Parallax Mapping in RPG Maker MZ

  • Published on Oct 8, 2020
  • In this video tutorial, I'll show you have to add parallax mapping to your RPG Maker MZ Game. RPG Maker is where you overlay an image that you've edited on top of the map, instead of using the tilesets in the engine. Doing this can get you some awesome looking levels!

    You can find the parallax plugin here.

    Here is the code that I've used in the game to make the parallax appear.
    LAYER_S 0 ShopBottom 0 0 255 0.5 10 0 0
    LAYER_S 1 ShopTop 0 0 255 5 10 0 0
    LAYER_S 2 ShopLight 0 0 255 5 10 0 0

    Here is the link to my previous tutorial about parallax lighting where I go over what plugins I've used.

    RPG Maker ASSETS

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  • LvL Up Design
    LvL Up Design  Year ago +15

    You know what would be really cool?

  • Mary Niebergall
    Mary Niebergall Year ago +41

    This is a beautifully simple parallax tutorial. The one thing I will recommend to everyone is feel free to mess with the shadow and light colors. I personally love a deep purple shadow and soft yellow light for daytime indoor maps.

  • Mike N
    Mike N  +5

    Thanks Bro! In less than one weeks time I've got myself a nice, partially detailed overworld (maybe a tad to large), a fleshed out city, and what I'd like to think of as a respectable first attempt at a side quest. This is thanks in large part to your videos.

  • T-Bone
    T-Bone  +1

    That's a really smart work-around to avoid the standard tile by tile design. Love it

  • Greta Thu'umberg

    Thank you!

  • A Blunt User
    A Blunt User Year ago +3

    Wow this is really interesting! I can't wait to see more stuff you show. I don't use MZ but I use MV. But still, these are nice little tricks here and there to learn :)

  • Galgorithm

    Thanks! This is gunna make making maps sooo much easier. I was using tilesets before and it always caused issues here and there

  • cabanas beats
    cabanas beats Year ago +12

    love ur work. u have the best videos on rpg maker by far.

  • Adriano Rodrigues

    Really good. You should try Yanfly's Gridfree Doodads For objects that are just decorations, it works as a charm.

  • Анастасия Вишневская

    OMG thank you so much! <3 it looks so simple!

  • Kiwitchi
    Kiwitchi Year ago

    this is the best explaination ive seen for how to do this, thanks!!

  • fissan poulsen

    Can someone tell me if I can use the same course of action if I'm making a smaller/bigger room, or if I'm making an area outsite? And would the code be the same?

  • VitaminJ7734

    Look man, I can't thank you enough

  • ZeXplain

    Question, do you have to use a plugin or is there an alternative way?

  • Vulcanosix

    Hi! Videos awesome thanks

  • Lawrence Yaws

    I'm having an issue where when I add the overlays they are in completely different places then where I put them. Also is there a way to overlay it on the editor so that I don't have to guess where my events go?(It almost seems like when I save the map image and open it up in photo shop the image itself is smaller than the actual map I created. Because it's always set in the upper right corner)

  • Cadenza
    Cadenza Year ago

    You helped me again ;) Do you also know how I can import and use my own photo's for enemies/my own units? Everytime I try to drag and drop a .png into their respected image folders it doesn't appear in the game?

  • bruterz
    bruterz Year ago

    this is awesome! would you say its better to buy mv for all its plugins already made and downloadable by the community or just buy mz if you dont already own mv?? : 0

  • Taraque
    Taraque Year ago

    Another great video, thanks.

  • cabanas beats
    cabanas beats Year ago

    do you use the layers at all when doing this or are u just on automatic?