Cold Open: Best Cop Movies of All Time - Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Episode Highlight)

  • Published on Aug 15, 2019
  • Jake (Andy Samberg), Amy (Melissa Fumero) and Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio) discuss the best cop movies of all time. They finally agree it's a clip of Hitchcock getting kicked in the nuts.
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    Cold Open: Best Cop Movies of All Time - Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Episode Highlight)
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine
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Comments • 131

  • Tuba Kaya
    Tuba Kaya 6 days ago

    Speed, hot fuzz,

  • The Unusual Stranger
    The Unusual Stranger 16 days ago

    Hitchcock and 3 hookers ? .You mean 4 hookers ? .
    Because no one talks about the "I didn't know they would be filming" .

  • Alde Ambara Sakti
    Alde Ambara Sakti 19 days ago

    Y'all forgetting the best cop movie franchise. Beverly Hills cop.

  • Luke Hopton
    Luke Hopton 19 days ago +1

    Hot Fuzz is the greatest cop film of all time❤️

  • madrocts
    madrocts 23 days ago

    Stop commenting, the only correct answer is obvious. Hot Fuzz

  • Schwifty Wizard
    Schwifty Wizard 25 days ago

    The best cop film is Hot Fuzz,change my mind

  • Iverson Paul Alay
    Iverson Paul Alay 25 days ago

    Nothing beats Rush Hour tho

  • stargazer4293
    stargazer4293 26 days ago

    Rosa's voiiiiice!!!!!

  • Natasha Roberts
    Natasha Roberts 26 days ago +10

    Rosa's voice is a little higher here, like Stephanie Beatriz's real voice lol

    • Natasha Roberts
      Natasha Roberts 22 days ago

      @direk saaaaammmmmme

    • Natasha Roberts
      Natasha Roberts 22 days ago

      @Alexandre Fry I figured that, I didn't notice then of course but now it sounds so wrong lol

    • direk
      direk 22 days ago

      I fell so uncomfortable with it right now😂

    • Alexandre Fry
      Alexandre Fry 25 days ago

      she used her normal voice in the first season

  • SonicG05
    SonicG05 27 days ago

    Hot fuzz my top cop movie

  • Lee Anderson
    Lee Anderson 28 days ago +3

    What would Holt say is the best cop movie of them all?

  • Ned Mintz
    Ned Mintz 28 days ago

    Hot Fuzz is the greatest change my mind

  • Destiny87
    Destiny87 28 days ago

    End of Watch is a great cop movie.

  • August Denys
    August Denys 29 days ago

    I can't help but notice that none of them mentioned Hot Fuzz, and that is a travesty.

  • Sumyia Nasim
    Sumyia Nasim 29 days ago


  • Dorian Thomas
    Dorian Thomas 29 days ago

    Police Academy

  • Helio Luiz
    Helio Luiz Month ago

    Queria a 5 temporada na Netflix

  • Dan Farmer
    Dan Farmer Month ago

    Shame terry didnt say white chicks 😂😂

  • HockeyPizzaCraft
    HockeyPizzaCraft Month ago

    Best cop show hands down

  • Mr. Raccoon
    Mr. Raccoon Month ago

    Mall cop? Anyone?

  • The Rageaholic
    The Rageaholic Month ago +10

    ... Rosas voice sounds so off from current day episodes.

  • Danielle Perrin
    Danielle Perrin Month ago

    Hot fuzz

  • sergent chris
    sergent chris Month ago

    yeah robocop!

  • SweetSixteen
    SweetSixteen Month ago


  • Huanita Huanita
    Huanita Huanita Month ago +2

    Best cop movie definitely Hot Fuzz .

  • SaLoNi
    SaLoNi Month ago +2

    Ooh they do have the greatest cop movie of all time

    To hitchcock i have one word: oof

  • Brendan Heade
    Brendan Heade Month ago +1

    The best cop movie I’ve ever seen is... L.A. Confidential.

  • Seventy Eight
    Seventy Eight Month ago +6

    Zootopia is the best cop movie.

  • thatgirlnamedem
    thatgirlnamedem Month ago

    Hot Fuzz?

  • Khairulll
    Khairulll Month ago

    deez nut

  • Doctor Taha
    Doctor Taha Month ago

    Best cop movie? Ever? Yeah that’s the Departed.

  • Doughnut Bunny
    Doughnut Bunny Month ago +12

    Best cop show:

  • P지냥
    P지냥 Month ago

    Whats with rosa's voice?

  • mae mara
    mae mara Month ago +56

    if zootopia was already released in 2013, it's totally the one boyle gonna say lol

  • Gorgeous George
    Gorgeous George Month ago +1

    Die hard without a doubt

  • Romero
    Romero Month ago +19

    Here we have a group of people who didn't watch Hot Fuzz

  • Hector Arredondo
    Hector Arredondo Month ago +2

    For Hard is not a cop movie John MaClain is an action hero who just happens to be a cop but Die Hard is a Christmas movie

  • Alec Hyre
    Alec Hyre Month ago +1

    Sorry Jake but Bad Boys 2 is the only answer

  • Anirudha Sanap
    Anirudha Sanap Month ago +4

    Best Cop Movie :
    1. The Departed.
    2. Die- hard.
    3. Die-hard 3.

  • Mr.PerfectCell
    Mr.PerfectCell Month ago +1

    #3 22 jump street
    #2 Die Hard
    #1 Dirty Harry

  • clintbrew
    clintbrew Month ago

    Police academy 4 citizen on Patrol (or any police academy movie) and Die Hard

  • Shivani D
    Shivani D Month ago +4

    Noice, smort.

  • tony cee
    tony cee Month ago +6

    Best cop film Is definitely end of watch

  • Matthew Hanson
    Matthew Hanson Month ago +153

    Wtf. Hitchcock said “that happened 4 years ago” and the cam says 2009. Which is now 10 years ago. Man I feel old.

    • MrJab4309
      MrJab4309 Month ago +4

      This was from an earlier season so at the time, accurate

  • Mr.Lonely
    Mr.Lonely Month ago +1

    Terry likes "Foreign" films.

  • MrBrawler16
    MrBrawler16 Month ago +218

    Hot Fuzz is my personal favorite cop movie.

  • Natã Lopes
    Natã Lopes Month ago +1


  • stypayhorlikson 3000
    stypayhorlikson 3000 Month ago +371

    "RoboCop. It's got everything I like- gratuitous violence "
    "Oh I thought you were listing things."
    "I was. I'm done."

    • Naina Singh
      Naina Singh 3 days ago

      Rosa’s voice became more suiting for the role over seasons

    • stypayhorlikson 3000
      stypayhorlikson 3000 Month ago +1

      @AH GAMING Glad to be of help!

      AH GAMING Month ago

      stypayhorlikson 3000 thank you I’m deaf

  • stypayhorlikson 3000
    stypayhorlikson 3000 Month ago +17

    Jake's hair 👀
    He looks so noice 🥺

  • Stumesy Andos
    Stumesy Andos Month ago +2

    The Other Guys is a pretty funny cop film

    • Henry Bui
      Henry Bui Month ago

      Yeah but only the beginning though, the rest sucks

  • Mengsk Arcturus
    Mengsk Arcturus Month ago +8

    If any of you have a different opinion, DIE HARD

  • Dineth Madurawala
    Dineth Madurawala Month ago +13

    Skully is genuinly embarrased in the thumbnail.. lmao

  • FreshyGirl Aj
    FreshyGirl Aj Month ago +2

    Was just watching one of these videos when this was uploaded

  • Nikolas Atsis
    Nikolas Atsis Month ago +3

    And rush hour

  • Nikolas Atsis
    Nikolas Atsis Month ago +1


  • Owen Kramer
    Owen Kramer Month ago +2

    Whitch episode is that or is it seseon 7

    • Infinite Me!
      Infinite Me! Month ago +1

      Season 1 ep 3 ;))

    • Owen Kramer
      Owen Kramer Month ago

      @Diamond Assassin129 thnx the last time i saw seseon 1 is 1 year a go i watched the show all over again this month accept seseon 1 and 2

    • Diamond Assassin129
      Diamond Assassin129 Month ago

      Season 1

  • Elmo, The Lord, Our Savior

    For me the dark knight

  • Otaku Turtle
    Otaku Turtle Month ago +41

    I like the passive aggressive air to this scene

  • pawsomecatp
    pawsomecatp Month ago +125

    i literally just watched die hard so i could understand what jake was talking about

    • vegeta30000
      vegeta30000 28 days ago +2

      Die Hard best to worst:
      don't worry if you've not seen the 5th and if you've only watched the first 2 try to make time for 3 & 4 :D

    • Mothman The9th
      Mothman The9th Month ago +2

      Don't know if it's my favorite cop movie but it is my favorite Christmas movie

    • Laura Barclay
      Laura Barclay Month ago +4

      I know the show is quoting die hard but when I watched the movie I kept thinking oh they used that in b99 and I finally got all the reference in the die hard Christmas episode.

    • Titan Insane
      Titan Insane Month ago

      I watched Die Hard because of Brooklyn Nine-Nine too !

    • scOrp awsome
      scOrp awsome Month ago


  • Lee Anderson
    Lee Anderson Month ago +512

    Best cop film of all time, Rush Hour

    • The Unusual Stranger
      The Unusual Stranger 16 days ago

      Best cop movie , The Secret in her Eyes .

    • Yun Rui Shaw
      Yun Rui Shaw 26 days ago

      Lee Anderson the whole series was amazing. Chief inspector Lee and Detective James Carter, best duo.

    • Tejas Raj Ganapathy
      Tejas Raj Ganapathy Month ago +1

      Well said bro

    • Sami Jo
      Sami Jo Month ago +4

      rush-hour two is better

    • Punisher Castle
      Punisher Castle Month ago +6

      Lee Anderson ooo good call, it’s def up there lol