Alec Baldwin Shifts Blame, Now Wants Police To Monitor Gun Safety on Movie Sets

  • Published on Nov 26, 2021
  • Alec Baldwin Rust

    Shifting blame seems to be Alec Baldwins M.O. After shooting his cinematographer, Alec is now advocating for a police officer on movie sets to police gun safety.

    He tweets: "Every film/TV set that uses guns, fake or otherwise, should have a police officer on set, hired by the production, to specifically monitor weapons safety."

    I and the rest of the world are trying to figure out how a police officer doing the same job as the armorer would have prevented him from pointing a gun at someone and pulling the trigger.

    Either way, this is a prime example of how anti-gunners love to shift blame whenever someone deliberately does something unfortunate with a gun.

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  • steelcannibal
    steelcannibal Month ago +1479

    I worked as a range safety officer for over 10 years, and believe it or not, just because police carry guns, does NOT make them the Pinnacle of firearms safety...

    • Noah Larson
      Noah Larson Month ago

      @Shooting Bricks Damn. That's messed up. Lol
      But you know....we're SUPPOSED to be proficient. And that's one thing the military (as a general rule) does a pretty pretty decent job at is holding people (other than officers) accountable. 🤷‍♂️😆

    • Shooting Bricks
      Shooting Bricks Month ago +1

      @Noah Larson when i was a Marine, myself and my fellow Marines got shot at due to a negligent discharge by another Marine. None of us were hit but he got punished. Got non recommended for promotion (he was gonna get promoted in a week.)

    • Shooting Bricks
      Shooting Bricks Month ago +1

      @Penguinsrockrgr8 Yt few in the train regularly with firearms. Most just shoot during their annual qualifications

    • Shane McGuire
      Shane McGuire Month ago

      I cannot agree with your statement more! Woo Hoo! I have worked as an Armed Security Officer in Silicon Valley for 20+ Years. I worked closely with Law Enforcement Officers, and I will say there are competent Officers and there are Incompetent Officers when it comes to operational safety of firearms. What our society does not understand is that being a Law Enforcement Officer, Armed Security Officer only introduces you to the "Gun Culture". It is exactly that a "Culture". Officers do not really train with their service weapons like they should. Not all of them need to be John Wick, but they all need to have an solid understanding of firearm safety and the proper use of this piece of equipment. Officers who have previously served in the Military understand what this "Culture" is about. They understand the safety and responsibility factor(s) involved with gun ownership.

      I have been on the range teaching classes where some of my students were cops, when they found out my profession was an Armed Security Officer for Department of Homeland Security, (Contractor), they were surprised. They were surprised I was working for the security company as an instructor providing their training. I have never been in the Military, all of my training has come at my expense and experience both on and off the job. So many Law Enforcement Officers think all of this must be taught to them by other Law Enforcement Officers or Military Officers. Not true, it just takes a level head, focused purpose, responsibility and... a love for the equipment.

      Love for the equipment?

      Love for the equipment is respect! Only that type of dedication comes from love and respect. And... I will admit its fun training on the range just working through the basic manipulation skills and keeping those skills polished. I am no John Wick, and I have no desire to be a highly trained assassin with those skills. But what I do concentrate on are the basics and committing those to muscle memory so on the day I have to use those skills, I do not have to think about what my next moves are. Find cover, stay down, stay as calm as possible, and do not engage until it is necessary to do so. meaning if I can get out of the fight without having to fire a single shot, then so be it. But if I have to fire those shots I am prepared to take the responsibility for whatever the outcome will be.

      I going to say this, because it needs to be said... Kyle was lucky, and he had excellent representation, (NOTHING MORE). If that situation had taken place in California, anywhere Kyle would be serving time. In the United Soviet Socialist Republic of California you do not have the right to self defense, you have the right to be the victim, and the District Attorney will decide your fate. So in Kyle's case, he literally would have to have taken a bullet and returned fire to claim "Self Defense". Getting hit with a Skate Board in this state is not considered being assaulted with a deadly weapon. And... Kamala Harris's statements about it, here in California she is absolutely correct. We have the stupidest laws in this State when it comes to self defense because of the Liberal Democrat Elites currently in our State Assembly, State Senate, and our stupid Governor!

    • 882952
      882952 Month ago

      ​@Peter Kosen Hi. I have to say, in this case, you're dealing with a bunch of people (actors and film crews) who typically aren't knowledgeable about firearms at all, and therefore have no idea about gun safety. So we can't really just say we're going to hold them accountable. They'd have no idea how to "be" accountable, (and safe). First, we'd have to train them all up, which would be time-consuming and expensive. That's why the current system of hiring a professional armorer became popular. And so far, it's worked wonderfully well. Movie-set gun accidents are EXCEEDINGLY rare, because of the overly strict and hyper-controlled manner in which the weapons are supervised and used. The Rust shooting happened because that person was not on hand and other people who weren't (or shouldn't have been) authorized to handle the guns were doing just that. And in this particular case, that AD didn't know enough about guns to check and clear it. She just picked up a random gun off a random table and handed it to someone.

  • Dr Shoe
    Dr Shoe Month ago +221

    *For once I actually agree with Alec on this one, just imagine if an officer would have been there when Alec shot two people, he would have been a Witness and Alec would have been Arrested immediately, which was what should have happened!*

    • Kenne MCL
      Kenne MCL Month ago

      You had me in the first have not gonna lie!

    • Mazlo's outdoor adventures
      Mazlo's outdoor adventures Month ago

      @Pandekoi what 17-year-old was not?????? WTF

    • Mazlo's outdoor adventures
      Mazlo's outdoor adventures Month ago

      I doubt that seems how they will be paid by the productions company

    • Cynical Afflictional
      Cynical Afflictional Month ago +1

      Good one!!
      It wouldn't hurt to have staff on set with emergency medical training to render any first aid in the event of an emergency. After everyone learns proper firearm safety, including any other training required.
      But your post was perfect
      😎 God Bless you

    • Noblewar
      Noblewar Month ago +2

      No, then they would have blamed the cop. Its always someone's else responsibility with these idiots.

  • Steve Wise
    Steve Wise Month ago +83

    After being in the range with police officers, I promise they aren't all equally competent with firearms.

    • P Arroyo
      P Arroyo 23 days ago +1

      @Jim D - Addressing the competence of both LEOs and military/naval personnel, as a piglet (rookie) Deputy (formerly Special Forces), my Field Training Officer (FTO) was a former Force Recon Marine. He confided in me that he liked to clean his duty sidearm while watching TV newscasts, dry-firing it when he didn't like the newscaster or the news. (You know what's coming!) Yep, he reloaded and cranked off a round, destroying the TV; the bullet continued through the kitchen, through the kitchen wall, into the bathroom, through the opposite bathroom wall, into the bedroom closet, where it punched a nice hole center of mass in all his wife's clothing hanging in the closet. He ended up buying his wife a whole new wardrobe, after which she divorced him [over cranking off just one silly little round😄]. If I recall correctly, it was the most expensive round he ever shot while "dry-firing," as spousal support can get rather pricey!

      De Oppresso Liber

    • Jim D
      Jim D Month ago +1

      Yeah no kidding! We had one living here who had a negligent discharge! Hole through his front door at EYE level! I'd guess the same percentage of citizen gun owners who dont know how to properly handle their weapon is about the same as on the police force!

    • LogRoll
      LogRoll Month ago +7

      For certain. For every cop that’s a deadeye there’s multiple chief Wiggums

      FIELDING MELISH Month ago +5

      I agree 100% and neither are all military people.

    • xephael
      xephael Month ago +1


  • T C
    T C Month ago +62

    Here are a few questions I never heard the answers to:
    1) We've heard crew members used the actual 'prop guns' for target shooting (plinking)? Was Alec one of these individuals?
    2) Were the guns used for shooting/plinking during the lunch break prior to the accident?
    3) Who provided the live ammunition for the plinking?
    4) What firearms training was provided (or required ahead of time) for members of the cast and crew?

    • P Arroyo
      P Arroyo 5 days ago

      ​@MISSING LINK THE PROPHET - Perhaps I should have stated that the relevance of who loaded the firearm, regarding Alec Baldwin's legal defense, has no bearing in court, unless that loading was done knowingly or maliciously. In such a circumstance, who did so is only relevant to charging the person with that knowledge or malice; it does not mitigate the legal responsibility of the shooter - "...the person handling the firearm..." - to assure the loaded/unloaded state of the firearm, whether or not it was a "blue" (unfireable) likeness of a firearm or an actual, fireable firearm. You are quite correct in stating that, in either case, it does not let the Defendant "off the hook," though it could well incriminate or make civilly liable other persons responsible for firearm(s) safety on the movie set and off.

      Yes, actors/Directors/Producers and others all have responsibility for hiring competent personnel, including armorers, even if those doing the hiring have no experience in the field of interest for which they are hiring. That, however, does not relieve the Defendant/shooter of responsibility for becoming at least minimally competent in the handling of potentially dangerous or hazardous materials. Neither "experience or common sense" is a requirement for being an actor, as has been repeatedly demonstrated of Hollyweird, and neither bears on a legal defense of the actor/shooter. An Armorer cannot "...ensure total gun safety," as doing so is not possible on this mortal plane and most assuredly in Hollyweird. An Armorer can reduce the hazard, but unless the subject firearm is in the hands of that competent Armorer at all times, the hazard cannot be effectively be reduced to near zero. Bear in mind that in the Armed Forces, unless issued for training, garrison duty requirements, or combat conditions/operations, firearms must be kept under triple-locked conditions, with only the Armorer having access, other than any "spare" key, which is also locked up for safekeeping.

      Only in Hollyweird, leftiotik politics, and on what presently passes for "news," are firearms and other material objects considered sentient. Witness the fact that "the gun went off" and "the SUV drove into the parade," should anything like proof of such leftiotik idiocy be required.

      I would hope that the above touches on clarifying that which was stated less inclusively prior to this. Should my credentials be in question, feel free to inquire.

      De Oppresso Liber

      MISSING LINK THE PROPHET 6 days ago +1

      @P Arroyo While that is a good point, they hire armorers to ensure total gun safety. Not.letting him off the hook, but most actors don't have experience or common sense which is why they hire "COMPETANT" armorers.

    • P Arroyo
      P Arroyo 23 days ago +1

      @Rich LaBombard - Who loaded it is irrelevant, unless done knowingly or maliciously. It is the responsibility of the person handling the firearm to assure himself that it is loaded/unloaded and to refrain from pointing the muzzle toward anyone or anything they do not wish to destroy. I find it fascinating that criminal's guns are the only ones which are sentient and mobile; I'd like to hire some so that I don't have to carry, but I'm not desirous of being a criminal for that entitlement.

      Cogito, ergo armatus sum.

    • Rich LaBombard
      Rich LaBombard Month ago +2

      Good questions. Another big one, is who loaded the handgun?

    • Ranxerox1911A1
      Ranxerox1911A1 Month ago +2

      Those are good questions.

  • Jess Lowry
    Jess Lowry Month ago +85

    No, every movie set doesn’t need a cop. The final moment someone picks the firearm up, and doesn’t check it, should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. It’s the end users responsibility to insure said firearm is checked.

    • Northeast Survival 911
      Northeast Survival 911 23 days ago

      Movie sets don't need people on the set to babysit individuals that are handling firearms. The bottom line is this... When it comes to movies yes there needs to be a responsible person there that handles the firearms and ensures that they're not loaded and if they are properly taking care of when they're not in use. However that being said.. anybody that's going to be handling the firearms for any amount of time needs to learn gun safety and they need to learn at the very least the first two rules of gun safety because those are the most important ones. Rule one is you always treat a firearm as though it is loaded in chambered no exceptions. Rule number two is that you don't ever point the muzzle in the direction of something that you don't want to kill or destroy. No exceptions. If everybody on movie sets that comes in contact with firearms could at the very least follow those two rules tragedies like what happened with Brandon Lee and that poor woman would be prevented. Alec Baldwin is a pompous asshole who needs at the very least to admit to himself and accept the fact that that woman's dead because he was negligent and he needs to say it to that woman's family. He's such a fucking cunt. Pardon my language but he is. Rich bastard that just can't accept anything that he does wrong. The bottom line is that woman is dead because of him.

    • John Mullholand
      John Mullholand Month ago +2

      @Eric Menefee Maybe not, but when you pick up a gun, and manipulate it in an unsafe manner, causing the injury or death of another, YOU ARE responsible!
      Both as the actor, and as the producer, Alec Baldwin is responsible for what happened, because he ignored the basic safety regulations on set, and the safety rules for gun handling! From what I've heard, this wasn't the first negligent discharge on that set. But it was the first time someone was killed or injured.

    • Eric Menefee
      Eric Menefee Month ago +1

      They had a firearms expert but wasn’t allowed to be on set. There is no law saying you can’t pick up a gun without checking it.

  • Missagan
    Missagan Month ago +503

    Alec Baldwin needs to be surrounded by police, perhaps correction officers, behind a tall fence, to be safe .

    • Walker
      Walker Month ago

      No he needs to be surrounded by bars

    • Redacted Lluks
      Redacted Lluks Month ago

      Needs a good 6 by 8 cinder block reinforced room to keep him and everyone else safe.

    • Stephen Alley
      Stephen Alley Month ago +2

      To keep everyone else safe*

      MASTER-OF- EVIL Month ago

      300th like

    • Boondoggle T
      Boondoggle T Month ago

      Unfortunately he is Hollywood elite.

      Peasant laws that apply to us are not applicable in his tax bracket

  • Bill Parrish
    Bill Parrish Month ago +58

    "I broke the old rules and someone got killed. I know! Let's make new rules! So I can break those, too!"
    Makes perfect sense, Alec.
    Said no one, ever....

  • Scott W
    Scott W Month ago +40

    Looking at Alec Baldwin's past indiscretions how can we be surprised with anything he says or does. He absolutely feels he's above us mere mortals. Love your channel

    • Al
      Al Month ago +1

      Pretty ironic that Alec Baldwin was pro gun control , hollywood would point fingers at the NRA but not at Alec Baldwin.

  • Shawn Furness
    Shawn Furness Month ago +38

    Imagine what the media would be saying if a pro 2A actor had done this or even something to a lesser extent. They would be calling for heads!

    • Ofmyownvolition 0404
      Ofmyownvolition 0404 Month ago +9

      This kind of thing wouldn’t happen to a pro 2A actor, which is frustratingly an irony that I think all gun-phobic people I’ve encountered aren’t capable of comprehending.

  • Death Templer
    Death Templer Month ago +8

    In all my years at airsoft, I've never seen a 12 year old accidently fire their gun and hurt someone, because they follow basic gun safety. It applies to airsoft and real firearms equally. If kids treat airsoft guns as well as real firearms, the seasoned actor who has handled firearms on set for their whole career kills someone breaking every rule, having a cop standing over you isn't going to help crap.

  • Brian Wills
    Brian Wills Month ago +332

    I stand behind Alec...

    Like very far. Never stand in front of him.

    • Matt D
      Matt D Month ago


    • El Compa Ish
      El Compa Ish Month ago


    • MaDeuce DancinClub
      MaDeuce DancinClub Month ago +6


    • S1D3winder017
      S1D3winder017 Month ago +12

      He's probably the type to waive the damn thing around. Flagging everyone. Like the Rittenhouse prosecutor. With his finger on the bang button too.

    • Lorraine Dougan
      Lorraine Dougan Month ago +6

      Don't'cha know it!

  • Mark Chester
    Mark Chester Month ago +12

    WRONG!!! There were at least four opportunities when practicing safe firearm handling that should have ensured that poor woman didn’t get killed.
    1) the person loading the firearm and handing it to a second person should have checked it was safe
    2) the second person should require the first person to prove it was safe AND carry out their own check on receipt
    3) the firearm should always be treat as if it’s loaded and not pointed at anyone
    4) finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire
    Anyone insufficiently competent to do this should not touch a firearm.

  • Dave Mo
    Dave Mo Month ago +5

    If the user followed four simple rules of gun safety, “accidents” would not happen.

    I knew you were going to cover that, I just put it out there before I even watched. Simple isn’t it?!

  • Brent Prosser
    Brent Prosser Month ago +14

    Disclaimer: I know, I know, not all cops/you're stereotyping/years of training/etc etc etc. With that said, lets get into it. People think that all cops are gun experts. This is flat out false. I have been in the firearms industry for quite some time and cops are, at best, moderately competent with firearms and firearm safety. I can't count how many times a police officer/sheriff/state trooper has either flagged me during training classes or flat out pointed a gun at me while looking at a gun in the store. I've had tons of officers and commanders not understand how the weapon functions, even the basic ideas behind it. Even with a cop or, better yet, an actual weapons expert on staff, that isn't going to stop some self righteous Hollywood moron that lives to smell their own flatulence from pointing a gun at someone and pulling the trigger. Nah broski, miss me with that. For crying out loud, most cops can't even cite the basic firearms safety rules that I learned at 5 years old and had to recite before I was allowed to shoot the gun for hunting or fun. Now, all the cops that are butt hurt can flame away.

  • Michael Brown
    Michael Brown Month ago +9

    Great video, thank you for calling attention to "not passing the buck" when you make a mistake. Which he did, and that is gross. HIS negligence, and not educating himself about what he was working with is 100% on him. Honestly, if any other person who wasn't a big celebrity did the same thing they would have been held responsible in some way more than he was.

  • ArdentWolf_42
    ArdentWolf_42 Month ago +1713

    The lack of self accountability within society is really starting to get to me.

    • AussieBlokeGordo
      AussieBlokeGordo Month ago

      Only in CERTAIN society

    • Greg Patterson
      Greg Patterson Month ago +1

      I can't say anything because you said it. Everything else is to blame. Where's accountability. We have to change the education of the individual to have any hope of survival.

    • mark bilderback
      mark bilderback Month ago +1

      Starting... to get to you? this shits been going on for more than 150 years, Look up Smedley Buttler. and read his work. back to back medal of honor guy...ya know... Smedley.

    • shortylickens69
      shortylickens69 Month ago

      I agree with you but probably not for the same reason.

    • Mastery of Self
      Mastery of Self Month ago +2

      That’s why people want the government to be their daddy and tell them what they can and can’t do. They have no sense of self accountability. They need the government to be their pimp (take care of them and protect them )

  • Thomas Brandon
    Thomas Brandon Month ago +4

    I'm going to echo many others as a retired LEO and FA instructor I can tell you first hand that most police have no more gun knowledge then most other people. They learn enough to get through the academy and can barely get by quaternary quals. Having one on set would do nothing to curb the improper handling that was done on this movie set or future sets.

  • faithbassed49
    faithbassed49 Month ago +8

    I learned to respect the firearm by initially fearing the firearm. As I learned proper handling of the firearm my confidence grew but my respect for it grew as well. Most of all I understood that I had responsibilities with how I handled it and to practice until the basic safety principles became as natural as breathing. I bothers me to say this and I may be wrong but if Baldwin wasn’t a Hollywood Elite, he’d be in jail! Thank you Colion for you common sense approach!!!

  • Missael Diaz
    Missael Diaz Month ago +8

    Once again you’re right on point. You present facts logically, intelligently and call it out like it is. Of course the liberal media will never allow you to explain and speak on the subject because you would be holding individuals accountable for their actions instead of blaming guns. Bravo 👏🏻. Keep doing what you’re doing and educating as many people as you can reach.

    EL DIABLO Month ago +17

    90% of the cops I know are barely knowledgeable on their own service weapons and I would not trust them on the set!

  • Curtis
    Curtis Month ago +842

    Or you could take responsibility for your own actions like an adult is supposed to do, Alec

    • Superman
      Superman Month ago

      @Robert F I would say look at kairu aname’s example above as well but I’ll do an even more dumbed down version. Ever hear the saying “do as I say, not as I do”? That’s essentially what I’m talking about. These “progressives” claim to be here to solve “problems” and preach to others on how they should be doing so. However, they themselves are hardly following the very same principles they preach. Thus, they are being more Regressive than they are progressive, because they aren’t actually taking any steps forward to better things around us, only taking steps back.

    • Stephen Watson
      Stephen Watson Month ago

      @A based goat 🐐 "Its technically not his job to check if the gun is loaded or not," except that it is. Industry safety standards have explicit protocols. He is not just the gun wielder, he has executive credits on the movie. He cannot squirm out of the personal responsibility.

    • Robert F
      Robert F Month ago

      @Superman Still confused. Elaborate further.

    • kairu aname
      kairu aname Month ago +1

      Racist is an easier term to make your analogy to.
      I was just stating that it's another thing that's current news you could compare it to.

    • Superman
      Superman Month ago +1

      @kairu aname That’s actually a better example lol. Idk why I overlooked it.

  • John Zemetra
    John Zemetra Month ago +11

    Today I had the pleasure and honor of taking my grandson, along with my son, on his first real experience with firearms. He had a great time, got to shoot 22 rifle, 2 22 pistols that belonged to his great grand fathers, a Glock and an AR 15. We took turns watching like a hawk, reminding and stressing firearm safety,. There were some minor infractions, that were corrected quickly. We stressed that safety is a habit that must be practiced at all times. This young man has more knowledge about firearm safety than Alec Baldwin will ever know.

  • Stovepipe
    Stovepipe Month ago +3

    No - I’ve worked for 30 years in the film business and am a firearms owner- Alec Baldwin is only liable as a producer on a movie that allowed the safe handling of the firearms and ammunition to fall very far below the usually very strict industry standards. He is not however liable in his capacity as an actor taking trusted direction from the armorer and assistant director. In Canada, when using any explosive devices , we have an ETF ( SWAT) team member on set .. They do not however take responsibility for the condition of the firearms handed to the actors . That is solely the job of the qualified armorer and the gun wrangling team . No live ammo is ever allowed on site. This was a very badly managed movie and any criminal negligence and lawsuits will likely be distributed amongst all the guilty parties right up to the studios in charge .

  • John Gori
    John Gori Month ago +7

    How about the armorer does their job? And the actors get safety training before using a gun to make money?

    FYI - Due to reduced budgets there are MANY police officers who are not as confident/competent with firearms as they should be. At best they are trained to handle their department's issued weapons. Knowledge of all the different types of weapons used in Hollywood movies - forget it. If an officer has that kind of knowledge it is because he pursues it as a hobby, not due to his profession.

  • Newfoundland EDC
    Newfoundland EDC Month ago +9

    it's true, I believe everyone should be Taught gun safety and effective gun control.

  • Peace love & hairgrease
    Peace love & hairgrease Month ago +448

    As a police officer I 100% agree I’ve seen some crazy things when instructing other officers on the range. The entire left seems to have a huge issue with being accountable for their own actions.. keep up the great work brother!

    • not cool
      not cool 4 days ago


    • Northeast Survival 911
      Northeast Survival 911 23 days ago +1

      I see that you are a police officer. I just want to say thank you for everything that it is you do. I don't know anymore that doesn't matter. I damn well know how dangerous it is out there and I also know that the police these days are being looked down upon. There are police officers that I personally can't stand but I'll tell you this much I still have respect for them. I know it's not easy out there. Merry Christmas God bless and stay safe.

    • Tim Burton
      Tim Burton Month ago +1

      I have seen officers at the range doing stupid shit too. That's why every couple of years you read about an officer shooting himself, normally during a firearm safety demonstration.

    • Michael 4572
      Michael 4572 Month ago +1

      @Ricky Roberts I think a lot of people will skip by your comment but I think you hit the target here. Safely. :-)

    • Michael 4572
      Michael 4572 Month ago +1

      @Ken Durden leftist here who is a gun owner, concealed carry, spent 22 yrs in the Air Force and was a Security Policeman but I accept responsibility and certainly blame those that handle weapons who are not trained or their ego keeps them from accepting blame (re: Ricky Roberts comment), Left, right, in the center, I think personal responsibility is apolitical.

  • Justin T.
    Justin T. Month ago +2

    Or… perhaps you as one of the producers could’ve hired an actual expert and made sure that safety procedures were being followed. This isn’t a problem of a lack of safety precautions, this is a problem of safety precautions being flat out ignored

  • G-major
    G-major Month ago +2

    Genius idea... “if only we could get cops with real guns on every set, this would never happen again.”

  • Chris Wright
    Chris Wright Month ago

    I love the fact that you're so passionate about what you do and you convey it totally. Ty again

  • DavyCrockett
    DavyCrockett Month ago +1

    When you “PROVE” (Point in a safe direction; Remove the magazine; Observe the chamber; Verify the feeding path/follower; Examine the barrel) your firearm safe, and you hand it to another person, they have to PROVE it too! My daughter’s in the 🇨🇦 military-was deployed to Afghanistan, and as the police, they only have in-house use of their weapons (unless they get their own civilian firearms licence). I took my daughter to my gun range, where she had never fired a revolver. She was blown away (figuratively speaking) with our time at the range.

    GABE GARCIA Month ago +465

    The fact that he hasn't been charged with manslaughter is not surprising....any of us would have been arrested immediately!

    • Andrew Betances
      Andrew Betances Month ago +1

      @Wolfgang_H3T ya that bacteriaphage lady is an idiot. If he has been in the middle of shooting a scene then maybe but he pointed and shot someone when not even filming. Also I keep going back to this why is a prop gun able to kill someone?! it's not called a prop gun then it's a real gun!

    • Wolfgang_H3T
      Wolfgang_H3T Month ago

      @maxdrags3 He chose to point a gun at someone, he chose to pull the trigger, and then a lady died. Accident or not, he needs to be held accountable. God knows he'd hold me or you accountable.

    • Bacteriophagebs
      Bacteriophagebs Month ago +1

      @Lunar Knight That's the big question. The short answer is that the armorer is utterly incompetent. Live ammo is almost never allowed on set. In the extremely rare cases it's needed for something, it has to be kept separate from all other ammo and locked up separate from the guns. The police found live ammo stored, in the open, right alongside dummy rounds and blanks, which means the armorer failed to do her job multiple times in multiple ways. Then the AD failed to do his job and check the gun before giving it to Baldwin.

    • Alan Toon
      Alan Toon Month ago +1

      You get the kind of justice you can afford in this country.

    • Floyd Floyd
      Floyd Floyd Month ago +1

      I'm a retired cop and you are correct. He is an actor and has money. Forever though money has ruled ethics in the U.S. it has just been more so as time goes by.

  • 9mmARman
    9mmARman Month ago +20

    This is a joke. I spent 19 years in law enforcement, most of that time as a firearms instructor and armorer.

    I completely agree that LEOs are the least skilled and educated people who carry a firearm. Most never fire a single round outside of their annual qualification, which they are worried about passing.

  • Jeff Jeff
    Jeff Jeff Month ago

    I’ve participated in training with police of several different agencies. As a firearms instructor I was absolutely shocked at some of the ignorance I witnessed by a few of them. I don’t think it’s common, but I would never say cops are innately good or safe with firearms.

  • Christopher Mailhoit

    Thank god we have you advocating for us!! You’re the man!!

  • Chris Martin
    Chris Martin Month ago +1

    If this did not happen and a “gun safety expert” was on hand and told Baldwin not to point even a blank gun at people that big ego idiot would have Told him to F off and did it anyway. What a cop out artist he is.
    P.S. thank you brother for all you do.

  • William Holodnik
    William Holodnik Month ago +500

    How will a police officer prevent ignorance? Training is the solution.

    • Robert Silveus
      Robert Silveus Month ago

      You cant fix stupid.

    • HIRO YUI
      HIRO YUI Month ago

      They can arrest Alec Baldwin faster 😄.

    • Little 1
      Little 1 Month ago

      Very well said!

    • Stephen Alley
      Stephen Alley Month ago

      @rochat143 why wouldn't the insurance companies require it?

    • Stephen Alley
      Stephen Alley Month ago

      All I can envision is an older female cop, "Now now Alec, Don't point that at people. It's not nice. How would you feel if they pointed it at you?"

  • Peter Martucci
    Peter Martucci Month ago

    Great video and love your passion. Nothing more to say, except even some education can't fix stupid people who refuse to change their stupid thinking because they can't see or accept how stupid they are!

  • Feelings don't Matter

    My father in law was law enforcement for 28 years. He still went every year to qualify with his weapon after his retirement. The last few years he told me that I a civilian was more accurate than the new cops on our town. So like you said cops are not John Wick's.

  • Harold Ingmire
    Harold Ingmire Month ago

    Excellent commentary. I worked as an industrial safety professional for 40 years, and one person cannot ensure that employees will follow all the rules and training provided, and will put themselves at risk of severe injury or death. Personal responsibility.

  • Frens03
    Frens03 Month ago

    In almost 30 years of firearms handling I’ve never got in trouble thanks to the gun safety rules.. don’t need a cop next to me

  • Insanity Pepper
    Insanity Pepper Month ago +152

    Alec Baldwin urges police officers to protect film crews from people like himself.

    • Chris Welder
      Chris Welder Month ago +3

      Alec Baldwin is an a- hole on public. Can you imagine what he is like in person. I bet he was clowning around. Her husband should take care of matters himself.

    • SQR
      SQR Month ago +1

      I thought there was a defund the police movement in Hollywood.

      CREW CHIEF Month ago +1

      @Stephen Alley He won't see jail but I hope they find him guilty and his punishment is either NEVER getting to hold a firearm of ANY kind again, OR 500 hours of community service...serving as an RSO and a firearms handling observer at CCH/LTCH/CHL classes. After the third or fourth negligent discharge, he might go "damn, these rules are important."

    • Stephen Alley
      Stephen Alley Month ago +7

      That's easy. Arrest him. Problem solved. Until there's real world consequences, they'll remain in fantasy land.

  • Drunkbikewrenchen
    Drunkbikewrenchen Month ago

    Some of the most dangerous and careless things I’ve seen done with guns were done by police officers.

  • Gary Allen
    Gary Allen Month ago

    This is why you have almost 2 million subs, you are our biggest voice for the 2A community. I speak for all us here in PA when I say we love ya and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your voice and intelligence

  • Tommy Madux
    Tommy Madux Month ago

    I already knew how this was going to be played out the moment I heard about it. Just because
    Your on a movie set making a video if you pull the trigger of a realm fire arm you are responsible for what happens after that. Don’t like it don’t pick up a real gun they make fake ones that look so
    Real especially if on film it wouldn’t matter. He should have checked the firearm and made sure it was clear and safe to use before hand. Also loaded with the correct blanks. He should have been been the one loading it. If you pick up a real gun and unless your not willing to kill someone on the other end should make sure the weapon is safe and you are in control on what’s going on wear them it’s loaded on the range out having fun or on a set. If you pick up and real firearm and pull that trigger you are responsible for whatever happens regardless of anything else no if ands or buts doesn’t matter

  • Dean T
    Dean T Month ago

    I have been at a shooting range, when a cop came in (while in uniform). I can't believe how bad of a shot he was.

  • King Arthur
    King Arthur Month ago +303

    All he had to do was check the gun himself. It’s so easy that even Alec Baldwin should have been able to do it.

    • Jeff W
      Jeff W Month ago

      @MrSoulman6969 yea but if he did that, he wouldn’t be able to murder someone he had personal issues with and claim it was an accident, so he could get away with murder, and further his political agenda by helping to get more support for stricter gun control. He’s a fat leftist, most people know that far leftists are willing to do just about anything to get what they want. They have no moral compass when it comes to what they want. All that matters is their goal, and they’ll hurt whoever gets in their way of accomplishing it.

    • MrSoulman6969
      MrSoulman6969 Month ago

      @A based goat 🐐 The armourer did not hand the gun to Alec. It only takes a few seconds to check on a revolver.

    • MrSoulman6969
      MrSoulman6969 Month ago

      It takes about 2 seconds to check on a revolver.

    • Jeff W
      Jeff W Month ago

      @A based goat 🐐 it’s less of a stretch to think it was intentional than it would be for 3 different people to make the mistake of not double checking to make sure the gun wasn’t loaded with live rounds. That would mean that the props director, the trained armorer, and Alec Baldwin ALL on the same day “neglected” to properly check a real firearm to make sure it wasn’t loaded with real bullets, and then Alec (for some weird reason) ignored the YEARS of safety training he’s had and aimed a real firearm at a person on set and pulled the trigger. Even if he thought there was only blanks loaded, he would know that blanks have killed people in the past because that is all made very clear to actors that use them for movies, so he STILL would have ignored that aspect of the firearm training he’s received over the years. What would they need live ammo for on a movie set anyways? There’s special effects and “movie magic” to make things look realistic enough, there’s not ever a reason to have live ammunition on a Hollywood set anymore. So why would the armorer bring live rounds to a set, on the same day when he decided to aim it at her and pull the trigger? IF it was an accident, all these factors would have to come into play, and that’s a much bigger stretch than him just wanting to kill her intentionally and using the situation and witnesses to cover up for his intentions. He’s a well known anti gun activist that knows his anti gun ideals comes from misinformed people and likely he knew that this would help his goal of even more gun control, plus he had personal issues with the victim. He’s a radical leftist, and radical leftists are all about doing whatever is necessary to achieve their goals. They don’t value life in any way, especially the lives of people that potentially stand in their way of achieving their goals.

    • Taxtro
      Taxtro Month ago

      @Trey Tison No, it wouldn't. They use blanks and duds. You don't know what the gun is loaded with as an actor. And the duds looks just like real ammunition.

  • Denis Degamon
    Denis Degamon Month ago

    As usual Colion is spot 👌 on.
    Keep on preaching the truth sir.

  • Matt Burke
    Matt Burke Month ago

    I love how they use the term "prop gun" like it's non-lethal even though it killed the person. 😂

  • FaSS Blac
    FaSS Blac Month ago +3

    First, you need to have a very competent Armorer. Second, the person holding the firearm is responsible for that gun, and the safety of persons, and property around him or her. My Dad taught me basic gun safety when I was 9 or 10 years old. This is YOUR fault, Alec.

    • FaSS Blac
      FaSS Blac Month ago

      @KK They should know basic gun safety that Alec obviously didn't. You NEVER point a gun at anything you don't want to destroy loaded or not.If he had basic gun safety knowledge, this woman wouldn't be dead. You got anything else to add?

    • KK
      KK Month ago +1

      How and why would an actor need to be an expert in gun safety? What about scenes with fire? Should they be pyro experts? What about scenes in aircrafts? Should they have to know how to fly a plane? A lot of these comments are kinda ridiculous lol. Accidents happen unfortunately. Literally the first video shown at my conceal carry class was a video of a veteran firearms instructor shooting himself with a gun he thought was clear.

  • Jeff Kerr
    Jeff Kerr Month ago

    I learned from my grandfather, my uncle david, my dad, my hunter safety course. ALWAYS treat a firearm like its loaded. If given a firearm check it for the safety engaged. Never EVER POINT at something unless it's your target . If I'm in a 10 person line and I pass a firearm to the next and say it's not loaded, loaded but the safety is engaged I expect all to CHECK. Any responsible firearms owner knows that and explains that to newcomers. We use fun yet potentially dangerous weapons. Used properly they are fun. One mistake and the funs over. Whoever handles any weapon has to know the status of the weapon. NOT what someone tells them.

  • Sub if you are against Antifa and BLM

    Hold on, isn’t he a part of the “defund the police” bunch?

    • Tech Ninja
      Tech Ninja Month ago +5

      It's just selfishness talking. We're all responsible for ourselves.

    • Barbara Pettry
      Barbara Pettry Month ago +6

      @Mantis Toboggan M.D. and he doesn't want to take responsibility for what he did!!

    • Colibrí
      Colibrí Month ago +9

      Yes, he is part of the “defund the police” idiocy….but when it is convenient for him, let’s have police! 🤦🏻‍♀️

    • ShiroTheHiro
      ShiroTheHiro Month ago +14

      So yes and imo, here is why he wants this: he wants Police to be responsible for the accident not the person. He wants Police to be the target of blame, not his prissy multi-millionaire actor crowd. God forbid they own up to the shit they do.
      He still hates Police and needs them to be culpable for more as to make easier scapegoats.

    • i dont know u
      i dont know u Month ago +6

      @Mantis Toboggan M.D. oh dang that's not funny but it kinda is

  • goodguy
    goodguy Month ago +1

    People have a personal responsibility for the firearms they are handling.

    Easy fix to this problem.

    Firearm safety and maintenance class.

  • Rob S.
    Rob S. Month ago +1

    If "passing blame" via incompetency was a person, Baldwin would be it.

  • Mr Phillips
    Mr Phillips Month ago

    I am a firearms instructor in a small town. Our local law enforcement come to each and every class. I applaud them. Even though I honestly think they know more than I do.

  • Nra,Morris G
    Nra,Morris G Month ago

    I just wanted to thank you brother for doing a great job for all of us from me to you I appreciate it.
    Semper Fi.

  • N. Pak
    N. Pak Month ago +375

    Alec Baldwin is one reason why Americans are confused about the 2nd Amendment.

    • Joyce B.
      Joyce B. Month ago +1

      @doughesson sent Baldwin over here. That's enough.

    • doughesson
      doughesson Month ago +1

      @SlumByNature No syrup?
      Of course,you do realize that this means war,sir!

    • SlumByNature
      SlumByNature Month ago +2

      @doughesson You didn't hear? They had to tap into their maple syrup reserves because there wasn't enough from the harvest. I'm taking this shortage personally as my crippling pancake addiction is now going to be a lot less enjoyable.

    • doughesson
      doughesson Month ago +3

      @Dean Gullberry What did Canada ever do to the US?

    • Dean Gullberry
      Dean Gullberry Month ago +6

      It wouldn't hurt my feelings if he was deported back to Canada, after he does the time for the crime...

  • Shawn Mercer Crain
    Shawn Mercer Crain Month ago

    In my 60 years I've been a gun owner for 52 of daddy taught my brother and I that 1) all guns are loaded even when they're not 2) never, ever point a weapon at any living 3) see # 1 & 2.
    Baldwin and only Baldwin is responsible for thE death of the cinematographer.

  • Mark Kennicott
    Mark Kennicott Month ago

    I'm a 57 year old Man, I am an avid gun enthusiast. I own several firearms and have had countless hours of training, gun safety, and countless hours behind a firearm. The first thing that is needed after obtaining training with a firearm is COMMON SENSE. Knowing that the weapon in your hand is capable of killing or maiming someone or something. The Gun is not to blame, the person behind it is ULTIMATELY responsible for any actions taken with the weapon. In other words....."OWN IT" PEOPLE. Be Smart and always take 2 for safety... Keep the GREAT Videos coming.

  • Thomas Cilento
    Thomas Cilento Month ago

    Make everyone on the set sit through a mandatory 10 minute gun safety briefing. That makes too much sense, though.

  • Angela Comelli
    Angela Comelli Month ago

    So well said. But I still feel compassion for Baldwin; totally reckless true and maybe he was lost in his imagination. (??) Who knows? Shows us how dire the consequences can be when we mess up, however unintended.

  • The Smoulder
    The Smoulder Month ago +294

    "We're doing it for public safety"
    -Every tyrannical government ever.

    • Austin Johnson
      Austin Johnson Month ago +1

      Exactly. "We're doing it for public safety, cuz I pointed, didn't check and shot a revolver at someone"-Alec Baldwin
      Can't wait for 2022

    • Matt H
      Matt H Month ago +3

      Too relevant these days....

      AMERICAN LIBERTY Month ago +4

      As the intercom is instructing you to load the boxcar in an orderly manner for your safety! Don't take the shower they offer you!

    • OriginalGansta88
      OriginalGansta88 Month ago +8

      🤣😆😂....u right tho....

  • Slugg0matic
    Slugg0matic Month ago

    I was going to add my own comment but you nailed it all in the first 40 seconds.

    For some strange reason Baldwin and others in the same circle honestly believe they are above being held accountable. He's just an actor and nothing more, and not a very good one or he would have fat offers pouring in instead of funding a budget flick to remain relevant. He's entering Steven Segall territory by pushing out B grade direct to DVD movies.

    Gun Safety 101. I don't care if a gun has been cleared by an entire SWAT team. The moment it's in your hands it's your responsibility. Check the fvcking thing.

  • Gail Speer
    Gail Speer Month ago

    Thank you for speaking the obvious truth!

  • One Lazy Trucker Ministry

    Awesome analysis, well spoken, keep up the good work.

  • Doug Rodenbush
    Doug Rodenbush Month ago

    I have never felt the need to correct you until today. We have not been using firearms safely for decades. We've been doing it for centuries!
    Yes, even up here in Canada 🍁

  • Joshua Sims
    Joshua Sims Month ago +221

    This is why we rarely see colion on liberal media platforms. He gets heated and speaks facts that they have no contesting arguments for. Probably the most important 2a advocate in the gun community. Keep it up bro🤙💪🏻.

    • Shorn
      Shorn Month ago

      @Thizlamic Colion himself made it political the minute he put on that cringy shirt for a video he claims he doesn't want to devolve into political discussion.

    • Brandon Smith
      Brandon Smith Month ago +1

      Most police aren't gun buffs they just do the bare minimum to pass the courses because that's all is required of them.
      If police could practice more they wouldn't unless it was on job time. Its expensive to shoot .

    • Tanner Robinson
      Tanner Robinson Month ago

      @Thizlamic he's right though

    • The Gauntlet
      The Gauntlet Month ago +7

      Alec Baldwin is wanting to blame someone else for his actions. Typical celebrity

    • The Gauntlet
      The Gauntlet Month ago

      Yep he’s spot on.

  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams Month ago

    Great video as always my man! But sadly, the absurdity in this country just keeps a ragin like a Commifornia wild fire!

  • eliserio86
    eliserio86 Month ago

    Im a Firearms Instructor, if this would ever get to Alec id like to gladly offer him a firearms safety class. He just has to reach out.

  • Josh .Adcock
    Josh .Adcock Month ago

    I was pulled over once by an officer. When she asked me to get out of the vehicle I let her disarm me, she turns and asks me how to make it safe..... It was a 1911. Cops are just people too.

  • Joe Nunya
    Joe Nunya Month ago +1

    The government must need to institute MANDATORY FIREARMS SAFETY TRAINING for everyone. (Apparently they can make everyone do anything they want.)

    We should require it for work or school, or just for going out in public...

    Next they will want a police officer for each hunter, and for each lawful gun owner.

    Do we need a police officer in every vehicle to control driver safety?

    How about we go back to the firearm safety training taught to all kids in schools in the 1950's. Then every person is an expert in safety.

    What we have is an epidemic of ignorance. It is not by accident. The anti-guns thought this would make people safer.

    Guess what? It doesn't.
    We need to each every kid and every adult how to safely handle firearms.

  • Paul Baker
    Paul Baker Month ago +237

    Only one person is responsible for the death of that woman: Alec Baldwin. He pulled the trigger. He belongs in jail.

    • Paul Baker
      Paul Baker Month ago

      @Rich LaBombard That's very true. She has a lot of questions to answer. And she, too, has to be held responsible for her actions.

    • Rich LaBombard
      Rich LaBombard Month ago +1

      @Paul Baker But the armorer totally failed, by letting a revolver with live ammo get by him/her. At this point we don’t know how many live rounds were in that gun. Lot of unanswered questions still remain.

    • Rich LaBombard
      Rich LaBombard Month ago

      @Paul Baker But the armorer totally failed, by letting a revolver with live ammo get by him/her. At this point we don’t know how many live rounds were in that gun. Lot of unanswered questions still remain.

    • Gene Gene
      Gene Gene Month ago

      @Zach N yes. I did not see the single action qualifier in time.

    • Zach N
      Zach N Month ago

      @Gene Gene do you not understand what a single action revolver is? I

  • Thomas Pouch
    Thomas Pouch Month ago

    Once again... totally agree! I’ve had firearms for over 30 years. Anyone I’ve ever taken to the range was given extensive instruction on what to do; handling/mishandling; loading/unloading, etc. I make sure that everyone who handles a gun does so with the same rigor and regiment that I experienced in the Army. Example: my nephew-a [now] 29 year old buffoon-inadvertently turned around at the shooting range with a rifle. I immediately turned the barrel, and escorted him from the range. He will never go with me again! Everyone else, women included, followed proper range safety, no incidents occurred, and to my knowledge had a great time. As well, for all the nearly 40 firearms I own, only the one I carry is in my possession. They are secured safely in my dad’s gun safe; well-maintained, and separate from the ammunition. I live alone in an urban environment, and cannot guarantee that someone-maybe a child, maybe a burglar-might get to them. Since I have neither the facility, nor the practical ability to keep them secure, I store them where they will be secure. I carry a Shield Plus, but maybe two or three people know this.
    And for all the instruction I may provide, EVERYONE categorically...whether they are experienced with firearms or not, knows that you NEVER point a gun at anyone (unless you intend to shoot). Even the most novice person knows that! Alec Baldwin has no excuse.

  • Duane Williams
    Duane Williams Month ago

    Bruh... It's always someone else's fault when individuals don't want to take responsibility for their own actions. I appreciate the work you do. Keep it up. 😎😎

  • mohawk 47
    mohawk 47 Month ago

    4 things you should always do. 1 make sure safety is on 2 check if it's loaded . 3 keep finger off trigger until ready to fire 4. Keep pointed in a safe direction. Not at someone , ALEX

  • Skitzo Affective
    Skitzo Affective Month ago

    Hey Colion. Have you ever thought about doing a video in which you demonstrate how to properly clear and check various weapons? I myself know and understand how to clear more modern guns, but shotguns, lever actions, and rare models are difficult to properly clear if you've never encountered them. Just a thought. Keep up the great work.

  • Mford7218
    Mford7218 Month ago +131

    He’s part of Hollywood so he has no concept of accepting blame

    • Snakedude4life
      Snakedude4life Month ago +8

      “It CAN’T by MY fault that I was careless with a firearm!…
      Why didn’t the state come in and stop me!?”

    • ArdentWolf_42
      ArdentWolf_42 Month ago +7

      Or reality in general.

  • Durtle G
    Durtle G Month ago +1

    This was a murder straight up. One person loaded a live round into that revolver. The script for that scene did not include firing the gun. Only one person knew where that gun would be pointed and only one person pulled the trigger. Alec Baldwin believes that he has pulled off the perfect murder. I hope he's wrong.

  • Cowboy Boots
    Cowboy Boots Month ago

    "The production studio should pay a cop..." As a producer YOU can hire the cop!

  • Floyd Floyd
    Floyd Floyd Month ago

    Your absolutely correct. In any other situation like this there would be charges . But not for the elite, this is America and money talks.

  • Cynical Afflictional

    ...I mean, if it's for the purpose of safety, in the event of an emergency, wouldn't you be better off having a first responder to render first aid, with emergency medical training ...? Of course, this is a suggestion. The solution is firearm safety training, and personal accountability. Responsibility for the safety of others, that's just one of the many, many valuable lessons taught in a firearm safety course. Plus, some of the good classes include basic first aid training, and I feel it's common sense to possibly find a class that also include certification safety courses with the Red Cross. I mean, why not? We are all responsible, and if we are all concerned for safety, then the solution is preparing and understanding the accountability and liabilities...

  • duckpwnd
    duckpwnd Month ago +338

    Hollywood elite: "You shouldn't be allowed to own firearms."
    Average person: "Why not?"
    Hollywood elite: "Because Alec Baldwin doesn't know how to properly handle them."

    • Bacteriophagebs
      Bacteriophagebs Month ago

      @Joe Nunya Yes, it's a matter of money. Money is a measurement of human labor. Small productions with a small number of firearms don't need more than one propmaster--if that propmaster is competent. This one was clearly not.
      The system is 99.99999% effective (100% when the rules are followed). Messing with a system that works THAT well is just stupid. Introducing more variables, more unqualified people, into the equation will not make the system safer.
      This is an isolated case where two separate people failed to do their jobs, one so completely that she might as well not have even been there at all. How many dangerous jobs require that two people screw up that badly before someone gets hurt? Very, very few. In most jobs, one screw-up can get someone hurt or killed. It happens every day, all over. People climb into machinery to fix it without turning it off. People reach into machinery while it's running. People drive cars. People eat food and sometimes choke. People get struck by lightning. More people have been killed by lightning on a clear day than have been killed by movie guns. And of course, hundreds of people each year are killed by accidental/negligent discharges of firearms because they didn't follow the rules. In those cases, it only takes one idiot, not two.
      Yes, a woman is dead. It happened in New Mexico, my state. I know people who've worked with her. But none of those people, who know the business, blame Baldwin solely or primarily. They blame the people whose job it was to follow the rules and failed. Many blame the director as well, for not keeping a leash on his AD. Baldwin is way down the list.

    • Joe Nunya
      Joe Nunya Month ago

      @Bacteriophagebs You may very well have some valid points on who the traditionally responsible people on set are.
      I'm neither the judge nor the jury, so I condemn none of them. It's also not my duty to exonerate them.
      The lesson that is evident, but not new, is even 'prop (real) guns' are capable of killing, when proper safety procedures are skipped -let's just call it, when mistakes are made.

      You can argue that it wasn't Alec's job or option to check the weapon clear, [Which I am not arguing, I give you that could be true] but, if he had spent thirty, no, five minutes learning the visual and audible indicators for each round type, he would have been capable of detecting the mistake.
      Honestly, is California so hard up for weapons experts that there are only six people in the state capable of looking for primers with hammer or firing pin marks, and recognizing the sound of maracas (beebees instead of powder)? Surely they old afford to hire more than one person who could verify FA safety.
      If "Safety Is Everyone's Responsibility" (a frequent OSHA training mantra), then why isn't firearms safety everyone's responsibility?
      If the other people on set are not capable or willing to watch the firearm inspection and setup, they don't get to play, be it actors, directors, producers, or armourers.

    • Bacteriophagebs
      Bacteriophagebs Month ago

      @Joe Nunya So, what, you want Hollywood to pass laws? I don't understand what your point is, here. They use a system that operates on the same principles and *does* come with penalties. Hollywood can't jail someone. You make no sense.

    • Joe Nunya
      Joe Nunya Month ago

      @Bacteriophagebs Thats a lot like saying a rope hanging near boardwalk is the same as a gallows, just without the trap door.

    • Bacteriophagebs
      Bacteriophagebs Month ago

      @Joe Nunya Okay, great, but it's the same system, except that since the participants are frtee citizens and not military, they're not subject to military law.
      They are, however, subject to criminal law, and the armorer and AD should absolutely be charged under that law for breaking protocols that have been shown to be 100% effective at preventing deaths.

  • Josh Lloyd
    Josh Lloyd Month ago

    Well this just goes to prove he has no idea what he’s talking about. Growing up with people praising his every move & the ground he walks on. I hope he’s held accountable for his actions in 1 way or another.

  • SouthJerseySound
    SouthJerseySound Month ago

    My wife is Bulgarian and even my mother in law knows gun safety and can strip an AK. Granted they stopped teaching it a while back but when we lived in Russia my daughter had a life safety course where they teach a ton of great things like first aid basic fire fighting and gun safety. I've got some pics where there is a class full of teens learning firearms with AK74s 😆

    NOWEOTRA Month ago

    You are awesome Colion!!! Keep up the fight and thank you!!!

  • epia125
    epia125 Month ago

    Alec, you already have enough rules/protocols, you same your production staff didn't follow them. A police officer won't magically fix it.

  • Jason Ehredt
    Jason Ehredt Month ago +199

    Can you imagine being held accountable as the safety officer in a room full of people intentionally pointing guns at each other and pulling the triggers!?!? Sorry Alec, this one’s on you. You did a dumb thing and cost somebody their life.

  • Rodney Hamilton
    Rodney Hamilton Month ago

    Same for the Military. 10+ years and counting. I learned more about firearms seeking the knowledge myself.

  • Your7th.Booster.
    Your7th.Booster. Month ago

    Lol when I was in the police academy there was alot of first time gun handlers there. Point being just because your an leo doesnt mean you know or understand firearms.

  • Ron Carrigan
    Ron Carrigan Month ago

    It's simple. Learning gun safety even without owning a gun could save your life.

  • Rick Collins
    Rick Collins Month ago +1

    "I need a police officer here to protect me from my own idiocy!"

  • Harry Manback
    Harry Manback Month ago +242

    He's guilty. He failed to determine reality from "alternate reality"

    Just because he's acting does NOT mean he gets a pass on the rules. They can edit anything out that they want

    • Seymour Butts
      Seymour Butts Month ago

      The thing is the scene never called for the gun to be cocked and fired. He did that all on his own. Guilty

    • Dragonfly Fab
      Dragonfly Fab Month ago

      In a Jussie Smollett kind of way.

      MASTER-OF- EVIL Month ago

      200th like

    • Boondoggle T
      Boondoggle T Month ago

      It's not acting. He is Hollywood elite.

      The peasant laws that we abide by, are not applicable in his tax bracket

    • A based goat 🐐
      A based goat 🐐 Month ago

      @Mr. Joseph more like Gross negligence

  • 882952
    882952 Month ago

    I'm only 10 seconds into the video and I can already tell what an idiotic idea this is. First: Believe it or not, just being a police officer does not make a person a weapons expert. Although many of us love guns, more of us are not particularly gun nuts, and these people just see them as a tool at their job. We also have radios, but most of us can't tell you anything about how they work or when and where to employ the many different kinds of radio devices. Second: You know who IS a gun expert by trade? The guys Hollywood already employs as their on-set production armorers. Just replacing that guy with a cop doesn't make anything any safer, because the same things that went wrong with Rust could've gone wrong if there had been a cop or anyone else doing the job. The failure was a human one. That armorer walked away and left the weapons unsupervised, and also by not being there, did not prevent the AD from picking up that gun and just randomly declaring it safe. The same thing could happen if a cop was doing the job. I hate to say that's a possibility, but it is. You're just replacing one fallible human being with another. These armors are already highly trained and experienced with far more models of firearms than the average cop will ever be. I say that as a former cop. I hate to say this, but every department has a doofus guy who just barely qualifies every quarter, and can barely field strip his weapon at the end of the day to clean it without one of the guys helping him. Yes, there are many very professional, motivated, well-trained and highly-experienced cops who's "thing" is guns... but sadly, not all of them.

  • Big Gaijin
    Big Gaijin Month ago

    You point a loaded gun at someone and pull the trigger, then are surprised at what happens. Duh! After seeing justice prevail at the Rittenhouse trial I hope it continues with this guy. If Baldwin's celebrity status keeps him from being punished, which I expect will happen, as a minimum he should be ordered to join the NRA so he can learn something about firearm safety.

  • MaDeuce DancinClub
    MaDeuce DancinClub Month ago +1


  • Axel Reunis
    Axel Reunis Month ago

    There is already a person responsible for gun safety on movie and tv sets.
    This person is not always competent enough, apparently.
    Why would anybody think that a cop would always be more competent? Most cops just don't know a lot about firearms...

  • dennis casey
    dennis casey Month ago +119

    I can only imagine how much greater our country would be if everyone possessed the common sense of Colion Noir!

    • Something2say
      Something2say Month ago +1

      @Lorraine Dougan Hopefully Alec Baldwin's kids take after their mom.

    • Dark Matter
      Dark Matter Month ago +3

      Right?! I think we are due for a Thanos snap but all the sheep disappear

    • Lorraine Dougan
      Lorraine Dougan Month ago +9

      Well, yeah. But dumb people breed.

  • The Z Family
    The Z Family Month ago

    I work for a private security company And let me tell you that our instructor tell us,, that half of our workers are law enforcement officers and some don't even know the fundamentals of a firearm or knows how to shoot. Is crazy that it make you think that all LEO are pro's on firearms, when in reality they are not.

  • SD Ranch
    SD Ranch Month ago

    Keep up the great work Colion!

  • Steven Holgate
    Steven Holgate Month ago

    That person is really going to be allowed to even be in the same room with a firearm? Gun ignorance is not an excuse for his killing someone!

  • dutchyfresh1
    dutchyfresh1 Month ago

    I couldn’t even point a real gun at someone. I can hear my dads voice in my head. He must of done good