So I heard you liked USB... (5 new CM4 boards)


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  • Jeff Geerling
    Jeff Geerling  3 months ago +60

    What's your favorite board? Also, Seeed Studios (no affiliation) still has one model of CM4 still available for sale, FYI.
    Be sure to subscribe to my 2nd channel, Geerling Engineering-my Dad and I will test out the BliKVM on it soon!

    • KrKest
      KrKest 20 days ago

      Not only Polush candy, the same ones named "Lehmakommid" direct translation "Cow candies" and it's made the same way, we have had them for many decades, no choclate in it it's cream and half caremized sugar basicly.

    • Tanner Olsen
      Tanner Olsen 3 months ago

      @Marco Cipriani a

    • Hr. L. Bolle
      Hr. L. Bolle 3 months ago

      PI CM4 vs PC/104 ?
      if doable in reasonable time

    • Puzzlers100
      Puzzlers100 3 months ago

      My favorite board is my projector design. I need to finish documentation and then I can send it over if you would like to include it in the prototype/homebuilt section on the Piboards.

    • m4tt3m50n
      m4tt3m50n 3 months ago

      Krówka is pronounced more like croove-kah, ó is like oo and the w is like v (but also f in this word)

  • James Randolph
    James Randolph 3 months ago +124

    If we are attaching PIs to telescopes let's not forget some stepper motors!

    • James Randolph
      James Randolph 2 months ago

      @DeusExMachina Reznov That would be interesting particularly if we allowed remote control to others. Something similar to Web SDR for telescopes. Although I wonder if it isn't already being done. Some kind of scheduling system would be needed along with good software.

    • DeusExMachina Reznov
      DeusExMachina Reznov 2 months ago

      Well at that point why not set up an array of telescopes pointing at a single spot in the sky?

    • James Randolph
      James Randolph 3 months ago +1

      @Joel Ivory Johnson That would be the whole package with a good camera.

    • Joel Ivory Johnson
      Joel Ivory Johnson 3 months ago +2

      I've got an older Celestron CGEM 800 telescope. The telescope mount has the motors built in and is controllable through the RS232 port. The RS232 port both accepts commands to point the telescope and returns information on the scopes location (from GPS) time, so on. Getting a Pi to interact with and control the scope is very doable.
      It's controllable over WiFi too, but I've not seen documentation on WiFi protocol.

    • mrflippant
      mrflippant 3 months ago +2

      Okay, so now we need a Wesley Kagan / Jeff Geerling crossover.

  • Linux Astro
    Linux Astro 3 months ago +88

    That PiGear NANO might solve a problem using the Pi in astrophotography gear. There never seem to be enough USB 3 ports for all the fiddly bits (focusers, cameras, mounts) and cooled astro cameras are heavy power eaters. 2.0 ports just don't win when your single image size is > 40M. I am using the WaveShare board for my CM4 astronomy setup for the simple reason that it has 4 well-powered USB 3 ports. A board with ports AND fast storage would be most excellent.
    Also, lots of folks (including myself) have used the Pi HQ camera for astro-photography. There is even an INDI driver for it that works reasonably well. It is "OK" for planetary and wide field, but not amazing...though it does work.
    Great channel, by the way. I enjoy your process and humor.

    • Linux Astro
      Linux Astro 3 months ago +1

      @Jeff Geerling I use Siril. In a pinch, ASTAP. I like the way ASTAP does auto-grading and rejection and use it for plate-solving anyway, but Siril is probably a better overall stacker at this moment in time. And yes, the HQ cam is impressive for its cost.

    • Jeff Geerling
      Jeff Geerling  3 months ago +7

      I would think if you can do autostakkert (or something like it), the sensor on the HQ camera should do pretty decent. I just haven't had the time to play with it that I'd like.

  • Kenajcrap
    Kenajcrap 3 months ago +51

    Hi Jeff, what a great video! It's a shame that CM4 boards have gotten so expensive recently. Any chance we get a roundup of cool expansions for the original RPI4?

    • JarppaGuru
      JarppaGuru Month ago

      it is board to test and it cost bcoz low product line. you can get schematics for board and make own. thats purpose. rpi is axatcly same we allready have we not need cm unless you try build something to manufacture, but even then you can just make own board

    • Kent Kvalnes
      Kent Kvalnes 3 months ago +1

      They are not only prizy, but also almost out of the marked because of the rate of the production at this moment. If there are any production on semi conductors at this moment. It's painful to watch all the semi conducting equipments has been drained out of the market. There is no fun to make own project when it is too prizy and almost impossible to get a hand on.

    • upload15613
      upload15613 3 months ago +3

      I think part of that is due to the fact the CM4 provides what people have been asking for on the regular RPi. It’s just a shame we don’t have a rpi with proper NVMe support, more than one PCIe x1 lane, a higher performance cpu (Snapdragon 7xx or Mediatek), etc. Keep the low cost philosophy, but offer a product for those that want to make the Rpi their daily machine or want to do more with machine vision, ai, a NVR, etc.

    • Jeff Geerling
      Jeff Geerling  3 months ago +12

      Possibly... there haven't been as many interesting Pi 4-based products in the past year, though there are a few. We'll see.

  • Enizax
    Enizax 3 months ago +15

    i never knew this small a formfactor had such a buzzing hardware scene -- haven't felt this excited about hardware in at least 7 years

  • Parrot Raiser
    Parrot Raiser 3 months ago +35

    The Pi boards, and the CM4 in particular, seem to have become to computing in the 2020s what the Apple ][ was in the 1970s; a starting point for all sorts of inspired devices.

    • KrKest
      KrKest 20 days ago

      I specially am waiting for a upgrade for the Pi Zero, the ladt update they still left the mem to 512mb, need 1gb (1,5 would be fantastic but doubght there will be one), other stats now are desent on the latest update.
      Compute modules are so rare, even past 3 years have not found one available even to order to my country (EU member).

    • Stan St
      Stan St Month ago

      Next step would be the Apple M1 chip on SBC :)

  • Samuel De Pauw
    Samuel De Pauw 3 months ago +10

    Currently watching this on a pi4 2gb. I am using my pi as my main computer. its awesome! Happy to see how much support the pi gets! :)

  • Oleg Romanov
    Oleg Romanov 3 months ago +1

    Well, the idea to have 2nd channel is great. But i suppose all the engineering content will perfectly fit in this channel (imho of course).
    Great stuff, Jeff! Thank you very much for everything you do! Stay safe and greetings from Siberia!

  • sherwoac
    sherwoac 3 months ago +8

    good videos. two meta questions I keep having:
    - when will CM4 be back in stock? surely at some point these videos become pointless without it
    - mebe you could tell us a bit about the ecosystem? why are these boards getting made? who is buying them? how do you get a custom one made? decoupling compute from IO is the name of the game, so why can't I spec my own IO?

    • Jean Roch
      Jean Roch 3 months ago +1

      Official site says no availability for 2022. If there's any, it'll all go to industrial product manufacturers. Jeff may need to hibernate or switch to let's play videos.

    • Yosyp
      Yosyp 3 months ago

      here in italy I can't find any CM4

  • Grant Valente
    Grant Valente 3 months ago +3

    I use a pi to control my telescope all the time but definitely prefer dedicated asto sensors or even dslrs for taking the images

  • Vadinc
    Vadinc 3 months ago +1

    Love to see you are getting more and more partners and development boards. Keep it up man✌️👍😊

  • Tradie Trev
    Tradie Trev 3 months ago +7

    Hanging out for the industrial pis!! The CM4 with openwrt is cool as, mqtt broker works out of the box with that software!

  • Wisteela
    Wisteela 3 months ago

    That PiGear Nano looks awesome.
    I'm very much looking forward to the industrial Pi video as I've been wanting to put a Pi/s into a Eurocard frame for some time.

  • Andres Cabezas
    Andres Cabezas 3 months ago

    For the Pi52 the best is a poe splitter. This way you power the Pi52 with usb-c by using the poe of your switch. Simple and working

  • CR
    CR 3 months ago

    Always a treat to see more CM4 content! 🙏

  • Pixo Bit
    Pixo Bit 3 months ago +19

    I would love to see more raspberry pi router builds

    • Jonny mac
      Jonny mac 3 months ago +1

      i’le like to see more with 2.5 gbe ports. it feels like there are so many but few do 2.5

    • Dr mosfet
      Dr mosfet 3 months ago +1

      More ethernet ports please.

    • Jeff Geerling
      Jeff Geerling  3 months ago +13

      I'm trying to build an 'ultimate Pi router' at some point, but different problems keep popping up that are preventing the completion of the build.
      I might have to compromise and just focus on one aspect of my 'ultimate' build, because something is definitely better than nothing!

  • Adam Mills
    Adam Mills 3 months ago

    I didn't realize the CM4 was so small! always looking forward to seeing what you're working on

  • Rory Long
    Rory Long 3 months ago +5

    A CM4 router that would run pfsense would be nice. Tidy and relatively inexpensive 👍

  • Luis Mercado
    Luis Mercado 3 months ago +2

    Technically would this be a good RAID 5 solution by connecting 8 external powered drives? Synology prices are through the roof right now.

  • First Name
    First Name 3 months ago

    Thanks for taking the time to share so much knowledge! Your channel is amazing!

  • Matthew Hill
    Matthew Hill 3 months ago +3

    Such a shame they handicapped the CM4 with only a single lane of antiquated PCIe 2.0. Imagine the possibilities that would be opened up if it had even two lanes, or a full four lanes of PCIe 3.0 or 4.0. Even a single SATA3 port is throttled by the PCIe 2.0 interface; let alone multiple USB3, SATA3, 2.5Gbe or 5Gbe, NVMe, etc.

  • Audrey Robinel
    Audrey Robinel 3 months ago +2

    This router board may well be the board i was waiting for. Compared to the other offers, it has everything, and it is not expensive. I like the fact that there is room for the GPIOs and a hat.
    If i can get hold of it, it may well become my new router until i deploy a pfSense box!

    • Audrey Robinel
      Audrey Robinel 3 months ago

      @Natalie Green Sorry but i don't understand your message? perhaps you replied to the wrong person? I did not order one because i have to find a distributor for my region (France).

    • Natalie Green
      Natalie Green 3 months ago

      So, when does it arrive in the mail? :)

  • hax boi
    hax boi 3 months ago

    The PiGear NANO whould be amazing for a VERY capable router because it whould be a nice PiHole DNS Server, a print server (both 3D printers and paper printers), a NAS (maybe).
    Also it has a slot for a 4G card, giving the whole setup redudancy

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith 2 months ago

    I can't help but feel similar to all the fancy GPU reviews on other channels, love it but mostly an exercise in frustration till availability improves.

  • Karl Lundgren
    Karl Lundgren 3 months ago

    Always love watching your Pi-videos :) Any idea when the Radxa Taco will launch? I heard you mentioned it will come bundled with a case, a CM4-module and more? I'm planning my new ZFS ownCloud / Nextcloud server. What would be a good competitor to the Taco?

  • KrKest
    KrKest 20 days ago

    The most by far intresting one was the sata+ethernet one.
    Perfect for home Media/File server+router/wifi, basicly own home internet mainfame type of thing.

  • David Bubble
    David Bubble 3 months ago

    Seeing all these boards, I'm bitter that all of my electronic sellers here don't import them. Heck i can't even get the Pi due to the shortage. I think I'm content with single SSD as NAS for now lol.

  • Lars Werner
    Lars Werner 3 months ago

    The PiGear Nano has really an impressive feature set for serious IIoT use cases.
    On the normal Pi or for example on the TOFU board you can utilize several HATs with supercaps to initiate a safe shutdown in case of an unexpected power cut off. This is a must have in many IIoT use cases. You would have to create your own solution to face this issue on the PiGear Nano.

  • _italkalot_
    _italkalot_ 27 days ago

    10:25 you should also consider that the 8 usb ports have to share controllers, which might hurt raid performance.

  • Juggernautz
    Juggernautz 3 months ago

    More USB's is great, but to run a GPU or other external devices a PSU is needed. For gaming and so on this is not a major negative since startup costs are low. I like the Pi Gear Nano best plus with a potable solar panel I could use a Pi with a laptop style screen and go online everywhere possible with a cell connection. Good luck with your retail endeavor!!!

  • Max Michel
    Max Michel 3 months ago

    So how much usb do you need?
    Love all those Boards and the very different usecases

  • IWatchedWhat
    IWatchedWhat 3 months ago

    Would love to see Pis used with radios. Would also love to see a Pi run cnc steppers.

  • 666Maeglin
    666Maeglin 3 months ago

    love alol those boards, but would love to have a just a more powerful board with 4 or 8 GB

  • SME Productions
    SME Productions 3 months ago

    Looking forward to the joint video with Micro Center. That board with all the SATA ports makes for a nice NAS build!

  • James Halfhorse
    James Halfhorse 3 months ago

    We might have the same interest. I am looking at making a Pi do telemetry for a broadcast transmitter. Everything is there some closures to remote control it and analog ports that can read the meters. Just need to tie it all together.

  • ARQ
    ARQ 3 months ago +32

    Brought to you by the man responsible for the CM shortage

    • asumazilla
      asumazilla 26 days ago

      @Jeff Geerling It looks like they still have that on their website. 2xnic card and 4gb cm4 with storage.

    • Jeff Geerling
      Jeff Geerling  3 months ago +8

      😭 - but seriously, Seeed still has one model in stock!

  • fturla ___
    fturla ___ 3 months ago

    I think the development of small form factor computers has been stunted in the last 2 years with all the out of stock and no inventory situations when requesting Raspberry Pi boards and many of the common components to get the thing to work for the assignment you want.

  • Pravati Acharya
    Pravati Acharya 3 months ago

    I would love to use these boards if the compute module was available in India. Even a Raspberry Pi 4 4GB/8GB model is overpriced and almost out of stock here.

  • zambonidriver42
    zambonidriver42 3 months ago

    You can tell Jeff is wound up.
    RSJ must be waiting in the wings to explode into action, seeing all of those boards in one picture, must be like a cat about to pounce on a mouse.

  • Rene Knuvers
    Rene Knuvers 3 months ago +1

    Thanks for the video. Ordered the uugear-board which turns out to be from a Dutch company, so native for me!

  • Kohakka Nuva
    Kohakka Nuva 3 months ago

    what we really need is a computer module 4 board with 20 USB ports

  • Venj Systems
    Venj Systems 3 months ago

    Great roundup of parts, enjoyed this vid thoroughly

  • Tony Sheerness
    Tony Sheerness 3 months ago

    Looks like Raspberry Pi is king, so many people develop for it, hardware and software.

  • Igor Dasunddas
    Igor Dasunddas 3 months ago

    I am actually waiting for some sort of update about the Pi4/CM4 "blades". I remember it was a funny name, but it had a NVMe on it and I believe a CM4, so you could essentially have some sort of mini environment for Kubernetes.
    I do like all the other updates though and since Christmas 2021 I now have a Pi4b myself (got it as a gift from my wife 😊).

    • Jeff Geerling
      Jeff Geerling  3 months ago +1

      I have been talking to Ivan about it-he said the component shortages keep delaying things, but he's very close to having some working v0.9 boards, and soon after I think his plan is to do a Kickstarter, and work on sourcing a larger amount of parts.

  • Joel Ivory Johnson
    Joel Ivory Johnson 3 months ago +1

    How in the world does someone get their hands on a CM4 these days? I checked my usual SBC suppliers, and they are stating they may have them in stock between September and January 2023?

  • George Leonard
    George Leonard 3 months ago

    Nice Nice Nice.
    Love to see how the market is coming alive with the CM4's.

  • Andreas Friedel
    Andreas Friedel 3 months ago

    Some very interesting pieces of hardware!

  • denvera1g1
    denvera1g1 3 months ago

    7:00 Imagine this thing with an M.2 slot for those specialized tensor processors that are only like $30, and can do something like 150FPS at 1080p IIRC

    • denvera1g1
      denvera1g1 3 months ago

      @xephobia look up "M.2 Accelerator with Dual Edge TPU" 2 TPUs on one M.2 2230, each capable of 400FPS, not sure if thats 720p, or 1080p

    • xephobia
      xephobia 3 months ago

      I'm interested, what are those tensor processor you're talking about? is the 1080p 150FPS encode performance?

  • denvera1g1
    denvera1g1 3 months ago

    5:00 I wonder if for some reason this requires a non-standard POE voltage, like instead of 48, it requires 12, i had some IP cameras like this and i needed to either inject my own power, or find a 12v POE switch

    • denvera1g1
      denvera1g1 3 months ago

      @Erkin Alp Güney Probably yes

    • Erkin Alp Güney
      Erkin Alp Güney 3 months ago

      @Jeff Geerling Did you mean "fix"?

    • Jeff Geerling
      Jeff Geerling  3 months ago +1

      Apparently the problem was a set of resistors on the power lines; there's a fox though it requires desoldering 8 resistors from this version of the board

  • Aaron Zumbusch
    Aaron Zumbusch 3 months ago

    Simple thing I assume you or someone has tried but does the PoE for that unit need to be PoE+ or some proprietary PoE injector? I've definitely run in to that as an issue. There are some wacky voltages out there for PoE.

  • Dave Cochran
    Dave Cochran 3 months ago +1

    Great content.. to bad there isn't a CM4 to be had, been trying to get some for several months....

  • Michael Eric Menk
    Michael Eric Menk 3 months ago

    The 8 USB port pi would be nice for Victron VenusOS if you have more than 4 devices.

  • Nerdsmith
    Nerdsmith 3 months ago

    I ought to show you my pi telescope control hat and hi-quality camera setup - but in all honesty, the size of the sensor for the hi-q camera does not lend itself to high quality astrophotography

  • OffGrid Aussie Prepper™
    OffGrid Aussie Prepper™ 3 months ago +1

    about bloody time someone went the whole hog with usb 3 dammit. did it have a real pcie x1 lane with expandability up to 20 sata ports?

  • Falxie_
    Falxie_ 3 months ago

    Seeing that many USB ports just reminds me of Ethereum mining rigs

  • niet mijn echte naam
    niet mijn echte naam 3 months ago

    i was hoping for a cm4 pi kvm with build in switch so we have a affordable kvm over ip =)

  • Roy Olsen
    Roy Olsen 3 months ago +1

    940 Mbps? That must be with TCP overhead, right? I believe we get close to 970 Mbps with typical Cisco switches or sometimes nearly 990 Mbps with jumbo frames. Assuming typical/high-end Broadcom or Intel interfaces, maybe not not Realtek.

    • Jeff Geerling
      Jeff Geerling  3 months ago +3

      Yeah; MTU 1500, pretty typical for me to see 940-950 Mbps max on any of my gear. If I bump to MTU 9000 / Jumbo frames, I can get 990 Mbps.

  • Tarodenaro
    Tarodenaro 3 months ago +3

    8:03 if only those were PD sockets, with (separate) port adjustable voltage boost, it would be an interesting & nifty power supply for a pi rack.
    add some power meter function (e.g watt usage chart) to network logging and that is 100% dope af.

  • Ginger George
    Ginger George 3 months ago +1

    Just Subbed a few days ago after watching a lot of your videos, I got a Pi400 to learn and tinker about on as Home Assistant looks very powerful after seeing your ZigBee videos
    Great watching your Videos, i hope you can get your hands on the relay board seeing what it can really do, as it would go great with home assistant i think

  • Jared Sutton
    Jared Sutton 3 months ago

    @jeff Any chance you could do your USB + RAID tests using better performing drives? I bought some Lexar P20 drives in 2016ish that could rival some low-to-mid range SSDs in terms of performance. There's probably even better options now.

    • Jeff Geerling
      Jeff Geerling  3 months ago

      I might at some point, for science. The difficulty is how much a good USB flash drive costs! They can be as much as an SSD by itself, and I don't have too much use for them besides toting around some ISOs.

  • hades angelos
    hades angelos 3 months ago

    great content, so many possibilities

  • Lee Quessenberry
    Lee Quessenberry 3 months ago +2

    BitPiRat is definitely made for running a full Bitcoin ledger node. Rad. How are you Jeff? Hope all is well for you. I'm still Drupalin like crazy. :P Love your channel. I have been tinkering with Pis for a few years and I love to see you push limits on the hardware. Amazing stuff.

  • random
    random 3 months ago +5

    It's pretty amazing that the network chip doesnt just burn up or even stop working when it gets too hot. Modern tech is incredible!

    • Jeff Geerling
      Jeff Geerling  3 months ago +4

      Red Shirt Jeff would like to see it catch fire.

  • BeeXpress
    BeeXpress 2 months ago

    It's pretty amazing that I love this channel while only understanding about 20% of what's said.....

  • Raid Owl
    Raid Owl 3 months ago +1

    Bummer on the PoE not working with the Router Board, but I still have an extra CM4 sitting here that I'd like to throw in one of them. Thanks for the vid!

    • Jeff Geerling
      Jeff Geerling  3 months ago +1

      It's possible it will work with a modification-follow along in this issue for more:

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian 3 months ago

    Now if we could actually buy RasPis for acceptable prices without searching through 10 shops to find one all these boards would actually have a use.

  • Nasser Nasab
    Nasser Nasab 3 months ago

    Jeff my son, you always got the best gadgets for tinkerer’s of raspberry pi. I salute you.

  • Atik
    Atik 3 months ago

    Okay. Now I want an ITX form factor board so you can basically use the Pi as a CPU. Just for the memes.

    • Erkin Alp Güney
      Erkin Alp Güney 3 months ago

      @Jeff Geerling I need a MicroBTX one so that I can populate it into my old Optiplex case.

    • Jeff Geerling
      Jeff Geerling  3 months ago +3

      So... stay tuned.

  • KrKest
    KrKest 20 days ago

    At first i want to make a simple replacment for my phone, just adding a toutchscreen and a sim module.
    Later i want to make a home web system (file/media server + router + wifi + simple mail server + even simpler basik http web server (isolated)) and it seems there finally is hardware now available the sata and 4 ethernet board in this video.
    Few other simple projects...
    And for first advanced project (with own pcb with pi module) i want to make a 2 module so called pocket pc with many functions. 1 module to controll and handle all the hardware, the other to just run the os and apps.
    Added hardware(more than in the original build) will be a yoistick mouse, SDR and finally the most challenging hardware addon...
    The sunclasses with built in oled display(i mean i have found some good small dize and good resolution ones but need the perfect, it can cost doble more than everything else combined). So i am playing a computer game blasting(bone induction audio) with full stereo(or be in a zoom call/class with no cam from you but see, hear and can chat with everyone), but walking outside, hand in pocket, with no headset and sound.
    Later on if all works fine i might make a updated version(more rugged and more industrisl looking) of the classes if a better oled is available or old needs replacment (broken) where i would want to add stereo camera(bright light and night vision), distance laser, and maybe even a dedicated stabilised(zoom camera (or prob as an attachment), directional mic and rf resiver.
    Basicly try to make a spy headset (it might end up looking something like a nightvision goggles or something) xD
    Would be cool overall, feel ad a kid again.
    Prob will still keep the light one still too.

  • NEET Man
    NEET Man 3 months ago

    The more i watch,the more i know that it isn't just raspbery pi out there

  • Clown Town
    Clown Town 3 months ago

    I have no idea in terms of Programming, Circuitry and all that. But in the end?
    This is still probably the coolest thing, Why? Because you can increase your space AND! connect many more things.
    at the cost of having a normal sounding electronic device.

  • abhishek sasidharan
    abhishek sasidharan 3 months ago

    Hi Jeff,
    I am planning to build media box with HDMI input using raspberry Pi compute module. I have found some hdmi input boards without 4k input. Do you know any expansion board(with 4k HDMI input) suitable for my requirement?

    • Some Guy
      Some Guy 3 months ago

      The Pi doesn't have enough bandwidth to handle raw 4K input. It can probably do compressed with a Chinese HDMI to USB 3 dongle but even then I'd be concerned about having enough bandwidth left to do anything else.
      For now, if you need to process 4K I think the Pi isn't there yet.

  • Pasha Gaming YT
    Pasha Gaming YT 3 months ago

    That board has more USB ports than my Z490 full-size ATX motherboard

  • Metalistforlife
    Metalistforlife 3 months ago

    We need 3d printer boards with these modules. Maximum klipper.

  • Robert Chamberlain
    Robert Chamberlain 3 months ago

    I want a pi router and I want it my way -- lots of gig Ethernet ports, all pcie of course; m.2 slot; a single USB 3 port, just for show; plenty of power; and a good case -- put Openwrt or similar on it. Happy.

  • Jaba The Short
    Jaba The Short 3 months ago

    Can you look into that relay control board maybe do a completely DIY smart home with it?

  • Declan McArdle
    Declan McArdle 3 months ago

    I hope if/when the Pi5 comes out it 1) has an NVME slot and 2) it points _inwards_ so it's not sticking out like some funny piece of Lego or a Tetris shape...

    • Jeff Geerling
      Jeff Geerling  3 months ago

      Haha, yes, I hate the board designs where you see NVMe drives sticking out like toast popped out of a toaster!

    • Declan McArdle
      Declan McArdle 3 months ago

      @2:15 yes, like that...

  • Stefan Homberg
    Stefan Homberg 3 months ago +1

    Great boards, but now we need some CM4!
    I already have several CM4-based projects lined up and bought all the components... all except for the CM4 which are sold out all over Europe. 😭

    • Stefan Homberg
      Stefan Homberg 3 months ago +1

      @Boyd W sure, pay double msrp and add another 30-50 dollars for shipping. Makes total sense. These are hobby projects.
      But for those who are that desperate, I've got a couple of Pi 3, 3+, CM3 and CM3+ I can sell you for $50 each...

    • Boyd W
      Boyd W 3 months ago

      International shipping? Use a freight forwarder if they won't ship directly.

  • StoutScientist
    StoutScientist 3 months ago +3

    I accidentally stabbed myself with a resistor and I said more like a bleed resistor, also I would love to see a video where you compare the Retro Lite to the other "raspberry pi switch"

  • jghiloni
    jghiloni 3 months ago

    I'm having a hell of a time even finding CM4s! Where would you suggest looking?

    • Jeff Geerling
      Jeff Geerling  3 months ago

      Seeed Studios still has some in stock... at least, they have the 2GB RAM 32GB eMMC model.

  • lsdave
    lsdave 3 months ago

    Im curious if anyone is making an OPS form factor CM4 capable device.

  • AW
    AW 3 months ago

    UUGear's entry: When Xibit hosts 'Pimp my Pi' and finds out you like USB ports.

  • Mark Tomlin
    Mark Tomlin 3 months ago

    I would probably wait until you hit a million before starting a new channel. Having to build two channels at once is going to be overwhelming.

    • Jeff Geerling
      Jeff Geerling  3 months ago +3

      Don't worry, 2nd channel is going to be a lot more casual in schedule. Basically an excuse for me to hang out with my Dad more like when I was a kid and we hack on something here and there.

  • Bento Box
    Bento Box 3 months ago

    Can you do a more indepth video on the PiGear Nano? Also can you use a m.2 wifi card on it instead of the LTE card?

    • Bento Box
      Bento Box 3 months ago

      @Jeff Geerling bummer, still be cool to see some stuff with that CAN bus

    • Jeff Geerling
      Jeff Geerling  3 months ago

      No, unfortunately the Mini PCIe slot is not true Mini PCIe, but rather just connects the USB lines through to the USB 3 hub on the board.

  • zambonidriver42
    zambonidriver42 3 months ago

    Personal gripe. 2 Ethernet ports isn’t enough.
    I want an SFP.+ cage, and 4 ETH ports.
    2 ports just isn’t enough.

    • Jeff Geerling
      Jeff Geerling  3 months ago

      Just wait for the Axzez Interceptor... (though it's ports aren't all Pi interfaces, like on an Intel I340).

  • Project Blackweather
    Project Blackweather 3 months ago

    One Pi-thing I've yet to see come to any fruitful (heu) fruition that I'd like to see come around with these compute modules is homebrew CarPi/DIY Android Auto become an actual thing. The gamut of Android Auto head units runs from "So crap you don't feel bad about Red Shirt Jeff having his mitts on it." to "This is just an Android Tablet" to "Why is a DMR with no DVD drive $900?" A Pi-based option would likely cost somewhere in the middle, and unlike the mid-tier head units that are just overglorified tablets, a lot could be done with a Pi based solution.

    • Project Blackweather
      Project Blackweather 3 months ago

      @Jeff Geerling His experiments with it are why I hope for CM4 based boards for the application. The boardside part of his build is a little bulky. A board with a lot of the modules built-in could cut down on space and using the CM4 vs a full Pi would cut down on size substantially IMO.

    • Jeff Geerling
      Jeff Geerling  3 months ago

      Yeah, I know @Novaspirit Tech has done some exploration in that area.

  • Darren Tarbard
    Darren Tarbard 3 months ago

    It seems like a lot but my current project could do with 8 USB ports, and of course full sized HDMI is much better than micro.

  • Martin x
    Martin x 3 months ago

    It would be even more useful if you could get a PI for it.

  • Tracy Reed
    Tracy Reed 3 months ago

    These are all cool gadgets but I hesitate to buy a device which may not be around for very long. A lot of these feel like one-off production runs. I'm really itching to build a ceph cluster to serve as data storage for a k8s cluster on rpi but I haven't found any hardware which is both capable and which I can trust to be around for a little while when I want to add nodes.

  • arch1
    arch1 3 months ago

    projects and information like this makes me think that alot of people will use a pi as a daily driver soon, these boards do make look great the pi platform
    if pi makes a os with more out of the box support for more hardware people will eventually will open a console just for fun

  • Jonaven Everts
    Jonaven Everts 3 months ago

    You can add up to ten terabytes on the pigear nano if you get the USB sticks, ssd, and sd card. TEN!!

  • Matty bbg
    Matty bbg 3 months ago +1

    I wonder if you could attach a CM4 to elon's neural link thingy.... .Pi resistance is futile.

  • Theartlav
    Theartlav 3 months ago

    ...Dreamcast is a retro console already? And it run on an RPi? Damn, does the time fly...

  • Andrea Mitchell
    Andrea Mitchell 2 months ago

    Hmmm, has the pi 4 2GB variant been discontinued or has Microcenter decided to no longer stock this board?
    I noticed the past few days when refreshing the page it no longer shows any pricing , it just says "sold out" as before it said "sold out" but it had the negative incentive pricing listed now it is just blank, I am wondering if it's going the way of the 1GB variant.

  • Peter Richards
    Peter Richards 3 months ago

    Pig gear nano would be perfect for Christmas light or Halloween decoration triggers.

  • Jen
    Jen 3 months ago

    There are no Rpi 4 8gb stocks in our part of the world. Scalpers are selling it at $200. Crazy.

  • Crafting Nerf
    Crafting Nerf 3 months ago

    this comment is completely unrelated to the video but
    could a raspberry pi be used as a GPU for another pi in a cluster or something like that?

  • Jon G
    Jon G 3 months ago

    8 USB ports looked really compelling until the price... that thing is pushing near $200.

  • Nathan Hamman
    Nathan Hamman 3 months ago

    I wonder if a pcie to pci adapter would work on the cm4, and if so, would a legacy pci gpu be usable on any pi compatible os. I know it wouldn't make a lot of sense to do, but would be interesting to see if it would work.

  • Stuart Edge
    Stuart Edge 3 months ago

    Great work Jeff.