Basic Filipino Language Tutorial


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    bry reed 10 days ago

    raise ur hand if your mum never taught you tagalog because she was afraid of "confusing you" as you grew

  • Troa
    Troa 13 days ago

    Inday" ng buhay co! - a colloquial word in the Philippines meaning "Girl of my life"
    Here are some more examples in Tagalog note the C, QUI,UN, Y derived from classical spanish/tagalog but nobody write or spell like this nowadays.
    Aco si Juan - I am juan
    YCinagagalac cong maquilala ca - I am very pleased to meet you.
    Ang Lalaqui ay may dalang malaquing regalo. - The guy carries a big gift
    Magsisimba cami sa yka-sampu ng enero. We are going to church on the10th of January.

  • Jaqueline Regina Tampubolon

    kamusta and como estas 😂

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    P u m p k i n 19 days ago

    Putang ina mo means handsome

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    0588555 nurik 22 days ago

    Менің қасымда 1филипин жұмыс жасайды. Үйренгенім pu tangana. Kamu staka. Isa. Dalaua. Tatlo. Apat. Lima. Lamin. Ualu. Pito. Siam. Sampo.

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    SpazeBall 23 days ago

    I'm born as a filipino and I'm still having problems speaking and writing filipino words :(

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    Shahzad Amir 25 days ago

    Good but very fast

  • rabbit buster
    rabbit buster Month ago

    we don't use paalam instead we use "ingat" which means take care or "alis nako" I'm gonna go or simply "bye". Paalam is used in the older days or if watching a tagalog dub.

  • Languages1001
    Languages1001 Month ago

    hello Asia Society Philippines, I create Filipino thematic vocabulary -
    by passion for language, if you are a native speaker of Filipîno / Tagalog, please could you have a look because there is probably some errors to correct, thanks if possible and best regards from FRANCE. my personal EMAIL :

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    this video is good. so now I don't worry if I have to remove the learning Filipino application on my phone. subscribed!

  • Simonette Santillan

    I'm a philipino but some words I can't really say it coz I haven't been Philippines anymore

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    DeadlyGHOUL- Chan Month ago

    2019 here?

  • Khyle Edward Castaneda

    This helped me

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    100 subs no vids? Month ago

    I am learning Tagalog since my brother from the Philippines is coming over in February. I will actually have somebody to play with! Finally!

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    Laura Perez Diez 2 months ago

    asian languages are fucking trolls

  • I love Tae with less Suga

    Wait.. I'm Malaysian and theres a words mostly similar to malaysian language! Haha

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  • Joel Popatco
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    Manganda ugimagi si kamusta

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    this girl talk so annoying the accent is stupid

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    Jaycee Herzog 2 months ago

    magandang gabi means good night not good evening

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    Squeegle! :D 2 months ago

    I manly want to learn the filipino language because a lot of my friends are Filipino and I feel left out. Also I wanna surprise them :)

  • Kate Garsha
    Kate Garsha 2 months ago

    Not too be rude po, pero you should take English lesson, kasi I believe the plural of person is people..............

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    ¡Esto es increíble! ¡Grandes amigos de video, eso es genial! Buen trabajo... :)
    *Maraming salamat! :D*

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    C I R A D S 3 months ago

    ¡Esto es increíble! ¡Grandes amigos de video, eso es genial! Buen trabajo... :)
    *Maraming salamat! :D*

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    Proud pinoy here

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    Ano sa english ang "SA UNAHAN PA?

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    Sana malaman natin na ang tamang sabihin ay kumusta at hindi kamusta.

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    jonel laguerta 3 months ago

    Hindi gwapo at gwapa=beautiful and handsome..😁😁😁😁

  • Sophie That Kitty Gamer STKG

    I need to learn tagalog because I’m going to the Philippines for vacation in the summer and my grandma lives there

  • Habib Official
    Habib Official 3 months ago

    Opo-Yes (Tagalog)
    Opo-What (Javanese)

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    Galing Mo oo nmn

  • Adela Bigtas
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    Salamt dn

  • Adela Bigtas
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    Magandang gabi!

  • Anne B
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    Mangdang umgai!

  • boy asia
    boy asia 3 months ago

    Inform me.. is it Filipino or Pilipino in reference to language . Filipino is referring to citizenship.. like a citizen of the Philippines is q Filipino and speaks pilipino.

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    aesthetics AJJ 4 months ago

    thx!! very useful! and pionys are such adorable!!

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    angga yudistira 4 months ago

    Sandal ilang

  • Afreen Ateeq
    Afreen Ateeq 4 months ago

    I miss my Filipino friends in Saudi after watching this vedios I love u all miss u I'm from India

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    Where’s the chip I can stick in my brain?

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    Sendal ilang

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    Gonna watch this around some friends

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    Marunong ako niyan boi

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  • Anis Kumar
    Anis Kumar 4 months ago

    Hi My Dear Friend
    I want to learn Tagalo language it is to study but difficult to Pronounciation the word Any body can help me
    whatapps : +974 77802489

  • 真姫
    真姫 5 months ago

    If any people are wondering why tagalog sounds like Spanish, its because the Philippines had been held captive by Spanish people because of the natural resources and many more. Other countries such as America and Japan have tried to rake over the Philippines.Tagalog and many other things were influenced by the spanish be cause the event took many decades.

  • 真姫
    真姫 5 months ago +1

    Sorry for my language...
    Here are some common phrases: *first thing that comes to mind*
    Putang ina

  • Satria Mokoginta
    Satria Mokoginta 5 months ago

    Tagalog's philippine language is very similar to the tribe language of Mongondow Bantik and lolak ,the province of North Sulawesi in Indonesia, because according to history many philippines had strayed in the Indonesian part of North Sulawesi, because their ship sank, and eventually they settled and had a family in North Sulawesi. Tagalog language is very similar to the language of 5 tribes in North Sulawesi Indonesia. in Bolaang Mongondow Regency, Minahasa, Manado and Gorontalo, and Sanger Islands
    for examples
    Mongondow : nogogoyon akuoi
    tagalog filipin : nagugutom ako
    Indonesia : aku lapar
    Mongondow : Bahoy
    filipin : bahay
    indonesia : rumah
    Mongondow : Intao
    filipin tagalog : tao
    indonesia : manusia

    mongondow : mobagu
    filipin : bago
    indonesia ; Baru

  • Bts Army 14
    Bts Army 14 5 months ago

    Omy i have boyfriend but he is fillipino boy and i was muslim girl me and him in the same school but i need to learn this language more

  • Nelvin Miguel
    Nelvin Miguel 5 months ago

    This is helpful for me now i could speak Filipino because my family is from the Phlilppines!!

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    Pabili Po

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    Faith Ann Jordan 5 months ago

    tao po?
    me: HINDI alien po ako hindi tao... paumanhin po but you got the wrong tao... nah just kidding.
    I'm filipino but i can't speak tagalog since i grew up inj europe

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    LaskaM Am 5 months ago

    terima ksih membantu sekali

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    Pupperdoodle 5 months ago

    I am wondering how to put together word in sentence.

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    Thank you

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    Goodbye forever!

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    What is "po"

    AWSOMUS LATEST 6 months ago

    Sound nothing like. Chinese

  • Maureen Maddy
    Maureen Maddy 6 months ago

    Hi! I am a native tagalog speaker trying to refine and Improve my English speaking skills. If you are a native English speaker who would like to learn tagalog, I am willing to help u.

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    Leon Kilat 7 months ago

    This is tagalog not Filipino

  • Abdul Khaliq Faqiri
    Abdul Khaliq Faqiri 7 months ago

    What is it hnd ?

  • Fuhad Senin
    Fuhad Senin 7 months ago

    Kamusta kayo,
    I'm from india,I've some kabayans as friends on messenger and other social medias but few of them really chats with me. Some of them are very friendly and m lucky to have em.
    Bcz of em i learn some basic words, but i want to improve that and take it to the next level.
    It'll really helpful for me as I'm residing in uae and m dreaming of that day when i can speak tagalog to filipinos.

  • 111 222
    111 222 7 months ago

    Sandali lang = one moment (tagalog)
    Sandal ilang = the slippers gone ! (Indonesian)

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    -*Belle _YT-* 7 months ago

    Kumusta ka!

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    I love this video!!😜

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    oi buhi pa diay ka = i miss you so much..

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    kayong mga taga pilipinas oo

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    Mirip bahasa Indonesia

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    very nice

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    Pag ako sa kaibigan ko
    UY imbis na kamusta he..he..

  • Dongan Hutagalung
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    Very similar with Indonesian language. Example to say 'i am", in tagalog "ako" and in bahasa "aku".
    I think within 2 months I can master the language of tagalog.

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    Lol just too easy

  • Zarina Macagaan
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    Kamusta po ako si ???

  • Zarina Macagaan
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  • Manny Apuhin
    Manny Apuhin 9 months ago

    you must listen opm songs (filipino music)
    to learn a lil bit

  • Celestial moon
    Celestial moon 9 months ago

    I have a friend from the Philippines, and though I've never taken interest in Filipino, I want to know some basic things because I want to surprise my friend somehow. I'll study more if I like learning it, though I'm not pretty sure if I'll do so, I'm already learning other three languages at the same time haha.

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    How to say good night

  • Army & Ahgase
    Army & Ahgase 9 months ago

    I'm learning Filipino because I wanna talk to BTS

  • Gerard
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    slow down

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    Deh Sky 9 months ago

    "Anong pangalan mo?"
    *ako si maria* ako si inday*

  • Just anything
    Just anything 9 months ago

    sobrang formal.. they should teach more useful phrases like what a native Filipinos use... most of these phrases are just to strange to hear for most of Filipinos.

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    Najih1307 9 months ago

    Sandalnya hilang...

  • Shawn Yeoh
    Shawn Yeoh 9 months ago

    I've read some comments here that ruins the language! If you have nothing good to say, will you just shut your mouth! You're just misleading other people especially the foreign ones in learning our own language!

  • R Cecario
    R Cecario 10 months ago

    wow. like indonesian. we were near

  • Never Time
    Never Time 10 months ago

    I'm Filipino American & my parents decided not to make it a priority to teach me Tagalog. I've gotten backlash for this from many types of people including other minorities in America for saying that it's a shame, that I don't know my own culture. This has given me so much anxiety & stress my whole life. Plus, they spoke their own dialect. Now that I'm older and now that I feel there's a lot of international interest in the Philippines, I have more interest to learn on my own.

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    I need help to decode a audio to text

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    Sandal siape yang ilang woy?? Wkwkwk

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    피리핀 사랑합니다~~ 네 이르믄 피아 입니다! 마나서 방갚슴니다 칭구야~~~
    charot bat ba ko nanonood neto e pilipino naman ako hahaha

  • Kim Taehyung
    Kim Taehyung 10 months ago

    피리핀 사랑합니다~~ 네 이르믄 피아 입니다! 마나서 방갚슴니다 칭구야~~~
    charot bat ba ko nanonood neto e pilipino naman ako hahaha

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    I'm from Indonesia,I watch this because I see this in my notification then I just click, even though I don't understand😑😐😑😑

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    Magandang umaga , ako si rizki#salam dari Indonesia 😊

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    Filipino: banyo=bathroom
    Both sound the same