2019 WayV Back to School Kit - Interview Clip

  • Published on Jul 5, 2019
  • WayV is Back to School!
    WayV return as students in Back to School Kit.
    Get closer to WayV through behind the scene Interview!
    与Back to School Kit一起回到了学生时代的威神V

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  • Modilla Rengga
    Modilla Rengga 18 days ago

    Menurutku sih yg paling gila diantara merek bukan Lucas sih yg kyak dibilang orang² tapi yg paling gesrek ya tuh berdua pake celana pendek😌😂😂😂

  • Modilla Rengga
    Modilla Rengga 18 days ago


  • Jamal Andalos
    Jamal Andalos 20 days ago


  • Ery Yustiana
    Ery Yustiana 27 days ago

    lucas 😍😍

  • Person Person
    Person Person Month ago

    I never liked school but if I had them in all my classes then I would never want to go home

  • Kiki nur
    Kiki nur Month ago


  • Sabina Chan
    Sabina Chan Month ago

    I want winwin to be my classmates....

  • SUNGhearteu
    SUNGhearteu Month ago

    唉 有這樣的同學也未免太幸福了

  • Vivian Nguyen Waage


  • Noviyanti Ng
    Noviyanti Ng Month ago

    I am a Wayv fan, I was very confused when I heard this news, if SM had planned to make Ten and Lucas debut as a new boy group, what about the other members on Wayv, they had just debuted together, and it hasn't even been a year yet, is this really true or just collab together ? , whatever happens, I still support you, I love wayv, fighting😊❤️

  • a milliwonaire
    a milliwonaire Month ago


  • Feronika Helsinki
    Feronika Helsinki Month ago


  • kakashi's wife
    kakashi's wife Month ago

    winwin at the end like 👀

  • Breehi Ishmum Nawar

    Ten and winx2 reaction..... 😂😂

  • Ninecara Eugene
    Ninecara Eugene Month ago

    what app do they use to go live mostly? is it VLive?(i deleted that so idk)

  • winwin supremacist
    winwin supremacist Month ago

    This is the last vid from their channel. :'( I need more WayV.

  • Azero
    Azero Month ago

    third years (senpais): Kun, Ten
    second years (sophomores): winwin
    first years (freshman): yangyang, lucas, xiaojun, hendery

  • peachy jaemin
    peachy jaemin Month ago


  • Rima Solihat
    Rima Solihat Month ago


  • Vivi L.
    Vivi L. Month ago

    Who tought about cup of coffee when ten said that they are from the same school 😭😭😭

  • Annie Arres
    Annie Arres 2 months ago

    Aww out of the 3 videos, wayv seem to have the most fun

  • Nashmiya Mohtram
    Nashmiya Mohtram 2 months ago +1

    Yangyang has LONG LEGS.

  • Chatu Dayaratne
    Chatu Dayaratne 2 months ago

    Nice Uniforms. Like School prefects. WINWIN is the head prefect!

  • Fara Nafa Mahardini
    Fara Nafa Mahardini 2 months ago +1

    Nonton nya Wayv. Iklannya Lucas dong:)💚

  • Marsha -
    Marsha - 2 months ago


  • ounrida kong
    ounrida kong 2 months ago

    Boys Over Flowers

  • Suho Ganteng
    Suho Ganteng 2 months ago

    love from indonesia

  • Sophie Thinks
    Sophie Thinks 2 months ago

    Everyone: *school boy mode ON - prancing around*
    Ten: *no fucks given - staying classy - drops the mic - exits scene*

  • Rahma Alya
    Rahma Alya 2 months ago +1

    I hope you will be successful
    fighting winwin
    fighting wayv

  • XxmayraxX 15
    XxmayraxX 15 2 months ago

    I'm still kinda new to WayV so I need names I know Lucas, Ten, and WinWin but not the others... help😅
    Edit: oh wait I'm dumb it's in the subtitles 😐

  • Bucherviews
    Bucherviews 2 months ago

    Me: no longer in school as of several years ago
    Also me: wants the WayV Back To School kit

  • Stephanye Freitas
    Stephanye Freitas 2 months ago

    93 liners can't relate ahsuahsuahsuahs

  • Analoy
    Analoy 2 months ago

    Xiaojun es el pibe más hermoso y tierno del mundo!! 😍💞

  • Faradilla Rizky
    Faradilla Rizky 2 months ago

    Winwin is the normal one

  • Aholixa Siilent
    Aholixa Siilent 2 months ago +1

    @smtown they are artist they need their stage you re a company (tops 3 in korea) are you treat them like this? You should give stage and let them live like other unit this is unfair for WayV

  • Rumeysa Girgin
    Rumeysa Girgin 2 months ago +2

    Wayv my fav💖💖💖😭

  • Lucía Mendes
    Lucía Mendes 2 months ago +1

    0:55 I FELL IN LOVE

  • YoungKookies
    YoungKookies 2 months ago

    Me dio ternura ver como todos se iban haciendo webadas y Sicheng quedó al final como "soy el único normal pueh" xd ❤️

  • NCT DREAM trash
    NCT DREAM trash 2 months ago

    watch me get these kits and cry everyday because i still have to go to school

  • a
    a 2 months ago

    winwin is the only allowed to graduate.

  • ashlyn gamboa
    ashlyn gamboa 2 months ago +1

    Ten standing next to lucas. Brave. 😂

  • ellmmoo
    ellmmoo 2 months ago

    when yangyang said: 📚📙📔✏ i felt that

  • ellmmoo
    ellmmoo 2 months ago

    yangyang is tiny :(

  • jaehyun's icecream
    jaehyun's icecream 2 months ago +1

    I love WayV so freaking much😭💜

  • 浅浅
    浅浅 2 months ago

    最后那一幕超可爱喔 思成哥哥好萌啊 TAT

  • Nunik Rahmasari
    Nunik Rahmasari 2 months ago

    💖💗💕💘💓 xiao jun

  • Diana Ruiz
    Diana Ruiz 2 months ago


  • Nikki Dimmie
    Nikki Dimmie 2 months ago

    Lemme get a back to party kit 💁🏽‍♀️

  • Ariana Garro
    Ariana Garro 2 months ago

    Los amooooooo

  • Friska Sipahutar
    Friska Sipahutar 2 months ago +1

    Ten is so fine 😚

  • loli omg
    loli omg 2 months ago


  • Cheska Calixto
    Cheska Calixto 2 months ago

    I get a lot of Kyungsoo vibes from Winwin 😍😳💕😭

  • Nur Men.
    Nur Men. 2 months ago

    Winwin forever nct 127💚💚💚💚💚

  • Izzy C;
    Izzy C; 2 months ago


  • Kyungsshi Do
    Kyungsshi Do 2 months ago +1

    Ten's quite tall here what happened?? Hahahhaah

  • Ika Mimi
    Ika Mimi 2 months ago

    Aduuu comel la winwin

  • Likha Vlog
    Likha Vlog 2 months ago +1

    Ten kayak anak bayikk di samping lucas 😁😁

  • sukhumal ngenborisut
    sukhumal ngenborisut 2 months ago +1


  • psabil sutardja
    psabil sutardja 2 months ago

    Alhamdulillah winwin dewasa

  • Bronwen
    Bronwen 2 months ago

    *WayV talking about back to school* lmao I just got out for the break 😂