Lorraine Kelly On Her Horrible Kevin Spacey Experience | The Big Narstie Show

  • Published on Apr 12, 2019
  • Lorraine talks about her career in TV and one of the worst guests she's ever had!
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  • Bugle Boy
    Bugle Boy 18 hours ago

    After watching 70s/80s interviewing by Clive James & Dick Cavett - this is a climb down. They didn't need any back up for monosyllabic commentary either!

  • jakistuart
    jakistuart 6 days ago

    I used to know people that worked with Lorraine Kelly, don't be fooled by the giggly bubbly naive little Scottish lady act, no one is successful in that industry without treading on a lot of people and it is JUST an act!

  • 67psych3
    67psych3 11 days ago

    My stepdads laptop history includes lots of searches on busty milfs and Lorraine Kelly! 🤭 as I discovered by accident

  • King Kenny
    King Kenny 14 days ago

    I see the main accuser of Kevin spacey has mysteriously died eh? Murdered by spaceys hired hitman! Now spacey walks free! Until the day he croaks! Then the devil will get him!

  • flipper
    flipper 21 day ago +2

    DOES anyone out there love Lorraine more than she loves herself?

  • renditioners
    renditioners 21 day ago +1

    So sweet to hear Lorraine, indulge in 'immigrant vernacular,

  • Rosie Garnett
    Rosie Garnett 23 days ago

    Love her she seems really down to earth..👌🏾

  • Daniel Henderson
    Daniel Henderson 25 days ago

    Lorraine gets better with age!! Defo bang that!! 😜😜😜

  • Derreck Jones
    Derreck Jones 25 days ago

    I watched 5 seconds and lost 5 brain cells. A programme for dumbos

    PROUD_BRIT 26 days ago

    Rose west

  • Littlehornification
    Littlehornification 29 days ago

    Holy crap that photo looked like Rose West!

  • True Lies
    True Lies Month ago

    Everyone is transgender on this show. Even the host Mo

      GAIL MCKINNEY 29 days ago

      Hi I follow this transgender info.. How do you know Lorraine has small hands and shoulders?

  • lewis morrison
    lewis morrison Month ago

    She looked at her best around 2003, 2004, 2005
    Search videos of her at that time, milf perfection

  • Vinegar Joe
    Vinegar Joe Month ago

    Pathetic woman amongst retards= is just a PC tick show that will never be remembered like any form of African history

  • Tilly T
    Tilly T Month ago

    Lorraine Kelly is a fucking embarrassment to journalism ! Supports the negligent McCanns who left three toddlers alone while they went out on the piss ! Stupid bitch !

  • John wayne
    John wayne Month ago +1

    Rio tell the world it was an honour to be skinned by the greatest player of all time Messi

  • John wayne
    John wayne Month ago

    Wasent Billy Idol knob on her program

  • J-Roc
    J-Roc Month ago

    Big Narstie wouldn't have a show if it wasn't for WILTY.

  • Snaggle Toothed
    Snaggle Toothed Month ago +1

    Where's the Kevin Spacey story?

  • moman
    moman Month ago +1

    fair play to rio for having bebe's back. he still has a career in football. getting paid more than a lot of people in this world.

  • Lepol Hart
    Lepol Hart Month ago

    At least she proved that horrible man wrong by becoming really successful.

  • angelbabe dawg
    angelbabe dawg Month ago


  • kickthespike
    kickthespike Month ago

    How could you not like her! Sweetheart

  • Jerry James
    Jerry James Month ago


  • Abel Manmoth
    Abel Manmoth Month ago

    Rio at 1:43.

  • squattingheads
    squattingheads Month ago


  • Rory O'Donnell
    Rory O'Donnell Month ago


  • Apollyon 1975
    Apollyon 1975 Month ago

    Now he has been cleared of all wrongdoing, kinda makes Kelly look like a lying wench, anybody else fraudulently on the #metoo!

  • Paul Bunyan
    Paul Bunyan Month ago

    What language or languages are they speaking?

    • x
      x Month ago

      They are speaking 'GuyDatBangsUrGirlanese'

  • Betty Thomas
    Betty Thomas Month ago +1

    Lorraine is a lovely lady✌💕

  • Just a Bloke
    Just a Bloke Month ago

    Yeah the guy was a d*ck big deal

  • Carol Miller
    Carol Miller Month ago +2

    Hate her voice and I’m Scottish makes me crindge

    • Vincent Kelly
      Vincent Kelly Month ago +1

      Carol Miller ‘cringe’ ya peasant .

  • Phil Phil
    Phil Phil Month ago

    I really enjoy the Indepth intellectual content of her and her show.

  • zoot soot
    zoot soot Month ago +1

    The only Scot the English can stomach.

  • Wayne Doyle
    Wayne Doyle Month ago

    kelly nice person....LOL....YEAH if you forget here right wing views in the sun newspaper [ which she pretends never happened and will not talk about = COWARD ]...and she is Tax Avoider [ any poor person would have been locked up and shamed for the sh*t she got away with ...look it up ...YUCK ]

  • ατάκα.
    ατάκα. Month ago

    that lady needs a toxicology examination, she has a lot of toxicity inside

  • Andy Tamata
    Andy Tamata Month ago +4

    "There were no black people either..."
    Only Trevor McDonald and Moira Stewart

  • E Azmi
    E Azmi Month ago

    The homeless world cup lol

  • 3506Dodge
    3506Dodge Month ago +2

    How is Lorraine able to understand what they're saying? Does she have a translator speaking in her ear?

    • John Simkins
      John Simkins Month ago

      3506Dodge why would she not? Cuz she scottish?

  • Bob James
    Bob James Month ago

    I don't believe her.

  • Diana Connors
    Diana Connors Month ago

    She always looks fine .

  • nomisnoxin
    nomisnoxin Month ago +2

    Rasa when they showed that pic of her in the 80s I though it was myra hindley

    • Yonelily
      Yonelily Month ago

      I thought Rosemary West

  • A h
    A h 2 months ago

    Is it crazy that Lorraine has gone from milf to gilf?..😣🤫

  • deano Laurence
    deano Laurence 2 months ago

    Deirdre Barlow ..... I think not more like rose west 🤣

    • Diana Connors
      Diana Connors Month ago +1

      deano Laurence .......lol, yes I have to admit she does look like her in that old photo.

  • First name Last name
    First name Last name 2 months ago +3

    Kick a man while hes down? Why not

  • Lesley Hubble
    Lesley Hubble 2 months ago +2

    My dad was Jamaican, that’s a word he used to use 😂

  • Charles Bowman
    Charles Bowman 2 months ago

    Why does he have to shout all the time, does he not understand the concept of a microphone!

  • Anthony Hawkins
    Anthony Hawkins 2 months ago

    Why do they talk like that it’s fake

  • Zos Ma
    Zos Ma 2 months ago +5

    Love Lorraine. Shes brilliant. So humble. Shes sexy as well.

  • mccarraa
    mccarraa 2 months ago

    Are they all British?

  • bluesboy54321
    bluesboy54321 2 months ago +1

    Can yer see ma growler??

  • Wayne Lucas
    Wayne Lucas 2 months ago

    Hahahaha love her !!!!!

  • MrLeonthepro
    MrLeonthepro 5 months ago

    Have ya seen me growler 😉

  • Melmeister -
    Melmeister - 6 months ago

    Such good vibes 🤙🏾

  • Wade 91
    Wade 91 6 months ago +3

    I love how Narstie and Mo can switch it up so much. Like how they were with this lovely lady, and then how they were with Jimmy Carr. This is honestly my favourite show and I’m in Australia, but I keep seeing that the shows been axed? What a shame

  • H.J.W
    H.J.W 6 months ago

    Anyone else just wanna tickle Big Narstie under his chinny chin chin and watch him giggle

  • akaTizzle
    akaTizzle 7 months ago

    She's the reason I find women with scottish accents authoritative, sexy af

  • Ajay Jackson
    Ajay Jackson 7 months ago

    i like lorraine, she's the best tv presenter!!

  • Scary Daddy
    Scary Daddy 7 months ago

    There’s something about this that I don’t believe to be true...