Trump Distances Himself From The Racist Chant He Inspired

  • Published on Jul 19, 2019
  • Stephen breaks out the stopwatch after Donald Trump claims he ''quickly'' cut off his MAGA rally's''send her back!'' chant.
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Comments • 11 856

  • dadzilla
    dadzilla Day ago +1

    He lost his so called friends because they respect the office of the presidency, and he DOESN'T. He can't see the obvious in front of his bloated face?

  • Larry Roberts
    Larry Roberts 3 days ago

    It's some people did something.

  • Christoph Brinkmann
    Christoph Brinkmann 4 days ago

    Trump could start openly saying "All those black people who don't like me, we have a word for them. They're n*****s. Just call 'em that. That's what they are. N******s" and his followers would still insist he's not a racist.

  • AbsoluteNut1
    AbsoluteNut1 5 days ago

    Which is it: no friends, no one calls or lots of friends and they call me... What an idiot.

  • Music Lover
    Music Lover 6 days ago

    Trump was actually enjoying that chant "send her back". Did anyone notice him swaying back and forth to it? What a douchecanoe!

  • OCFam
    OCFam 7 days ago

    How did we regress so far back? Trump has set us back 100 years! We made history with the first black president that gave the American people hope for our future. We felt that tolerance and equality had finally been attained. Then we got Trump who is inspiring half this nation into a racist frenzy. It’s an extremely sad and unfortunate time America is in. We went from one extreme to the other. We knew exactly what would happen if he was elected because his psychosis was blatantly evident long before. What a stark contrast from Obama. Regardless of whether people agreed with his politics or not, at least he was a decent human being who respected the role of being president. Trump thinks he’s running a frat house!

  • Douglas Lang
    Douglas Lang 7 days ago

    Donorreha has no real "friends" b/c he gets rid of anyone who doesn't kiss his fatass, witness his inner circle of cretins who all but got on their knees in worship during a meeting, taking turns gushing fake superlatives about him. That is what tin pot dictators expect from their underlings.

  • Larry Aldama
    Larry Aldama 8 days ago

    Trump needs his fat ass kicked . And I know I can knock him out .🥊🥊🥊

  • Larry Aldama
    Larry Aldama 8 days ago

    Trump is very prejudice what a pervert

  • Jah Breed
    Jah Breed 9 days ago

    Remember my TV show?🤣

  • Michel Lacroix
    Michel Lacroix 11 days ago

    Mr Trump it's not respect it's that they don't want to go to jail

  • yinkoos
    yinkoos 11 days ago

    Little girl will remember that it was trump who taught her to be racist.

  • Paul Koester
    Paul Koester 12 days ago

    Your the people that bring up race in every situation if anyone is racist it's the democrats and left-wing liberals. You people make me sick i guess DR.KINGS teachings just went in one ear and out the other DR KING would be so ashamed of your actions SMH

  • Jim Gilbert
    Jim Gilbert 12 days ago

    How can you tell when Trump is lying? Any time anyone calls him 'Sir' in one of his stories, he's making the whole thing up!

  • SirRawLee TheWalrus
    SirRawLee TheWalrus 12 days ago

    Ignorance is more than pervasive at a Trump rally, it's overwhelming and undeniable.

  • SirRawLee TheWalrus
    SirRawLee TheWalrus 12 days ago

    I would suggest a thesaurus for trump but he can't read so that would be a waste. And all his friends are in prison because of him.

  • Vincent Calvelli
    Vincent Calvelli 13 days ago

    You have no friends

  • Janet A
    Janet A 13 days ago


  • Janet A
    Janet A 13 days ago


  • H. A.
    H. A. 15 days ago +3

    When I see incomplete sentences or idiotic comments, It's safe to assume it's a donald supporter.
    (These are dark times we live in..) 🤣

  • The Safespace
    The Safespace 15 days ago

    Who said this?
    A wise man's heart is at his right hand; but a fool's heart at his left.

  • Connie Crawford
    Connie Crawford 15 days ago +1

    I would love to see Arnold “ shake” Drump’s hand after this! Lol !

  • Chris
    Chris 16 days ago +2

    Within just a few years, we’ve witnessed the election of Donald Trump in the US, the Brexit decision in the UK, the rise of Matteo Salvini in Italy, Victor Orbán in Hungary, the Freedom party in Austria and the Law and Justice party in Poland. The world’s largest democracy, India, is menaced by a newly virulent nationalism and xenophobia.

  • Chris
    Chris 16 days ago +2

    That these rallies are sounding like something out of a scene from The German Weirmar period,is no Coincidence. Back then someone took over democracy by using hate speech at rallies.It worked then .And let's not forget what happened.

  • makita
    makita 16 days ago +1

    Trump never had any friends..!!

  • hawk wiley
    hawk wiley 17 days ago +1

    When he is at a rally, how could anyone stay and remain interested when he starts talking? It makes no sense, and why is each rally only focused him, and not showing the size of the crowd listening to whatever he is saying???

  • Shirley Sipho
    Shirley Sipho 18 days ago

    Love you Steve, great video👍

  • Gilbert Jones
    Gilbert Jones 18 days ago


  • Russell Stone
    Russell Stone 21 day ago +2

    It amazes me how his supporters are so entertained.........

    With stupidity !

  • PlymouthVT
    PlymouthVT 21 day ago

    At Trump rally's he spews non stop nonsense and everyone in the crowd is wondering...Daddy is that you?

  • Margaret H
    Margaret H 21 day ago

    Shame Trump has no respect for the office or anyone else either.

  • Rob Ralph
    Rob Ralph 21 day ago

    Were is Oswald when you really need him ?

  • James Rizando
    James Rizando 22 days ago

    Colbert 2020.

  • millieo
    millieo 23 days ago

    His friends are in jail.

  • 😼DuZy😼
    😼DuZy😼 23 days ago

    🤦🏾‍♀️🙇🏾‍♀️ He is a one celled organism 🙇🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Kelli Quinlan
    Kelli Quinlan 24 days ago +6

    "I'm not relishing the fight. I'm enjoying it."
    The stable genius strikes again

  • Gavin Isaacs
    Gavin Isaacs 26 days ago +1

    Looks and sounds like a Mussolini , Hitler and Franco rally !

  • Penny Churchward
    Penny Churchward 26 days ago

    Need to replay these shows over the holiday break

  • Bernadette Bockis
    Bernadette Bockis 27 days ago

    Trump kisses, and tells.

  • george tissot
    george tissot 27 days ago +1

    Just when I hear something stupid and utterly ridiculous coming out of his lying and foul mouth, thinking he has gone down as low as he can go, he will go down still further. What a despicable person.

  • tomas Vilari
    tomas Vilari 27 days ago

    even his die hards in the back look like they have had enough of the bullshit

  • Bev TindalCrumpler
    Bev TindalCrumpler 27 days ago

    He lost his friends because they are embarrassed you idiot!

  • wayne johnson
    wayne johnson Month ago

    yeah right the only ones that like you are the ones that are blind and deaf

  • Topher TheTenth
    Topher TheTenth Month ago

    Trump's not relishing the fight. But he has mustard together a lot of lawyers to help him.

  • James Simpson
    James Simpson Month ago

    This is a joke. He is a comedian and a joke on the American people

  • La Faces
    La Faces Month ago +1

    OhhhhhhhhhhhhhhH YEAH He’s NEXT!!!!! To go too jail 💯🥶

  • La Faces
    La Faces Month ago

    All of trumps friends are locked 🔒 up 😭😭😭😭

  • Mark Rieck
    Mark Rieck Month ago +1

    I just saw Mussolini light, with an 8 year old twist.

    • James Simpson
      James Simpson Month ago

      Remember muscillini was delt the truth of the people. Think about that trump

  • Cato the Younger
    Cato the Younger Month ago

    sigh. I am still hoping I am in a coma and will wake up.

  • Anthony Rodriguez
    Anthony Rodriguez Month ago

    Trump must be really desperate if he's bringing up his stupid show.

  • Valis V.
    Valis V. Month ago +1

    I lost of my friends! I highly doubt he has any friend, besides the imaginary ones.

  • Pamela Homeyer
    Pamela Homeyer Month ago

    He has no friends except the one he's paid for. And he can't talk to them because they are all in jail or headed to jail and not allowed to discuss the issues that got them there

  • allyourcode
    allyourcode Month ago

    The brilliant part is that his supporters probably be like, "that's not even racist". You want to know where the pervasive ignorance lies? It's staring them straight in the face. They wouldn't know ignorance, because that's how ignorance works!
    I love how he embraces racism when he is in the right crowd (e.g. his rallies), but denies it elsewhere. You can't be a temporary racist for a special occasion, sir. Being a racist, or not is a commitment... Ok, wait a minute, I just realized why this makes no sense to him. It's the same reason he is on his third wife.

  • B K
    B K Month ago

    Sorry Donald. How can you say you lost all your friends when you didn't have any to begin with?

  • Paul Harris
    Paul Harris Month ago

    Really! No one has read the Milligram experiment to know what Trump is doing? Every person who does what Trump does is liable for endangering the person named. Stupid country

  • Michael Vigil
    Michael Vigil Month ago

    I didnt say it they did? Wtf? Smh....

  • John O
    John O Month ago +1

    VOTE Blue!! End the gop fear, hate and division agenda

  • Mary-Anne Bourke
    Mary-Anne Bourke Month ago

    Nazi rallies from the 1930s.....we all should know how that ended!!

  • Bryant Cox
    Bryant Cox Month ago

    Salad dressing? This comedian is lame a ff

  • x24 agthorn
    x24 agthorn Month ago

    Ow. My brain go powie.