Blind Pizza Crust Taste Test

  • Published on Feb 22, 2019
  • Can Shay Mitchell get on our level for a blind pizza crust taste test? GMM #1489
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Comments • 7 466

  • Good Mythical Morning
    Good Mythical Morning  2 months ago +237

    Check out the latest LTAT to see how Shay slayed the blind taste test!

    • Adrian Lindsey
      Adrian Lindsey 2 months ago +2

      I disapprove...just thought you should know. :)

    • Slug GaMiNg
      Slug GaMiNg 2 months ago +1

      Good Mythical Morning You hate on my favorite pizza how dare you 🤣🤣

    • Alex G.
      Alex G. 2 months ago +2

      +aaronimpactnz Exactly, they cheated to have even more fun. You shouldn't get butthurt over something they wanted to do for fun! It was just a friendly prank to see Rhett and Link's reaction, don't you guys love it when they get pranked or some funny and mischievous happens to Rhett and Link? It's a funny joke, and the reason they didn't tell us in advance, is so we would get pranked too! There's absolutely no reason we need to be rude about it all. Rhett and Link didn't throw a fit when Stevie told them that Shay had cheated, so why should we, huh?

    • aaronimpactnz
      aaronimpactnz 2 months ago +8

      How sad. Just play to have fun.

    • Emilio Saldana
      Emilio Saldana 2 months ago +11

      Im so sad and dissapointed they cheated, takes all the fun out of the game

  • Roxie Animated
    Roxie Animated Day ago

    Shay is a Pizza Crust Goddess

  • QWERTY Meberty
    QWERTY Meberty Day ago

    I kinda feel like she cheated

  • James DeGruchy
    James DeGruchy Day ago

    Damn, she kicked their ass plus she looks pretty good too lol

  • Laura Hafner
    Laura Hafner Day ago

    One for the ladies!!! Go Shay!🙌🏻

  • Subbieman650
    Subbieman650 3 days ago

    Wow she used some yongue on that last one!

  • NorthernCaliWay
    NorthernCaliWay 4 days ago

    Dam she’s good

  • Luke Mariano
    Luke Mariano 4 days ago

    Hod did she guess all of them

  • Annie
    Annie 4 days ago

    SHAY WITH THE QUEEN SWEEP!!! This is like one of those weirdly satisfying videos. I feel like everything is just a little bit better because of this.

  • Brandon Davis
    Brandon Davis 5 days ago

    I like pizza crust

  • Justin Scott
    Justin Scott 5 days ago

    Lol I watching this while eating Costco pizza

  • Jesse Bertone
    Jesse Bertone 6 days ago

    Shay knows the power of Ultra Instinct

  • Hello Bye
    Hello Bye 6 days ago

    Damnnnnn she’s the crust queen 😂

  • Shayen Anthony
    Shayen Anthony 6 days ago +1

    Also Rhett and Shay would be a pretty cute couple 😂

  • Shayen Anthony
    Shayen Anthony 6 days ago +1

    Shay Mitchell is the ultimate crust goddess

  • Lauryn Stewart
    Lauryn Stewart 7 days ago

    I LOVE SHAY !!!!! ♥️♥️

  • Miah J.
    Miah J. 8 days ago

    Costco pizza is the best, except it’s very oily lol

  • Westwood
    Westwood 8 days ago

    Both trying so hard to flirt 😂

  • C h a n n e l 5
    C h a n n e l 5 9 days ago

    Candy Crust

  • Esther Raun
    Esther Raun 11 days ago


  • Livyourlife22
    Livyourlife22 12 days ago

    a prank maybe, but still Very satisfying to watch, Shea is a great guest!

  • Mr12Relic
    Mr12Relic 12 days ago +1

    If they played straight instead of cheating, they would've all tied with 1 right.

  • Beth Kwiecinski
    Beth Kwiecinski 12 days ago

    Just here to say I am so proud to be from Michigan where so many places started. I'm proud of our pizza history.

  • Alexa Sanchez
    Alexa Sanchez 12 days ago +2

    Shay: *looks up at the crust*
    Rhett: don't look at it!
    Rhett:*looks at it*

  • emilyvos
    emilyvos 13 days ago

    Shay is so cute

  • Dodger
    Dodger 13 days ago

    I’m not surprised Shay knew all 5 of them 😂😂🤣🤣 she loves Pizza

    • Mr12Relic
      Mr12Relic 12 days ago

      She cheated. Her actual taste test was 1/5.

  • getaround 1
    getaround 1 13 days ago

    It feels hot in my throat

  • Dawood Vajhi
    Dawood Vajhi 14 days ago +1

    Links face when he finds Shay got all right - watched it like 10 times.

  • Ropa Kanyongo
    Ropa Kanyongo 14 days ago +1

    The best pizza crust is probably Donatos...

    Nah it's papa johns

  • Ryan Hill です Yes
    Ryan Hill です Yes 15 days ago +1

    This lady’s a god

    • Mr12Relic
      Mr12Relic 12 days ago

      She cheated. Her actual taste test was 1/5.

  • Mitchman 311
    Mitchman 311 16 days ago +2

    8:43 you can tell she’s good..

  • Kristyymcg
    Kristyymcg 16 days ago

    I would crush this

  • HostVex
    HostVex 16 days ago +1

    I wish that middle pizza crust was my dingdong

  • Megan Chambers
    Megan Chambers 17 days ago

    lol link being so confident while we all watch him be wrong!

  • Diamond Boy VVS
    Diamond Boy VVS 17 days ago +2

    6:48 8:42

  • BTMN
    BTMN 17 days ago

    Link says costco in a british accent😂

  • Ola Alnajjar
    Ola Alnajjar 18 days ago


  • Bea Hörmann
    Bea Hörmann 19 days ago

    The time when shay Mitchell slays the game. Just for this video I orderd a pizza xD

  • InnerStarStudios
    InnerStarStudios 19 days ago +1

    I recognized her face as Emily Fields from Pretty Little Liars. I LOVE that show!!!

  • Caleb Richard
    Caleb Richard 19 days ago

    Wow! This was a great episode, lol she is really good at this game

    • Mr12Relic
      Mr12Relic 12 days ago

      She cheated. Her actual taste test was 1/5.

  • Baylee Janicek
    Baylee Janicek 20 days ago

    She’s coming for their jobs lol

  • imareallybignerd
    imareallybignerd 21 day ago +1

    Shay seems like she is faking the whole guess shiz though smh, like girl if you have that luck good on you, but damn.

    • Mr12Relic
      Mr12Relic 12 days ago

      She cheated. Her actual taste test was 1/5.

  • Erica Northrop
    Erica Northrop 21 day ago +5

    Hahaha her getting all the crusts right makes her sooooo much hotter !

  • Latnlvr
    Latnlvr 22 days ago

    Ok the little Caesar’s pizza always has garlic butter on it here in Detroit. Idk wtf they got but bad representative of the Caesar crust.

    SPARTAN BOSS 23 days ago

    The look on links face at the end is what I live for

  • Ruben Noble
    Ruben Noble 23 days ago

    I can tell Shay is a freak by the way she eats her pizza crust. The character she played in You may have not been a character at all.

  • ElitePlays
    ElitePlays 24 days ago

    I can't believe they mistakes Domino's for little Caesars. The second I taste that garlic goodness, I know it's dominos

  • TexRobNC
    TexRobNC 25 days ago

    I really expected Rhett to kill this, Shay knows her crust!

  • jelaag
    jelaag 25 days ago

    "my nickname was crusty dangle"

  • Jd Moosetracks
    Jd Moosetracks 26 days ago +1

    Watching this while eating pizza! 😂

  • Anna Thomas
    Anna Thomas 26 days ago

    shay is a fantastic guest!

  • Jemp Ski
    Jemp Ski 26 days ago

    We always called pizza crust pizza bones. Anyone else or just my weird dad?

  • Cyclops :D
    Cyclops :D 27 days ago

    The crust is my favorite part of the pizza ngl

  • Abel SM
    Abel SM 28 days ago

    I'm also a crust eater

  • JSB
    JSB 28 days ago

    She seems cool.

  • JSB
    JSB 28 days ago

    Did she legitimately get all of them right, or are we being tricked.

  • JSB
    JSB 28 days ago

    Link should never be confident. It always fails him.

  • ali lawrence
    ali lawrence 28 days ago

    i love how confident link is when he’s dead wrong 😂

  • Ikon
    Ikon 29 days ago

    She is amazing, please have her on more often!

  • Seth Lee
    Seth Lee Month ago +1

    I love Link's reaction when Shay's points were revealed. He was so confident lol

  • Sony Singh
    Sony Singh Month ago

    Pizza crusts are so easy to guess as well

  • Joseph Satterwhite
    Joseph Satterwhite Month ago

    Shay Mitchell looking like pocahontas

  • John Goodman
    John Goodman Month ago

    Shay wins the celebrity kiss awards.

    *muah!* ☺️ (She is the celebrity, I just work in the kiss management`s department)

  • Danny S. Cream
    Danny S. Cream Month ago

    "Take the rope home and have a good time!" ...good guy Rhett :D

  • Graeme Thorpe
    Graeme Thorpe Month ago

    She is amazing

  • Blakelea Burdick
    Blakelea Burdick Month ago

    She had to have seen them. She also could see links had when he went in for a high five and then she asked if u could guess correctly if u could see them. I'm convinced

  • Pedro Q
    Pedro Q Month ago

    She on a roll

  • SpillTheTae AlsoSlideTheSuga

    Can we just talk about how beautiful Shay Mitchell is ?

  • sweet tooth
    sweet tooth Month ago

    Lol, GMM's food delivery methods are always... imaginative.. GMM staff is dirty and I love it! Lol

  • Kaitlyn J.
    Kaitlyn J. Month ago

    When Shay and Rhett hit heads i laughed so hard 😂😂😂
    Shay was a really good guest y'all!! 👍

  • Cooper Etherton
    Cooper Etherton Month ago

    omg she is beautiful

  • Adam
    Adam Month ago


  • RyanTheBeautiful
    RyanTheBeautiful Month ago

    I eat pizza constantly.
    It's like all I eat.
    Little Caesars has trash crust. The only reason they're good is that they put a bit extra sauce on it.

  • Tobi Turner
    Tobi Turner Month ago

    She lied, she only eats the crust.

  • Dom Ruiz 23
    Dom Ruiz 23 Month ago

    Shay Michell fine 😍

  • ayyan elahi
    ayyan elahi Month ago

    Her voice😍

  • gaster two soul
    gaster two soul Month ago

    Link looks loks ico with the crust horns on and red cape

  • Hannah Markmann
    Hannah Markmann Month ago

    this is just as incredible as that time rhett guessed the little italian chef in that episode with mayim bialik

  • Alana Clark
    Alana Clark Month ago

    Please get SimplyNailogical on the show for a blind tea taste test.

  • Total War Destroyer


  • Christi Thornburg
    Christi Thornburg Month ago

    Dang, *_cheater cheater pizza crust eater_*

  • Mr.cardvaughan 12
    Mr.cardvaughan 12 Month ago +3

    Does she work for Chuck E. Cheese!!?

    • Gray Filtered
      Gray Filtered Month ago

      Prolly not visiting the kitchen too often

  • Music and Other Crap

    another one bites the crust

  • David E.S.
    David E.S. Month ago

    If I'm spending my own money on pizza I'm buying Detroit style O N L Y !

  • A Nun Oh Mouse
    A Nun Oh Mouse Month ago

    I was soooo close to skipping this episode (I'm way behind,can you tell?) because I was like "i'm not up for another taste test vid" but Shit, 7 minutes in I'm loving it. This is why I can't ever skip episodes :o

  • Phil Ill
    Phil Ill Month ago


  • Alec Stewart
    Alec Stewart Month ago

    *lets talk about that*

  • Álvaro Serrato Mendez

    Link was so surprised!!! Hahaha lmao!

  • Arjav Jain
    Arjav Jain Month ago

    does anyone else think the way she bites the crust is pretty hot?

  • Josh Havlovic
    Josh Havlovic Month ago

    Pizza crust yum

  • Fernando Aviles
    Fernando Aviles Month ago

    link is shit

  • SavageDankness
    SavageDankness Month ago

    I feel like it was rigged, like she got every single one right.

  • Y’all hear sumn?
    Y’all hear sumn? Month ago

    She should be come a part of the crew and or come on the show more she fits in the rest of the guests are usually awkward. Like if u agree 👍

  • Tambourine Man
    Tambourine Man Month ago

    I was slightly offended by y’alls reaction to Lil Ceasar’s pizza crust, as I ordered them simply because I was influenced by the beginning of the video (I ordered them before they reviewed it). However, everybody has their own opinion and I must respect it 🤟

  • Abbieq11
    Abbieq11 Month ago +1


  • V Arevalo
    V Arevalo Month ago +233

    Thats the type of girl you bring home to your parents.

  • Too Many Opinions
    Too Many Opinions Month ago

    Wow I think I’m in love with her

  • tardaboveall491a
    tardaboveall491a Month ago

    Not eating the crust on a pizza is a crime

  • Gorilla76
    Gorilla76 Month ago

    she cheated