Top 5 Best Fight Scenes in Witcher Trilogy (before B&W DLC)

  • Published on Oct 18, 2015
  • Thank you CD Project Red for the amazing Trilogy.
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  • Eyndra
    Eyndra 2 years ago +2909

    Geralt's final strike against Eredin was an upwards vertical strike. That strike Vesemir was giving him crap about.

    • Ahmet Tahir Seziş
      Ahmet Tahir Seziş 22 days ago

      @Eredin Makitrz King San Andreas played it on death march took 10 mins i dunno why but fight was so ez, i was 28 level

    • Iedy Iedy
      Iedy Iedy 2 months ago +1

      This also shows how Eredin was a preety bad fighter, Imlireth and Caranthir were so much better than him, Eredin only used fear in order to make people belive he is immortal or whatever. I mean, Imlireth had more felxibility with that fucking shield and cudgel than Eredin with his sword. And Caranthir went toe-to-toe with Eskel who lorewise is almost as wise and powerful as Geralt (reason why Geralt respects him deeply).

    • Touya Todoroki
      Touya Todoroki 4 months ago +3

      That wasn't an Upwards Vertical but a horizontal stab.
      An upwards vertical would be slashing him upwards, mostly aimed at the upperguts and pulled up to the heart.
      Plus, an upwards vertical strike actually is less predictable than downwards vertical; which you see used all the time and leaves the entirety of your body open for attacks.

    • Your Name
      Your Name 5 months ago

      @EvilPeppermintHelix you had the eye of a tiger, then it was poked out

  • Ajwad Ahmed
    Ajwad Ahmed 23 hours ago

    Is ciri da best or geralt?

  • Ajwad Ahmed
    Ajwad Ahmed 23 hours ago +1

    He protecc
    He attacc
    But most importantly
    We want geralt back

    ALTAI TURK 2 days ago

    "Get your mutant ass out of here, or..."
    "Or what?"
    "Or ill kill you."
    "Go ahead, try"
    *gets his throat slit*

  • Joe Wilfried
    Joe Wilfried 2 days ago

    best fight is from trailer A night to remember !

  • Italo Viola
    Italo Viola 3 days ago

    Totally disagree with that, but they are awesome fights for sure.
    I didnt played the other games but FOR ME the best fights of Witcher 3 before B&W are:
    1 - Geralt vs Imrileth
    2 - Ciri vs The Crones
    3 - Eskel vs Caranthir
    4 - Geralt vs Olgierd
    5 - Geralt and Lambert vs Warriors of the Wild Hunt plus Triss badass fireball
    - Geralt vs Iris's Wraith
    - Geralt vs Iris's Worst Nightmare
    - Ciri vs Caranthir
    - Geralt vs Eredin (this fight was very disapointing to be the final fight, but is still good)
    - Geralt vs The Ancient Leshen (BEST WITCHER CONTRACT BY FAR)
    PS: If we include B&W, I'm pretty sure Geralt vs Deattlaff might be at the top 3, but I also didnt played B&W
    PS2: I should be studying

    • ShArp_47
      ShArp_47  2 days ago +1

      I aprecciate your indepth response, i can tell that you care! Thanks for not hating my list like few do

  • SuperKamiGuru
    SuperKamiGuru 4 days ago +1

    what was geralts armor in #1??

  • imperator peashoter 435
    imperator peashoter 435 10 days ago +1

    english geralt have shitty voice

  • La Courgette
    La Courgette 10 days ago

    | |
    / \
    | | |

  • QuikeQ
    QuikeQ 10 days ago

    For me the best fight in witcher was vs Azar JAved in Witcher 1

  • Am1ceo
    Am1ceo 11 days ago

    wish i have enough gaming stamina so i can play games like the witcher 3 more than once :(

  • John Doe
    John Doe 12 days ago +2

    Letho is so jacked lmao.

  • Aksel Sklep
    Aksel Sklep 14 days ago +3

    I think the best fight was Geralt vs. Striga in Witcher 1 intro.

  • Doge
    Doge 18 days ago

    I see what u did there.

  • Макс Кекс
    Макс Кекс 18 days ago

    Глупый автор,так то в битве с Эвереком надо контратаковать во время его способности))

  • Dante's Inferno
    Dante's Inferno 19 days ago

    6:15 was a beautiful set up to the second game. I loved witcher 1

  • Yaman YouTube
    Yaman YouTube 19 days ago

    Spoiler yedim amk

  • MissinInAction
    MissinInAction 19 days ago

    geralt beat wild hunt but he's bottlenecked by other witchers.

  • xavier valdez
    xavier valdez 20 days ago

    Eskel vs the navigator better be in here. I got some mad respect for him when I saw that scene
    EDIT: glad Eskel made it but how did Geralt and Lambert vs the wild hunt not make in here I mean two of those fights where mostly actual gameplay as opposed cut scenes. I didn't even mention that one cause I thought it was a given

  • Kemal Berk
    Kemal Berk 20 days ago

    Fuck ruck fck duck its contains spoilers shit

  • MATTIX 220
    MATTIX 220 20 days ago

    Number 1
    Geralt vs dettilaff

  • vitalikmatsko128
    vitalikmatsko128 21 day ago

    Number 1 should be Geralt vs Striga

  • ulises slozar diaz
    ulises slozar diaz 22 days ago

    What kind of medieval snake is this?!

  • A friendly spazmoid
    A friendly spazmoid 22 days ago +1

    6:28 is that not letho? Is that some random assassin Sent to kill the king, if so why is he so powerful

  • desmond miles
    desmond miles 23 days ago

    And what about care taker vs geralt

  • Илья Завьялов

    I cry when Krah dies but don't cry when Vesemir dies

  • DisreS
    DisreS 28 days ago

    Witcher fight scenes always seemed incredibly cheesy to me

  • Joshua Olsen
    Joshua Olsen 29 days ago

    Ciri: *Teleports behind Caranthir and attacks* "See? I can do it too.'
    Me: "Fucking MARRY me, you savage."

  • Amin Mohseni
    Amin Mohseni Month ago +1

    Imelrith deserved a place on this list

  • PillBham
    PillBham Month ago

    The armor used for the eredin fight, was it the viper venomous gear? Cause it looks like the one at the beginning a lot.

  • Vherox
    Vherox Month ago

    Is it weird that my favorite fight is Geralt vs Detlaff after they find syana

  • Ankit Raj
    Ankit Raj Month ago

    My favourite is geralt vs detalf but it come in later edition

  • Pedro Juan
    Pedro Juan Month ago +2

    Eredin gangsta until he opened a portal and throws geralt in

  • Micha ś
    Micha ś Month ago

    English Geralt is a Batman.

  • jake reynolds
    jake reynolds Month ago

    Still bye far the best video game , ever played

  • jankatodu14
    jankatodu14 Month ago

    My top 5
    1-Geralt vs Ilmerith
    2-Geralt vs Letho
    3-Letho vs The King (in the cinematic)
    4-Cirilla vs The Crones
    5-Geralt vs Dettlaff

  • it's dave
    it's dave Month ago

    You know what I love, the Imlerith fight was so much harder than the Eredin fight but it makes sense given Imlerith was the real warrior/fighter of the Hunt. The levels of attention to detail are incredible.

  • snakebiting 97
    snakebiting 97 Month ago

    The rap battle in The Witcher 3 is the most epic

  • Jose Bonetto
    Jose Bonetto Month ago

    Vs Dettlaff?!?!?!?!

  • Daniel Ryslink
    Daniel Ryslink Month ago

    The Olgierd fight was far the best one, and the one I remember as the best - the setting by the burning fire in the night, and if you had the fast attack combo, the insanely fast whirling of the blades deflecting each other.
    Of course Geralt had it easy, because he did not have to face the strongest fighter of all times.... MAJIMA.... MAJIMA.... the MAN!

  • ezhil maran
    ezhil maran Month ago +1

    Gaunter O'dimm vs geralt on a game of gwent would have been #1.

  • Piers Watson
    Piers Watson Month ago

    My favorite pre B&W is Imlerith, but after it’s absolutely Detlaff

  • Samyr Rivera
    Samyr Rivera Month ago

    La pelea con eredin fue facil

  • The Defcalyon
    The Defcalyon Month ago +1

    1 question. Is your Game moded with some graphics mod ?

  • Piotr Malewski
    Piotr Malewski Month ago

    There is something funny about the last scene, watching it in the English version especially. Judging from the looks of them, you've got there a typical Polish nobleman from the XVIIth century, but he is in friendly terms with guys who look like Cossacks, he has a German name AND he speaks English with Yorkshire accent.

  • Hillary Trump
    Hillary Trump Month ago +2

    Geralt vs Fiend that appears when you kill too many cows

  • Tan Le
    Tan Le Month ago

    Rest in peace Crach an Craite.

  • Mb4ne
    Mb4ne Month ago

    The fight against Imlerith should be on this list!

  • The Forgotten Ancient

    Yep , Olgierd indeed

  • Keys Ryles
    Keys Ryles 2 months ago

    That last fight was disgusting. lol.

  • Thomas Caldwell
    Thomas Caldwell 2 months ago

    I wished you killed Eiden with his own sword.

  • Emir Efe Çevrük
    Emir Efe Çevrük 2 months ago


    We saw money is can do everything!

  • K0reX Gaming
    K0reX Gaming 2 months ago

    Does somone know mod of the eyes for witchers? I think it's Real Witcher Eyes Mod but i don't know what type, Witcher, Hunter idk. So if somone could tell me i will be very happy

  • Christianus
    Christianus 2 months ago

    Honestly, I don’t know why people continue to fight Geralt. At this point, canonically, he’s beaten all three generals of the Wild Hunt, a dragon, countless knights, bandits, and men at arms, and even another Witcher. I’d just surrender instantly on seeing him.

  • what the fuck
    what the fuck 2 months ago

    You should've included the kaer morhen fight when geralt,lambert, and letho fights the wild hunt soldiers

  • Иисус Христос

    Geralt vs Detlaff

  • Liam Howard
    Liam Howard 2 months ago

    Who thought You to fight like this?!

  • Killer Night
    Killer Night 3 months ago


  • Intellectual Crocodile Motherfucker

    No Imlerith? I thought that fight was pretty cool.

  • Bills Realm
    Bills Realm 3 months ago +5

    Geralt vs Gwent (On max difficulty)

  • Bingo
    Bingo 3 months ago

    Where is the fight against the dragon ?

  • gorkem acikgoz
    gorkem acikgoz 3 months ago

    Main story final boss Wild Hunt was the easiest final boss compare than DLC packages!

  • Brett Middleton
    Brett Middleton 3 months ago

    Eredin fight: Kaer Morhen style armor in the endgame? Got to be some kind of mod, right? I want it!

    • Brett Middleton
      Brett Middleton 3 months ago

      @Raijin Hmmm. I'll have to try making the Viper set and see what it looks like. But the armor in the video looks like a dead ringer for Geralt's starting armor in White Orchard and I would be surprised if the Viper looked so identical. It would also make me sad because there is no grand master Viper in B&W. A mod that changed the Wolven armor sets to duplicate the Kaer Morhen armor would be great. Thanks for the info, though.

    • Raijin
      Raijin 3 months ago

      I think that's Viper set. You can get the diagrams in HoS DLC

  • Archishman Punj
    Archishman Punj 3 months ago

    Geralt vs letho was easy

  • The Quenerro
    The Quenerro 3 months ago

    nice potatoe

  • Brendan Kendall
    Brendan Kendall 3 months ago +2

    Seeing Geralt in cutscenes where he isn't a grizzled old man is very strange to behold.

  • Elysian eSports
    Elysian eSports 3 months ago

    I always thought that Vernon's last name was pronounced Roke not Roach. Why would they do that....his horse is Roach.

    • Elysian eSports
      Elysian eSports 3 months ago

      Maybe he said Rohge and I just heard Roach idk.

  • Pyrozen Plays
    Pyrozen Plays 3 months ago

    That last one was fucked up

  • Ache Dud
    Ache Dud 3 months ago

    Damn B&W had the best fight too!

  • Indra Septa
    Indra Septa 3 months ago

    When i see last scene in TW1 i want play badly TW2. when i finish TW3 i want play TW4. But alas this game is just trilogy...

  • Filipe martins
    Filipe martins 3 months ago

    Best fight scene is geralt, lambert and letho (if he is alive and you invite him to kaer mohen) agaisnt the wild hunt.

  • Alex Knyaz
    Alex Knyaz 3 months ago

    Я в ахуи над нашей мллодежьн

  • Balo BumBum
    Balo BumBum 3 months ago +2

    Polish dubbing is the best

  • Aldurin Fireheart
    Aldurin Fireheart 3 months ago

    Is it just me or is the armour Geralt wears in the assassin fight much like the Manticore Armour in Blood and Wine?

  • Jessie Mccree
    Jessie Mccree 4 months ago

    For a last battle in the game i felt quite disapointed of that Eredin had, i truly prefer ciri vs caranthir one

    • Jessie Mccree
      Jessie Mccree 4 months ago

      @Sharpy everyone who wanted play, played... For the last 4 years

    • Sharpy
      Sharpy 4 months ago


  • Παντελής Κοβιτίδης

    Geralt vs Ewald Borsodi was also pretty amazing. Definitely should have been on this list.

  • Илья Самохин
    Илья Самохин 4 months ago +1

    Русские есть?

  • Akif Bedir
    Akif Bedir 5 months ago

    Geralt vs Deattlaff ?

  • Naitsabes 48
    Naitsabes 48 5 months ago

    Geralt vs Eredin...... Xddd Geralt vs Imlerith is a battle!

  • TheTND610
    TheTND610 5 months ago

    Nice list got a lot that are excellent gameplay and story wise. Fights I’d personally put on a list if this was a top ten or fifteen include
    Geralt and Roche vs. The Kaedweni Garrison
    Geralt vs. Saesenthessis
    Geralt and Sile vs. The Karyan
    Geralt vs. Jacques and Eredin
    And many others.

  • Vincent
    Vincent 5 months ago

    Geralt vs the striga should at least be in this video. As well as the final fight of the first game vs Aldersberg, or the one vs Dagon.
    Trilogy means 3, not 1 and a half.

    • Vincent
      Vincent 5 months ago

      @Matvey Solą w twOim Oku It's a matter of point of view, that's clear.
      Based on the answer OP gave me, I don't think we're open for discussion on here.
      But if I had to talk about the best duels/cinematics of the trilogy @ShArp_47 , I'd give the striga, the assassin at the end of the first game, the assassination of king Demavend (a hell of a cinematic, damn the chills still today) even though it ain't properly an actual duel, the duel vs Letho in the end of the game, and the fight with Eskel in the 3.
      The 2 is the one I remember the less, I'm sure there are tons of huge moments, but I haven't played it in years, and never with Roche's path, so my knowledge is limited.
      No particular order too, I'm not good with tops.

    • Matvey Solą w twOim Oku
      Matvey Solą w twOim Oku 5 months ago

      What BEST fight scenes means exactly? Fight with Eredin was the worst lookin duel in W3

    • ShArp_47
      ShArp_47  5 months ago

      Trilogy means 3, which is exactly from how many games the fight scenes were taken. If you have your own list of top 5 - be my guest and make a video of your own, mr. "I'll just gotta complain".
      Fucking lol'd

  • James Bennett
    James Bennett 5 months ago

    The best fight scene was Eskel vs Caranthir.

  • Ryudo Wizom
    Ryudo Wizom 5 months ago

    that geralt face when olgierd put his head back. lol

  • Ryudo Wizom
    Ryudo Wizom 5 months ago

    who say they are ez boss go start new story and play death march. no new game+ u might be dead by drowner

  • Agustin Williams
    Agustin Williams 5 months ago

    Eredin is reeeeealllly ugly

  • reynan delizo
    reynan delizo 6 months ago

    why the last man he fight is still alive even he cut the head?

  • moidh
    moidh 6 months ago

    fucking olgierd, so hard

  • Amer AL-Khateeb
    Amer AL-Khateeb 6 months ago

    U missed one , detlaf scene

  • debaditya bhowmik
    debaditya bhowmik 6 months ago


  • Hip Albatross
    Hip Albatross 6 months ago

    How does your W3 Geralt party so much?

  • inkredibill
    inkredibill 6 months ago

    Damn, no spoiler warning and the first fight is literally the final boss of the main story.

    • ShArp_47
      ShArp_47  6 months ago

      inkredibill And wtf do you expect to see in a video called Top 5 fight SCENES in a Witcher trilogy?

  • A.Z.R.B
    A.Z.R.B 6 months ago

    CD project red should create a game of thrones game

    • Sharpy
      Sharpy 4 months ago

      or they should create a game where you have to rob a lot of people so that the man won't beat you anymore. And when your done robbing you start rubbing and when you are finished rubbing then you have to defeat the boss. And the boss would be the master feet. The master has some very messed up feet so it would be a hard battle but a good one. Wouldn't you agree with my hypothesis.

  • no name
    no name 6 months ago

    I cried when papa vesemir died.

  • MrD3sTr0
    MrD3sTr0 6 months ago +2

    Where is triss vs yennefer?

  • Naresh Bisen
    Naresh Bisen 6 months ago

    That last one I didn't even know there was a cool fight lol. Witcher 3 is best.

  • Black Wolf
    Black Wolf 6 months ago

    Блять, почему это у меня в рекомендованных в 2018 году?

  • Generic nigga straight white male picture

    The more I see this the more I suffer for what they did for the netflix series and the motivations behind such radical changes and lies to our faces

    • Sharpy
      Sharpy 4 months ago

      the Netflix series will be based off the books not the games. and we haven't even seen the show so how do you know what the changes will be and that it will be bad?

  • Gaming Test
    Gaming Test 7 months ago

    this game make you creatif at killing things. like kill the stupid witch at blood and wine in mission fairy tales hahawjahshah

  • 000 McKing
    000 McKing 7 months ago

    No Detlaff?

    • 000 McKing
      000 McKing 7 months ago

      @ShArp_47 sorry am blind, i just read "fight scenes in witcher"

    • ShArp_47
      ShArp_47  7 months ago

      000 McKing You have problems reading the title?