Messiah | Season 1 Official Trailer | Netflix

  • Published on Dec 3, 2019
  • Who do you think he is? Watch Messiah on Netflix
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    Messiah | Season 1 Official Trailer | Netflix
    A CIA officer investigates a charismatic figure whose followers believe that he can perform miracles. Is he a divine entity or a dangerous con artist?
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Comments • 23 714

  • Iqbal Family
    Iqbal Family 17 minutes ago

    ASTAGFIRULLAH Indeed we are in end times with this fitnah 😰

  • L May
    L May Hour ago

    This was such a good series!!! As a satanist it was very thought provoking, it also helps that he’s hot lol

  • Kağan Yıldırım

    Is he Jesus the Messiah?

  • Alema Hssan
    Alema Hssan 2 hours ago

    Guys what's wrong with the name Mahdi why are you all gasped and shocked what does mehdi mean

  • Alema Hssan
    Alema Hssan 2 hours ago

    Hey you yeah you the one that's reading this I gotta ask a question will season 2 Come out 2021 January 1 That's what alot of people say

  • Joel Tan
    Joel Tan 3 hours ago

    That black agent onced reported to alexander mahone, shes now pronoted

  • Ratna Prasad Naidu Basa

    49k dislike omg

  • E2mi F
    E2mi F 5 hours ago

    *Messiah comes out on netflix*

    *Dajjal enters the chat*

  • مــنــوعـات الــعـــرب

    فلم المسيح الدجال 😒

  • Cute Pancake ツ
    Cute Pancake ツ 6 hours ago

    Done unsubscribe Netflix

  • ido Love
    ido Love 6 hours ago


  • idksom mobile
    idksom mobile 6 hours ago


  • Om Arya
    Om Arya 8 hours ago

    Sinners are opposing Messiah, and follow the false god, like terrorists do, who dosen't even show himself...

  • Kukuh Santoso
    Kukuh Santoso 9 hours ago

    Why the dislike like that ???!!!
    I am SHOCKED 😬

    • Jairo Suarez
      Jairo Suarez 6 hours ago

      Offended religious fanatics, both Muslims and Christians that condemn it without having watched it because they view a fictional story as a threat to their beliefs

  • Thailys freites-Chaly
    Thailys freites-Chaly 11 hours ago +1

    One of the best shows on Netflix, looking forward for season 2.

  • Delicious flame
    Delicious flame 13 hours ago

    Ok s o xhdhbd

  • Pitt MeadowsGuy
    Pitt MeadowsGuy 14 hours ago +1

    When Jesus returns , there won't be any press conferences , or kidnappings by the CIA. Or meetings with the president .
    He won't be meek , quiet , and reflecting .
    He's not a baby in a manger anymore . When Christ returns , this world will be destroyed .
    There won't be an exodus out of Texas .
    He will be the LION....,pouring out his wrath on those, such as the owners of Netflix .
    God will not be mocked .
    Real Christians should be standing up against this mockery of Christ , and Biblical truth .
    This program is MIND CONTROL .
    Wake yourselves .

  • Tony Florez
    Tony Florez 14 hours ago

    real talk my brother was watching Black Jesus in the other room and i just assumed it was this

  • Semper fidelis Semper Paratus

    A globalist show all it is. So is trash

  • Semper fidelis Semper Paratus

    Dont waist your time it sucks really bad written

  • Zeratul Of Aiur
    Zeratul Of Aiur 16 hours ago

    lol @ people who think he is anti-christ.

  • Polat Türkoğlu
    Polat Türkoğlu 16 hours ago

    49.000+ disslikes??? WHY? this show is extremly good!!!

    • Jairo Suarez
      Jairo Suarez 6 hours ago

      Most dislikes and negative comments are from religious fanatics, both Muslim and Christian, who condemn it as blasphemous without having actually watched it, because they fear a fictional story is a threat to their beliefs

  • Zuhud Deen
    Zuhud Deen 17 hours ago

    Oh episode 1 the media would not be allowed to go to detention centre for safety concerns and those Muslims would have been armed terrorists and Israel would have bravely defended themselves against the army and defeated a monstrous enemy. That what would happen to the people in reality.

  • ༺ᛉᛞᛟ⫷ B A L A N C E ⫸ᛟᛞᛉ︃༻

    So damn good I just finished it

  • Messiah Pridgen
    Messiah Pridgen 20 hours ago

    Guys my name is messiah

  • Ghost
    Ghost 23 hours ago

    الله يلعنكم قل امين

  • Almighty Azmee
    Almighty Azmee 23 hours ago +1

    This show just train us when anti-christ/dajjal arrives. so we already trained to not believe him when he really arrives.

    • vanyadolly
      vanyadolly Hour ago

      Too late for Evangelical Trump supporters.

  • BlackbirdLopez
    BlackbirdLopez 23 hours ago

    One of the best series

  • edib le
    edib le Day ago

    Watched it and it is a waste of time!!!

  • WorisonTV
    WorisonTV Day ago +1

    1:29 He looks like Sofyan Boufal with a long hair.

  • Luntik Funtik
    Luntik Funtik Day ago

    This is not Yeshua of the Bible..trailer looks more like the fake muslim version of issa

  • Graphik Dezigns
    Graphik Dezigns Day ago +2

    Man, they are REALLY ramping up the programming, paving the way for the Antichrist.

  • Seymour Studios
    Seymour Studios Day ago

    Jesus Messiah is true muslim and He is prophet, masenger of God, Allah, El, Eloh

  • JR137
    JR137 Day ago

    Read your Bible, that’s the Antichrist, Jesus will never just show up walking around , when He come He will come in the clouds, read
    Matthew 24:23-28 King James Version (KJV)
    Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not.
    For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.
    Behold, I have told you before.
    Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, he is in the secret chambers; believe it not.
    For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.
    For wheresoever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together.
    Also read,

    1 Revelation 2
    Revelation 1:7 King James Version (KJV)
    Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen.

  • m.r E min3m
    m.r E min3m Day ago

    God bye heven welcome infinity hell

  • kehinde isaac
    kehinde isaac Day ago

    More dislikes than likes... wow

  • Desi king
    Desi king Day ago

    Netflix is Illuminati

  • Om Arya
    Om Arya Day ago

    Wowwww it's intresting
    I will watch Messiah 😇😇
    Bcoz he is ths only one who will make new world of peace

  • Nail Heydarov
    Nail Heydarov Day ago

    Kessin decal çıkıçak sonda

  • Islam Tolba
    Islam Tolba Day ago +1

    Now I have to wait for the second season. Damn

  • Mai Nielsen
    Mai Nielsen Day ago +2

    Brilliant done ...the best I have seen on a screen ...please fix nr 2

  • Jisan Hasan
    Jisan Hasan Day ago

    আমি বাংলাদেশ থেকে,,,,দাজ্জাল এর কাহিনি ⚠⚠

  • Jisan Hasan
    Jisan Hasan Day ago


  • Armut
    Armut Day ago +1

    bu şey değilmiydi ya




    YUNG QUACHIE Day ago

    Dajjal kontol

  • J.andres SLLVN
    J.andres SLLVN Day ago


  • DoDust235
    DoDust235 Day ago

    too long

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan Day ago

    Why is the majority muslims that don't like this. Is it because you know your religion is centered around Muhammad a man who is a false prophet

  • Yakuza Legend
    Yakuza Legend Day ago

    I'm Muslim

  • MA Muzammil
    MA Muzammil Day ago +1

    Watched the show man it's incredibly good waiting for second season

  • canagel haji
    canagel haji Day ago

    From murder to politics.., to business...
    Drugs , and know to a religious zeal..
    The ultimate scene behind messiah dajal was mentioned in quran 1400 years ago...

    A nutshell..
    Churches are empty..
    An impression to fill the churches...

  • Simple Smile
    Simple Smile Day ago +1

    Where is Jibril?

  • Kashif Ahmad
    Kashif Ahmad Day ago

    @netflix Season 2 please

  • Hawa Najwa Abdullah

    If this can beat death note im watching... Cuz im not convinced:)

  • Atul Gupta
    Atul Gupta Day ago

    Just finished the show and I only gonna say this is why I pay to Netflix

  • Reza Sati
    Reza Sati Day ago

    Stupid movie

  • Dan Shima
    Dan Shima Day ago

    And his name was isa there would be NO Jesus for English people only for Arab

  • Dan Shima
    Dan Shima Day ago

    Only Assyrian r the chosen ones
    Believe in this Jesus wasn't promoting himself but he was talking about god how great hi is

  • Dan Shima
    Dan Shima Day ago

    To all that want to know Jesus was Assyrian and from age of 1 to 30 Jesus was in Babylon

  • Ehrar hussain
    Ehrar hussain Day ago +2

    All these negative comments are from those who haven't watched a single episode of it.