All 28 Assist Trophies Still MISSING in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (...from Brawl & Smash 4)


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  • G O T M I N I S
    G O T M I N I S 7 days ago

    Devil is in tho so is shadow

  • Captain Wobbuffet
    Captain Wobbuffet 11 days ago +1

    Why would Nintendo ever in their right mind choose to bring back Nintendog over Mr. Resetti? The Nintendog is just lame, bland, and makes everybody (even the person summoning it) annoyed. I still remember how happy me and all my friends would get when Resetti popped out of the Assist Trophy...

  • Sawyer Switzer
    Sawyer Switzer 13 days ago

    There's only a few of these that didn't make the cut in the end, and most of them are fighters.

  • K.B
    K.B 14 days ago

    Uhhh devil is in the game..

  • Cookie Monster
    Cookie Monster 15 days ago

    Isabella is now a fighter

  • Ameer Su
    Ameer Su 15 days ago

    Want u saying shadow is assit trophy

  • ツAcidicAli777
    ツAcidicAli777 19 days ago

    I can count like 8 or more fighters who are currently in as trophies.

  • Toon Link's game guide

    I want magnus

  • Compucles
    Compucles 20 days ago

    Good call on Isabelle, but surprisingly she isn't an echo fighter.

  • Some random Artist
    Some random Artist 21 day ago

    Um... Some of these are wrong like the devil.

  • Cody Smith
    Cody Smith 21 day ago

    Uhh, Devil, Shadow, Chain Chomp, Nightmare, Isaac, Phosphora, Sable Prince and Skull Kid all appear in Smash Ultimate as assist trophies. And you said there were 28 missing.
    I bet other big game information companies like IGN also make these mistakes, especially with games that aren't out yet.

    • ???
      ??? 2 days ago +1

      Cody Smith's mentally incapable of logical thinking and checking timestamps, I see.

    • BlameTheLag
      BlameTheLag 19 days ago +2

      This video was made before those assist trophies were announced.

  • terrie wang
    terrie wang 21 day ago

    Devil is an assist trophy in smash Ultimate

  • Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi
    Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi 24 days ago

    Some of these are in the game and also Isabelle is in the game a a original character

  • Dan Boekenoogen
    Dan Boekenoogen 28 days ago

    Devil, Shadow, Isaac, Chain Chomp, Dillon, Nightmare, Phosphora, Prince of Sablé, and Skull Kid all return

  • links pokemon
    links pokemon Month ago +1

    This video is so outdated

    • ???
      ??? 2 days ago +1

      +Cody Smith They were unannounced at the time, dumbass.

    • Cody Smith
      Cody Smith 21 day ago

      That's what you get when you mix a game that wasn't out at the time, with a game information company who are known to make mistakes.

  • Harry Best
    Harry Best 2 months ago +1

    Isabelle Is Playable But Not As An Echo

    TYKEEM VENNING 2 months ago

    Shadow is an assist trophy

  • Caleb Krahn
    Caleb Krahn 3 months ago

    Tingle is a legitimate possibility for DLC and that worries me.

  • FluffyWolfLord Gaming
    FluffyWolfLord Gaming 3 months ago

    I wish waluigi was scrapped as an assist trophy and made playable

  • SupermarketSweep777
    SupermarketSweep777 3 months ago

    I just want Phosphora back. She was an excellent trophy and could really rack up damage. But I would main her if she was playable.

    • SupermarketSweep777
      SupermarketSweep777 3 months ago

      +Phoebe LaRose No. But at she's back as an Assist Trophy. Sucks for Magnus though.

    • Phoebe LaRose
      Phoebe LaRose 3 months ago

      SupermarketSweep777 Are you the reason we lost her to the Assist Curse?

  • Hamish Skirka
    Hamish Skirka 3 months ago

    I want Shadow & Skull Kid

  • McNeely Gamers
    McNeely Gamers 3 months ago

    I NEED Skull Kid!!!!

  • huthama adnan
    huthama adnan 3 months ago

    You just predicted isabelle

  • Shooting StarGamer
    Shooting StarGamer 3 months ago

    Knuckle Joe?

  • SYDProductions
    SYDProductions 3 months ago

    1:45 "suck-a your mama"

  • Patsofallpats 1
    Patsofallpats 1 3 months ago

    I can’t believe they actually agnoleged drill dozer for a certain period of time

  • ZachaRicO *Pronounced Zak-uh-REEK-oh

    Here's the interesting thing with Shadow: not only does Knuckles now represent the Sonic series as an Assist Trophy, but promotional material (like screenshots on the website, Sonic's fighter video, and the August 8 Direct) has really pushed the fact that he's a trophy and shown him alongside Sonic. All this promotion going on, and yet Shadow remains conspicuously absent. This means one of two things:
    1. Shadow is still an Assist Trophy and Sakurai is just trolling us.
    2. Sakurai doesn't know how popular Shadow is and doesn't think it's a big deal, so he made him a trophy again and hasn't bothered to tell us yet.
    3. Shadow hasn't appeared yet because he's a new fighter (Echo or non-Echo).
    I know Sakurai's a troll and all, but holding out this long from showing Shadow only to reveal him as an assist trophy later on down the line is just downright cruel to his supporters. For instance, I think we all know by now just how big Waluigi's fanbase has grown, and yet Sakurai was swift to destroy our hopes and dreams that the Wah would join the battle. He knows Waluigi is a popular candidate - he even tweeted about it once - but he still chose to not only make him a trophy again, but he made sure to reveal it quickly, since dangling hope in front of a fan's eyes is just plain cruel. So Option 1 is highly unlikely. Option 2 is also highly unlikely, as Sakurai is usually pretty aware of what fans want. This is especially noticeable with Ultimate, as fan-favorite characters are joining the battle after years of requests. Sakurai even stated in an interview that he decided to include K. Rool after being surprised at how popular he was in the Smash Ballot.
    Option 3 is the only one that makes sense, which means that there's a very good chance that Shadow the Hedgehog will be joining the battle. Of course, this is all just speculation, but I'm still hoping to Master Core that it'll happen.

  • Jimmy Sammon
    Jimmy Sammon 4 months ago

    In my opinion, Isaac is the only fighter for smash ultimate i will give a 100% chance, rayman is third party, geno is too and could be DLC, waddle dee is looking slim, incineroar as much as i want him could easily be a different pokemon, and skullkid is a weird choice so i cant say 100%, but isaac is from an unrepresented first party popular nintendo IP, has HUGE moveset potential, sakurai tweeted that image with rathalos and youre lying to yourself if you dont think thats a reference to golden sun, nintendo trademarked golden sun recently, and the biggest piece of evidence is that he hasnt been confirmed as an assist. Waluigi, Ashley, and Shovel knight were all popular and confirmed, so if sakurai made isaac an assist, that would make fans incredibly angry as well as killing any chance golden sun has of coming back

  • NinjaKIngAce
    NinjaKIngAce 4 months ago +1

    I have a strange feeling Isabelle might be playable

  • Lilothestitch
    Lilothestitch 4 months ago +1

    I would love to see a video about the missing Pokémon from past games that haven’t been confirmed as Poké Ball Pokémon including Stage Elements.

  • GavTheCat10
    GavTheCat10 4 months ago +1

    noooo i hope Kat and Ana come back cause Ashley doesn't need anymore exposure i need all the warioware rep possible!

  • Maria Alzubairi
    Maria Alzubairi 4 months ago

    Now do missing Pokémon

  • Maria Alzubairi
    Maria Alzubairi 4 months ago +1

    They should make a DLC where sonic has a A-K 47

  • kang dedededede
    kang dedededede 4 months ago +2

    So much for isabelle

  • trevic_treviz BOOM
    trevic_treviz BOOM 4 months ago

    I want reps from kid Icarus meduda echo of palutena and Magnus and phosphara

  • posible D
    posible D 4 months ago

    canal de popo de my ermano

  • Chingiz Mukhitov
    Chingiz Mukhitov 4 months ago

    Helirum + Gogoat + Alolan Exeggutor= Genious idea

  • Chingiz Mukhitov
    Chingiz Mukhitov 4 months ago +2

    Isabelle is Playable in Ultimate

  • Kenpool Fate
    Kenpool Fate 4 months ago +1

    GameXplain, Tingle will be cut is because he is now a stage hazard in Great Bay.

  • Rodrigo Aranda
    Rodrigo Aranda 4 months ago

    Im rooting for your promotion Saki !!!!

  • slaymax
    slaymax 4 months ago +2

    when echo fighter is a thing..
    why isnt falco an echofighter of fox
    why isnt luigi or dr mario a echofighter of Mario
    why isnt toonlink/younglink a echofighter of link

  • Jackoobit
    Jackoobit 5 months ago +1

    We could actually get Kat and Ana as a playable fighter.

  • Geronimo Saenz Benavente
    Geronimo Saenz Benavente 5 months ago +1

    isabelle was already revealed as a uniqhe fighter

  • Brandon Aha
    Brandon Aha 5 months ago +1

    Some say Resetti is still talking

  • Vexa Grimwoe
    Vexa Grimwoe 5 months ago +1

    1:26 Kat and Ana could be the Ice Climber's echo fighters.

  • Octo Chan
    Octo Chan 5 months ago

    god damn it

  • Elizabeth Lee
    Elizabeth Lee 5 months ago +1

    3:08 floating block thing for smash ultimate! 😂

  • Sandra Lujan
    Sandra Lujan 5 months ago

    Who wants Sable Prince as a fighter?
    (I bet no one does...)

  • Logan Bondoc
    Logan Bondoc 5 months ago

    Well I can tell you this right now there are going to put Shadow the hedgehog as a playable character in super smash bros ultimate.

  • MrAuthor3DS
    MrAuthor3DS 5 months ago +1

    Isn't Tingle part of the Great Bay stage? That may be why.

  • Blue Rooster gaming
    Blue Rooster gaming 5 months ago +1


  • The Doomsayer
    The Doomsayer 5 months ago +2

    Well, you guys called Isabelle.. hopefully you're right about skull kid as well.

  • Ezekiel Foreman
    Ezekiel Foreman 5 months ago

    Skull-Kid seems very viable as his assist trophy has shown that he has potential at becoming a unique fighter, like...
    * Turning players invisible for a short period of time, this would be like a counter (Down special)
    * He can teleport in any direction by being directed with the thumb stick (Up special)
    * Like robin's don special where he transfer an enemy health to himself when at super close range - Skull-Kid should turn a player into a deku scrub (Neutral special)
    * Like Rosalina & Luma's Neutral special where when charged luma is trusted out into an enemy - Skull-Kid could charge up and thrust his sister Tatl, and his brother Tael out into an enemy damaging. When fully charged (approximately 5 seconds) Tatl & Tael will put upon any player who is hit by them an 'inverted controls' affect. which obviously inverts the other players moving controls (left is right, and down is up) This would be his Side special.
    Also it would be cool if they made some of his different costumes with the different masks from Majora's Mask.

  • joseph race
    joseph race 5 months ago

    I think Waluigi is going to be playerble for some reason i don't know why but I think Sakurai's trolling and I think he is going to be the last character to be announced as a surprise.

    • Hazel Ninja
      Hazel Ninja 5 months ago +1

      joseph race Let’s hope not

  • CormAlan
    CormAlan 5 months ago

    Isaac- but from the binding of Isaac

  • Justin Ess
    Justin Ess 5 months ago

    I want Skull Kid to be playable because he is the worst Assist Trophy in SSB4. If he is playable he will most likely not be an Assist Trophy.

  • The Orange Diamond
    The Orange Diamond 5 months ago

    I hate you guys so much

  • Aaron Daniel Pasache Pachas

    27 now remaining, Isabelle was confirmed

  • Ghost_Dog97
    Ghost_Dog97 5 months ago +1

    i spit out my drink when Little Mac jumped off the stage

  • tony piwi
    tony piwi 5 months ago

    Shadow plz
    I REALLY want him to join
    Idc if hes an echo or not if hes joins the roster ill shat my pants

  • Jake Taller
    Jake Taller 5 months ago +1

    Isabelle Is Playable Now

  • Dan Boekenoogen
    Dan Boekenoogen 5 months ago +1

    Well Isabelle is a character in ultimate so...

  • Nathan Garratt
    Nathan Garratt 5 months ago +1

    Isabelle's playable now

  • Kaell Steers
    Kaell Steers 5 months ago +1

    Lol. I got to the Isabelle part and realized you recorded this before the direct.

  • Kaell Steers
    Kaell Steers 5 months ago

    I'm sorry. Saki who???

  • Pizzahighfive
    Pizzahighfive 5 months ago

    Bill Rizer from Contra, and Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden NES

  • Smash Shane
    Smash Shane 5 months ago +1

    I need Devil completely shunned from Ultimate! I just hate him as an assist trophy! If he's not in this game I'll be content.

  • Art account IT
    Art account IT 5 months ago

    Please isaac plz

  • Nehfarius
    Nehfarius 5 months ago

    Well, you were partially right about Isabelle. She became playable...but not as a Villager echo. Instead, she's closer to being the Lucas to Villager's Ness.
    Also, I can totally see Shadow coming back as a Sonic echo(possibly with his own spin on some moves, and Chaos Control as his up-special), and I'm one of those people who'd love to see Isaac in as a proper fighter, with a moveset that centers around his earth-based Psynergy powers in addition to his swordplay. MAYBE even with a Felix(the protag from Golden Sun: The Lost Age, who has similar powers to Isaac) echo.

  • Miriam Rebekah Shapiro
    Miriam Rebekah Shapiro 5 months ago +1

    Characters I want promoted:
    Skull Kid
    and of course RESETTI!!!!

  • Widelion
    Widelion 5 months ago

    I want Agatha for smash

  • Retierashia
    Retierashia 5 months ago

    I guess they were right about Isabelle, besides the echo part.

  • ToiletPartyExtreme
    ToiletPartyExtreme 5 months ago +1

    I think as of Sep 13-14, I think we all why we’re here...or until the game entirely releases.

  • Mokujo
    Mokujo 5 months ago

    "Sin and Punishment's Suck Yo Mama"

  • paco ramon
    paco ramon 5 months ago +2

    Isabelle should be an assist and Shovel Knight a playable character.
    They do the opposite the fans and logic wanted.

  • Greninja/ Decidueye
    Greninja/ Decidueye 5 months ago

    Give me a kid icarus rep.

  • Da Thick one
    Da Thick one 5 months ago +1

    5:26 well actually

  • Andrew Dee
    Andrew Dee 5 months ago +1

    Suddenly, Isabelle. Fighter. Unique. NOT an echo. The madman did it.

  • Dorchap
    Dorchap 5 months ago +1

    Well we got Isabelle

  • Liberty
    Liberty 5 months ago +2

    "we wouldn't be at all surprised to see isabelle reappear"

  • Rg pro
    Rg pro 5 months ago

    I hope Jill comes back

  • Marcelo Oliveira
    Marcelo Oliveira 5 months ago +1

    When talk about kat and ana why people are so certain the ninja girls are become echoe fighter for ice climbers, echoe fighters are from the same serie with his default parterns(daisy/peach, chrom/roy, samus/dark samus), popo and nana are from ice climber and kat and ana are from warioware, this dont make sense.
    I think the best is make kat a unique character and her echoe fighter is ana.

  • Pearl is B E G O N E
    Pearl is B E G O N E 5 months ago


  • 009deca
    009deca 5 months ago

    Ashley :'(

  • ดากานดา มูลตรีศรี

    Yeah Isaac is Playable

  • ดากานดา มูลตรีศรี

    Yeah Shadow is Playable

  • King Rowlet ಠ_ಠ
    King Rowlet ಠ_ಠ 5 months ago

    I’m probably fine with everyone joining except for Isabelle (as an echo fighter)

    • i am as dead as the meme on my pfp
      i am as dead as the meme on my pfp 5 months ago +2

      +King Rowlet ಠ_ಠ oh i thought you didn't want isabelle to join for a second. But yeah she is in and not as an echo. I'm not interested in her but i think she derves to be a new rep for the animal crossing series

    • King Rowlet ಠ_ಠ
      King Rowlet ಠ_ಠ 5 months ago +1

      i am as dead as the meme on my pfp Why? She’s not an echo fighter!

    • i am as dead as the meme on my pfp
      i am as dead as the meme on my pfp 5 months ago +2

      I have terrible news for you guys....

    • Marcuz 245**
      Marcuz 245** 5 months ago

      Isabelle ins't a fighter....

  • Rubén Marcos
    Rubén Marcos 5 months ago +1

    Shadow for smash

  • Sabertooth1000000000
    Sabertooth1000000000 5 months ago +1

    They really need to bring back that badass Isaac assist trophy.

    • Marcuz 245**
      Marcuz 245** 5 months ago

      Yup isaac assist with Rayman, Shantae and Bomberman would be dope.

  • JubJub444
    JubJub444 5 months ago +2

    Im hoping mr.resetti comes back!

  • Zero Crow
    Zero Crow 5 months ago

    shadow, issac and bandana waddle dee.

  • Danganronpa Despair/over Hope Anime

    The girl with the lighting

  • Dominic Lusardi
    Dominic Lusardi 5 months ago

    Skull Kid for Smash!

  • LittleSquare
    LittleSquare 5 months ago

    Ok shadow Isabelle skull kid and......................waluigi but still an assist trophy but a fighter

  • LittleSquare
    LittleSquare 5 months ago


  • MoreAwesomeMetal
    MoreAwesomeMetal 5 months ago

    Has anyone ever though it could be possible that each and every playable character in SSBU could have its own assist trophy? It could be made possible by simply having the game disable the possibility of picking up an assist trophy of a specific character IF that character is choosen by a player (or a CPU) in a battle... This could actualy unlock a lot of curent assist trophies that could actually become playable characters (watch me staring at Bomberman...)

  • MoreAwesomeMetal
    MoreAwesomeMetal 5 months ago

    That's 25 , not 28

  • Eduardo Amamiya
    Eduardo Amamiya 5 months ago

    Y-You guys forgot about Demon Lord Ghirahim.

  • Xiao Mei
    Xiao Mei 5 months ago

    ... LYNDIS. PLEASE put her in so she can break this terrible chain of Fire Emblem SWORD fighters. Her style is eastern-based. She cannot swing her blade the way everyone else does.
    ... Corrin was a step in the right direction, but Lyn would definitely shake things up.
    ... ahh who am I kidding, she's too OP. That kind of speed will never be acceptable.

    • Marcuz 245**
      Marcuz 245** 5 months ago

      She is an assist trophy:

  • BraydenMiller
    BraydenMiller 5 months ago +1

    Woah. I didn't even know these Brawl trophies were in the game