My Thoughts on the Science Fair (I didn't like it)

  • Published on Sep 27, 2016
  • Were you part of the 21% of people who didn't enjoy the science fair? I was. If you liked it, great. If you never did it, (lucky) let me tell you why I didn't like it.

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  • Myra Kuo
    Myra Kuo 25 minutes ago

    I had the science fair from kindergarten to 5th grade

  • Do Doctor
    Do Doctor Hour ago +1

    I had the science fair at my skool but I liked it because and it was optional and I never did it. Also, there was basically no rules and you didn’t have to present it in class.

  • Dylan Johnson
    Dylan Johnson Hour ago

    James did you use lithium batteries or just alkaline, lithium batteries are less effective when cold. But alkaline are generally the same

  • Jay Slook
    Jay Slook Hour ago

    Me: mom!! Mom!! I made a scientific breakthrough!
    My mom: what?! What is it?
    Me: if you die your dead!
    My mom: ...

  • Maegan Lee
    Maegan Lee Hour ago

    Bill Nye is not a real scientist

  • Magdalena Borkoski

    Are school didn't do the sience fair like that

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  • Ethanboss gamer
    Ethanboss gamer Hour ago


  • Shae FitzGerald
    Shae FitzGerald 2 hours ago

    We get a choice if we want to do the science fair or not and I have never done it and I don’t know what anyone else would

  • Charlie Carroll
    Charlie Carroll 2 hours ago

    I'm currently on the last week of 4th grade until Christmas and so far no science fair.

  • Jennifer Scott-Penich
    Jennifer Scott-Penich 2 hours ago


  • Sedona Moore
    Sedona Moore 3 hours ago

    Santa Claus is real if you didn’t know

  • hallhunter 1
    hallhunter 1 3 hours ago

    You had a very different science fair than I did

  • Robo Roman
    Robo Roman 4 hours ago

    I made a hoverboard for the science fair and got a B so yeah. 🤓

  • Harvey Baddiley
    Harvey Baddiley 4 hours ago

    Nearly 2020 anyone

  • josecol67
    josecol67 4 hours ago +1

    JAMES. Cmon I loved the science fair

  • Fatima Barrett
    Fatima Barrett 5 hours ago +1

    bro you are lucky you started in grade 4 we started in pre school

  • Ella Collins
    Ella Collins 5 hours ago

    Well I had a science fair... but it was optional to do it. Sorry James 😂

  • løvely._. Gäłäxy
    løvely._. Gäłäxy 5 hours ago +1

    You started the science fair at 4th grade I STARTED AT 1ST GRADE IM THE UNLUCKY UNLUCKY ONES

  • CrypticStudios
    CrypticStudios 6 hours ago

    Ok so my school didnt have science fairs but we had poetry Cafes in which we got free food from so thats cool

  • Pixel_Marshadow614
    Pixel_Marshadow614 6 hours ago +1

    Who saw sans at 6:22?

  • fox girl
    fox girl 6 hours ago

    I'm in fourth grade and I didn't do science fair yet!

  • Dank Rose
    Dank Rose 7 hours ago

    I got the option to do the science fair, and I didn’t do it

  • MOMhowDOiMAKEaYOUTUBEchannel?

    Bruh, it took you 3 days to do it?! It took me a month

  • Caitlin Treichel
    Caitlin Treichel 7 hours ago

    I worked with my 2 bffs and we made elefante toothpaste and we got 1st place even though we really didn’t do that well so... also I’m part of the 21% and James that hated it. My bffs loved it tho.

  • Mason Colley the gamer

    Mans just legit just told a bunch of little kids that Santa isn't real

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  • ProVidz 29
    ProVidz 29 7 hours ago

    watching in 2019 only to say that bill nye is in prison

  • Slirpy Dirpy
    Slirpy Dirpy 8 hours ago


  • Zyaire Fields
    Zyaire Fields 8 hours ago

    1 like if you saw SANS 😂😂😂😂

  • Trademark Gamer
    Trademark Gamer 8 hours ago

    James: just a couple years ago we still believed in Santa claus
    Child: so this must be the meaning of life

  • Ronnie Bland
    Ronnie Bland 8 hours ago

    GREIN???????? OMG

  • Sparkling Chi
    Sparkling Chi 8 hours ago

    I had the same experience.
    I hated it

  • Olaoluwa Oluleye
    Olaoluwa Oluleye 8 hours ago

    Do they sell soil

  • XxVioletLemonxX 2908
    XxVioletLemonxX 2908 8 hours ago

    Science fair just finished for me >.<
    I did it alone cause I am lonely ;^;
    They still didn't say who won but I hated it ;-;

  • Goku should have beaten superman

    I have done science fair like twice and not even other so far( still in school)

  • Ilikefood Oof
    Ilikefood Oof 9 hours ago

    I didnt do it either

  • Mariano Oyola
    Mariano Oyola 10 hours ago

    Look,i'm from argentina and i feel offensive taht you San nerd to those who like the science fair

  • Gertrude The Greatest
    Gertrude The Greatest 10 hours ago +1

    My school’s Science fair had to be done until 5th grade then it was optional.

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  • jevon tin
    jevon tin 10 hours ago

    But I like science

  • jevon tin
    jevon tin 10 hours ago

    I am grade2

  • Megan Murphy
    Megan Murphy 10 hours ago

    Now it is a competition because there's Reganals and if you went past that you could go to state and meet a buch of scientists and I love your channel

  • Maggie Castilleja
    Maggie Castilleja 11 hours ago

    We all know that the friend is Jaiden

  • Kendo The friendo
    Kendo The friendo 11 hours ago

    I have watched your videos send 2018

  • Kendo The friendo
    Kendo The friendo 11 hours ago


  • dfrasco
    dfrasco 12 hours ago

    I walk though a Science
    fair then I moved even I DONT
    WANNA THE Science FAIR

  • Alex Manbeck
    Alex Manbeck 13 hours ago

    I believe it was in middle school for me where they introduced a science fair to us. I don’t remember elementary offering one, but I know it was voluntary to attend at the fair

  • Mark Powell
    Mark Powell 14 hours ago

    He just said Santa was fake pretty much

  • Steph Moses
    Steph Moses 15 hours ago

    Doo doo doo doo laaaaaaa ahhhhhhhhhhhh fri king yeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

  • The legendary Gamer
    The legendary Gamer 15 hours ago


  • The legendary Gamer
    The legendary Gamer 15 hours ago

    Why not microwave the batteries and the game boy

  • Sean Garvey
    Sean Garvey 16 hours ago

    I’m a “lucky one”

  • Deadly Orange96
    Deadly Orange96 17 hours ago

    We don’t even get to experiment we just get a subject and try to solve the subject I hated it

  • Lawrie Woods
    Lawrie Woods 18 hours ago

    I didn't even do that

  • Jake McM
    Jake McM 18 hours ago

    Do you ever wonder what a edited comment used to say.

    • Ragged Elmo
      Ragged Elmo 18 hours ago


    • Vlodiz
      Vlodiz 18 hours ago

      thank you
      you just gave me another reason to not sleep at night

  • Caitlin Eisert
    Caitlin Eisert 19 hours ago

    I hate science fair to. IT SUCKS!!

  • Ducky BTW
    Ducky BTW 20 hours ago +1


  • Crystal
    Crystal 20 hours ago +1

    Grade 4 me after watching the video:YES I have never heard of that at my school before I am not doing it!
    2 weeks later

    Teacher: Ok class our school is having a science fair this year so blah blah blah
    Me:Silently screams swear words inside
    I am in grade 5, we are still having it this year, thanks to the principal