Vasopressors (Part 1) - ICU Drips

  • Published on Oct 6, 2019
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    In this lesson, we start a new collection of lessons covering ICU drips, and specifically we start off talking about vasopressors. This is going to be a two part lesson. In this first part we start off talking about what vasopressors are and why they are used for our patients. We then get in to the actions of vasopressors on various receptor sites and explain the differences between these receptors.
    From there we move on and cover the 6 main vasopressors and talk about the specific receptors in which they act as well as some useful information relating to dosing and onset of action. We finish out the lesson with a chart comparing these vasopressors in one spot so you can have a better understanding of these differences between each pressor.
    The next part of this series we will be covering very important tidbits of information that come in to play when managing patients on these medication.
    Our hope is that by the end of this lesson you will have a better understanding of what pressors are as well as the differences between the main various vasopressors that we use.
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  • ICU Advantage
    ICU Advantage  2 years ago +69

    Thank you guys so much for watching! Please leave us a like if you enjoyed the video. We truly do appreciate it! Also we love hearing your comments so feel free to tell us what you think of the video. We hope that after this lesson, you will have a good understanding of what vasopressors are, how they have their effect on different receptors and the be able to identify and recognize the 6 major vasopressor agents that we use, to include their mechanism of action and the standard dosages and titration frequencies.

  • Karen Karen
    Karen Karen Year ago +373

    Here’s an important tip from a retired RN. Make sure that you always have your next bag ready! The worst feeling is waiting for the pharmacy or a fellow nurse to quickly mix up a bag while your patient’s BP is tanking. 😨

  • J
    J 2 years ago +98

    I am an ex ICU RN needing to go back to ICU to help out with potential COVID 19 influx here in Australia. Just wanted to say thank you for these lectures. They're excellent brush up on critical care basics.

  • Inthatorder
    Inthatorder Year ago +37

    I’m a new grad and have been in the ICU for a year, this has really helped me understand why providers choose certain pressors over others for these patients

  • Collin Platt
    Collin Platt Year ago +26

    Thank you! I have a new grad interview for my dream job in an ICU (goal is flight nursing), but my preceptorship was med-surg. Trying to learn as much as I can and this format is exactly how I learn best!

  • Portia Rapela Makgolane

    Thank you, you are a born teacher. Keep up updating us about ICU environment and what we should basically know. I find these videos very helpful, now I am confident to use inotropes in ICU.

  • Ana Mokena-Nicol
    Ana Mokena-Nicol 9 hours ago

    Thankyou, fantastic and very easy to follow. Easy to integrate back with physiology and med/pharm also if you are refreshing, studying or updating at same time...

  • jstokley30
    jstokley30 Day ago

    Thank you for the video. It was extremely helpful. I'm a nurse obtaining my BSN and am interested in ICU!

  • Karen Karen
    Karen Karen Year ago +12

    When I was a young nurse, many years ago, we only used Dopamine drips. Patients got incredible tachycardia. I also remember Isuprel gtts for severe asthma. Glad that we have other options now.

  • Carla Joy

    i am a student nurse extern in the CTICU and i absolutely love this channel. Any chance i get im watching a new video, rewatching past videos and taking notes. i've learned so much on my unit alongside watching these videos. Thank you, thank you and thank you!!!

  • lless96
    lless96 Year ago +2

    Started my first rotation as an intern in the SICU. Your videos are really helping me get back that foundational knowledge that I learned all the way back in my first year of school. Thank you!

  • Bianca N
    Bianca N 2 years ago +5

    Thank you so much for uploading this new series! When I first started in the ICU, these medications were new to me, but these videos have helped me to better understand the pressors than the way I thought myself!

  • Ana Pereira
    Ana Pereira 2 years ago

    😱Muito obrigado pelo que fez pela minha mãe,dá gosto ver todos os seus vídeos doutor. Você transmite uma energia bacana O único homem que nunca comete erros é aquele que nunca faz coisa alguma. Não tenha medo de errar, pois você aprenderá a não cometer o mesmo erro duas vezes.

  • Steve Ashdown

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your channel, I learn more from your lessons than I did during my CVICU Residency (ended up going to ED afterwards but I'm looking to go back to ICU). I have been watching these on repeat since I found your channel and I recommend it to EVERY new RN or student RN. PLEASE keep up the great work!!!

  • Queen Latifa

    Hi Dear,

  • Maggie Pereira

    Thank you for such a helpful video ! Do you happen to have a video with the breakdown of the meanings of the receptors and agonist ? I’m having a hard time with thoroughly understanding the patho on that end of things

  • Azucena Bentajado
    Azucena Bentajado Year ago +2

    So informative with simplified explanation. Thank you so much !

  • Civil N.
    Civil N. Year ago +1

    This is my second week of orientation in the ICU. ICU Advantage has been a wonderful resource to me. Thank you very much. Will definitely recommend.

  • earnest thompson
    earnest thompson 2 years ago +14

    Really like the chart at the end and look forward to more about where & when to use them.

  • Jacqueline Dupont
    Jacqueline Dupont Year ago +4

    Headed back to the icu after being out of it for a bit, needed a refresh on dosing etc... this was prefect!!! Thank you