• Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • Round 3 of the London Cup, Baiteze FC take on Northumberland Park
    Can the boys get through to the third round in there London Cup journey?
    Let us know your MOTM

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  • Josh Crossley
    Josh Crossley Month ago +101

    “If that’s what you call a tackle you need go church” naaaaah can’t be doing that

    • Brian Farrow
      Brian Farrow 10 days ago

      Guys Sunday over the Marshes or not, you can’t be running on the pitch at every decision you don’t agree with.

    • Official Chinz
      Official Chinz Month ago +1

      Welcome to Sunday league

    • b 9v4
      b 9v4 Month ago

      The other player team like it's a tackle no common sense he could of broke his bone acting like it was nothing

  • Dean Harrison
    Dean Harrison 8 days ago

    Watching this reminds of me of why I was far happier playing rugby than football... Everyone on the refs case, people coming on the pitch giving it the billy big bollocks when they don’t like a tackle and cunting each other off.... Could never go back to playing football!!
    By the was the tackle was late but fuck me it wasn’t that bad!!

  • Ross
    Ross Month ago

    15:22 not sure what that sideline coaching was about, the guy had two players closing down on him and he turned back to start again, resulted in a goal. I understand positivity in attacking but there is a line between brute power housing and using basic intelligence on the pitch.

  • Verdinho
    Verdinho Month ago

    Justin toned down his voice after he realised he was chatting to mo 😂😂

    EL1TE-MUISIC-UK TV Month ago

    Click bait mugs

      EL1TE-MUISIC-UK TV Month ago

      @Baiteze TV ye well ul lose fans by doing it so no skin of my nose lol ur loss cuz I wont click again puff boy

    • Baiteze TV
      Baiteze TV  Month ago

      But you clicked the bait and commented 🤷🏿‍♂️

  • Fahad Alrahby
    Fahad Alrahby Month ago

    Keeper is dead 😐😑😑😑put him out for good
    Let Mark in

  • wa ter
    wa ter Month ago

    Park lane

  • Chris SM
    Chris SM Month ago

    luoooooll there no brawl n u man r so shit

    • Baiteze TV
      Baiteze TV  Month ago

      Chris SM Merry Christmas

    • Chris SM
      Chris SM Month ago

      @Baiteze TV but whats the clickbait for? seriously? no brawl. focus on the football not the fake fights. u lot distractin from the fact u cant play n there aint a brain in the team between you all

    • Baiteze TV
      Baiteze TV  Month ago


  • ashhh9797
    ashhh9797 Month ago

    Baiteze? More like clicktease
    No one wants to watch your poor version of se dons so u click bait views looool

    • Baiteze TV
      Baiteze TV  Month ago

      But you clicked the bait and commented 🤷🏿‍♂️

  • Deniz_92
    Deniz_92 Month ago

    Your gaffer is a jobs worth fucking knob head

  • Jordan Dunn
    Jordan Dunn Month ago

    Your teams sick but you need to bin your manager, has no idea what’s he chatting, absolute clown

  • Terrance Richards
    Terrance Richards Month ago

    Management like that no acceptable at any level. Screaming and shouting at players like that definitely can effect a player and also a team confidence

  • King Skeri
    King Skeri Month ago

    Who is this manager? What a fucking helmet hahaha, even your players think you're a fucking div

  • Kevin Byles
    Kevin Byles Month ago

    BIG brawl , just to get views !! Plain

  • Liverpool review
    Liverpool review Month ago

    Absolute bull if baitize think a ten man brawl is girls arguing then fine but that is click bait

  • Josh Henthorn
    Josh Henthorn Month ago

    Big brawl ? See bigger brawls at me nans gaff silly this

    • Baiteze TV
      Baiteze TV  Month ago

      Bro you missed it man!! watch the video again!

  • GS Get Paper
    GS Get Paper Month ago

    Baiteze vs NPK uno😂

  • XL Sully
    XL Sully Month ago

    big brawl LOLOLOLOLOLOOLOLOLOLOLOL Name change


  • James Mackie
    James Mackie Month ago

    CLICK BAIT and how come baiteze go 1 - 0 after scoring an own goal? don't give me that it was a joke either! boring channel that needs to add its own spin on their videos.

  • mmmbiscuits1
    mmmbiscuits1 Month ago

    3rd goal, the one from the corner looked offside

  • Mystic Smith
    Mystic Smith Month ago

    Lucky the northumberland ones didn't just start shanking up ur keeper loool

  • dust dafif
    dust dafif Month ago

    No 11 BTZ = Scrappy Doo

  • Aodhán Gillen
    Aodhán Gillen Month ago

    this guy is not a manager. you dont shout and critasize your players for evereything they do. come on man motivate them not just when they score.

  • Preston Robinson
    Preston Robinson Month ago

    Weres the big brawl?

  • GusFitUK
    GusFitUK Month ago

    Keeper looks lost between those sticks

  • Mr.Muhumuza
    Mr.Muhumuza Month ago

    11:49 Musti had to control himself bares after Justin did
    contemplating "if I bang him would this mess up the New Balance sponsorship" loool :P

  • Leyton Nethercot
    Leyton Nethercot Month ago +1

    Your manager is a poor manager, does not praise the players enough, I know it was a poor performance and rightly so but everything about him is negative, there’s a way to go about things and the way he slags the players off the way he does is poor

  • The People's FC
    The People's FC Month ago

    How can Mus say ‘bolo fc’ 😂😂

  • Man Like
    Man Like Month ago +1

    Justin’s speeches are inspirational

  • Te Amo
    Te Amo Month ago

    Click bait

  • justkievz
    justkievz Month ago +1

    Nahhh imed why you wearing uggs

  • DonoIsSerious
    DonoIsSerious Month ago

    You think imed got the memo that you can only where uggs when your nang

  • Ataaib Khan
    Ataaib Khan Month ago

    6ft 6inch keeper. Concceding goals like that? Get IBI BACK ASAP!!

  • James Murray
    James Murray Month ago

    Must have missed the big brawl?? Keeper is terrible too 👎

  • Mr Enz here
    Mr Enz here Month ago

    Your manager need to stop swearing while he it's talking to the team

  • Jay Knight
    Jay Knight Month ago +6

    Great win and glad to score another hat trick. How many goals is that now 👀👀

  • Gekko Wizard
    Gekko Wizard Month ago

    who you got in round 4 ?

    • Gekko Wizard
      Gekko Wizard Month ago

      @Baiteze TV good luck

    • Baiteze TV
      Baiteze TV  Month ago

      Last seasons runners up! Tough games this season!

  • AMP
    AMP Month ago +1

    Tells the winger to run at him. Instead makes good pass for build up of goal. Tells him to run at defender instead???

  • t man
    t man Month ago

    Your shit, proper shit. You need to realise this to improve

  • Jared Haylamb
    Jared Haylamb Month ago +2

    Justin is different gravy. Players are lucky to have him. "You need to go to church" 😂 Imed was superb too.

    I DELIVER L's Month ago +1

    What happened to Theo

  • Kevin Amouzou
    Kevin Amouzou Month ago +1

    Get rid of that GK Mohammed hes deaddd bring back Mark I begg

  • Jak E1
    Jak E1 Month ago +1

    Half time team talk is negative af - demoralising the players and shaming them for TheXvid views - fix up manager -- also why does a player need a explanation for being subbed bloody fanny

  • Jahmeal Williams
    Jahmeal Williams Month ago +1

    10 goals? As defender I feel sick watching so many goals be conceded 😂

  • Bloom
    Bloom Month ago +2

    Tayo *L2+R1 -> ->*

  • Bloom
    Bloom Month ago +2

    Good to see Recide back now Mark needs to get back. Originals

  • Scott Fisher
    Scott Fisher Month ago

    Alex is quality, solid at the back, glad he’s in the lineups this season 🙏🏻

  • Hourida Ten
    Hourida Ten Month ago

    Baiteze need new keeper .

  • heyimTURKEY
    heyimTURKEY Month ago

    20:06 fam these camera man are outrageous 😂

  • Hassan Shah
    Hassan Shah Month ago +1

    Where the fuck is Theo

  • Hassan Shah
    Hassan Shah Month ago

    Justin’s passion and love for the game is a different level it’s so entertaining to watch

  • 3zenti
    3zenti Month ago

    Justin is actually the Gordon Ramsay fuckin ell

  • Jay Rodriguez
    Jay Rodriguez Month ago

    Great to see a new keeper #MarkOut

  • Yassin M. Yassin
    Yassin M. Yassin Month ago +2

    Baiteze take this video down. If solskjaer sees Jay Knight’s scrappy finishes... that 99 attacking positioning you know

  • A A
    A A Month ago +2

    “He’s got to go to work on Monday bruv!” 🤣🤣

  • CRN GamerHD
    CRN GamerHD Month ago +1

    Vinnie’s fault for the second goal, dived in when he didn’t need too, then when the ball went out wide he was out of position he should have got back into the box rather than try get back to the man , he would have been in position to stop it

  • Amiin Ala
    Amiin Ala Month ago +1

    Where is Theoola?

  • Emir
    Emir Month ago +1

    Goalkeeper is mad suspect

  • Junior Nana-Marfo
    Junior Nana-Marfo Month ago

    Imed 🤝 Assists

  • KankouMusa
    KankouMusa Month ago

    Rah!! you lot gave Sherri the evil eye smh

    • KankouMusa
      KankouMusa Month ago

      @abraham bakayoko I'm joking but they have everyone singing the Sherri song. Even SE Dons lol

    • abraham bakayoko
      abraham bakayoko Month ago