Adorable New Dad Meerkat Forgets to EAT While Feeding His Kids | The Secret Life Of The Zoo

  • Published on Dec 7, 2018
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    This father meerkat maybe cares a little too much about feeding his new-borns…
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  • Channel 4
    Channel 4  6 months ago +18

    How adorable is this?!
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  • One SexyPine
    One SexyPine 19 days ago

    Very caring daddy.

  • Anonymous rex
    Anonymous rex Month ago +12

    He attacc
    He protecc
    But most importanly, he bring snacks

  • Sommy Bunny
    Sommy Bunny Month ago +1

    The dad is like an asian grandmother trying to force feed yoy

  • Tavion McFarland
    Tavion McFarland Month ago


  • night_creeps
    night_creeps Month ago

    Ah. Well. Shit, dude.
    Can't get them without betraying them, can you?

  • シアン化物
    シアン化物 Month ago +3

    Dad: where are my babies ypu heathen

  • I'm Dead Inside/Pickle chin ah boy

    Meerkats are really smart, this dude tried go dig his way under to get his babies, much respect to him

  • Gacha Owo
    Gacha Owo 2 months ago +5

    The two dislikes are the parent meerkats

  • Patshhi4
    Patshhi4 2 months ago +11

    What a good daddy. So protective of his babies. 🥰

  • Sarah Barker
    Sarah Barker 2 months ago +5

    Aww, what a caring dad. ❤

  • Kyle Williams
    Kyle Williams 3 months ago

    Kirsten 💋

  • Light-wait Ghost
    Light-wait Ghost 4 months ago +29

    Daddy is just running around at the end of the vid yelling, "I'm sorry I couldn't dig you all out...but have some extra food, PLEASE!"

    I'M TRUNCHBULLICIOUS 5 months ago +7

    1 person didn't enjoy watching madagascar

  • ghostdogblack4747
    ghostdogblack4747 6 months ago +139

    Daddy meerkat starts diggin graves for the mfs who took his babies lol

  • Tina
    Tina 6 months ago +3

    So cute!!

  • AlmightyK
    AlmightyK 6 months ago +2

    Good clip
    Misleading headline

  • RIXRADvidz
    RIXRADvidz 6 months ago +21

    I start to well up when I think about baby Oleg and the way Sergey and Aleksander would take care of him. Papshka Meerkati so heart breakingly caring for that little Oleg. Way2Cute

  • Jonny Mentology
    Jonny Mentology 6 months ago +17

    This is why the patriarchy is evil. Males care too deeply. Evil, I say.

    • Comic Forts
      Comic Forts Month ago

      @I'M TRUNCHBULLICIOUS r/woooooosh

    • Domenicore
      Domenicore Month ago


    • Legate Josephus
      Legate Josephus 2 months ago

      Jesus christ. I feel bad for you Jon because of these comments. Fucking Wooooooosh

    • Jonny Mentology
      Jonny Mentology 5 months ago +1

      @I'M TRUNCHBULLICIOUS whooooosh.

    • Unoriginal User
      Unoriginal User 5 months ago +1

      @I'M TRUNCHBULLICIOUS I agree with you dude but you might want to learn how to spell first.

  • Hazard The Great
    Hazard The Great 6 months ago +4

    *But the real question is would this meerkat dad survive a cold rainy night in Stoke?*