Gordon Shocked That Chef Isn't Allowed To Season His Food | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on Apr 13, 2019
  • "Tastes like a wet diaper"
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  • sunflower tea
    sunflower tea 7 hours ago

    I need to know Steven’s social media, he’s such a kind soul

  • TheGrrf
    TheGrrf 20 hours ago

    Steven looks hella like John Francis Daley

  • guinna irinco
    guinna irinco Day ago

    Why are there church pews?

  • Sam Jeavons
    Sam Jeavons Day ago

    my name is Stephen by the way

  • Erron White
    Erron White Day ago

    What episode?

  • Dumb Comment
    Dumb Comment Day ago

    *Walks in like a boss*
    *Get his ass whipped by a true man*

  • Matthew Kwabena Adu-Larbi

    The owner looks like Murray from The Goldbergs

  • reuben clark
    reuben clark 2 days ago

    This gives me burger flashbacks

  • Russ Tseu
    Russ Tseu 2 days ago

    David asking the real questions though, does Gordon pay for the food he orders in these episodes?

  • Brandon •
    Brandon • 2 days ago

    I really just wanna scream “Steven” in that restaurant

  • Hussein Dawod
    Hussein Dawod 2 days ago

    4:19 this manzz just left some perfectly good fries

  • Jo-Anne Winmill
    Jo-Anne Winmill 3 days ago

    Gordon felt confrontational look at yourself

  • le Hoarderz Al-Shekelsteins

    [insert dry plain water jokes here]

  • Dork Bunbuns
    Dork Bunbuns 3 days ago

    TheXvid: **recommends Kitchen Nightmares**
    Me: _ah shit, here we go again._

  • Shrimp Shell
    Shrimp Shell 3 days ago +3

    "Tastes like a wet diaper"
    What is a diaper? Like fabrics or something?
    Therefore (if I am correct) Gordon Ramsay's food tastes like water cotton

  • Dr Mlem
    Dr Mlem 4 days ago +3

    Steven kind of has a look like Shawn Mendes idk?

  • One Punch
    One Punch 4 days ago


  • E. Rutger
    E. Rutger 4 days ago

    3:03 *Asks generic question to give the audience background*

    Owner: "Well originally me and Michael had the place over on Avenue Way.... And then we decided to get out of there...

    Gordon: "Oh, wow, so fascinating. Now fuck off so I can try your crappy food I'm going to have to ream your for."

  • AKA Peter Rabbit
    AKA Peter Rabbit 6 days ago

    The waiter is a gimp

  • André Miranda
    André Miranda 6 days ago

    Eis o pé de fava americano.

  • kahlesstiberius
    kahlesstiberius 6 days ago +1

    I like the way the owner walked in, stopped, looked worried and then said gordon was confrontational, wow, what a douche.

  • Ayalus
    Ayalus 6 days ago +1

    Steven is just fabulous

  • Beau Bosler
    Beau Bosler 7 days ago

    Girls: Omg Steven wants to just to have Ramsey eat his ass Omg i ship them😍😍

  • Generic White Male
    Generic White Male 7 days ago +2

    Steven overacting for the camera is making me cringe

  • Jason Jayawardena
    Jason Jayawardena 8 days ago

    Steven seems so nice and bubbly

  • IKONxIKONICS140915 Ikon

    5:20 dammm

  • IKONxIKONICS140915 Ikon

    You are a kidder “

  • IKONxIKONICS140915 Ikon

    1:40 HAHAHAHAHA he likes him

  • Sankhadeep Ghosh
    Sankhadeep Ghosh 8 days ago

    Ha-ha The entrance of the first owner was straight out of a comic book.. he may have been like - they have cameras i have to wear the shades when I enter..

  • Barbara Dyson
    Barbara Dyson 8 days ago

    What an arrogant turd that thing david is.

  • Peter Pluim
    Peter Pluim 9 days ago

    “Gordon shocked”. Obviously.

  • Shan B
    Shan B 9 days ago +8

    Owner : When I first met Gordon I thought he seemed a bit confrontational
    Me : That's literally the nicest I've ever seen Gordon be

  • Evie Rules
    Evie Rules 10 days ago +1

    Hi my name is Steven if anything let me know
    a few minutes later

    Hi my name is Ste--
    Gordon's mind OK I KNOW JUST LET ME BE

  • Seddik Aizen
    Seddik Aizen 10 days ago

    Michael:you took everything from me
    Steven:I don't even know who you are

  • Catherine Barasa
    Catherine Barasa 10 days ago

    All episodes have that one nice waiter

  • Alex
    Alex 10 days ago +5

    No one:
    The description of the video: “Tastes like a wet diaper”

  • • Laura •
    • Laura • 11 days ago


  • aasipalli
    aasipalli 11 days ago

    0:23 me walking into class 5 minutes late

  • miza.
    miza. 13 days ago +1

    Bread? Soggy
    Lobster? Bland
    Steven? Michael
    Hotel? Trivago.

  • veronikah K
    veronikah K 13 days ago

    Gordon always points Health Hazards out.He is likeable to me

  • Retarted Brat
    Retarted Brat 14 days ago

    Clam chowder looks like the vomit the baby I baby sit threw up on me when he drank too much milk

    • Tai Bannister
      Tai Bannister 12 days ago

      You see that pfp you got there, change it

  • Luca Essers
    Luca Essers 14 days ago

    0:20 shit i thought the Terminator came in xD

  • Anita IceCream
    Anita IceCream 14 days ago

    First owner pulled a dildo out his ass before coming.

  • some random guy
    some random guy 15 days ago

    Mac & cheese????? That ain't a restaurant that's a fucking dinner.

    • 1 0
      1 0 15 days ago

      That ain't a dinner that's a lunch

  • Aspero_YT
    Aspero_YT 15 days ago +5

    Steven:- Speak of the devil
    He is one of the best waiters I've seen in KN. They don't deserve him

  • goosebumps
    goosebumps 16 days ago

    That waiter was riding ramsays dick so hard

    • goosebumps
      goosebumps 12 days ago

      @Tai Bannister Yeah probably

    • Tai Bannister
      Tai Bannister 12 days ago

      It seemed like being a good waiter that's all

  • K.mo
    K.mo 16 days ago +1

    Steven is so cute i would date him 😍❤️😂

  • Jules Hayward
    Jules Hayward 17 days ago

    My gaydar is alert when Steven is in range 🤔

  • Smash Army
    Smash Army 17 days ago

    Which season and episode is this?

  • samson lei
    samson lei 17 days ago +1

    “It’s like eating a fucking wet diaper”

    How do u know what that taste like?

  • NerdWithFriends
    NerdWithFriends 18 days ago

    Damn does Michael have feelings for Gordon?

  • UK Drillings
    UK Drillings 18 days ago

    Unseasoned tier

  • Spoder
    Spoder 19 days ago +7

    “Being condescending and knowing it all” bruh he’s a Michelin chef. Ofc he knows more than you

    • itsyaboi
      itsyaboi 11 days ago

      He was talking about the owner not Gordon

    • One 2.
      One 2. 13 days ago +3

      He said Dave... I’m guessing that guy is fired for bitching about his boss

    • Lele
      Lele 19 days ago +2

      But the chef wasn't talking about Gordon but about David, who isn't a Michelin chef

  • gabrili2 223
    gabrili2 223 20 days ago

    pesadelo na cozinha > kitchen nightmares

  • The Cube
    The Cube 20 days ago +1

    0:24 more like the terminator

  • Mr Nydus
    Mr Nydus 20 days ago +1

    David walking in like a shield agent 0:23

  • ransom182
    ransom182 20 days ago +1

    I wish Steven was my boyfriend.

  • sarah zhou
    sarah zhou 20 days ago +5

    Steven sort looks like Shawn Mendes from the side

  • ChaoticDoll
    ChaoticDoll 21 day ago

    This is by far one of the funniest ones I have seen, one for flirtatious steven, and secondly for the owners picking up on the fact that ramsay like steven at least.

  • ChaoticDoll
    ChaoticDoll 21 day ago

    Ramsay and steven are flirting