Belle Delphine instagram BANNED! #DramaAlert imallexx BUSTED! - Alinity CAT video!

  • Published on Jul 19, 2019
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  • DramaAlert
    DramaAlert  Month ago +11225

    OMG im a RE-RE! Sorry i must have cut the Belle Delphine instagram BANNED story in editing! But thats all the story really is. Her IG is down not sure if BANNED or she took it down there are mixed reports! !!!!

    • Eliot Roberts
      Eliot Roberts 10 days ago

      I got banned on twitch because I went to alinity stream and called her out

    • Miss Cloud
      Miss Cloud 18 days ago

      Belle Delphine has a private. :/

    • catherine s
      catherine s 19 days ago

      the tgtk7

    • Kiki Grace
      Kiki Grace Month ago

      @Vinnie Mackelmore
      IG doesn't just ban people without proof.

  • Iron40 B.G
    Iron40 B.G 52 minutes ago

    That's aminmal cutlery

  • Iron40 B.G
    Iron40 B.G 52 minutes ago

    That's is disgusting and why she is not banned yet!!! 😠😠😠😠😠🤬🤬

  • Brian Chad Byrne
    Brian Chad Byrne 3 hours ago


    • Brian Chad Byrne
      Brian Chad Byrne 3 hours ago

      I love keemstar and Alex I just wanna say something mean about someone 😂😂

  • Luis Resendiz
    Luis Resendiz 16 hours ago

    Twitch is trash that's why ninja left to mixer

  • Sid Dark
    Sid Dark 18 hours ago

    This idiot f abused her cat....where is animal control?! They need to take the cats away to a better home. This is a f idiot. I cant even believe a person would dare to do this. You can go to jail idk. Where is animal control right now I am mad rn.

  • scrumble
    scrumble 2 days ago

    Pew news is better

  • Kinkade 076
    Kinkade 076 6 days ago

    I love having my garbage disposal in my room

  • Kinkade 076
    Kinkade 076 6 days ago

    Fair use? Copyright?

  • Kinkade 076
    Kinkade 076 6 days ago

    That cat is fine cats are resilient as fuck

  • Extr3me
    Extr3me 6 days ago

    10:34 Who else is triggered by how he pronounced “naruto”?

  • potato god
    potato god 7 days ago

    Poor cat

    AZOZ GAMING 22 7 days ago +1

    Stupidest plan I have ever heard

  • I am going to The game willoreexcitedhisyearIca

    Alinity: you dumb a*s n*gga cat get the f*ck out of the twitch camera
    GUY STREAMER: **breaths**
    TWITCH: Nope, that's it perma ban

    LOLELHYPE 9 days ago +1

    Alex reminds me of keemstar saying alex is a stupid n-

  • Charlie Barnicott
    Charlie Barnicott 10 days ago

    Alex put u high up on the tier list :/

  • Ethan Johnson
    Ethan Johnson 10 days ago

    Fuck that cat
    Animals are losers

    • extradeppressingmemes
      extradeppressingmemes Day ago

      please stub your toe on a wall that conveniently has a lego brick on where you stubbed your toe and also conveniently, your toenail has a toothpick under it

  • FatalCollision
    FatalCollision 11 days ago

    Tfues dad is Frank from its always sunny

  • CrazieBunch
    CrazieBunch 11 days ago

    About imallexx yes of course *lazy research* hmmmmmmm why does that sound familiar......

    Wait its keemstar wowwwww

  • Black Knight
    Black Knight 12 days ago

    alinity: *abuses her cat multiple times and breaks almost every twitch rule*
    Twitch: Seems about right
    Men: Yo, what's up gamers-
    Twitch: Banned!!

  • MrRusty
    MrRusty 12 days ago


  • Chimms Chimmy
    Chimms Chimmy 13 days ago

    You should start a hashtag

  • Angel Santana
    Angel Santana 13 days ago


  • NovaXBash NXB
    NovaXBash NXB 14 days ago

    Naruto Run BITCHES

  • Random Human
    Random Human 14 days ago

    Yeah yeah I'm suuure Alex is the one with false evidence

  • Big O o f
    Big O o f 14 days ago

    The thing is the age of consent in Britain is 16... so Alex is technically right lmao

  • HaloDieHard
    HaloDieHard 15 days ago

    Ironically that he's talking about perma bans with the way he acted when he streamed back in the day 🤦‍♂️

  • ToT
    ToT 16 days ago

    Aw man

  • BBSD Bigboydaz
    BBSD Bigboydaz 16 days ago +1

    Tfues dad is crazy mannnnn!

  • RoyalGeckoX
    RoyalGeckoX 16 days ago

    I don’t care I still like imalex for no reason

  • tom1sanchez
    tom1sanchez 17 days ago

    -Keemstar aka CALM DOWN KEEMSTAR

  • VG Houndsz
    VG Houndsz 17 days ago

    Is memeulous a good boi tho

  • Jill Child
    Jill Child 17 days ago

    Eat a fix

  • Hugenia Cooney
    Hugenia Cooney 18 days ago

    Keem: “dramaalert isn’t biased”
    Also Keem: *“I rEaLlY dOnT lIkE tHiS gUy”*

  • - thatkidcw10 -
    - thatkidcw10 - 18 days ago

    tbh what imallexx did was very wrong but he said no “lies” about you. I dont like that guyd but everything he said about you was true and ur kinda awful

  • Miss Cloud
    Miss Cloud 18 days ago

    Keemstar has me blocked

  • The Tix guy
    The Tix guy 18 days ago +1

    Welcome to my shop of weird things what will you like?
    I have censor tape, cat girl nip, flex tape and despacito spider food plus ban revolvers

  • steelz is the best youtuber

    this girl is like a fcking 3 year old she fucking tries to stick a sticker to this poor cats face and fucking says it dosent get stuck to her twich please ban her

  • REddB0t82
    REddB0t82 18 days ago

    not banning women for breaking rules but banning men for breaking rules, recommending others content on ninja's acc (including porn). Wtf twitch should be banning themselves

  • syph
    syph 19 days ago +1

    Free imalexx

  • DynastyAspect
    DynastyAspect 20 days ago

    Shut yo ass up you two faced sociopath. Imallex just did that as a fucking joke. Then you think it's serious. You are a fucking douchebag.

  • Smexy White child
    Smexy White child 20 days ago

    Lets face it twitch staff are a bunch of virgins thirsty for alinity

  • Petty Pancakes
    Petty Pancakes 20 days ago

    I’d gladly adopt her cat

  • DJEggs GD
    DJEggs GD 20 days ago +3

    Us masculine beings: *turns head around*
    Twitch: Wait, that's illegal.

  • Useless
    Useless 21 day ago

    Top shagger KEEMSTAR talking about the big issues

  • RP Hey
    RP Hey 21 day ago


  • habit Mexican
    habit Mexican 21 day ago +1

    keemstar please tell us what are you going to do with that of the boy who is killing cats as well as peluchin entertainment because that bastard is fine in his channel is killing cats Well the videos are already closed and that is good but the stuffed animal is going up uploading uploading videos that he doesn't apologize for what he did that killed a cat.

  • I forgot my profile picture

    I wish i had a cat. i recently had a dog die and i am sad about it. seeing this ladys treatment towards her cat is sad. Why has no one done anything about it? Why twitch. If another clip of her causing harm to her cats is released im going to isolate anything twitch away from me.

  • Yo Check
    Yo Check 21 day ago +2

    Has belle on the thumbnail and doesn’t even talk about it😂

  • Changchangjr chang
    Changchangjr chang 22 days ago

    Bro I am practicing my Naruto run rn lmao

  • William Wiktorek
    William Wiktorek 22 days ago

    Is no one going to mention how he said naruto wrong

  • PoisonFangTheWorld
    PoisonFangTheWorld 22 days ago


  • Zeref Dragneel
    Zeref Dragneel 22 days ago

    Anyone know what happened to the bitch?

  • TheOlympus
    TheOlympus 23 days ago

    4:30 I mean, need I to say more 'bout this guy Chinese people or people that at least have a darn sense of justice in their minds?

    HORIA BACANU 23 days ago

    fuck you

  • Sophie
    Sophie 24 days ago

    I didn't think it was cause she was a woman? I thought it was because she was a partner?

  • Fallenformula50
    Fallenformula50 24 days ago

    When he said “ for beating her kitty” I thought it was the cat but when he said “no her actual kitty you pervert” but when he said “ no her actual” I was hoping it wasn’t an animal😂 Because I love animals!

  • Orange Hiccup
    Orange Hiccup 24 days ago

    It's not a girl or guy thing it's the fact that she is a partner

    • Orange Hiccup
      Orange Hiccup 22 days ago

      @suk there are women who get banned for small things too.. in not much of a twitch user but I saw this youtube video talking about it. Twitch just wants to make money

    • suk
      suk 22 days ago

      Nope men are treated differently on twitch,remember dellor?

  • Renee Cheung
    Renee Cheung 24 days ago

    Alinity: murders someone live
    Twitch: I mean...welll, she's got tits so whatever

  • jon q
    jon q 24 days ago

    Leeeeeeeets get riiiiiiiiight into the noose