Basic Filipino Language Tutorial

  • Published on Nov 18, 2011
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    KILUWA GAMING'Z 3 days ago

    Why I'm here, I'm filipino😂😂

  • Cheska Roma
    Cheska Roma 8 days ago

    I’m a Philippine I just wanna learn my language

  • Eliza Joy Sta Maria
    Eliza Joy Sta Maria 12 days ago

    It should be "Kumusta" not "Kamusta"

  • Maria Teresa Leony Nulud
    Maria Teresa Leony Nulud 13 days ago +1

    I learned to speak Filipino language thank you for help😀😀😀

  • Андрей Зорин

    Can you make a video to study Bisaya?

  • Joy Cercado
    Joy Cercado 15 days ago

    Kamusta I’m Filipino

  • danish akhtar
    danish akhtar 22 days ago

    Very sweet language...

  • Aauu Uuaa
    Aauu Uuaa 24 days ago

    Sandal Ilang in Javaneae or Bahasa Indonesia is The Lost Sandal.....

  • M. Dwi Supriyanto
    M. Dwi Supriyanto Month ago

    Im indonesian, i can understand some word.. its like my local language and indonesian

  • Xenon VH2
    Xenon VH2 Month ago

    "This is a personal opinion"
    I really hate it when the first word filipinos or filipino speaking people teach non-filipino speaking people is the word "Mabuhay". Yeah it's the most filipino word you can say in the Philippines, but you don't need it for everyday tasks. You don't go to the market and say "Mabuhay" to the vendors, you don't say "Mabuhay" when calling the police. If i were to teach someone filipino I'd start with the most important ones, such as most phrases mentioned in this video. But I'll also teach them cursewords and insults, why? Because when filipinos see foreigners or someone who looks different, their first instinct is to insult them, maybe not all of them, but most of them, a lot of them. Every time a filipino sees an African American on the streets, they immediately yell "Hey, Nigga" which is racist. I want to teach them cursewords so that they'll know if someone is messing with them. I see a lot of Foreigners getting shot with "Tangina mo" and "Putangina mo, Gago" and they just smile because they don't know what those mean. Just because someone doesn't understand the insults you're telling them, doesn't mean your insults are not insults. #NoHateJutsFact

  • Kishan KishanRawat
    Kishan KishanRawat Month ago

    Filipino really amazing language me from india

  • neko neko
    neko neko Month ago

    Why am i watching this, its my native language

  • Chief ARC
    Chief ARC Month ago

    7years ago hindi parin umaabot ng 1M views sad walang gustong matuto ng tagalog

  • AAmir Dada
    AAmir Dada Month ago

    👍 Luv from Aamir Dada channel

  • Ysa Callista
    Ysa Callista Month ago

    KUMUSTA not KAMUSTA ! Mga bobo

  • YouTube queen yass Vlogger and roblox player

    That’s not how you spell it

  • Youtube Police
    Youtube Police Month ago

    i just wanna learn Japanese why am i here

  • Boxboy2.0 Gabriel
    Boxboy2.0 Gabriel Month ago

    Ok filipino ok

  • Akisha Pagharion
    Akisha Pagharion Month ago

    Shet pilipino ako nanonood ako... WTF?

  • Eric Barsaga
    Eric Barsaga Month ago +2

    ang pag gamit ng PO ay hindi lamang sa mas matanda sayo o mataas sayo... ito ay pra sa lahat...

    • Xenon VH2
      Xenon VH2 Month ago

      Eric Barsaga Edi po wow po

  • Fatma Danoct
    Fatma Danoct Month ago

    As indonesian, easy to me learn malaysia language. Lol 😂🤣

  • Ford AFG
    Ford AFG 2 months ago

    The first thing I learned from my filipino friends are: Iyot, pa kan tot, poki, utin, pangit, pogi, tomboy, bading and more 😂😂🤣

    • Ford AFG
      Ford AFG Month ago

      Xenon VH2 , I don’t wanna learn those first. There are more important words prior to those words. I almost got in trouble, for a calling a Filipina girl ( malandai).

    • Xenon VH2
      Xenon VH2 Month ago

      Ford AFG Which are all important words for Foreigners to know... seriously they do...

  • Alrick Reaction
    Alrick Reaction 2 months ago

    Thank u so much for sharing!!!

  • Doc.Brown
    Doc.Brown 2 months ago


  • qwertyone
    qwertyone 2 months ago

    When i watched this video, i expected the comment section to be filled with only Filipinos, but to my surprise it's not ! It feels gratifying to see that many foreigners are interested in learning Tagalog. To those foreigners, thank you for appreciating our language and taking time to learn it.
    Sincerely, a Filipino citizen

  • Svarde
    Svarde 2 months ago

    I'm Finnish and I really would like to study Tagalog if we got any courses in here.

    • Xenon VH2
      Xenon VH2 Month ago

      Svarde The Philippines is a mediocre country, mostly all of them know English, and will most likely pick a Finnish guy for a Filipino because they think "Out of the country, lots of money" if... that is why you wanted courses...

  • œ Dale
    œ Dale 2 months ago

    Como esta ¿?

  • 코랭스 KOLANGS - Korean Language School

    This is my first Tagalog Clip. It is useful and interesting for me. Thank you.

  • Robert Maldonado
    Robert Maldonado 2 months ago

    Greetings from Panama, I was watching filipinio romantic movies on Netflix, now I am trying to learn some filipino on my own cause I find filipino a very beautiful language, I like it so much. Greetings to our brothers and sisters in the Phillippines!!!

  • Mohammed Salem
    Mohammed Salem 2 months ago

    perfect i like it salamat

  • XkenkanekiAceX 1003
    XkenkanekiAceX 1003 2 months ago

    it's hard to memorize this filipino words

  • DÂrKŠ0uŁ Hëàrt
    DÂrKŠ0uŁ Hëàrt 2 months ago

    I have a crush on a Filipino guy ! Can some one give me advices how I should propose him🤗😍

    • Edmar Sabado
      Edmar Sabado 2 months ago

      Filipino is very shy talk to him first

  • Evva GJ
    Evva GJ 2 months ago

    OMG I would like to learn Tagalog language it seem quite easy and I really enjoy Philippines cultures especially the people, movies and songs 😍 Hope one day I could travel there!! I'm from Sabah, Malaysia btw 😊

  • les étoiles
    les étoiles 2 months ago

    Putanginamo - Fuck you

  • Nikki Gulayan
    Nikki Gulayan 2 months ago

    I’m Filipino, it makes me sad that schools don’t teach Tagalog lol.


    Potang ina mo = Motha Fucker

  • Mobile_Gamer _12
    Mobile_Gamer _12 2 months ago

    I have no Tagalog friends that can help me speak Filipino language

  • Mobile_Gamer _12
    Mobile_Gamer _12 2 months ago

    Salamanca for helping me

  • rabult shoolithan
    rabult shoolithan 2 months ago

    What they said HiNDI???

  • Matthew Chan
    Matthew Chan 2 months ago

    Hi I’m didol

  • imáni la reina
    imáni la reina 2 months ago +2

    Kamusta =como estas
    Puwede = puede
    Oras =horas
    .. Very many similarities even in such a short video ❤

    • imáni la reina
      imáni la reina 2 months ago

      @Ysa Callista dominican republic but I don't live there

    • Ysa Callista
      Ysa Callista 2 months ago

      @imáni la reina haha btw. may i know what country youre from ?

    • imáni la reina
      imáni la reina 2 months ago

      @Ysa Callista wow.. Pretty scary if it's hard for you even as a native speaker.. But if you figure something enough out to have effortless flowing conversations then no need to be a Grammar pro😂...
      Yeah it's 'the Queen' 😊

    • Ysa Callista
      Ysa Callista 2 months ago +1

      @imáni la reina hehe even me as a filipino we do have difficulties when we are composing full tagalog sentences, so i feel you because when i translate english to tagalog its very confusing as if i consider myself a foreign. Hehe .. but it will be easy like any other language if u learned. Hehe
      Your name is " The Queen" right ? 😂

    • imáni la reina
      imáni la reina 2 months ago +1

      @Ysa Callista that's great.. Though I'm learning tagalog and the verbs seem difficult to figure out..

  • Ken M
    Ken M 2 months ago

    Very well put together. I just wish it was a bit slower, lol.

    MRR. MONGKOL GM 2 months ago

    I want to know the word " I waiting you" plz...

    • Quench Gamer TV
      Quench Gamer TV 24 days ago

      "im waiting you" in tagalog? you can say "maghihintay ako sayo"

  • toni rose marquez
    toni rose marquez 3 months ago


  • Kobe Tedeschi
    Kobe Tedeschi 3 months ago

    What does perro mean?

  • Kobe Tedeschi
    Kobe Tedeschi 3 months ago

    What does perro

  • Mohenjo Daro
    Mohenjo Daro 3 months ago +1

    Philippines is the land of Slum in Asia. Manila is The Capital of HIV and Prostitution. All pinoy r so poor, so cheap, bad education and Low quality of life. They r stay at slum and eat pag pag all the times. Only proud of slum land Philippines is pageant they they don’t have anything. They r not win Olympic or Asian games. They’re talking nonsense, over Confidence all the times. I hope that natural disasters kill all Filipinos around the world because they should not be the population of this world. Go to die pinoy. People in the world hate u.

  • Sexy Gacha Moon Plaz
    Sexy Gacha Moon Plaz 3 months ago

    I’m learning this cause my friends are Phillipines

  • भिम राना BHIM RANA


  • Railenbow
    Railenbow 3 months ago +1

    I really love the Philippine and I want to learn Tagalog so bad cause it sounds so beautiful.. the thing is I think it’s difficult but I’ll try

  • cr7
    cr7 3 months ago

    In India Hindi means one. Type of language

  • cr7
    cr7 3 months ago

    Kamusta guyz....?
    Anong pangalan mo....?

  • Filipino Time
    Filipino Time 3 months ago


  • AddSpices
    AddSpices 4 months ago

    subcribe to subscribe.

  • bry reed
    bry reed 4 months ago

    raise ur hand if your mum never taught you tagalog because she was afraid of "confusing you" as you grew

  • Troa
    Troa 4 months ago

    Inday" ng buhay co! - a colloquial word in the Philippines meaning "Girl of my life"
    Here are some more examples in Tagalog note the C, QUI,UN, Y derived from classical spanish/tagalog but nobody write or spell like this nowadays.
    Aco si Juan - I am juan
    YCinagagalac cong maquilala ca - I am very pleased to meet you.
    Ang Lalaqui ay may dalang malaquing regalo. - The guy carries a big gift
    Magsisimba cami sa yka-sampu ng enero. We are going to church on the10th of January.

  • Jaqueline Regina Tampubolon

    kamusta and como estas 😂

  • Ass Tronaut
    Ass Tronaut 4 months ago +1

    Putang ina mo means handsome

  • 0588555 nurik
    0588555 nurik 4 months ago

    Менің қасымда 1филипин жұмыс жасайды. Үйренгенім pu tangana. Kamu staka. Isa. Dalaua. Tatlo. Apat. Lima. Lamin. Ualu. Pito. Siam. Sampo.

  • Spazar
    Spazar 4 months ago

    I'm born as a filipino and I'm still having problems speaking and writing filipino words :(

  • Shahzad Amir
    Shahzad Amir 4 months ago

    Good but very fast

  • rabbit buster
    rabbit buster 4 months ago

    we don't use paalam instead we use "ingat" which means take care or "alis nako" I'm gonna go or simply "bye". Paalam is used in the older days or if watching a tagalog dub.

  • hakeemdj368
    hakeemdj368 4 months ago

    this video is good. so now I don't worry if I have to remove the learning Filipino application on my phone. subscribed!

  • Simonette Santillan
    Simonette Santillan 5 months ago

    I'm a philipino but some words I can't really say it coz I haven't been Philippines anymore

  • Hatsune Chan
    Hatsune Chan 5 months ago

    2019 here?

  • Khyle Edward Castaneda
    Khyle Edward Castaneda 5 months ago

    This helped me

  • Laika the star
    Laika the star 5 months ago

    I am learning Tagalog since my brother from the Philippines is coming over in February. I will actually have somebody to play with! Finally!

  • Laura Perez Diez
    Laura Perez Diez 5 months ago

    asian languages are fucking trolls

  • amxu _
    amxu _ 6 months ago

    Wait.. I'm Malaysian and theres a words mostly similar to malaysian language! Haha

  • Kawaii Crystal Marga
    Kawaii Crystal Marga 6 months ago +1


  • Joel Popatco
    Joel Popatco 6 months ago


  • Joel Popatco
    Joel Popatco 6 months ago


  • Anne B
    Anne B 6 months ago

    Manganda ugimagi si kamusta

  • Eclipse
    Eclipse 6 months ago +1

    this girl talk so annoying the accent is stupid

  • Jaycee Herzog
    Jaycee Herzog 6 months ago

    magandang gabi means good night not good evening

  • Squeegle! :D
    Squeegle! :D 6 months ago

    I manly want to learn the filipino language because a lot of my friends are Filipino and I feel left out. Also I wanna surprise them :)

  • Kate Garsha
    Kate Garsha 6 months ago

    Not too be rude po, pero you should take English lesson, kasi I believe the plural of person is people..............

  • C I R A D S
    C I R A D S 6 months ago

    ¡Esto es increíble! ¡Grandes amigos de video, eso es genial! Buen trabajo... :)
    *Maraming salamat! :D*

  • C I R A D S
    C I R A D S 6 months ago +2

    ¡Esto es increíble! ¡Grandes amigos de video, eso es genial! Buen trabajo... :)
    *Maraming salamat! :D*

  • The Predator
    The Predator 6 months ago

    Proud pinoy here

  • Roldan Liquigan
    Roldan Liquigan 7 months ago

    Ano sa english ang "SA UNAHAN PA?

  • Jemelle David
    Jemelle David 7 months ago

    Sana malaman natin na ang tamang sabihin ay kumusta at hindi kamusta.

  • jonel laguerta
    jonel laguerta 7 months ago

    Hindi gwapo at gwapa=beautiful and handsome..😁😁😁😁

  • Sophie That Kitty Gamer STKG

    I need to learn tagalog because I’m going to the Philippines for vacation in the summer and my grandma lives there

  • Habib Official
    Habib Official 7 months ago

    Opo-Yes (Tagalog)
    Opo-What (Javanese)

  • Adela Bigtas
    Adela Bigtas 7 months ago

    Galing Mo oo nmn

  • Adela Bigtas
    Adela Bigtas 7 months ago

    Salamt dn

  • Adela Bigtas
    Adela Bigtas 7 months ago


  • Anne B
    Anne B 7 months ago

    Magandang gabi!

  • Anne B
    Anne B 7 months ago

    Mangdang umgai!

  • boy asia
    boy asia 7 months ago

    Inform me.. is it Filipino or Pilipino in reference to language . Filipino is referring to citizenship.. like a citizen of the Philippines is q Filipino and speaks pilipino.

  • aesthetics AJJ
    aesthetics AJJ 7 months ago

    thx!! very useful! and pionys are such adorable!!

  • angga yudistira
    angga yudistira 7 months ago

    Sandal ilang

  • Afreen Ateeq
    Afreen Ateeq 7 months ago

    I miss my Filipino friends in Saudi after watching this vedios I love u all miss u I'm from India

  • ben yosep
    ben yosep 8 months ago

    Where’s the chip I can stick in my brain?

  • Azure Flute
    Azure Flute 8 months ago

    Sendal ilang

  • Raider Gamer
    Raider Gamer 8 months ago

    Gonna watch this around some friends

  • *yOMaMA291* *newHATDAWG*

    Marunong ako niyan boi

  • Manelcaaa
    Manelcaaa 8 months ago


  • Anis Kumar
    Anis Kumar 8 months ago

    Hi My Dear Friend
    I want to learn Tagalo language it is to study but difficult to Pronounciation the word Any body can help me
    whatapps : +974 77802489