Caught my Big Tarantula LAYING EGGS on film !!! ~ RARE MOMENT FIRST TIME !!!

  • Published on Nov 30, 2021
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    Species :
    Lasiodora parahybana
    (Brazilian Salmon Pink Birdeater)

    Caught my Big Tarantula LAYING EGGS on film !!! ~ RARE FIRST TIME !!!

    ** This video was made purely for educational and entertainment purposes only.

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Comments • 486

  • Dark
    Dark  +427

    I hope you were able to fill her water dish without overstressing her, and I can't wait to see all of the adorable slings when they hatch.

  • WolfGoddess77

    I had no idea spider eggs were so...liquidy when they're freshly laid. That was really neat to watch!

  • Joanna Helmer

    At first it looked like someone cracked open an egg in a frying pan lol. That was really cool and that has got to be a lot of babies. You are going to have fun removing them when it's time. Love your videos Peace and love to you and your family 💙💜💙💜

  • amimeow
    amimeow  +281

    It was really cute you shared this w yr parents and they cared!

  • Port of Thoughts

    I love that your mom called it cute ❤ Motherly love never ends ❤

  • Hayley Wright

    That is so exciting to see. Congratulations Grandpa. Hope for a huge success and many healthy slings for you.

  • Avery the Cuban-American

    Exotics Lair: I'm not going to be disturbing her

  • BugTalk
    BugTalk  +94

    I've never seen a tarantula lay eggs before, this is so amazing.

  • Luna Monét

    Awesome! I hope you were able to fill her water dish successfully without stressing her out too much. Can’t wait to see all the cute slings when they hatch. 🥺🥰

  • blizzbell
    blizzbell  +48

    I love how supportive your parents are! ❤

  • Claudia Chen

    I don't think he disturbed her in anyway as she was continuing on whatever she was doing even when he's filming and talking. She would be spooked and stop if actually disturbed.

  • Lauren K.
    Lauren K.  +32

    Wow! 😯

  • Carlos
    Carlos  +7

    Thank you for the footage! I've never seen a tarantula lay eggs before, so this was most interesting to watch!

  • Jerrad Puff

    Thats too cool. Few months ago, I couldn't deal with watching the spiders. I'm not legitimately arachnaphobic, but didn't like spiders. Now I'm soo intrigued and interested. This is awesome. Love your Chanel man. Keep it up. Maybe one day I'll get one. Maybe lol

  • APoet Smile

    This is life happening before our eyes! Thank you, I've never in 41 years been able to connect with spiders in such a way. I have a fear of spiders. Arachnids move so fast...please acknowledge their intelligence and memory, and they just make me want to move as fast as I can Away. Arachnophobia, I've been diagnosed, I giggle/cringe at different instances where I have almost called 911, came out my clothes 🙃 😅, moved so fast I lost a shoe. And yet, Arachnids are Extremely amazing. I have so much Respect for these incredibly unique creatures. As excited as I am as a nurturing creature myself, I can't wait to see babies!

  • Jenny M.

    That was fascinating! I always wondered how tarantulas made their egg sacks, now I know. Thanks!

  • Idk tbh
    Idk tbh  +20

    Exotic: “I’m not going to disturb her. I don’t want to document this…”

  • Simona Fabiani

    Omg this is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in the hobby!! 😍😍😍

  • LinkaBell GAME

    so awesome to hear your parents' reactions on this, such a cool sight with the freshly laid eggs. So cool.

  • H Smith
    H Smith  +7

    It’s so lovely that your folks support your hobby. My parents would absolutely freak if I had ever brought even a single tarantula home.