Amazing Iron Casting Using CO2 Silica Mold

  • Published on Aug 17, 2020
  • I recently visited an iron casting factory which metal cast some large flour mill machine body parts using CO2 silica mold. It was an amazing experience for me as I found it really interesting. Here are some important video clips and their iron casting process of making large machines body parts. I hope you will enjoy this video. Please support me by subscribing, liking, commenting and sharing this video in your social circles.
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Comments • 2 239

  • Scrounga’s Workshop
    Scrounga’s Workshop Year ago +229

    These men are incredible making cast iron with basic tools, hard work and a lot of skill. I like the way they look quite relaxed while working but someone is always will to jump in and help someone else lift or carry. They’re a great team and that can make hard work a lot easier.

  • wiech buch
    wiech buch Year ago +2

    Jesteście niezwykli , życzę Wam dużo sił i zdrowia , ja też ciężko pracuję i wiem jak go potrzeba takim jak Wy . Pozdrowienia z Polski

  • Hailton Ferreira
    Hailton Ferreira Year ago +1

    Os caras são feras, muito talento!

  • Kris Pol
    Kris Pol Year ago +4

    Czy my ciężko pracujemy , czy w złych warunkach ?Patrząc na nich to pełen szacunek co robią i w jakich warunkach

  • Miquel Vigorós Rigol


  • Delmar Galvagni
    Delmar Galvagni Year ago +1

    Eu sou um admirador desses caras que trabalham com fundição . Parabéns pelo vídeo um verdadeiro show .👏👏👏

  • Donald Bryant
    Donald Bryant Year ago +50

    I feel great admiration for these guys! Respect!!

  • Andy Woodfin
    Andy Woodfin Year ago +186

    Jesus I’m exhausted just watching this for a few minutes. Imagine doing this all day, every day. Props to these guys.

  • Nelson Marques de Almeida




  • Sidney Bowerman

    I spent almost 14 years in a foundry making huge castings (for steam turbines) weighing several tons. I doubt you will find a 'tidy' foundry anywhere. One thing that made me wince was the guy with the sledge hammer at the end, knocking the hardened sand off the casting. IT'S CAST IRON MATE.

  • search4truth
    search4truth Year ago +8

    It's amazing that things are still being done this way in parts of the world. We used to do this stuff when I had a metal class in high school

  • tyler krug
    tyler krug Year ago +65

    My hats off to these guys. Some hard working dudes! Couldn't imagine what these guys have to go through.

  • tarmac245
    tarmac245 Year ago +12

    Team work, skill and hard hard work. Thank you Bert Safor for explaining what I was watching. These men are to be admired .

  • Ник Иванов
    Ник Иванов Year ago +91

    I respect these masters! They earn their living honestly!

  • edsccosta Costa
    edsccosta Costa Year ago

    🇧🇷 muito bom 👍

  • Son of a Gun
    Son of a Gun Year ago +590

    I believe the title is confusing. The moulding sand is a mixture of sharp sand and a small amount of liquid sodium silicate (= waterglass). Sodium silicate hardens due a reaction with CO2. This is what you see in the video. The former puts the sodium silicate /sand mixture into the mould, and compacts with a wooden stick. Than he injects CO2 as a reaction agent. The mould is now a very good relatively hard mass.

  • مصانع تدوير البلاستيك

    I looked at the complete video and I am supposed to comment that the workers are the ones who deserve appreciation and respect because they are the success of this workshop.

  • eduardo lucio moreira da silva

    Excelente trabalho

  • Bira Bira
    Bira Bira Year ago +1

    Ótimo trabalho