The Inbetweeners - S01E05 "Caravan club" [Sub. Español]

  • Published on Mar 6, 2018
  • Un grupo de amigos adolescentes británicos y sus vivencias en el instituto. No son ni por asomo los más populares pero tampoco la escoria mas baja del colegio El resto se cuenta solo...
    "The inbetweneers" en good quality y subtitulados ¡Que disfruten swingeros!
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Comments • 45

  • Dylan eagleton
    Dylan eagleton 4 months ago +1

    21:03 bruh is that a Paul walker Supra 😂

  • Maks Krishan
    Maks Krishan 4 months ago +7

    Neil’s dancing tho

  • work work
    work work 4 months ago +6

    has to be my fav episode

  • ChristianBx
    ChristianBx 4 months ago

    Try not to rape anyone on the way out 😂

  • j davies
    j davies 4 months ago +1

    ps I'm a poofter

  • Eggplant Helicopter
    Eggplant Helicopter 4 months ago +2

    16:38 he didNt say no homo

  • TheChatReaper
    TheChatReaper 5 months ago


  • shagged ottoman mum last night

    Defo av tha ginger bird all way up the pusssayyy

  • A.C. Harrison
    A.C. Harrison 5 months ago +1

    Don't rape anyone on the way out!
    😂😂 Jay's dad kills me.

  • The Dolphin
    The Dolphin 6 months ago +1

    Too funny!

  • Alec Chandler
    Alec Chandler 8 months ago +9

    I swear the yellow car got trashed in the last episode

    • Patrick7022 77
      Patrick7022 77 Month ago

      Chris Allie This is before it gets destroyed, it’s destroyed in the last episode.

    • Chris Allie
      Chris Allie Month ago

      Obviously got fixed but not improved

    • James Harman
      James Harman 4 months ago

      It does, in the last episode of the last season

    • elena martinez
      elena martinez 5 months ago

      They pobs fixed it

    • Davie Jones
      Davie Jones 6 months ago

      It’s definitely trashed by the end of this one.

  • Cerberus
    Cerberus 10 months ago +9

    12:05 im so done

  • RSL
    RSL 10 months ago +65

    There is an error in 9:29 Neil had a ketchup in his right hand but later he asked for ketchup again

    • Nathan A
      Nathan A Month ago

      Rsl he called u a cock

    • needchemistry
      needchemistry Month ago

      All you could get out of this was that...? 😂

    • Chris Allie
      Chris Allie Month ago

      It's called tomato does the Northern hemisphere call things that should be named normally with stupid words

    • Chris Allie
      Chris Allie 2 months ago

      Uh oh error police

    • J. Garcia
      J. Garcia 2 months ago

      Its not an error...

  • MrKaywyn
    MrKaywyn Year ago +12

    Funny, dramatic and moving.

  • Asel Hahn
    Asel Hahn Year ago +20

    "But jay said.."

  • Alexi Beck
    Alexi Beck Year ago +36

    Lol spunkmobile

  • Kamui
    Kamui Year ago +24

    Neil is the MAN!

    • Staudinka
      Staudinka Month ago

      Was just about to write pretty much the same thing :)

  • 2006asw
    2006asw Year ago +9

    Will 13:32 always manages to make a twat of himself. His intellect is also his own undoing

    • TheGreatCaboose
      TheGreatCaboose 5 months ago

      He’s booksmart, but has low social experience and high naivety, which are all his downfall.

    • J T
      J T 10 months ago

      He's kind of smart but has an akward personality

    • AKXU
      AKXU 10 months ago +3

      part of his character is that he isnt even an intellectual he just wants to be

  • AyerGuillén
    AyerGuillén Year ago +6


  • Mac 90 OG
    Mac 90 OG Year ago +55

    21:03 is that paul walker in the back? Lmao

  • footym812
    footym812 Year ago +6