannot understand, you have to frreakin respect her art and that she never lip sync

  • Jake Smith
    Jake Smith 3 months ago +14

    This performance is definitely a top 5 for me. Full of energy and very entertaining. Excellent vocals, great dance moves, super talented and amazing woman!

  • Dan The Man
    Dan The Man 3 months ago +17

    Im old, Im a rock fan, only know vaguely a couple Gaga songs from when my kids were young. Just watched this. I was thoroughly entertained(surprised). This lady is INCREDIBLE! The energy n confidence she brings is SENSATIONAL! She is the consumate SHOW-PERSON. GAMER.

  • Alberto Barrera
    Alberto Barrera 2 months ago +9

    Still 2022 and it is one of my favorites.

  • TheBlooRayChannel
    TheBlooRayChannel 4 years ago +1969

    How the heck does she possess the brains have the senses to be hanging up there and moving all across the stage while producing impeccable vocals throughout? Astonishing talent.

    • Lady Haha
      Lady Haha 9 months ago +1

      @Michael Villarreal it was impeccable vocals. She didn't lipsync and hit most of the notes while dancing

    • Michael Villarreal
      Michael Villarreal Year ago +4

      They weren’t impeccable vocals throughout. Naturally with how much effort she was putting in moving around the stage, dancing her heart out, and singing at the same you can definitely hear the exhaustion getting to her and her using more strain to hit some notes while falling a bit flat on others. I’d call it an impeccable performance but not vocals. Was amazing to watch

    • Weesheeper Moof
      Weesheeper Moof Year ago

      @Elita Hooper While pregnant apparently lol

    • Elita Hooper
      Elita Hooper 3 years ago +4

      Pink does it...

  • Pablo A. Rossi
    Pablo A. Rossi Month ago +1


  • Loretta Ker
    Loretta Ker 3 months ago

    Best performer! 👏 Lady Gaga always! ❤️❤️❤️

  • bobbie73584
    bobbie73584 3 months ago +1

    Love her. She has an amazing voice

  • Sandra 75
    Sandra 75 26 days ago

    Artista 3 60. Espectáculo "nivel Madonna" o más Y ENCIMA VA Y CANTA, es de locos 🤯🤯🤯 ❤

  • The Divine Guy
    The Divine Guy 2 years ago +1008

    She's not just a singer or a popstar, she's also an activist for human rights especially to gay community. That's why she's a strong woman and i kinda recognize this performance is still the best ever.

    • Minerva
      Minerva Year ago +3

      Solidarity J She’s openly bisexual

    • kristine burbey
      kristine burbey Year ago +1

      Too many gays lately

    • ToomuchPinkEnergy
      ToomuchPinkEnergy Year ago +4

      @Solar J Poker face is about her being bi

    • Nadia Hedayat
      Nadia Hedayat Year ago

      Solidarity J not ignorant at all btw

    • Nadia Hedayat
      Nadia Hedayat Year ago +7

      Solidarity J she came out as bi in her first television appearance/performance ever in 2008

  • Santiago Hernandez
    Santiago Hernandez 3 months ago +3

    Impresionante...💯💯💯 Es un arte Gaga....alguien escuchandolo en pleno febrero 2022....❤️📷👑

  • OCO
    OCO 3 months ago +8

    This is what a Super Bowl half time show should be. She set the bar.

  • Sharon Cain
    Sharon Cain 3 months ago +16

    Loved this, goosebumps the whole show, she's spectacular!!!

  • B Gipper
    B Gipper 3 months ago +3

    Wow, she is a amazing performer, I have much respect for her talent and her social platform....

  • Galaxy TANG
    Galaxy TANG 2 years ago +951

    as a live audio engineer, this is one of the very best live performance ever recorded, since the production scale and timing is very close to perfect and the idea of the production makes it hard to go beyond

    • lumi 2
      lumi 2 Year ago +6

      Only cost 8 mill. Imagine if it got a bigger budget oml 😅

    • Jeff Horton
      Jeff Horton 2 years ago +5


  • ana
    ana 7 days ago +3

    amo tanto

  • 4l3x Pelerin
    4l3x Pelerin 2 months ago +3

    De las pocas artistas que le ponen todo su ser, energía y corazón al halftime

  • Jose Kung
    Jose Kung Month ago +4

    My favorite live performance of all time!!!

  • Chris Fisher
    Chris Fisher 3 months ago +12

    Best half time show ever!!!! This will be a legendary performance that will be hard to ever beat.

  • Sharpe
    Sharpe 2 years ago +3559

    People always compare her to Madonna. But Gaga is obviously more of a modern day Freddie Mercury as far as artistry.

    • Patrick Cody
      Patrick Cody Month ago

      @K Guerr1 Absolutely True my friend hahaha you nailed it

    • Patrick Cody
      Patrick Cody Month ago

      @touka Ray of Light Terrible Album

    • Patrick Cody
      Patrick Cody Month ago

      @Marie-Jo Dussault Those Forgotten song of Madonna hahahhaa

    • K Guerr1
      K Guerr1 6 months ago

      @touka Well did Madonna try jazz in her artistry?! No. Because she needs a better voice to sing it properly. Gaga does country better than Madonna ever attempted. Gaga is just as diverse in her music choices as well as her fashion sense. Madonna has never attempted to dress herself like Gaga at her shows and public appearances. Don't know where you got the idea that Gaga is not artistic as Madonna. If anything, she ventures into the bizarre and avant garde. Would Madonna put on a meat dress or appear in an egg at a major award show? It all boils down to your personal tastes. It doesn't mean you're right or wrong.

    • Kandula Kotuwila
      Kandula Kotuwila 7 months ago

      @Sênmurw how about we dont compare..

  • S TH
    S TH 3 months ago +4

    She is so good! Love her music/her voice.👍❤️

  • sergio morales arroyo
    sergio morales arroyo 3 months ago +4


  • Mariem A Selassie
    Mariem A Selassie 2 months ago +1

    Genial 👌🏼.

  • Alexandra Tello
    Alexandra Tello 3 months ago +5


  • lovely monster
    lovely monster Year ago +1163

    I want Lady Gaga to perform again, because she has so many classics: Shallow, the edge of glory, applause, marry the night, alejandro, perfect illusion, rain on me...

    • Andrew Peterson
      Andrew Peterson 6 months ago

      I'm a longtime fan. First saw her on "The Monster Ball" and I've never missed a show when she came to Washington State.
      I'm very glad people not clued in to Gaga as a live performer saw this.
      One of the best live performers ever - and I've seen Bowie, Adele, Janet, Madonna, Britney, Pearl Jam, TOOL, Radiohead and that's just naming a few. Lady Gaga is easily Top 3.

    • PVT Joey
      PVT Joey 7 months ago

      @GAGA plus just dance

    • GAGA
      GAGA 7 months ago +1


    • PVT Joey
      PVT Joey 7 months ago

      shallow my fave song

    • monochrome
      monochrome 10 months ago

      imma her fan since 2012 and i always knew she's a true artist, she's one of the rare artists nowadays who truly loves what she is doing and cares for her fans... she's already a legend and a part of music history and whole world is still in front of her

  • Shaun Tijerina
    Shaun Tijerina 3 months ago +25

    Not even a lady Gaga fan but this is my favorite Superbowl halftime show

  • Krystal Kindred
    Krystal Kindred Month ago +2

    God I continue to say this... SHE IS AMAZING.... this is literally the best half time show, it's above and beyond... I come back to this when I need hope and lol pop support.. but also at the beginning when she sings God Bless America... its all here... thank you Lady Gaga

  • Vinicius Lima
    Vinicius Lima 3 months ago +5

    Assistindo hoje, continuo achando um dos melhores halftimes!! A temática de futebol americano dentro da perfomance dela dá um charme muito grande. eu amo esse show!! Fora que entregou 100% em vocais AO VIVO

  • Rodrigo Noronha
    Rodrigo Noronha 3 months ago +3

    A melhor de todos os tempos!

  • SelvivorVEVO
    SelvivorVEVO 3 years ago +9048

    This is how a superbowl performance SHOULD be. Thank you, Lady Gaga.

  • Matthew McClellan
    Matthew McClellan 2 months ago +12

    This woman is so incredible in so many ways. We are Blessed to have her in our lives.

  • kt Rebullida
    kt Rebullida 2 months ago +2

    This is awesome!! She is singing and belting out !!! Love it super !!

  • Cynthia Briones
    Cynthia Briones Month ago +1

    2022 of the most unforgettable performances. special mention to the dancers.they are intense and got so much character that make them stand out.

  • nora alberti
    nora alberti 28 days ago

    Es única Brilla siempre

  • Elvi Rosales Lung Official
    Elvi Rosales Lung Official 7 months ago +3645

    She is the female version of fredie mercury..the vocals without lip syncing, the energy is the complete package as a performer and that's a true legend..

  • Thiago Ferreira
    Thiago Ferreira 2 months ago +4

    Perfeita em tudo que se propõe a fazer.

  • Jaqueline Aragon
    Jaqueline Aragon Month ago +3

    Talento y mucho corazón. Un show de medio tiempo que marco la historia y que lleno los corazones de ilusión y adrenalina. Lady Gaga es lo máximo y en este Show lo demostró que ella puede hacer latir muchos corazones ♥ ♪ ★ ♦ †

  • Fovos Prodromus
    Fovos Prodromus 3 months ago +9

    Still the best halftime show ever.

  • snoozy undso
    snoozy undso 3 months ago +3

    Wow. This woman is just incredibly fantastic ❤️