I Let The Mean Girls Pick My Outfits For A WHOLE WEEK... | Roblox Royale High

  • Published on Apr 21, 2019
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Comments • 14 769

  • anne rose mariposque
    anne rose mariposque 46 minutes ago

    you happy kashii

  • kayla wilson
    kayla wilson 49 minutes ago

    I Alex I'm your biggest fan and when trading comes out can you give me the thie high boots pls their my dream shoes

  • Mei Ling Chiu
    Mei Ling Chiu 52 minutes ago

    i dare alex to wear weird cloths😂😝

  • xx_puppy lover_xx
    xx_puppy lover_xx 2 hours ago +1

    Can u donate rubux to me : ( I ahve no rubux my name is "Jennie_icewolf"

  • Justine Ossah
    Justine Ossah 2 hours ago

    Alex best stylist ever

  • Lia jaleen Vargas
    Lia jaleen Vargas 3 hours ago

    Btw when she did the second outfit I look at the mean girl and Alex went the the dress up the mean girl disappeared but I still saw the black heart(like the mean girls soul) which was cool

  • Sara Meyers
    Sara Meyers 3 hours ago

    i am a goth girl and i whare outfits with no skirts and i think i still look cute

  • Keisha Ray
    Keisha Ray 3 hours ago

    Of my sister 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💗💋🙏

  • mrkenthomas117
    mrkenthomas117 4 hours ago

    Mean girl:why are you wearing boys. Clothes in the thumbnail. Me:why are you wearing a duck shirt and blue shorts.

  • Alina Days
    Alina Days 4 hours ago

    I love them

  • Nylah Thompson
    Nylah Thompson 4 hours ago

    If a person told me to not where any skirts I am still going to wear a skirt cuz they cannot control my keyboard👑

  • Steve Boehler
    Steve Boehler 5 hours ago +1

    second outfit looks really good on you

  • Girlgot skillz Dark
    Girlgot skillz Dark 6 hours ago

    Is that lizzy just saying I really love your vids

  • Stephanie Fuller
    Stephanie Fuller 6 hours ago

    i love your vids i love you i wach you when im bord

  • Trey Davis
    Trey Davis 7 hours ago

    2 pink 😘😘😘😘😘😗😍😍😘😗😘😍😘😘😗

  • Michelle Sigman
    Michelle Sigman 8 hours ago +1

    Lyssy voiced the mean girl, didn’t she?
    Also I did this with my friends Abby and Evelyn and I worked the second outfit that day but without all the accessories cause, I’m a poor person XD

  • Anabelle Castro
    Anabelle Castro 10 hours ago

    I love you lizzzy and Alex

  • Ashyandchelly taylor
    Ashyandchelly taylor 12 hours ago


  • Adis Karisik
    Adis Karisik 12 hours ago

    you're outfits are so cute good job

  • Watermelon_cookies Gaming

    They weren’t pretty. They were BOOTIFUL

  • Jana Jana
    Jana Jana 14 hours ago


  • Eva Nelson
    Eva Nelson 14 hours ago

    My favorite outfit is the one with the umbrella

  • Chloe Maggs
    Chloe Maggs 15 hours ago


  • Jennifer Peters
    Jennifer Peters 15 hours ago

    F*ck bulls\haters

  • Khaleesi McCleary
    Khaleesi McCleary 15 hours ago


  • Mandy w
    Mandy w 15 hours ago

    so mach

  • Mandy w
    Mandy w 15 hours ago +1

    i love your vioes

  • none of your bunnies
    none of your bunnies 15 hours ago +1

    Uh that's a boy outfit! Actually it's unisex

  • Noelle Elliott
    Noelle Elliott 15 hours ago

    Lol when you don't know your own sister....no but seriously! Thats Lyssy, Alex's sister...so if Alex really didn't know the ''mean girl'' she doesn't know her own sister!

  • Tea Ramlogan
    Tea Ramlogan 16 hours ago

    I love number 2

  • Blue Wolf
    Blue Wolf 17 hours ago

    How can you put on the multi color hair ive tried but it dont let me

  • IzzyThe BunnyLover
    IzzyThe BunnyLover 17 hours ago

    Lyssy: You cant wear any skirts with this outfit!
    Alex: Oh no this is gonna be so hard!
    Alex Doing A Different Outfit: *Uses no skirts*

  • Caroline Pollard
    Caroline Pollard 18 hours ago

    The last one was the best

  • Fit Modulo
    Fit Modulo 18 hours ago

    I had enough for these girls being mean to alex! I've never seen people being mean to alex!

  • girlie espina
    girlie espina 18 hours ago +1

    angry fact that i dont like InquisitorMaster and i love itsfunneh cause she is funny and with her sibling the channel is itsfunneh

  • IAm Hailey
    IAm Hailey 19 hours ago

    Hope u ❤ me Alex I made you a fan art but I dont have instagram

  • IAm Hailey
    IAm Hailey 19 hours ago

    I like inquisitormaster all the boys outfit looks amazing!

  • Mary Reeve Jennings
    Mary Reeve Jennings 20 hours ago


  • Pallec
    Pallec 20 hours ago

    .ur the best

  • Tratez Tio
    Tratez Tio 20 hours ago

    I beck 3rd dress

  • Charlotte Werkheiser
    Charlotte Werkheiser 20 hours ago

    I think you look cute in boy outfits!

  • It'zyougurl
    It'zyougurl 21 hour ago

    The second outfit was not too bad...

  • Erica Tacugue
    Erica Tacugue 22 hours ago

    Wow you really look so cute even you wear boys outfit😊😘😍

  • Georgia Barbic
    Georgia Barbic 22 hours ago

    04:43 blackpink accessory

  • Danya Maruhom
    Danya Maruhom 22 hours ago

    His gone

  • GalaxyWanda
    GalaxyWanda 23 hours ago

    I like all the boys outfits

  • Jesus Love
    Jesus Love 23 hours ago +1

    Love u girl I liked and subed

  • Kimberly Hazardjoeksixkxs

    Your good at it

  • Emily Bayir
    Emily Bayir Day ago

    İ Love number 3 outfit

  • Vicky Maranan
    Vicky Maranan Day ago

    I know that girl her name is lizzy

  • leah winfrey
    leah winfrey Day ago

    Omg cuteeeeeeee

  • Hannah wpc
    Hannah wpc Day ago

    I love that blue sup 👕

  • Cola Kitten
    Cola Kitten Day ago

    1:20 you look biutful with that dasher outfit

  • Sarah Lopez
    Sarah Lopez Day ago +1

    The black outfit that was the outfit ZA h was wearing

  • samantha rojas
    samantha rojas Day ago

    im kinda offend i love black im kinda a tomboy so o ya that last one shouldev been a rockstrar theme i love dark colors and i dont know why theres a boy and girl section cause all of those so called "boy clothes" are pretty cool ! ^-^

  • Kaleb Winston
    Kaleb Winston Day ago

    All of them! 😘😘😘😘

  • Xmen Villa
    Xmen Villa Day ago

    hehehe I know who's playing as da bully its....

    LIZZY !!!!!hehehe Alex's sis :)

  • lillygalaxy gacha

    All of them I like 👍👍👍ALLLLLLLL

  • its abby unicorn

    Ik that's lyssy playing the bully

  • Landen Daniels
    Landen Daniels Day ago +1

    And your cute alex

  • Landen Daniels
    Landen Daniels Day ago +1

    It's a trick

  • Beanieboolover16 OwO

    The bully:
    ( )

  • Lexi gaming Chrystal

    Love IT

  • Ocean Wave
    Ocean Wave Day ago

    I like the 2nd and 3rd

  • The Dinosaur Squad

    Your smart!!!

  • Lupita Téllez
    Lupita Téllez Day ago


  • Lupita Téllez
    Lupita Téllez Day ago

    I can

  • Alondra Vasquez
    Alondra Vasquez Day ago +1

    I give all your cute boys outfit I give it a A!!

    • Kenyatta Jones
      Kenyatta Jones Day ago


  • Brad Alto
    Brad Alto Day ago

    you know shes has it and the outfits on.

  • Maurice Askew
    Maurice Askew Day ago