The Pengest Munch Ep. 22: Morley's (Penge)

  • Published on Mar 8, 2019
  • Today issa Penge ting, man's looking to back a peng wing 🙌🏾 *Ghost-writing services are available, I accept Ethereum, Bitcoin and Cedi's.* 'Twas a calm meal still, but I've never seen a Bossman so off job it was woeful. I'd prefer to have Boss doing no favours and working, than gassing me with a freebie wing only to abandon the work station and turn me into a monument on a Tourist route 😒
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    Starring // Maxsta
    Music // Maxsta - Outside
    Twitter // ItsMaxsta
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  • Al-jame Hussain
    Al-jame Hussain 17 hours ago

    Go to Original Taste in Mile End

  • J Clsyton
    J Clsyton Day ago


  • Ayo Ranks
    Ayo Ranks 2 days ago

    3:14 Nice one mate

  • jaa.mes_
    jaa.mes_ 2 days ago

    Editing fam!

  • Llama The Saucy
    Llama The Saucy 2 days ago

    How is this man 26???😂😂

  • Hi_iAmGoDツ
    Hi_iAmGoDツ 2 days ago

    This Woman is so ugly

  • Was Good
    Was Good 2 days ago

    If you don’t like how he uploads every couple months, that’s asking for death his videos are to good to just be made in a day

  • Basheer ALkateb
    Basheer ALkateb 3 days ago

    Do Rios in wembely London! Not your usual chicken shop. Absolutely PENG

  • Nurhan Siddiqui
    Nurhan Siddiqui 3 days ago

    The guys pro 1:58

  • Jay Worgan
    Jay Worgan 3 days ago

    King of chicken

  • Phil the block of cheese

    Go to Royal Chicken and Pizza in Finchley

  • william slade
    william slade 4 days ago

    gettin abit fat

  • AquaStrat So2
    AquaStrat So2 4 days ago

    whens the new video boss man?

  • Wolff
    Wolff 4 days ago +1

    This guy was doing so well lmfao

  • Painted And loaded
    Painted And loaded 4 days ago

    Wagwan pifting gimme you bbm pin

  • Kameron Keyhea
    Kameron Keyhea 4 days ago

    Black version Gordan Ramsey that eat chicken

  • Abdullah Nauman
    Abdullah Nauman 4 days ago

    Check out chicken cottage

  • Impact eleztro
    Impact eleztro 5 days ago

    Yo where have u gone ??

  • Pengyplayz FC
    Pengyplayz FC 5 days ago

    Yes boys

  • Faze Peppa pig
    Faze Peppa pig 5 days ago +2

    It’s funny how hard he tries to be like big shaq 😂😂😂

    • Faze Peppa pig
      Faze Peppa pig 15 hours ago

      He keeps saying ting and stuff and tryna act hard

    • IK1326
      IK1326 15 hours ago

      Faze Peppa pig wdym

  • obscuresoul
    obscuresoul 5 days ago

    These man look like school boys but I swear they soon touching 30's

  • BoostedPrince
    BoostedPrince 6 days ago

    Every time I watch an episode I get the urge to eat chicken.

    BIT2ANIM8 6 days ago

    Gordon Ramsey ain't got nothin on this man

  • A Person
    A Person 6 days ago

    I'm vegetarian and I still watch this

  • 438811 .H
    438811 .H 7 days ago +1

    The quality (and personality) of your videos has become so dry and dead.

  • Stewie Just Said That

    This has got me craving fried chicken so much

  • Sean Mallon
    Sean Mallon 8 days ago +1

    Funny vid dude nice one don’t listen to the rude comments mate

  • Pyramid Ceres
    Pyramid Ceres 8 days ago +2

    How is his voice not broken yet? I reckon he might be trans. Born a woman.

  • Nazmi Gzk
    Nazmi Gzk 10 days ago +2

    wolverine ting


  • Gideon
    Gideon 10 days ago +1

    Go tjs in northwoolich

  • Tina Huczxko
    Tina Huczxko 10 days ago

    You've earned a new subscriber good vid bro keep it up

  • Pyra
    Pyra 11 days ago

    my name jeff

  • Kalim Khan
    Kalim Khan 11 days ago

    He’s starting to look like microphone😂😂

  • Edmond Kimani
    Edmond Kimani 11 days ago


  • Edmond Kimani
    Edmond Kimani 11 days ago


  • Edmond Kimani
    Edmond Kimani 11 days ago


  • Edmond Kimani
    Edmond Kimani 11 days ago


  • lilgaming19
    lilgaming19 12 days ago +2

    is at tony in the back ground

  • Archie Homwe
    Archie Homwe 12 days ago

    Ugly shoes

  • Archie Homwe
    Archie Homwe 12 days ago

    Ugly shoes

  • Archie Homwe
    Archie Homwe 12 days ago

    Ugly shoes

  • PrEmIuM.PeNgUiN
    PrEmIuM.PeNgUiN 13 days ago

    we need more good ting mr quashie

  • XxGame AddictxX
    XxGame AddictxX 13 days ago

    Bossman count: 23

  • Suicide is funny
    Suicide is funny 13 days ago +1

    Keep in mind he’s 26 when you’re thinking he’s 15

    • Red Hood
      Red Hood 11 days ago

      he looks 40 just a midget man

  • maverickmic
    maverickmic 14 days ago

    What software package you using for the effects?

  • Tazrian Mashiyat
    Tazrian Mashiyat 14 days ago

    I've been here before

  • Nabz
    Nabz 14 days ago +2

    best burger and wings 496 Church Rd, Northolt UB5 5AU

  • RED Naz boss
    RED Naz boss 14 days ago

    Americans wont understand british slang 0:10

  • swagzilla3000
    swagzilla3000 15 days ago

    What kind of bargin bin knockoff imitation of morgue by wiley is that instrumental

  • Yasir Hussain
    Yasir Hussain 15 days ago

    fat shit

  • Tawhid Ahmed
    Tawhid Ahmed 15 days ago +1

    Man said wings r genetically engineered 😂😂

  • Tommy van der walt
    Tommy van der walt 16 days ago +12

    Point system be mad rigged. Give a man a free wing, man gives you a higher score. That's not how it goes fam, come on now. Keep it strict, don't be caught beggin for free wings.

  • ggreyshade
    ggreyshade 16 days ago

    you coulda gave the man a selfie you piece of shit what the fuck? you chose this life, allow the man. he gave you free food too.

  • Sabbir Bepary
    Sabbir Bepary 16 days ago

    Do Dixy on Barking Road

  • Badman Playz
    Badman Playz 17 days ago

    Listen go try kfh grill and pfc in poplar mum's life it's got the pengest food

  • Tommy van der walt
    Tommy van der walt 17 days ago +8

    You look a bit sleep deprived. But yeah nah bossman was way too up in it. I don't respect it but you didn't have to floss on him like that. Saying it how it is and leaving at it is fine but don't be telling him he's gotta know his place. Man gave you free food. Don't bite that hand.

  • aaron is human
    aaron is human 18 days ago

    Our god has come back

  • jehmin jung
    jehmin jung 19 days ago

    My man I was looking at some of your old videos. What makes your videos great is your attention to detail and whitty remarks during the meal . Please dont review after eating as your remarks may not be the same. Thanks for all the hours of entertainment

  • Aaliyah Walrond
    Aaliyah Walrond 20 days ago

    go to fabs chicken and pizza north harrow

  • D Kay
    D Kay 20 days ago

    U look like aunt jemima

  • Mikey Lynch
    Mikey Lynch 20 days ago

    This has got to the point where it’s not even funny anymore, allow it!

  • Elvin Moepi
    Elvin Moepi 20 days ago

    Nice chicken and chips are good

  • Stefan Santokhie
    Stefan Santokhie 21 day ago +30

    Owner gave you wings, allowed you to film in his store and gave you a whole big up and showed you he was a fan and you flossed on him, not cool fam. Stay humble bruv.

  • Micka Micha
    Micka Micha 25 days ago

    Little boy thinks he is a big man just because he eats some wings on TheXvid. Learn to respect people, stay humble!

  • Salty Meme Guy
    Salty Meme Guy 27 days ago

    your vids are good and all but your cheeky fucker for not letting the man take a selfie with ya after him letting ya record in his shop and he gave ya free food, i would punched ya out of your shitty Nike shoes and picked up by the fro and ouuuuut the door with ya hahaha

  • onewheel_kyy
    onewheel_kyy 28 days ago +1

    no chicken shop is good for you😂

  • Diagnosed Diamond
    Diagnosed Diamond 29 days ago

    Ave you ever ad kfc bruv or just naaa lad

  • jüst päßłø
    jüst päßłø 29 days ago

    Bro he need to come to the us and try some Popeyes, that’s the pe gets munch.

  • Mustafa Batihan
    Mustafa Batihan Month ago

    The owner served you politely. With upmost respect. let you make a video/ad revenue off his shop. Gave you a free wing. You absolutely violated yourself alongside him by ducking his photos. You fat cunt little black sack of shit. I hope the boss isn't prejudice and doesn't think all black people are like this scummy cocky fag. All of my black friends are extremely respectful to everyone and very honorable people. Disgusting little snitch.

    • Joshua Ribeiro
      Joshua Ribeiro 3 days ago

      Mustafa Batihan why is his race relevant you fucking moron

  • Big Pakkie
    Big Pakkie Month ago +3

    Man gave you free wings and you can’t give him a selfie. Brah

  • Fred Bobbins
    Fred Bobbins Month ago

    What creps was the other guy wearing

  • Advance Arts
    Advance Arts Month ago +1

    @ 05:10 Time to sort out those Man Bewbs

  • Andrei De România
    Andrei De România Month ago

    i:m new subscriber man

  • Craig Bailey
    Craig Bailey Month ago

    This geezer ain’t wired up right 🤣👊🏻

  • Conor Gilsenan
    Conor Gilsenan Month ago

    Ur a legend

  • K
    K Month ago


  • DonOneBryson
    DonOneBryson Month ago +1

    He asks for burger sauce for his chips, says it all.

  • DonOneBryson
    DonOneBryson Month ago

    Lad someone needs to come and sleep this kid. He's a fuckin idiot. Shite jokes, sold out. Lad come anywhere outside London and you'll get chinned

  • Liquid iVoid
    Liquid iVoid Month ago

    Lol I forgot I subbed to this channel

  • Pat Sha
    Pat Sha Month ago

    What’s this nigxxr on. A connoisseur on cheap shit. A show about 3 pounds meal. I eat real food this cheap nigxxr can’t afford.

  • SwoleRadroach
    SwoleRadroach Month ago

    You always get people defending fuckery. The guy is getting all in his face taking one sided selfies lmfao this youte ain't smiling, he's trynna eat his wing he looked pissed. Ask for a photo afterwards, don't be a dickhead

  • kfc667
    kfc667 Month ago

    6:50 What's the name of the 'instrumental' Maxsta rapping on?

  • Gamekind -
    Gamekind - Month ago

    Boi actin cool lookin like a 3 year old boi lookin like a microphone

  • NightSTAR1 1
    NightSTAR1 1 Month ago

    The only people who would dislike this is cows and pigs and other meats

  • The wondering Englishman

    The Mic is always there - on his head! :)

  • Arun
    Arun Month ago

    Anyone know the instrumental at the end?

  • Jamie Stainer
    Jamie Stainer Month ago +1

    You've gotta go to Runnymede Chicken and Ribs in Egham!

  • B V
    B V Month ago +21

    I'm not a fan of this new chicken connoisseur. It used to be chill and upbeat now he's up himself and bashing everything and everyone.
    Not saying that's what everyone is thinking, but for me, this is my tube stop, was nice watching while it was chill.

    • 438811 .H
      438811 .H 7 days ago +1

      That’s true. Compare him to two years ago, he was good and poppin’. Now he’s dead and dry lmao.

    • Dasati o
      Dasati o 7 days ago

      They arent making a black dynamite sequel get your hair cut

    • Tommy van der walt
      Tommy van der walt 17 days ago +4

      straight up bashed the owner too. 3.5 - 3.6 with SHADE... he's beggin and he just gets flossed on.

    • Tiago _TM_
      Tiago _TM_ 19 days ago

      It’s peak

  • Alex Alex
    Alex Alex Month ago

    Who found this kid from memeulous

  • sajedha 💋
    sajedha 💋 Month ago

    i’m from cambridge, and my local for 5 wings is £2.80...

  • Timetravel Gt
    Timetravel Gt Month ago

    Hey van you go to another dixy near ilford or stratford or just a new dixy cause the one you went to was a joke ting and shitness

  • j burggg
    j burggg Month ago

    what sizes bra do you wear? a cup?

  • Peppa Pig
    Peppa Pig Month ago

    i came from memoules

  • androiddanger
    androiddanger Month ago

    I’m confused, is it a schoolboy or a 45 year old lesbian?

    YXNGMARS 88 Month ago

    Go mummy yum Stratford

  • Silvia Henriques
    Silvia Henriques Month ago

    The rap was cool

  • IcyAlex07
    IcyAlex07 Month ago


  • SLaY DaRtH
    SLaY DaRtH Month ago

    oi oi 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • Yasmine Aziz
    Yasmine Aziz Month ago +1

    *c r e p c h e c k*