$100 Harbor Freight Knife Shop!

  • Published on Jan 1, 2019
  • In this video I show you how to make a simple utility knife using ONLY $100 worth of tools from Harbor Freight!
    YES, there are better ways to do this, but the idea here is to show people that its not hard or expensive to make your first knife!
    Here are some amazon affiliate links to the stuff I used (or similar items, I tried to keep the prices down)
    Drill Bits:
    Grinder Discs:
    Knife Sharpener:
    Safety Glasses:

    Here are the links to the actual Harbor Freight Items I used:
    Drill Bits:
    Grinder Discs:
    Knife Sharpener:
    Saw Blade:
    Safety Glasses
    Some tools you might want to consider to make this easier:
    1 x 30 Belt Grinder:
    Drill Press:
    1075 Tool Steel ( Easy to heat treat)
    Thanks for watching! Be careful, know the limits of your skills and your tools! Don't try this stuff at home!
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    Bosch Miter Saw ( My Favorite miter saw)
    Sawstop Table Saw:
    Wen Tabletop Metalcutting Bandsaw
    Articulated Vise:
    Bosch Portable Bandsaw ( 18V)
    Porter Cable Restorer:
    Lincoln 120V Welder ( good for a home shop)
    Miller Autoset 212 ( large welder I use most)
    The Camera I use:
    The Tripod I use:

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  • Black Beard Projects
    Black Beard Projects 5 months ago +123

    I love this concept! Thanks for making this video mate!

    • Sam Haynes
      Sam Haynes 5 months ago +5

      Hey Black Beard. Discovered your channel last week and have blown through all your content. Can't wait for whatever you release next.

  • Björn Hansen
    Björn Hansen Day ago

    what type of steel is the best steal? high carbon steel?
    and how to tint the steal what would be best? is there a solution you dipe the blade in?
    kind regards

  • The Art Yeti
    The Art Yeti 7 days ago

    Tip don’t make the end of you handle skinnier than the front

  • ge45ge Called
    ge45ge Called 25 days ago

    very nice

  • Larry Marsico
    Larry Marsico 26 days ago

    Great informative video! Thank you for making this and really getting ppl like myself excited to jump into the knifemaking hobby!

  • J C
    J C 27 days ago

    Any way to temper without a toaster oven? Can you do it in a normal gas oven? Also I suggest cheap $1 store super glue for the wood finish. It is a trick I have seen used by some pen makers for a topcoat on the wood pens they turn. Just wipe it on like a varnish. I use this on my wood handles for little shop tools I make. Looks like glass and it is very strong!

  • Frankallen12
    Frankallen12 Month ago

    Great Job!! You are really helping Beginners! Thanks so much for this Video!

  • No One Of Consequence

    Your flag is backwards. (Whenever you hang the National Ensign, stand with your back against the wall. The field of stars is always oriented as though they were over your right shoulder, regardless of whether the stripes are vertical or horizontal.)

  • Westwind Survival
    Westwind Survival Month ago

    Awesome video. I have one of those dollies that is going to be used for a strop board.

  • Kelly Johnson
    Kelly Johnson Month ago

    Dam good job 👌 I really like that cool

  • Tom Im
    Tom Im Month ago +1

    Well, I have all this stuff already, so... Thanks for the primer on knife making.

  • Digging Deep Adventures

    Good video, just subbed.

  • Martiens Bekker
    Martiens Bekker Month ago

    Nice video.., well thought upon!

  • H.R. Pufnstuf
    H.R. Pufnstuf Month ago

    Thanks Man! Good video. It motivates me to get started.

  • Kevin A
    Kevin A Month ago +1

    Absolutely the best budget knife making video on TheXvid. Got a sub from me. good job.

  • Evan Soper
    Evan Soper Month ago

    Thanks for the vid

  • Ed Anthony
    Ed Anthony Month ago

    Go out to your vehicle, put one of the windows almost all the way down, use the edge to bevel and sharpen your knife, then strop it on your leather belt...I have been using old saw blades to make knives for over a decade now...they make the best skinning blade you'll ever have, and the top of that window glass is as good as most folks ever need to get a good edge.

  • Vincent Rosa
    Vincent Rosa Month ago

    Great video

  • Brandon Terpstra
    Brandon Terpstra Month ago

    If this wasn't harbor frieght only I'd say buy some 01 steel for about $5 more than the saw blade and have a good quality steel

  • Joseph Diaz
    Joseph Diaz Month ago

    I use old files they work well I find a lot of old knives at yard sales to make them

  • Joseph Diaz
    Joseph Diaz Month ago

    Good stiff leather works also to sharpen knives.. enjoyed your video

  • Tucker Anderson
    Tucker Anderson 2 months ago

    I got an alternative to the wooden pins! Just cut the little sliding handle off of your C clamp. It would work but your clamp wouldn't lol...

  • Trey Ingle
    Trey Ingle 2 months ago

    Very nice for the price of tools used you could get at least 30 to 40 bucks out of that knife at the flea market make yourself a few of those and sell them

  • RocketPunches
    RocketPunches 2 months ago

    Using the dolly as a source of wood seems to be pushing the concept a little farther than it needs to go.

  • Dave’s Here ! Yay!
    Dave’s Here ! Yay! 2 months ago

    I’m gonna try this... now all I have to do is move the junk out of my garage to get started.😳

  • fish the IV
    fish the IV 2 months ago

    I made my first knife when i was 16 and i remember not knowing how to use a jigsaw or recip saw and we didnt have a band saw in the workshop so i used a angle grinder to profile handles besides burn marks inhaling half of my project and uneven cuts it worked pretty well and looking back im glad i decided not to try and use the drop saw to make the cuts

  • Whitney Walker
    Whitney Walker 2 months ago

    Excellent video. This is just what I've been seeking, a bare bones get started kit.. I've had experience with drill master brand and it's worth it to spend a few more bucks and get another higher quality grinder even if its harbor freight brand too. Lol u know a grinder is a piece of shit when it come with spare brushes lol

  • Lance Larymore
    Lance Larymore 2 months ago

    Why not get the scales shaped before driving dowels and working with the blade ? .I know nothing about knife making but commen cints lolo . ( spell check)

  • jsrdjcox
    jsrdjcox 2 months ago

    I thought saw blades were already hardened and don't need heat treating. Great video.

  • Grinning Goat
    Grinning Goat 2 months ago

    For $2.95 more than the $100 he spent, he could have bought a knife at Harbor Freight as well but, where's the fun in that!

  • Loan Wolf
    Loan Wolf 2 months ago +5

    i get the concept and your point but ill just say it lol the saw blade you used cost more than a pice of 1085 hc online

  • lazyman 24/7
    lazyman 24/7 2 months ago

    how about using store brand oil and save the Crisco for the fries lol

  • Mike Parker
    Mike Parker 2 months ago +1

    Not pretty good, damn good! Thanks Chris.

  • gray blad
    gray blad 2 months ago +2

    I feel like anybody who purchases a grinder from harbor freight wont know what brushes in a grinder are.

  • Michael Spivey
    Michael Spivey 2 months ago +1

    Nice job. But only one thing could you please retire that poor flag, it's a discrase. Thank you.

  • Chuck Nelson
    Chuck Nelson 2 months ago +1

    Nice project, but I was wondering why didn't you use a propane torch to heat the metal.

    • 25 mc 27
      25 mc 27 2 months ago

      The whole concept was to make it spending only 100 dollars. Its in the title and he repeats it numerous times

  • Josh Hall
    Josh Hall 2 months ago +1

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong , but aren't circle saw blade's already heat treated or tempered when there made. Old or new.

  • Pigdoc1
    Pigdoc1 2 months ago +1

    "If I could move my hand that fast, I'd never leave the house" - Beavis

  • Gavin Smith
    Gavin Smith 2 months ago +3

    Files only cut on the forward stroke when you pull it back it ruins the file

    • boss hog
      boss hog 2 months ago

      This guy's a novice. His first mistake was encouraging people to support China by buying their cheap garbage

  • Brandon B
    Brandon B 2 months ago

    Awesome video and thank you for adding all of the details and not skipping anything.

  • Justin Peers
    Justin Peers 2 months ago


  • Pete Roe
    Pete Roe 2 months ago

    Lol no PPE GTFO of here

  • Nick Gamble
    Nick Gamble 2 months ago

    Should have bought a few other things and made a wood fire forge as well it wouldn't have been too much more money

  • T0X1C_ Rebel
    T0X1C_ Rebel 2 months ago +1

    Not sped up btw lol

  • Robert Reamer
    Robert Reamer 2 months ago

    I don't get it... I can just buy a good knife for under 100 bucks!. While your busy trying to make your own knife the other guy just went and bought one and stabbed you in the throat..

  • Dabeav !
    Dabeav ! 2 months ago +16

    I would have swapped the new blade for the one on my Saw, and cut up the old blade.

  • Duggle Bogey
    Duggle Bogey 2 months ago

    I love beginners guides like this. Well done.

  • failure2flinch
    failure2flinch 2 months ago

    Ugliest $100 Ever!

  • Michael Linner
    Michael Linner 2 months ago

    I love the whole concept, the only thing I have a problem with is the size of the knife blank. I prefer a much bigger knife. Great video though. 👍

  • Alex Barr
    Alex Barr 2 months ago +3

    Love the concept! Can you do a best budget file version!?!?

  • John Dorrill
    John Dorrill 2 months ago

    Thanks, I learned a lot. The annealing and hardening process explanation was great.

  • John Redman
    John Redman 2 months ago

    Whats the big deal.....I made my first knife when I was 18..
    With not a single power tool.

  • Giobeam O
    Giobeam O 2 months ago

    I make big survival knives with a dremmel and angle grinder

  • Robert Law
    Robert Law 2 months ago

    learn how to hang the flag correctly before doing anything else!!!!!!!!

  • Jason Pettit
    Jason Pettit 3 months ago

    Well done,,,

  • Olaf Berserker
    Olaf Berserker 3 months ago

    this was fantastic! Thank you!

  • Mason Leeth
    Mason Leeth 3 months ago

    Soaking the knife in vinegar for an hour removes the forge scale and saves your sand paper 😉

  • Mr.snowy_Frost
    Mr.snowy_Frost 3 months ago

    18:47 this guy has mad rymes! Dang!😮

  • steve williams
    steve williams 3 months ago

    i sincerely hope a resporator, or at the least a dust mask, was in your budget because that amount of saw dust is extremely harmful

  • Hugh Wynn
    Hugh Wynn 3 months ago +1

    You are the worst knife maker on TheXvid.

  • Primusaur
    Primusaur 3 months ago

    very inspirational

  • Capt'n Aidy
    Capt'n Aidy 3 months ago

    Thank's for the Video PEACE :-)

  • Matthew Shannon
    Matthew Shannon 3 months ago

    Man! Great job-
    Thanks for your time and expense to bring this to us.

    HOWARD B. 3 months ago +1

    Great vid! Good thing is you still have a lot of usfull tools for DIY if knives are not a good fit..

  • j e
    j e 3 months ago +1

    Take a nail and cut the head off. Put it in the drill and drill it, will spot anneal the area to be drilled.

  • Dave Shaffer
    Dave Shaffer 3 months ago

    Was that a Harbor Freight toaster oven?

  • Cameron McConnell
    Cameron McConnell 3 months ago

    Very informative and easy to follow subbed!!

  • AdsBlogTV
    AdsBlogTV 3 months ago +1

    He seems like the kind of guy that would pour water on wood to lubricate his cut with a tenon saw.

  • glen rye
    glen rye 3 months ago +1

    Nice presentation. Two quick improvement thoughts, You purchased the Drill Master grinder. It is a piece of garbage. For about $4 more you can get the Central Machine 4-1/2" heavy duty grinder at Harbor Freight and it will last a lot longer. As a Blacksmith I have tried both and burn up the Drill Master in a few weeks while the Central Machine typically lasts a few years. Second comment, while the two dowel pins work, to improve your handle, drill several smaller holes in the tang and make sure they fill with epoxy during assembly. this will give your scales a lot more strength.

  • big dave
    big dave 3 months ago

    i actually like the burnt wood look that the cut disk leaves lol

    • Matthew Shannon
      Matthew Shannon 3 months ago +1

      I like using a propane torch to bring out the grain before I finish it with clear poly!

  • billy Thompson
    billy Thompson 3 months ago

    A file would have been a better idea. Thicker

  • George B. Wolffsohn
    George B. Wolffsohn 3 months ago

    Safety glasses !

  • Heartland Outdoor Living
    Heartland Outdoor Living 3 months ago +1

    Since that saw blade is so easy to bend, could you bend it to make like a spoon carving knife and then harden it and do the bake in process or whatever? I know that is outside the scope of this video, just made me think as flexible as it looks it looked like it might actually work
    Thanks in advance and have a blessed week.

  • Hammer and Neil
    Hammer and Neil 3 months ago

    More like $80 knife shop! You can't forget the coupons. Also, what did you do with all your free flashlights?

    • Kali Southpaw
      Kali Southpaw 2 months ago

      Hammer and Neil you can usually only use one coupon per purchase per person.
      I went to HF with my dad the other day so we could use 2 coupons! We got free batteries and an angle grinder! The angle grinder was only 10 bucks!
      Gonna get a belt sander next with a 20% off coupon! Next I need to make a little forge, and I'm set!

  • will covington
    will covington 3 months ago

    the ceramic sharpener never works for me it just dulls my blades

  • codey m
    codey m 3 months ago

    pay 100$ to make a knife worse than a 5$ knife... I know its a "DIY starter kit" but cost/use ratio is bad. And it feels more like a gimmick to buy from harbor freight than a real farrier kit. At the very end of the video I watched you bend that blade like it was wet paper, and I made a knife completely out of plastic with better cutting power. I'm sure you mean well but don't set people up for failure like this. I've been forging knives and other metal works for 10 years now, and if a newbie's first knife sucked as bad as this one they'd be understandably discouraged from ever trying again. -Ps: Your knife didn't harden for 3 reasons. 1: You didn't get it hot enough for long enough and you only did one quench. 2: You heated half the blade. Never do that, its how you end up with cracks in the metal that cause it to snap under pressure which can be very dangerous. Always heat it evenly. 3: when you put it in the oil you need to move it around as much as you can. It needs to cool at a VERY fast rate to harden, and as soon as the oil got warm that process slowed down to a crawl

  • Mr Meener
    Mr Meener 3 months ago

    what a nice kid like his style

  • Peg Tooth
    Peg Tooth 3 months ago +1

    I stopped watching as soon as you said that you bought a dolly for the wood.
    You sound like an idiot who is crazy lazy.
    Guh bye

    • Make Everything
      Make Everything  3 months ago

      Peg Tooth lazy is not a word typically used to describe me but hey, there’s a first time for everything right?

  • Scott Jewell
    Scott Jewell 3 months ago

    Wow you all got things that others throw out in the trash you can grab and use, why are you paying for more for thing you can get for free

  • Car guy Corban
    Car guy Corban 3 months ago

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  • Welder Man
    Welder Man 3 months ago

    That is the ugliest handle I’ve ever seen

  • Benjamin Bunnell
    Benjamin Bunnell 3 months ago

    Great video.

  • Benjamin Bunnell
    Benjamin Bunnell 3 months ago

    Look up the flag code. Thanks.

  • Mark Soucy
    Mark Soucy 3 months ago

    never heard of the handle to be called the scales be for . but then again I do not make knifes .

  • Richard McKinney
    Richard McKinney 3 months ago

    So one could could use one's bbq grill for the harding of the blade?

  • Make It Take It Outdoors

    Videos like this are dangerous for people like me. I Have enough hobbies and then I see this.....

    • Make It Take It Outdoors
      Make It Take It Outdoors 3 months ago

      @Wookie Productions I was joking about it being "dangerous". I have a ton of hobbies and videos like this make me want to try more things.

    • Make It Take It Outdoors
      Make It Take It Outdoors 3 months ago

      @Wookie Productions it was in jest.....

  • Roger J
    Roger J 3 months ago

    This folks is why I keep old lawn mower blades.

  • Sgt Dino
    Sgt Dino 3 months ago

    Nice job - I've got 80% of the stuff you bought for the project I'm going to get into this... well as soon as it warms up here in Illinois. Great stuff Tanx

    DERICKBLAIR4 3 months ago

    I may have missed it, but one thing to mention to people when using circular saw blades for knife steel, make sure that it is the type of saw blade that has the teeth made right into the blade, and isnt a blade with carbide teeth. The blades with Carbide teeth on them are a softer metal unsuitable for knifemaking as it is the carbon tips that do the cutting, whereas with the blades like shown in your video are a full carbon blade.

  • Jamie
    Jamie 3 months ago

    You can find used oak pallets for free everywhere, dolly cut up was stupid. You can buy a cheap propane torch to heat treat cheaper than the oil and tin pans... use waste car oil for the heat treat.. its free.. you need to rethink your strategy. You could build that knife for 15 bucks.. or buy one at Harbor freight for 10..😂

  • Birmingham Jax
    Birmingham Jax 3 months ago

    33:15 what is "strop"

    • Wookie Productions
      Wookie Productions 3 months ago

      It's the process of "rubbing" the bevel/sharpened part of the blade on a piece of leather to get rid of the micro level burrs on the blade, making it razor sharp

  • Birmingham Jax
    Birmingham Jax 3 months ago

    This is so unsafe

  • Frank Pasqua
    Frank Pasqua 3 months ago

    Just a quick question if you had the vegetable-oil handy why did you use the water to lubricate the sanding process?

  • J time
    J time 3 months ago

    Losers go to harbor freight asshole.

  • Informed citizen
    Informed citizen 3 months ago

    I'm not knocking you but you know a file just cuts on the push stroke. A back and forth motion will flatten the teeth of the file. Sorry to be that guy.

  • Cutbait Hooks
    Cutbait Hooks 3 months ago

    This isnt rocket science for pete's sake you're just making a knife 😴

  • Grant Buchanan
    Grant Buchanan 3 months ago

    Pretty good build---pretty good instructions!!!! Good job!!!

  • William Borgeson
    William Borgeson 3 months ago

    Thanks for keeping it real!

  • Andy Aitken
    Andy Aitken 3 months ago

    With life, just try new things and learn. Nice video bud. Also if there is ever another world catastrophe and technology goes out the window people are going to need to be able to make things themselves and nothing but hands on skills will do, a liberal arts degree won’t.

  • No One Of Consequence
    No One Of Consequence 3 months ago

    Your flag is backwards. Common mistake.