QUESTIONS / Thirty Days - Day Fifteen w/Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins

  • Published on Jan 27, 2017
  • Every day on #ThirtyDays, William Patrick Corgan​ is asked a lot of questions. On Day Fifteen, the midway point of the trip, random happenstance created two unique situations. Every day the team does not plan out where we will go or what will happen. No predetermined finishes. This is real. Including a pair of fans who figured out where Billy was broadcasting live on Facebook and found us. What happened next was a life long dream coming true for two huge The Smashing Pumpkins​ fans. Also an unsuspecting Radio DJ in Bay City, Texas was at a loss for word when Billy Corgan strolled by and ended up getting an impromptu interview and asks the question everyone is asking. Will there be a Smashing Pumpkins reunion? Also we find ourselves in unique locations like the train museum in Galveston, TX and a beautiful movie theater that is no longer being used.
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  • BumbleBee
    BumbleBee 2 months ago

    God damn he’s just so fricking interesting and smart!

  • Endezeichen Grimm
    Endezeichen Grimm 3 months ago

    13:01 Edna Texas. That's where Stone Cold grew up.

    7:17 the Stalker guy is driving the van.....

  • uncooked ham
    uncooked ham 4 months ago

    Billy and the Pumpkins shaped my childhood. Made me into the successful mid 30's person I am today. Enjoyed watching the Pumpkins live at many gigs through the Siamese Dream, Mellon Collie and Machina tours. I saw that he he was on InfoWars recently. Was a massive blow. I was gutted :(

  • doobiescoo1
    doobiescoo1 5 months ago

    Mr. Corgan seems like a very nice guy.

  • Dave 80
    Dave 80 5 months ago +1

    In the end of this video of amazing good info . He he sums up in an amazing way of how to get yourself out their. We as entertainers need to soak up any info that guys like this are willing to share . I hope people watch all this video if they wanna be a professional entertainer and soak it up. 🤘😎🤘Thanks so much Billy for sharing that info.

  • Dave 80
    Dave 80 5 months ago +1

    Billy is just a fascinating musician and person in general has a wide knowledge of music and he and Guys like Dave Grohl have made and are still making the music that I love. So many of the guys of that error are gone . I’m glad he stayed grounded and didn’t get into the downward spiral crash and burn part of the music business. I love his videos for me as a singer has an amazing plethora of good knowledge of what it is to be on that level. I am very thankful of him taking time to tell a story and pass this info about him and def like his mind set about music and life in general. Really cool he take time to play with that dude . He’s humble guy really cool!!!🤘😎🤘I would give anything just to write with him.🎤🎼🎸

  • Michael Wandell
    Michael Wandell 6 months ago

    LA dolly Vita wow... Awesome.. Play vanilla.

  • Michael Wandell
    Michael Wandell 6 months ago

    Come back to Knoxville.. TN.. Please.

  • D C
    D C 6 months ago +1

    I really want to be Billy Corgan's friend.
    Or anyone's friend for that matter. Hi.

  • blurrymonster
    blurrymonster 7 months ago

    That was some killer advice right there.

  • burned oils
    burned oils 8 months ago

    lol@ the name droping he does out of nowhere lolol(the dude with the long hair that is a louser)

  • P Ruston
    P Ruston 9 months ago

    I’ve seen this before, but watching again, and I love this episode!! How awesome of WPC to lend his time, knowledge and advice so freely! Seeing the look of surreality on that guy’s face is worth a thousand words... 😍

  • Muzzikk Luvvr
    Muzzikk Luvvr 9 months ago

    Thank you for sharing another part of your life!

  • spiderkitty76
    spiderkitty76 10 months ago

    "Lead singer" of Smashing Pumpkins? Mmmmm-kay

  • Spyridon Kaprinis
    Spyridon Kaprinis 11 months ago


  • Dave Klein
    Dave Klein Year ago

    Best advice ever!$ Thanks WPC

  • Ronnie T
    Ronnie T Year ago

    Day fifteen w/ guy who has an amazing Assassin's Creed cosplay

  • Kevin N
    Kevin N Year ago +1

    Billy singing with the fan was simply awesome..... what dreams are made of

  • Hangnail Truth
    Hangnail Truth Year ago +1

    "I've never been in a caboose. Though you can take that both ways." lololol

  • moki
    moki Year ago

    I love this man so damn much

  • carlos crompton
    carlos crompton Year ago +1

    i think the pumpkins should reform, and do a small tour so the rest of the band can make some money before its to late and restore corgans credabillyt

    • Billy Smith
      Billy Smith Year ago

      80617qaz cmdl- Yes they are touring but with out D'Arcy on.this tour which is bullshit..Its not the original band without her..So yeah!!

  • zerosoma33
    zerosoma33 Year ago

    1:50 that is the creepiest billy shit ever!!

  • Stephen Brown
    Stephen Brown Year ago

    Imagine if that happened to you.....

  • Craig Falconer
    Craig Falconer Year ago


  • Billy Bees
    Billy Bees Year ago

    Cool as ice cream

  • Laser DuChamp
    Laser DuChamp Year ago

    That was slovely chat with that young musician, must be tired I got a tear of happiness : )

  • Jani Johnny
    Jani Johnny Year ago +1

    i like how "the guitarist" is a lefty and he just reversed his strings like i did to some of my early guitars

  • Ben Jones
    Ben Jones Year ago

    Billy is like a kid at that train museum it's quite cute lol

  • Gerrit Kortland
    Gerrit Kortland Year ago

    Humans 2.0

  • Gerrit Kortland
    Gerrit Kortland Year ago

    Lefthanded people are always plus one

  • Daniel Nunez
    Daniel Nunez Year ago

    He was on 288 so he drove past my home and I didn't know! 😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Jason Dodd
    Jason Dodd Year ago +7

    Billy is so down to earth . I have always loved Billy ...

    • Star Moon
      Star Moon 5 months ago

      jason dodd - he saved my life......died in hospital...nurse played radio loud to wake me.....was first time I heard him...was disarm.

  • Dartheomus
    Dartheomus Year ago

    So good... I love your music and this really helps me appreciate you for who you are as well. It would be a dream come true (and completely nerve wracking) to play a cover of one of your songs in front of you. I'm not sure the guy fully appreciated the advice, but it is so dead on. Thanks for putting this out there.

  • musicmaker111
    musicmaker111 Year ago

    Thanks billy I pray I meet you one day

  • ariesred777
    ariesred777 Year ago

    @3:54 "more money more problems" more garbage so true lol!

  • pallenk
    pallenk Year ago

    you can come get into my caboose anytime.

  • SpaceOrbison
    SpaceOrbison Year ago

    man stfu about where you came from for the video jesus fuck...

  • Tim Connors
    Tim Connors Year ago +9

    Dude just got business lesson from Corgan.

  • Ezekiel33USA
    Ezekiel33USA Year ago +1

    I bet that dude never thought he would be walking down the street and see Billy Corgan and then was able to play with him.

  • b butler
    b butler Year ago

    great stories

  • Tyler Piltz
    Tyler Piltz Year ago

    LUCKY MOTHER ^&*#@er @ 8:03!!

  • Crimsonphilosophy
    Crimsonphilosophy 2 years ago

    I could see him doing a Michael Palin kind of show after watching this.

  • skylilly1
    skylilly1 2 years ago +3

    Billy, I remember when you playing landslide wrong. lol First song I taught myself to play. My poor mom in the background "dammit, play something else." Cute couple, really enjoyed it!

  • Sian Evans
    Sian Evans 2 years ago

    Looking forward to Billy's solo album!

  • M ....
    M .... 2 years ago

    I Love you Mr Corgan

  • Ryan Walsh
    Ryan Walsh 2 years ago

    called him out on the La Dolly Vita ... BC is a savage

    • Eric Komah
      Eric Komah Year ago

      Empty Shells That's so fucking awesome bro!!

    • Empty Shells
      Empty Shells 2 years ago +3

      There's little difference in the way I played it versus the alternate tuning. He was impressed with how I played it actually (we played the full song, video still on persicope). Still..I got to meet him and hang and play song and get a guitar lesson so:
      me: 1
      ryan walsh: 0

  • Solaria Europa
    Solaria Europa 2 years ago


  • moki
    moki 2 years ago +1

    Great advice!

  • Jay & Bean
    Jay & Bean 2 years ago +6

    made a compilation/montage of all the EC3 jokes and references throughout the series
    check it out on my channel!

  • Benny Stanley
    Benny Stanley 2 years ago

    What's the guys name from empty shells?

  • Zion Carlson
    Zion Carlson 2 years ago

    looks like he's having a lot of fun in this one

  • Zac Cousins
    Zac Cousins 2 years ago +1

    Playing a left handed acoustic, what!? And then, BAM (mind totally blown), plays a left handed guitar right handed and upside down! Nice! Haha :)

  • Mike Parker
    Mike Parker 2 years ago

    So awesome that you visited the railroad museum! Trains, and specifically, photographing them, are my passion. So neat that you chose to visit there! I made it to that museum a few years back, and photographed that Santa Fe , on an excursion, just last fall!

  • Chesty Vulva
    Chesty Vulva 2 years ago +1


    • Chesty Vulva
      Chesty Vulva 8 months ago

    • Chesty Vulva
      Chesty Vulva 8 months ago

      I took Corgan's advise and am now involved with an album by The Residents, I have my own album out on vinyl, and people are buying it! Thank you, Mr. Corgan.

  • Marlie Centawer
    Marlie Centawer 2 years ago +2

    "history's heavy if you let it be, you just have to kind of sit in it a minute" xo

  • LA Traveler
    LA Traveler 2 years ago

    I love Galveston. Do a John Denver cover!

  • Dylan Williams
    Dylan Williams 2 years ago +4

    man you with that fan was amazing.

  • Liz Pierce
    Liz Pierce 2 years ago

    I turn 34 well today now hey billy corgan please wish me a happy birthday that would make my year poor favor

  • sneepers100
    sneepers100 2 years ago +1

    At the 4:25 mark I thought that was Tom Hanks at first no joke i really thought it was him

  • puredistraction
    puredistraction 2 years ago +3

    you should make a clip of that band advice, id love to be able to easily show that to stupid musicians

    • Charles Patrick
      Charles Patrick 4 months ago

      puredistraction he gave that dude a soft landing, IDK about 30,000 likes, but half a million TheXvid views should get some attention, knew Billy from when they ventured out of Chicago and played their first gig in Milwaukee, he had a good instinct for finding people who were influencers in each town to spread word, college radio was key back then

  • Logan McCoy
    Logan McCoy 2 years ago

    Come to Casper WY I can play most Pumpkin songs! Aside from a couple songs on each album. Awesome insight

  • Fernando Ramoa
    Fernando Ramoa 2 years ago +9

    holy fucking shit! It's like you're walking down the street and suddenly see the dude responsible of the greatest music memories of your life and sit down in a park and fucking jam together!! l'm losing my mind!

  • StarlytNite
    StarlytNite 2 years ago

    Oh no he plays it wrong
    That's why you go find the Corgan to be sure you play his stuff right
    That's is so awesome

  • StarlytNite
    StarlytNite 2 years ago

    Hahaha they found you

  • StarlytNite
    StarlytNite 2 years ago

    Yes I like the top hat on you
    Linkin Pumpkinator Gator
    Tonight tonight in the Beach

  • StarlytNite
    StarlytNite 2 years ago

    Sabbath he's still hardcore, gotta a lot of Zero & Bullets of Butterflies wings fans
    Smashing Pumpkins smashing it smash the evil out of the world

  • StarlytNite
    StarlytNite 2 years ago

    I can't believe it's been that long
    Over 10 years since class reunion and I was nearly a freshmen when they broke up
    To live through high school with out the Pumpkins was horrible

  • StarlytNite
    StarlytNite 2 years ago

    How Aerosmith came back the numbers of times
    As I said, babies are expensive
    He'll want the latest video game, electronic gadget he must have
    I gotta be the coolest kid with the coolest stuff cause my dad is the coolest
    WPC would be back on the road again cause of maxed out credit cards he gotta hold of

  • StarlytNite
    StarlytNite 2 years ago

    Lost to the GIANTS yaaaaa lol
    Haha Tom Brady

  • StarlytNite
    StarlytNite 2 years ago

    You'll have ta give them your ZuZu's

  • StarlytNite
    StarlytNite 2 years ago

    Awesome top hat the long jacket the sea and sky scene

  • StarlytNite
    StarlytNite 2 years ago

    I'm eating ice cream as they say, as cool as ice cream... awesomeness

  • S Cruz
    S Cruz 2 years ago +1

    Adam the woo was there too!

  • Anita Deptowicz
    Anita Deptowicz 2 years ago

    I have to say here what I said in Adams channel ; He mentioned you one day and the next day he just happened to run into you? ! I can not believe that, His chances of getting hit by lightening would be greater. Adam had to of been following you. Put the truth out there, he is wrong to lie to his audience and treat them like fools.

  • Skip Co
    Skip Co 2 years ago +2

    Glad you ran into Adam the Woo. It is spooky how similar your journeys have been. You have shown many of the same sites through different eyes. You both had the sensation of being geographically lost but present physically and in the spirit. You both had Dino experiences in completely different ways. Thanks for sharing your journey with us! Hope to see what the road shows you next.

  • kelbo rock
    kelbo rock 2 years ago

    kelbo rock. Google plus. please check out my music.smashing pumpkins forever

  • Brad Richards
    Brad Richards 2 years ago

    Thank you for doing this, Billy. I have been a huge fan since high school. I look forward to seeing future videos and destinations.

  • dman030
    dman030 2 years ago


  • Ashley Jones
    Ashley Jones 2 years ago +3

    I truly enjoyed this segment of #thirtydays, Billy, almost as much as the cool couple. And great choice of tune 👏

  • a film by [daniel]
    a film by [daniel] 2 years ago +2

    here from Adam the Woo! always loved your music, but had no idea you were traveling like this! susbscribed!

  • bluevast
    bluevast 2 years ago +1

    *cool while I scream*

  • tubenshaft
    tubenshaft 2 years ago +2

    So, i'm wondering, how come there isn't a single comment on how your tracker has caught up with you?
    is it because everyone on here is from The Woo channel and they don't know about him tracking you? it's funny though. there he is, sitting in your van as if nothing ever happened. oh well, oh and no segment at the end.

  • Imsuchaliar
    Imsuchaliar 2 years ago +4

    Hey man, check out your copy of "Pisces Iscariot"..."Cool as ice cream" is written in there in Billy's liner notes. I've read them so many times over the years! "Deciphered" might be the right word as I was young and English is not my first language. :)

  • crush41gb
    crush41gb 2 years ago +2

    Found you through Adam the Woo but, love Smashing Pumpkins too! :-D

  • Nicholas Plant
    Nicholas Plant 2 years ago +12

    Billy truly is a genius. Watching these episodes has made me dig into your catalog again. It makes me miss the 90's so much. Please keep doing what you do.

  • Aki Aro
    Aki Aro 2 years ago

    I was watching SP in Helsinki in 2000 {the last gig} and now Woo send me here. Small world.

  • Martinoise Musica
    Martinoise Musica 2 years ago

    "la doly vitaaa cool as ice cream"
    thats what he's talking about at the beggining

  • BroskyWhoDatedHoski
    BroskyWhoDatedHoski 2 years ago +4

    adam the woo and billy ! wow nice

  • Skullflowerz
    Skullflowerz 2 years ago +1

    'empty shells' sounds more like a song than a name of a band. I think come up with something more prolific to encompass the thing as a whole. the sound of your music.

  • starlodear
    starlodear 2 years ago +1

    Love those intimate moments you are sharing with us, Billy! Much love from Germany!

  • Destiny Lopez
    Destiny Lopez 2 years ago +4

    BTW I loved your interview on info wars! I agree with everything you and Alex Jones talked about. you're such a wise man Billy. I am a proud fan.

  • Destiny Lopez
    Destiny Lopez 2 years ago +2

    this is so amazing ..including us (your fans) in this journey with you.. I love that there is a sense of unity that brings people together through your music. when the world seems crazy your music is an escape for many myself's good to hear live raw music especially in this day and age 😊 p.s if you add "hello kitty kat" to your 30 days I won't be mad at all haha.

  • Buckshot
    Buckshot 2 years ago +3

    New sub, I love Adam the Woo and it's cool to see you sharing adventures.

  • Danny Lugo
    Danny Lugo 2 years ago

    It's the daily Pumpkin-Woo

  • Brian
    Brian 2 years ago

    William do you have a plan on where you are going or are you just driving around? Does anybody know where he is going next?

  • Shereen C
    Shereen C 2 years ago +1

    Nostalgic! Those two fans were like me and my friend Anna when we met you here in Manila. Well, except that we don't sing. We just chatted for a whole hour and that was so unforgettable

  • R Bailey
    R Bailey 2 years ago

    Sent by Adam the Woo.......just subscribed! Great video......will have to take the time to view your older ones.

  • Miami Video Productions
    Miami Video Productions 2 years ago +2

    Just showed my class the "La Dolly Vita" section with the digital age advice. Self promotion to gain your audience will be even more important as the get older.

  • Charlie Brown
    Charlie Brown 2 years ago +9

    Adam the Woo sent me but ive been a fan since I was a teenager.

  • Jen Ship
    Jen Ship 2 years ago

    la dolly vita!! 😲🙃🤗