I Competed In A Beauty Pageant For The First Time (PART 2)

  • Published on Sep 9, 2018
  • WATCH PART ONE TO SEE MY ENTIRE TRAINING EXPERIENCE ➡ thexvid.com/video/_1AcKrbIYGI/video.html
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Comments • 4 658

  • Michelle Khare
    Michelle Khare  Year ago +5611

    I've been so blown away by y'all's reaction to this :') I love you so much. Thank you for 900K and thank you for believing in me. ..What challenge should I take on next for an extended period of time? You guys have me sooo amped to get going on another multi-part series :) catch part 1 here in case you missed it!! thexvid.com/video/_1AcKrbIYGI/video.html

    • Shawnte Michaels
      Shawnte Michaels Month ago

      Hi Michelle! I would love to see you train for and compete in a ballroom competition.

    • Bridget Salinas
      Bridget Salinas Month ago

      Michelle I know the reason why you didn’t win because you keep refreshing your smile and your arms where floating a bit and not next to your side and you legs where to separate either way you did great

    • Critical Beauty Salon
      Critical Beauty Salon 2 months ago

      I was going to say that you should consider competing in the Miss America system which focuses more on talent and interview but unfortunately the age limit is 25 (and you're 26).

    • - Har9low -
      - Har9low - 2 months ago

      You understand that there isn't a "gender pay-gap" right?They outlawed that a long time ago.

    • Juliet Pappu
      Juliet Pappu 3 months ago

      U did a great job..,but why u keep pointing ur fingers which is sooo triggering not to see 😁😑😑😑

  • Abby Prichard
    Abby Prichard 7 hours ago

    Yasss queen

  • Alice Giorgi
    Alice Giorgi Day ago

    In France, you never could have participated, because it's an obligation to measure at minimum 1,70m (5'7'') :(

  • Ellie Dwyer
    Ellie Dwyer Day ago +2

    This video was amazing you go girl

  • Shannon
    Shannon 5 days ago +1

    I think what hurt her is she just looked tense walking. That absolutely does NOT mean she isn't feminine. But everything else wow!

  • grow in spirit
    grow in spirit 8 days ago

    you did an awesome job with the interview, but I CRINGED so hard.
    it's like it wasn't you talking. from the laugh to the way you were talking.
    it's not a personal attack, because i bet it's extremely confusing to be there! but it was a little bit too much haha

  • Paula Villanueva
    Paula Villanueva 10 days ago

    For me beauty pageants is all about world peace. Thanks to Sandra Bullock! Your vid kinda reminds me of her film, Ms. Congeniality. 😄

  • tayra Lopez
    tayra Lopez 12 days ago

    Michelle i honestly think you have a dammmm beautiful body like Goosshhhh!!❤❤❤❤😭

  • 24441Chris
    24441Chris 15 days ago

    Michelle you are amazing and although you do this for your channel, my favorite part is how each tim you learn more and more about yourself. You are empowered in your own way✔ Dont sway from it because your fans love it✔

  • Not Mediocre
    Not Mediocre 17 days ago

    Come on, what did you expect? This kind of competition is for business.

  • Hayden Sorel
    Hayden Sorel 18 days ago

    I think there is a lot of mixed messages that happen with pageants for the contesters. I think it uses this natural inclination of wanting to be the best you mixed with adrenaline and 'feel good' things the same way advertisements are geared to use your own natural inclinations against you for an end result that benefits the larger entity.

  • GamingGamer MC
    GamingGamer MC 18 days ago

    Just remember that was your first time and you nearly won. What does that tell you??

  • Divya Shroff
    Divya Shroff 19 days ago

    You don't need a crown or tag to help and empower people. The people who really wanna make changes for the betterment, they are already serving and helping them and being with them. I absolutely think that's sexiest

  • Yousef Abouelseoud
    Yousef Abouelseoud 23 days ago

    I felt like her answers to the questions were her strong point because she is more used to these kind of situations. But I also felt like she wasn't given the opportunity to fully express her true self with the questions given because the questions itself weren't as, I'm not sure how to word it correctly, but generally open ended questions that make the contestants want to delve into their opinions even more (Yes the political question was a good question, but not best suited for her to truly express her feelings about it because many women can talk about this issue but not many can talk about being an immigrant if they were born in America). But this is a BEAUTY pageant and I'm guessing the scoring for the contestants were relying more on the appearance of the contestant and the interview was just to see the personality of each contestant.

  • Liv’s Magical House
    Liv’s Magical House 24 days ago

    Imagine if she actually won and became Miss USA 😂

  • Teaija Lastar
    Teaija Lastar 24 days ago

    it's very beautiful to see you make real content that i can relate to. i enjoy your challenges/overcoming obstacles. you're showing a real perspective that isn't edited to make you look "perfect" but rather honest and genuine

  • KittenMotosport suomi
    KittenMotosport suomi 28 days ago

    Well... I'm having a ballet computation soon so wish me luck 😬

  • Vroni Fangirl
    Vroni Fangirl 28 days ago

    Why does it look like she bought the same evening gown in three different colours???

  • Bob Hager
    Bob Hager Month ago

    Talk about over thinking everything!!

  • Megan Suka
    Megan Suka Month ago

    Can you please be a marvel superhero??

  • Izzy Phoenix
    Izzy Phoenix Month ago

    She should train like a Gymnast!

  • I like ice Cream
    I like ice Cream Month ago

    Wow 2nd video and I’m obsessed u just gained a sub gurlll! 💗❤️

  • Evelyn Obregón
    Evelyn Obregón Month ago

    You had to win!!!!!

  • Ale Penguin
    Ale Penguin Month ago +4

    Well, if you fall, it doesn't mean you lose since Miss Universe (the year of Colombia and Phillipines fiasco)she fell in her night gown.

  • Dori Lou
    Dori Lou Month ago

    Don’t move your hands or arms in a interview
    Relax your hands keep them straight
    Don’t move your arms so much in evening gown
    Keep your shoulders back
    Don’t look at the audience, look directly at the judges
    Don’t put your hand on your hips during evening gown.

  • Dori Lou
    Dori Lou Month ago

    I swear there’s a Indian superhero

  • nofucksgivin
    nofucksgivin Month ago

    i think the girl who one isnt sexy beckus sh has no ass and lookes too manly

  • Liberty Jones
    Liberty Jones Month ago

    $72 for an eyebrow wax?!! Jesus my local salon does it for £5 in the UK! Blown!

  • hanna Allen odonnell

    okay olivia slayed your makeup for the pagent!!! you killed it that was so amazing you placed 3rd i still think you should have one and that last question seemed to cheat you. You have such a presence not only here on social media but you could see how people light up around you in every room you walk in to. and you looked so beautiful and confident!

  • caroline hudson
    caroline hudson Month ago +2

    I feel you can be who want to be and you dont need to be scored or judged by a judge to be that person inside you

  • Alisha Carrasco
    Alisha Carrasco Month ago

    Kimmy from Fresno radio station Q97 is in the background lol

  • Gus Maestrales
    Gus Maestrales Month ago

    Are they sure this wasn't filmed at the palm beach kennel club. lol

  • Malia Lively
    Malia Lively Month ago

    Every time they made a huge announcement in the pageant I was waiting for it to cut to a commercial break lolol

  • Dorothea Peach
    Dorothea Peach Month ago

    This honestly looked really fun! But super hard!

  • Aditi Bharti
    Aditi Bharti Month ago

    She lost all of her boobs. Side effects of working out!!

  • J S
    J S Month ago

    Michelle is awesome🥰🥰

  • MissNurki
    MissNurki Month ago

    This series was amazing. You are gorgeous inside and out Michelle, and I had all faith in you placing high. For someone that hasn't been "bred" in to this, you did so absolutely amazing it was an honour to watch.

  • Fernanda B
    Fernanda B Month ago +1

    Congratulations !! You were gorgeous and you made it to the 4th position on a hard beauty pageant like that, it's impressive!
    Probably the practice of the others counted more than beauty in the end.

  • Rohini Kayal
    Rohini Kayal Month ago

    She looked stunning 😍

  • Emilie Liotine
    Emilie Liotine Month ago

    First of all, I love how you included this in your video:
    Pageant girl: “How do you say your college?”
    You: “Dartmouth.”
    I mean, come on 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Second of all, I love you and you absolutely killed it 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • df csy
    df csy Month ago

    Savannah truly dominated the arena with her aura. I could feel it.

  • That One
    That One Month ago

    Michelle would’ve won if she were taller and whiter.

  • Freya Adele
    Freya Adele Month ago

    Hang on was the lass who presented Michelle with her flower bouquet Kaylyn Slevin? She looks really familiar

  • Anna W
    Anna W Month ago +1

    Weird take but I think these pageants are perfect for training female politicians? Like think about it-
    •Able to quickly and effectively answer hard questions- literally every interaction with the media as a politician (and things like the presidential debates!)
    •Swimsuit portion- able to look comfortable and effortless while you fell uncomfortable inside; a lot of women in politics do have to endure that discomfort on a daily basis while seeming like nothing can faze them
    •The whole 'beauty portion'- women in the public spotlight (politicians included) are expected to always appear at peak presentation and look put together or they'll be ripped into by the media, unlike their male counterparts, so having those skills in self-presentation is important

    This connection goes much deeper than those few points, but you've got to admit that it has some uncanny similarities...

  • Ayda Gharibi
    Ayda Gharibi Month ago +1

    No offense but when she was walking down the runway it kinda looked like her hand was stuck to her hips but overall she did great!👍👍👍👍👍

  • Sheryl Seijo
    Sheryl Seijo Month ago

    Hi Michelle. I agree with you and your friends. A beauty pageant experience can be empowering and sexist. And that proving that you have a voice, that you can achieve goals just like men (including running for president), and that you are super empowering with or without a platform. I don't know why beauty pageant mix beauty with creating a strong and intelligent persona. I believe you can have thus perona through so many other ways.
    All in all fight for what you believe, stand your ground, and don't loose hope in fighting for female power.
    If you have to strive for it through some other means then you do that. You can do anything you set your mind to.
    Remember to do it with dignity and respect. Honor others around you. I believe humbling yourself proves your worth!! Just make sure you are heard. Prove sterotypes and the beauty culture and politics wrong. Create your OWN VOICE 👍

  • Kapil Singh
    Kapil Singh Month ago

    I think you are hardworking, passionate, sincere and confident lady.... I was bit disappointed with the result bcz I wanted u to win this. But, u made our mind clear that sawing a model waking in bikini is not just see have ... I require a lots of preparation... We do respect each and every profession . I like your stuff and work .

  • Carleen Peters
    Carleen Peters Month ago

    Losing on how you walk in heels is probably the best reason to lose because it literally does not matter! You killed all the important stuff so huge well done!

  • enchainedtreasures
    enchainedtreasures Month ago +1

    Watch "International Male" pageants.... especially the one in Korea, deff sexist with those boys in their speedos. LOL

  • JLogefeil
    JLogefeil Month ago

    Her interview was amazing, she looks so good with or without makeup. I agree with you your walk wasn’t the greatest but maybe keep practicing and get lessons because you know now what challenge you will do next. 😊

  • Marlon Elias
    Marlon Elias Month ago +1

    I'm #Filipino and our love for pageant is eternal!.!. Lol!.!.

  • jin jin
    jin jin Month ago

    8:29 is that jake paul 🤔😂

  • Simmer 4Life
    Simmer 4Life Month ago

    Why is everyone talking about "blond Barbie's" and how of course the blond,tall and skinny person won? This is supposed to be a video of body positivity so stop bring people down.

  • Black Soul Entertainmet

    your smile is so wholesome and beautiful.

  • Phoebe Halls
    Phoebe Halls Month ago

    That dude who wants to have no 'criteria' for joining (could be married could have children) doesn't know a flip what hes talking about. In a pageant, you want to have equal footing for all the women. At the end if the day IT IS A COMPETITION. And yes may the best girl
    win-regardless whether she white, Indian, Filipina, African or Venezuelan. (Yes, emphasis on Venezuelan) And there are people like me who love to see beautiful confident glammed up women on stage. I love to see the creativity of the evening gown designers and how they make these women more magical.

  • Juliette_ Lmn
    Juliette_ Lmn Month ago

    it's like a dream and a nightmare combined

  • Johannes Lakarz
    Johannes Lakarz Month ago

    Nah you should have won.

  • Hello 2020
    Hello 2020 Month ago

    This was nerve wrecking for me even if I wasn’t there like I’m shaking why

  • Garbo Dai
    Garbo Dai Month ago

    Her arms.. Seriously..

  • Emily Starr28
    Emily Starr28 Month ago

    Omg you blew me away by this video... your the strongest women I know !!! 😍😍😍😍