Everybody Can Make Deepfakes Now!

  • Published on Mar 27, 2020
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Comments • 2 695

  • Jonathan Almeida
    Jonathan Almeida 2 years ago +3

    The scary thing about this stuff, is that there is gonna be a point where video footage won't serve as evidence in court.

  • Philtography - Cotswold Wedding Photographer

    It's so funny when you have listened to someone for ages and you've built an image of them in your head, then you see the person for the first time and you realise you weren't even close!

  • Karl West
    Karl West 2 years ago +410

    They're not creating ai algorithms anymore, they're venturing into pure magic now

  • Socklips
    Socklips Year ago +186

    This is amazing and absolutely frightening at the same time. It'll start out with memes, and wind up causing wars.

  • Noorquacker
    Noorquacker 2 years ago +4

    The memes that can be made from this will be legendary

  • Victorbrine
    Victorbrine Year ago +600

    What people think it will do: "Everyone can use deepfakes now, video evidence won't be enough proof anymore, and anyone can make a leader say anything."

  • Bob. Just Bob.
    Bob. Just Bob. 2 years ago +243

    With this, combined with AI voice cloning, we can finally have videos of our favorite pop culture figures reciting the navy seal copypasta. What a time to be alive.

  • Iamwolf134
    Iamwolf134 2 years ago +440

    As Deepfakes become increasingly more sophisticated, a bevy of smaller studios may afford to make better movies involving stunt doubles. Deepfakes may even be used in traditional animation in tandem with DAIN (Depth Aware INterpolation) so that smaller studios can afford to animate, and with fewer frames.

  • randomguy9777
    randomguy9777 2 years ago +55

    Man, combined with software that can transform a person’s voice to match another’s ... we are in so much trouble.

  • Malohn
    Malohn 2 years ago +69

    So now video proof can't be used in court anymore

  • Gays & Wario
    Gays & Wario Year ago +645

    It's funny how people think that this stuff could be used for terrifying things but in reality all people will use this for is to make Obama beatbox

    LEE PAGE Year ago +82

    I only want it to do meme. No political involved

  • xy22
    xy22 2 years ago +150

    This is really scary. Imagine what illminded people can do by spreading false material made by this type of software as actual footage.

  • Seraaron
    Seraaron 2 years ago +26

    well this is terrifying and also mind-blowing and an amazing testiment to the power of computer science all at once

  • Eric Lammertsma
    Eric Lammertsma 2 years ago +148

    Woohoo! A video where we get to see the man in action! (Also, I'm definitely going to have fun with that colab.)

  • Jacob Loren
    Jacob Loren 2 years ago +3

    The fact that it can do extremely stylized and non human/abstract shapes has such interesting implications for speeding up animation workflows. The idea that, as a solo animator, you could offload the majority of tweening work as an automated process, and just focus on creating high quality key frame moments is incredibly intriguing. Definitely gonna have to give that a whirl.

  • tree_sentinel
    tree_sentinel 2 years ago +64

    This is completely insane. To understate it, this is revolutionary software. I can't wait to try it myself. My mind is blown.

  • Alexden96
    Alexden96 2 years ago +1

    That's so awesome that this technology isn't just hanging out there; like, he's educating the military and agencies to be able to detect these kinds of footage.

  • Nasr-eddine MHANNI
    Nasr-eddine MHANNI 2 years ago +1

    Two papers down the line, we will remake GOT season 8!

  • Carol ChildOfGod
    Carol ChildOfGod Year ago

    Although this entire concept just freaks me out, before I run away screaming, I MUST thank you for your service to the defenders of our country and I’m sure many others. You could have made some serious BANK, and I hope you do. But your conviction to put your fellow man before anything else is truly admirable. Chivalry is NOT dead after all. Thank you!