• Published on Apr 27, 2019
  • Duddz & Chase are playing the Hello Neighbor SECRET NEIGHBOR Easter Alpha! For Part 1,2,3 check out our Hello Neighbor Playlist: thexvid.com/p/PLYqGY_-rT9bMEVGjZ7aPv-joAXUrogWLP
    💪This version of Secret Neighbor you can play as specific POWERED UP CHARACTERS:
    Leader=ability buffs the speed of the nearby players
    Scout=can pick up nuts throughout the level and fire them from a slingshot
    Detective=has a photo of the key's location. Other players can't see the photo, so it's up to the detective to describe the location to the team
    Bagger's=backpack gives him an additional inventory slot
    Inventor=collects cogwheels throughout the level, using them to craft items. Flashlight: 2 cogwheels, Gun: 5 cogwheels
    Brave=can escape the Neighbors grip, Brave stunning the Neighbor in the process
    FGTEEV Funny Video ➡️ thexvid.com/video/0HPFdznEmQM/video.html
    FGTEEV's PET AVOCADO ➡️ thexvid.com/video/_kmeb7zURNs/video.html
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  • Alex Sharpes
    Alex Sharpes 10 hours ago +1

    When it's Christmas play Christmas alpha of secret neighbor

  • Kennythebaby 1
    Kennythebaby 1 3 days ago +1


  • Kennythebaby 1
    Kennythebaby 1 3 days ago +1


  • Eorta06
    Eorta06 3 days ago

    All they did was turned off the timer

  • bhela ellazo
    bhela ellazo 3 days ago

    like f***
    or sh**

  • bhela ellazo
    bhela ellazo 3 days ago

    bro there saying cursed stuff

  • John Bremerman
    John Bremerman 6 days ago

    me: chase i love you chase: !?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?! WHATTTTTTTTTTT

  • kevkev18
    kevkev18 7 days ago


  • kevkev18
    kevkev18 7 days ago


  • Zeljka Belas
    Zeljka Belas 7 days ago

    FGteEv im going with you

  • RP - 04RK - Cooksville Creek PS (1165)

    Idk why but I watch this every week if I’m weird

  • Brittaney Culver
    Brittaney Culver 10 days ago

    that kid that custe he needs to shut up

  • Edgar Nunez
    Edgar Nunez 10 days ago

    You could stupid because I hate you I’m gonna head videos because you guys are being mean today is the pizza guy oh so you guys have shown you guys are in

  • Anissa Womack
    Anissa Womack 10 days ago

    When you have Chase you're the best

  • saria al toum
    saria al toum 10 days ago

    Hi fgteev i like fgteev lexi

  • Setemi Oyesanmi
    Setemi Oyesanmi 10 days ago

    They. Even. One. I. Like. Even. Of. Your. Voice. And. I wot. A. ShAt

  • rehnuma rahman
    rehnuma rahman 10 days ago

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yassss Yassssss Yassssssss Yassssssss Yassss Whoooooooooooooooiooiiii

  • Lisa Alvarez
    Lisa Alvarez 11 days ago +1

    Duddy: 29:30 long
    Chase: *Agreeds*
    TheXvid: 24:23 long, *hold my beer*

  • Janeen Bradley
    Janeen Bradley 12 days ago +1

    Marts voice is so funny and I love you vids

  • Deviana Funny
    Deviana Funny 15 days ago


  • Bubanator The best
    Bubanator The best 16 days ago +11

    If watching in 2019 leave a like

  • David Hayward
    David Hayward 23 days ago

    Were doyouget fortnight

  • Luis Alfredo Granados
    Luis Alfredo Granados 24 days ago


  • Josh Jolly
    Josh Jolly 24 days ago

    Fgteev How do you get a Green Screen

  • Walter Garmon
    Walter Garmon 26 days ago


  • David Shaw
    David Shaw 26 days ago


  • Mateo Pulla
    Mateo Pulla 27 days ago

    fgteev Duddy can i call dude

  • Mateo Pulla
    Mateo Pulla 27 days ago

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  • Charlie Robles
    Charlie Robles 28 days ago

    Duddy throw a gang sign

  • Breygan Kruse
    Breygan Kruse 29 days ago


  • Jade Russell
    Jade Russell Month ago

    Chases laugh tho

  • Kwaku Frimpong
    Kwaku Frimpong Month ago

    I love you

  • Ronnie Mfc
    Ronnie Mfc Month ago


  • kuldeep sharma
    kuldeep sharma Month ago +1

    that guy is was so funny i laughed so hard

  • Jose Canada
    Jose Canada Month ago

    fgtv if you get stuck in the bars you have to turn the red clock

  • Jocsan Mairena
    Jocsan Mairena Month ago

    i used to like chase but now I dont

  • Josh FireBoy
    Josh FireBoy Month ago

    its for babies

  • Josh FireBoy
    Josh FireBoy Month ago


  • Josh FireBoy
    Josh FireBoy Month ago

    stupid booty head butts

  • Josh FireBoy
    Josh FireBoy Month ago

    youre idiots

  • Khadijah Kamara
    Khadijah Kamara Month ago

    To go through the gate, twist the clocks😁

  • Diane Gonzales
    Diane Gonzales Month ago

    he should not mute because they are haveing a plan to unlock the door to go to the basment

  • Shandy Queen
    Shandy Queen Month ago


  • victoria clavier
    victoria clavier Month ago

    But just watching the stuff fall down the stairs was sooo funny
    በሩ ጁሰተ ዋተቸሂነገ ተህ ሰቱፈፈ ፋለለ oወነ ተህ።ሰታiረሰ።ዋሰ ሶooo ፉነኔ

  • victoria clavier
    victoria clavier Month ago

    This is how many people think hello minor is a wizard 😐

  • Colin Jenkin
    Colin Jenkin Month ago +7

    Daddy Made it into the basement with chases computer

  • shae cleland
    shae cleland Month ago

    chase screams like a girl

  • wan hafzan
    wan hafzan Month ago +1

    Hi I'm qayyum

  • the Crazy Creeper
    the Crazy Creeper Month ago +2

    That ending just,wow

  • Hope Fischer
    Hope Fischer Month ago

    My ears are bleeding from Chase's screaming

  • Evelyn Hill
    Evelyn Hill Month ago +1

    Tip:the key is NEAR the crow

  • Sahaj K
    Sahaj K Month ago

    Brave is a boy

  • Android Gamer
    Android Gamer Month ago

    There a little warning! Game being crashed before round starts!

  • Teancum Solomona
    Teancum Solomona Month ago


  • Kery McKinney
    Kery McKinney Month ago

    he needs to stop cruping/cussing

  • Mask of the god
    Mask of the god Month ago

    His mom is dead ahhhhhhhh

  • Nicofanforever GAMING

    FGTVDuddy can you give us an activation code?

  • WolfYT!
    WolfYT! Month ago

    Hey FGTeeV! If you didn't know this you can *clone* people when you're the neighbor. Pretty cool right? You should try doing that one time on this channel!

  • guava grape paul
    guava grape paul Month ago

    i will play secert neighbor in the xbox one

  • Dario Morales
    Dario Morales Month ago

    His mother died thats sad 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😳😢😢😢😢😢😢