All 28 Assist Trophies Still MISSING in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (...from Brawl & Smash 4)


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  • Ezekiel Foreman
    Ezekiel Foreman 10 minutes ago

    Skull-Kid seems very viable as his assist trophy has shown that he has potential at becoming a unique fighter, like...
    * Turning players invisible for a short period of time, this would be like a counter (Down special)
    * He can teleport in any direction by being directed with the thumb stick (Up special)
    * Like robin's don special where he transfer an enemy health to himself when at super close range - Skull-Kid should turn a player into a deku scrub (Neutral special)
    * Like Rosalina & Luma's Neutral special where when charged luma is trusted out into an enemy - Skull-Kid could charge up and thrust his sister Tatl, and his brother Tael out into an enemy damaging. When fully charged (approximately 5 seconds) Tatl & Tael will put upon any player who is hit by them an 'inverted controls' affect. which obviously inverts the other players moving controls (left is right, and down is up) This would be his Side special.
    Also it would be cool if they made some of his different costumes with the different masks from Majora's Mask.

  • joseph race
    joseph race 8 hours ago

    I think Waluigi is going to be playerble for some reason i don't know why but I think Sakurai's trolling and I think he is going to be the last character to be announced as a surprise.

  • FrabbleDabble Yt
    FrabbleDabble Yt 16 hours ago

    I want Pandora as an assist trophy

  • IAmASillyPigeon
    IAmASillyPigeon Day ago

    Isaac- but from the binding of Isaac

  • Justin Ess
    Justin Ess Day ago

    I want Skull Kid to be playable because he is the worst Assist Trophy in SSB4. If he is playable he will most likely not be an Assist Trophy.

  • The Orange Diamond
    The Orange Diamond 2 days ago

    I hate you guys so much

  • MetalSonic30
    MetalSonic30 2 days ago

    Major Burrows SHOULD be an Assist Trophy!

  • Aaron Daniel Pasache Pachas

    27 now remaining, Isabelle was confirmed

  • Ghost_Dog97
    Ghost_Dog97 2 days ago

    i spit out my drink when Little Mac jumped off the stage

  • tony piwi
    tony piwi 3 days ago

    Shadow plz
    I REALLY want him to join
    Idc if hes an echo or not if hes joins the roster ill shat my pants

  • Jake Taller
    Jake Taller 3 days ago

    Isabelle Is Playable Now

  • Dan Boekenoogen
    Dan Boekenoogen 3 days ago

    Well Isabelle is a character in ultimate so...

  • Nathan Garratt
    Nathan Garratt 3 days ago

    Isabelle's playable now

  • Kaell Steers
    Kaell Steers 3 days ago

    Lol. I got to the Isabelle part and realized you recorded this before the direct.

  • Kaell Steers
    Kaell Steers 3 days ago

    I'm sorry. Saki who???

  • Pizzahighfive
    Pizzahighfive 3 days ago

    Bill Rizer from Contra, and Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden NES

  • Smash Shane
    Smash Shane 3 days ago

    I need Devil completely shunned from Ultimate! I just hate him as an assist trophy! If he's not in this game I'll be content.

  • Art account IT
    Art account IT 3 days ago

    Please isaac plz

  • Nehfarius
    Nehfarius 3 days ago

    Well, you were partially right about Isabelle. She became playable...but not as a Villager echo. Instead, she's closer to being the Lucas to Villager's Ness.
    Also, I can totally see Shadow coming back as a Sonic echo(possibly with his own spin on some moves, and Chaos Control as his up-special), and I'm one of those people who'd love to see Isaac in as a proper fighter, with a moveset that centers around his earth-based Psynergy powers in addition to his swordplay. MAYBE even with a Felix(the protag from Golden Sun: The Lost Age, who has similar powers to Isaac) echo.

  • Miriam Rebekah Shapiro

    Characters I want promoted:
    Skull Kid
    and of course RESETTI!!!!

  • Widelion255
    Widelion255 4 days ago

    I want Agatha for smash

  • Retierashia
    Retierashia 4 days ago

    I guess they were right about Isabelle, besides the echo part.

  • ToiletPartyExtreme
    ToiletPartyExtreme 4 days ago

    I think as of Sep 13-14, I think we all why we’re here...or until the game entirely releases.

  • Mokujo
    Mokujo 4 days ago

    "Sin and Punishment's Suck Yo Mama"

  • paco ramon
    paco ramon 4 days ago +2

    Isabelle should be an assist and Shovel Knight a playable character.
    They do the opposite the fans and logic wanted.

  • GrimRockNebula
    GrimRockNebula 5 days ago

    God. I hope Ghirahim is playable

  • Greninja/ Decidueye
    Greninja/ Decidueye 6 days ago

    Give me a kid icarus rep.

  • Da Thick one
    Da Thick one 6 days ago +1

    5:26 well actually

  • Andrew Dee
    Andrew Dee 6 days ago

    Suddenly, Isabelle. Fighter. Unique. NOT an echo. The madman did it.

  • Dorchap
    Dorchap 6 days ago

    Well we got Isabelle

  • Liberty
    Liberty 6 days ago +1

    "we wouldn't be at all surprised to see isabelle reappear"

  • Rg pro
    Rg pro 6 days ago

    I hope Jill comes back

  • Marcelo Oliveira
    Marcelo Oliveira 6 days ago

    When talk about kat and ana why people are so certain the ninja girls are become echoe fighter for ice climbers, echoe fighters are from the same serie with his default parterns(daisy/peach, chrom/roy, samus/dark samus), popo and nana are from ice climber and kat and ana are from warioware, this dont make sense.
    I think the best is make kat a unique character and her echoe fighter is ana.

  • Pearl is B E G O N E


  • 009deca
    009deca 7 days ago

    Ashley :'(

  • ดากานดา มูลตรีศรี

    Yeah Isaac is Playable

  • ดากานดา มูลตรีศรี

    Yeah Shadow is Playable

  • King Rowlet ಠ_ಠ
    King Rowlet ಠ_ಠ 9 days ago

    I’m probably fine with everyone joining except for Isabelle (as an echo fighter)

  • Rubén Marcos
    Rubén Marcos 9 days ago +1

    Shadow for smash

  • Sabertooth1000000000
    Sabertooth1000000000 11 days ago +1

    They really need to bring back that badass Isaac assist trophy.

    • Gerexo Molarroid
      Gerexo Molarroid 9 days ago

      Yup isaac assist with Rayman, Shantae and Bomberman would be dope.

  • JubJub444
    JubJub444 11 days ago +2

    Im hoping mr.resetti comes back!

  • Zero Crow
    Zero Crow 11 days ago

    shadow, issac and bandana waddle dee.

  • Jay Anime
    Jay Anime 12 days ago

    The girl with the lighting

  • Dominic Lusardi
    Dominic Lusardi 12 days ago

    Skull Kid for Smash!

  • LPSKathrynfreindswithOlivia Sq

    Ok shadow Isabelle skull kid and......................waluigi but still an assist trophy but a fighter

  • LPSKathrynfreindswithOlivia Sq


  • MoreAwsomeMetal
    MoreAwsomeMetal 14 days ago

    Has anyone ever though it could be possible that each and every playable character in SSBU could have its own assist trophy? It could be made possible by simply having the game disable the possibility of picking up an assist trophy of a specific character IF that character is choosen by a player (or a CPU) in a battle... This could actualy unlock a lot of curent assist trophies that could actually become playable characters (watch me staring at Bomberman...)

  • MoreAwsomeMetal
    MoreAwsomeMetal 14 days ago

    That's 25 , not 28

  • Eduardo Diaz
    Eduardo Diaz 15 days ago

    Y-You guys forgot about Demon Lord Ghirahim.

  • Xiao Mei
    Xiao Mei 16 days ago

    ... LYNDIS. PLEASE put her in so she can break this terrible chain of Fire Emblem SWORD fighters. Her style is eastern-based. She cannot swing her blade the way everyone else does.
    ... Corrin was a step in the right direction, but Lyn would definitely shake things up.
    ... ahh who am I kidding, she's too OP. That kind of speed will never be acceptable.

    • Gerexo Molarroid
      Gerexo Molarroid 15 days ago

      She is an assist trophy:

  • BraydenMiller
    BraydenMiller 16 days ago +1

    Woah. I didn't even know these Brawl trophies were in the game

  • SoLink #DC
    SoLink #DC 16 days ago

    You miss Girahim

  • Hernandez Nestor
    Hernandez Nestor 17 days ago

    Magnus for cloud echo

  • DragonBoy RW
    DragonBoy RW 17 days ago +1

    Please bring back Resetti. That was my favorite one.

  • KevClips Gaming
    KevClips Gaming 17 days ago

    "Highly underrated" is so true.
    The Kururin series is very fun.

  • Lucy !!!
    Lucy !!! 19 days ago +1

    am i the ONLY person in the world who wants to play as midna

  • Chip Flip Gaming
    Chip Flip Gaming 19 days ago

    I feel like some were removed either because of trophies or even characters can do similar things ie Dillion and Sonic. Or because of the reception of said trophy ie Resseti. The last reason would likely be because they are now playable, while I would love Phosphora and Magnus, my bets are on Hades being the main villain of the new Spirits mode. That is of course if Sakurai thinks Kid Icarus Uprising deserves such a pivotal part of the story. Or if it’s even still relevant.

  • viperstudioshass
    viperstudioshass 20 days ago

    Anybody noticed exactly where isabell is pulling those peaches from?

  • CoastalYT
    CoastalYT 20 days ago

    I can see jay and Ana being in the game tbh

  • Î_Ī
    Î_Ī 20 days ago +1

    1:38 I can't take his clout?! 😤

  • One Sensitive Artist
    One Sensitive Artist 21 day ago +1

    There assist trophies. Who gives a shit, they suck anyway.

  • TaintedXGamer
    TaintedXGamer 21 day ago

    I'm pulling for golden and dillon. Dillion's dead heat breakers shown some new moves he can perform.

  • Zero2XSammy
    Zero2XSammy 21 day ago

    tingle shall burn in hell

  • Der Galgenvogel
    Der Galgenvogel 21 day ago

    I want to see Magnus as a playable character so badly! Sakurai, do us a favour and make him the fighter he really is!

  • PyroPancakes
    PyroPancakes 21 day ago +1

    Helirin confirmed as a fighter baby

  • Remix 47
    Remix 47 23 days ago

    Everyone says shadow will be an echo fighter but I think he could have his own move set

  • TylerTheDefiler
    TylerTheDefiler 24 days ago

    Skull Kid

  • Sinjo Kautz
    Sinjo Kautz 24 days ago +1

    Kat and Ama

  • DreamCaster
    DreamCaster 24 days ago +1

    "missing"? More like chosen not to be in the game.

  • Terrill Bobbitt
    Terrill Bobbitt 24 days ago +2

    The two ninja girls from Wario could be Echo fires of Ice Climbers

  • Mario Mining Legos
    Mario Mining Legos 24 days ago

    Anybody know what the music is at 0:27

  • Jerry Smith
    Jerry Smith 25 days ago


  • An Imbecile
    An Imbecile 25 days ago +2

    Sakurai said there was over 50 assist trophies in this one in the e3 direct

  • That Guy Andy
    That Guy Andy 25 days ago +1

    I want Shadow in. But honestly I feel like he doesn't need to be an echo. But if he's in that's probably what they'll make him. I would also rather Tails and Knuckles also be in with Shadow but I guess it's too late.

  • Uncle Stinky
    Uncle Stinky 25 days ago

    I dont see Isaac getting into Smash Bros

  • Tsuyu
    Tsuyu 26 days ago

    I really hope they make Magnus playable

  • Lasatar 64
    Lasatar 64 26 days ago +1

    To look at it logically, the ones that were in both games seem like they'd have the most reason to return as ATs again. So if any AT became playable, I think it'd be one of the missing ones from that category. And out of those, there are only four real candidates: Shadow, Kat & Ana, Saki, and Tingle. We can cross off Tingle because he's on the Great Bay stage, so that just leaves the other three.
    Shadow is obviously the most likely, since he'd be an obvious Echo fighter for Sonic. I also honestly think that Kat & Ana have a good shot, since every Smash game since Melee has added some kind of multi-character fighter, for which they'd fit the role perfectly. Plus, the other reasonable WarioWare candidate, Ashley, has already been deconfirmed. So yeah. I think you shouldn't be surprised if the ninja sisters become the next Smash fighter.
    I don't know enough about Saki to make a judgement on him.

  • Heaven :3
    Heaven :3 26 days ago

    Shadow for an Echo Fighter of Sonic ?? Oh hell no let's put Dillon instead...

  • JJ shrimps
    JJ shrimps 26 days ago

    They should bring in all the assist trophies

  • cartergamegeek
    cartergamegeek 26 days ago

    I'm i the only one that remembers Isabelle in a Treehouse E3 stream? I think she popped up in one of those or i might be crazy but i remember seeing her in the life feed because they commented on her healing and the other person stole the fruit like you can do. But no one takes about her being in the Treehouse footage and i'm sure i saw her.

  • Optimistic Charizard
    Optimistic Charizard 27 days ago +1

    I hope either Phosphora or Magnus become playable, the Kid Icarus series deserves more than 2 different characters.
    Yes I know Dark pit exists smash bros, I said *different characters*

  • Optimistic Charizard
    Optimistic Charizard 27 days ago

    Tingle is similar to Togepi.

  • Oh man I messed it up Can not go back to japan

    *completely glosses over Saki and Magnus as playable characters*
    Bias much?

  • Anton Balfe
    Anton Balfe 27 days ago

    I hope Issac gets in he has a lot of moves that would make him a interesting character

  • Anton Balfe
    Anton Balfe 28 days ago

    This sounds like the computer voice thing some people use for videos

  • AmazingNintendoNerd
    AmazingNintendoNerd 28 days ago

    Little Mac can be an assist trophy and a playable character! Remember what they did with rathalos?

    • AmazingNintendoNerd
      AmazingNintendoNerd 15 days ago

      I never said rathalos would be playable, I said little mac could be a playable character, aswell as an assist trohpy, because if rathalos can double as 2 things, then maybe other things could double as other things aswell. Also, Waluigi might be playable, they might bamboozle us who knows.

    • Gerexo Molarroid
      Gerexo Molarroid 15 days ago

      Guy Rathalos *ins't* playable
      Little Mac was assist in Brawl-2008
      Little Mac was Playable in Smash 4-2014.
      And Waluigi and other characters are confirmed by the website:

  • AmazingNintendoNerd
    AmazingNintendoNerd 28 days ago

    1:43 This assist trophy's name Sounds like a new ligma joke

  • Bob McCabe
    Bob McCabe 28 days ago

    I really hope some of those obscure Assists from Brawl return.

  • Simon-Ricardo Kühn
    Simon-Ricardo Kühn 28 days ago +2

    R.I.P. Midna
    "Being dumped out for a cartoon clone of Link"
    BTW, will be there a video like this with Poké Ball pokémon?

  • DJLani
    DJLani Month ago

    Waluigi flashbacks

  • Unseen Phantom
    Unseen Phantom Month ago +1

    I would love if Shadow joined! weather he's an echo fighter or his own character.

  • Ben Rusk
    Ben Rusk Month ago

    I SWEAR i saw Tingle as an assist in one of the pro Smasher's show floor videos. Anyone recall a similar sighting? Tingle was briefly spawned in i believe, unfortunately i don't recall which particular video it was in.
    ..Then again if we got Skull Kid, Impa, Tingle, and Hilda as Zelda newcomers that would be pretty sweeto with me. Zelda needs and deserves new reps!

  • BODGMaster OBST3R98

    Guys 52+ not considering Skull kid,isabelle,isaac,dillon,shadow and protoman,so I am REALLY HOPEFUL that from all these characters these are the ones playable echo or newcomer like dark samus.

  • Hotalexvarietyhour
    Hotalexvarietyhour Month ago +1

    devil confirmed fighter

  • devonte l
    devonte l Month ago

    Chick 2 the right of the thumbnail was actually useful as an assist had this bond with her when I played with items or on 4 fun shed spawn the most

  • SA
    SA Month ago +2

    I really want Shadow and Shantae

  • BubbleDuck
    BubbleDuck Month ago

    Pulling for Tingle, let’s go boys

  • Hyper King56
    Hyper King56 Month ago +1

    I hope Shadow is going to be in the game

  • Mojtaba Elsadig
    Mojtaba Elsadig Month ago

    super smash bros ultimate shop buy

  • junhuantubehd 1
    junhuantubehd 1 Month ago +1

    I wish mr sakurai will put gomba, koopa troopa , chain chomp, boo and kamek to become a character