$100 Harbor Freight Knife Shop!

  • Published on Jan 1, 2019
  • In this video I show you how to make a simple utility knife using ONLY $100 worth of tools from Harbor Freight!
    YES, there are better ways to do this, but the idea here is to show people that its not hard or expensive to make your first knife!
    Here are some amazon affiliate links to the stuff I used (or similar items, I tried to keep the prices down)
    Drill Bits:
    Grinder Discs:
    Knife Sharpener:
    Safety Glasses:

    Here are the links to the actual Harbor Freight Items I used:
    Drill Bits:
    Grinder Discs:
    Knife Sharpener:
    Saw Blade:
    Safety Glasses
    Some tools you might want to consider to make this easier:
    1 x 30 Belt Grinder:
    Drill Press:
    1075 Tool Steel ( Easy to heat treat)
    Thanks for watching! Be careful, know the limits of your skills and your tools! Don't try this stuff at home!
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    Below are some affiliate links to tools I use in the shop on a daily basis, by shopping at Amazon through these links you help provide me with revenue to continue doing what I'm doing. Thanks!
    Bosch Miter Saw ( My Favorite miter saw)
    Sawstop Table Saw:
    Wen Tabletop Metalcutting Bandsaw
    Articulated Vise:
    Bosch Portable Bandsaw ( 18V)
    Porter Cable Restorer:
    Lincoln 120V Welder ( good for a home shop)
    Miller Autoset 212 ( large welder I use most)
    The Camera I use:
    The Tripod I use:

Comments • 392

  • Black Beard Projects
    Black Beard Projects 10 days ago +55

    I love this concept! Thanks for making this video mate!

    • Sam Haynes
      Sam Haynes 6 days ago +2

      Hey Black Beard. Discovered your channel last week and have blown through all your content. Can't wait for whatever you release next.

  • chordarrow1
    chordarrow1 Hour ago

    Why not just buy the maple?

  • Drakkenstein
    Drakkenstein Hour ago

    Gloves and a grind shield also very important.

  • Colin Whyley
    Colin Whyley 5 hours ago

    Nice work and I think I will give it a go . UK love

  • fidel carter
    fidel carter 6 hours ago

    24:29 great tip

  • G5
    G5 7 hours ago

    I’d think buying a $100 knife makes a lot more sense. What’s the point here? Who’s going to buy such a knife?

  • Rob Chandler
    Rob Chandler 7 hours ago

    Get a battery powered leaf blower to make the fire hot.

  • 00ironcross
    00ironcross 7 hours ago

    Awesome job changing the disc on the grinder without unplugging it first. Safety Sucks anyways

  • Rick Price
    Rick Price 11 hours ago

    For your fires, try a rocket stove made with a couple of institutional sized fruit cans. Provides high airflow and really high temps on minimal fuel.

  • Seth Lavinder
    Seth Lavinder 11 hours ago

    Impressive, I’d just be happy if I had the skill to keep a sharp edge on my pocket knife!

  • Sean Woods
    Sean Woods 15 hours ago

    Get yourself a bench vise

  • Sean Woods
    Sean Woods 15 hours ago

    I like your ideas and style. Keep at it and make tons of videos!

  • Michael Amos
    Michael Amos 16 hours ago

    "...the other component to this "hole" assembly is the..." uuuh, hu, hu, huh! That was funny.

  • Noe Gorrochotegui
    Noe Gorrochotegui 17 hours ago

    Great video! Thank you for making and sharing it

  • LinearScar76
    LinearScar76 18 hours ago

    Next time steal your wife's/girlfriend's hair dryer. 0 dollars.

  • Make America great again.

    I wish we have places like harbor freight here in South Africa.

  • Cal Brabandt
    Cal Brabandt 22 hours ago

    Reminds me of the HF draw knife I made that I needed for long bow fabrication. Actually, HF doesn't sell draw knives and they were too expensive elsewhere so I made them from cheaper HF tools. I cut the hickory handles from a couple of HF hammers and turned them into draw knife handles. (HF Axe and hammer handles might be an economical source of hickory for other knives too.) Then I cut out the blade from a $5 HF machete with my whiz wheel and ground it on a grinding wheel.

  • EnigmaRain Productions
    EnigmaRain Productions 22 hours ago

    Loved the video, haven't seen anything quite like this after watching many how to knife videos this was a good one more people ought to make ones like this! Thanks, subscribed

  • Matti Virta
    Matti Virta Day ago

    little stupid,waste money wrong tools 100$ then you can buy 100 $ good guality knife who have lot better all you lifetime. than you 2$ knife. than this u need fight to trash next week,

  • Matti Virta
    Matti Virta Day ago

    i laugh lot ,hardener steel hahaha, vegetable oil hahaha. if need harden knife good u need used old motor oil have lot better, black colour mean have lot coal in oil, burned oil, then can harden better, no newer vegetable oil only motor and mineral oil used harden steel. handle has horrible bad too and wood pin this no work good, use metal pin. laught lot kitchen sharpener haha wrong angle and true wrong sharpen any knife, buy sharping rock and made right angle sharpening bracket.circular saw blade, no, go to crapyard and buy old car leaf spring better lot and can made many many knife future. chep and better lot. or old factory saw blade, not circular saw.and handle use hardwood not soft shit wood.u made knife ok, working but if u made good knife need lot better material and tools.

  • Matti Virta
    Matti Virta Day ago

    i laugh lot ,hardener steel hahaha, vegetable oil hahaha. if need harden knife good u need used old motor oil have lot better, black colour mean have lot coal in oil, burned oil, then can harden better, no newer vegetable oil only motor and mineral oil used harden steel. handle has horrible bad too and wood pin this no work good, use metal pin. laught lot kitchen sharpener haha wrong angle and true wrong sharpen any knife, buy sharping rock and made right angle sharpening bracket.circular saw blade, no, go to crapyard and buy old car leaf spring better lot and can made many many knife future. chep and better lot. or old factory saw blade, not circular saw.and handle use hardwood not soft shit wood.u made knife ok, working but if u made good knife need lot better material and tools.

  • Brian Neeley
    Brian Neeley Day ago

    A helpful way to get air to your fire is to use a piece of copper pipe (a foot or two should be plenty for a small campfire) to blow air exactlywhere you need it. Baring a copper tube or pipe, a piece of black pipe, metal conduit, or even an old brake line will work. If you have to buy the tube or pipe, add three or four bucks to your Harbor Freight trip.

  • 33svk33
    33svk33 Day ago

    We did make these in jr high throwing stars..... and throwing daggers

  • 33svk33
    33svk33 Day ago

    Ive never made a knife..
    But i probably own everything on that table 10fold...but... why not just pound out some metal?

  • Ray Valdez
    Ray Valdez Day ago

    For a hundred bucks u could buy a badass knife

  • Ray Valdez
    Ray Valdez Day ago

    U can buy maple at H D by the foot genius

  • stinky lizard
    stinky lizard Day ago

    This is awesome, I've totally got about a hundred bucks to dedicate to something I've been interested in for so long.

  • leonard edgar sr

    If you think your edge is "sharp"...try "stab cutting" a paper towel in two directions..

  • Tameem Moaleji
    Tameem Moaleji Day ago

    Cool thing is most everyone has most if not all of the tools (well at least ppl who r watching this lol). Just get some material and make yourself a blade of your liking. Thanks Make Everything!

  • john poole
    john poole Day ago

    u need a table saw next to cut the thickness of the handle down with much less work. nice job !

  • mrdjtoday
    mrdjtoday Day ago

    Hey! Great video, good directions and encouragement for people to jump in and work with their hands. Nice work and thanks!

  • poet99999
    poet99999 Day ago

    harbor freight cutting disks are my only point of contention with your purchase list. the grinder and flaps are fine... but I've had too many of the cutting wheels explode. anybody wanting to do the $100 knife tool box, make it $110 and get a few proper diablo or dwalt cutting disks from homedepot.
    fun video, I might give her a try

  • Peter Jones
    Peter Jones Day ago

    That's an awesome video. Showing what can be done with minimal tools and materials is great. Way too many hobbies and crafts have become 'buy our overpriced stuff' or you can't do anything.' which puts off a lot of people. As you said, using something you madeyourself does have a high level of satisfaction, even if you know you'll do better next time

  • Hanlon Greg
    Hanlon Greg Day ago

    Nice instructional and thorough video.

  • Stuart Goff
    Stuart Goff Day ago

    clamp down the grinder instead of the knife. then free hand the scales.

  • ssunfish
    ssunfish Day ago

    I'd definetly increase the budget, get the portable metal cutting saw and fab a stand and work rest for it. Be SUPER safe using it! Also buy O1 tool steel 3/32" thick and handle scales from Jantz Supply as well as a sheath so youbcsn carry the knife right after sharpening it to show off. Oregon Blade grinder is a great next step if you get thrills making knives and want to go more into the hobby.

    • ssunfish
      ssunfish Day ago

      A "jewlers saw" and no. 6 blades are your friend at this level of knifemaking!

  • Mike Keller
    Mike Keller Day ago

    That's a great way to get started. Luckily I have everything on the list except the dolly. Thanks for the great video.

  • CaptainRon1913
    CaptainRon1913 Day ago

    You had maple firewood. Did you need to buy a maple dolly for the wood?

  • skezus
    skezus 2 days ago

    This is awesome! I too got in the hobby through that book, and ran into some of the same issues and turned to Harbor Freight. Thanks for giving your time and energy to make this video.

  • Nefaryus Drake
    Nefaryus Drake 2 days ago

    Good stuff.
    Think of it like a trade school tuition. $100 gets you knowledge about knives that could one day save your life, or even a job.
    I probly would of used the wood you used to heat treat tho.

  • Jason Weninger
    Jason Weninger 2 days ago

    You made it look doable, I have been wanting to try for a while and think I might with the next cash influx I get.

  • old geccko
    old geccko 2 days ago

    Incredible, pretty awesome! Just a FYI when I worked in Alaska I'd see the native people make their personal Ulu's with any circular saw blade they found and a small campfire, quite fascinating to watch, enjoyed your video!

  • Scott Lawrence
    Scott Lawrence 2 days ago

    Great video

  • Terry Northrup
    Terry Northrup 2 days ago

    Very nice video

  • Scott Hummel
    Scott Hummel 2 days ago

    If you have a charcoal cooker it will eliminate the need for a fire pit. Also use your wife's hairdryer to blow the coals for more heat. I have used this method and it works great and keeps the mess down to a min.

  • P1k3l U.O.A
    P1k3l U.O.A 2 days ago +1

    I have one question, can I heat treat in a deep fryer with corn oil?
    Cause my uncle gave me an old one I never use.

  • flavacreations
    flavacreations 3 days ago


  • tylor durdun
    tylor durdun 3 days ago

    i liked that trick using the drill bit....

  • Stan Meyer
    Stan Meyer 3 days ago

    Just use a handheld plumber's propane torch

  • Stan Meyer
    Stan Meyer 3 days ago

    Consider not putting the knife in the fire but wait till the fire dies down and putting the knife on the coals

  • Ed Anthony
    Ed Anthony 3 days ago

    Instead of screwing around with that so called knife sharpener you bought, when you get to that step; go outside and roll your car window about 2/3s of the way down and use the top edge to sharpen the knife, (keep the same number of strokes on each side) then strop in on denim if you don't have a leather strop.

  • Eddie Foy
    Eddie Foy 3 days ago

    Like a guy who's willing to drill into his workbench. Its battle scars

  • Gsxr-1000 Rider
    Gsxr-1000 Rider 3 days ago

    Next time use a old carbon steel file. Much better.

  • Sean Storms
    Sean Storms 3 days ago

    Maybe other then spending 100 hundred bucks on stuff to build a knife spend 30 on one that is already built. By far the stupidest thing I seen

    • Matti Virta
      Matti Virta Day ago

      and maybe some peoples waste lot money icehoccey etc ither shit sport masny thousand dollar or buy big expensive TV or other shit stuff. better use money tools and made somethink than sitting in home and waste timer and money looking youtube, haqha

  • Mac McAbee
    Mac McAbee 3 days ago

    Very good video. Volume - good - everything good. You are right that people are confused about your wood source though. You can get very good ash or oak from a pallet or just a piece of walnut or anything from the woods where there is an infinite supply of good suitable dead and dying trees. But everyone is different. Thanks for this exceptional piece of work. Mac

  • Anders Andersson
    Anders Andersson 3 days ago

    Great video! Very educational and it really inspired me to try knife making.

  • pkrangehit
    pkrangehit 3 days ago

    Damn, Ive probably thrown out 10 or more 20 inch concrete saw blades from work in the past year. Ill remember to keep them next time!

  • Jacob Falk
    Jacob Falk 4 days ago

    Now do how to make a good looking sellable knife for $500

  • Benjamin Hatton
    Benjamin Hatton 4 days ago

    Could really skip the grinder but it's cheaper than a good hacksaw haha! Files only cut on the push . But I do it the exact way you do. My brother works at 3m hence I get real cheap flap disks, good ones last about 10x to the harbor freight ones!

  • zachary eaton
    zachary eaton 4 days ago

    This video is great! I've hand forged tools (marking knife, drawknife, chisel) but I've never made a proper fixed blade. This made me realize I have EVERYTHING I need in my shop right now, including a belt grinder, oxy-acetylene torch, and old saw blades and lumber. I'll probably crank out a knife tomorrow. Thanks!

  • web1187
    web1187 4 days ago

    I really enjoyed this Video Thank You !
    ✌ From Upper Michigan 😎

  • Jon Jones
    Jon Jones 4 days ago

    too much talk. video is too long. thumbs down

  • Michael Bowlby
    Michael Bowlby 4 days ago

    Great Video Chris. Thanks for sharing

  • CMBmedic
    CMBmedic 4 days ago

    If you have a new house development near you, check out the sites. Framers leave burned out saw blades all the time.

  • Neill Wylie
    Neill Wylie 4 days ago

    Absolutely love the drill bit scribe trick.

  • Kade McFarland
    Kade McFarland 4 days ago

    Used motor oil works great as a stain when your working on a budget and would probably add a lot to the knife👍

  • Rick Evans
    Rick Evans 4 days ago +2

    How to waste time and money at Hazard Fraught and learn absolutely nothing about real knife making 101

    • Jesse James
      Jesse James 4 days ago +1

      Chicago electric rotary hammer is good

    • Jaiden Jones
      Jaiden Jones 4 days ago +2

      +Sergio-Isidoro Lombardo Hes saying that the shaping process of the blade and handle are useless to learn, the process of making a bevel is useless to learn, the sharpening from scratch process is useless to learn, the hardening process is useless to learn and it's better to just buy a forge, anvil, belt sander, good quality steel, multiple hand tools, and safety equipment before for even know if you'll actually want to put time into knife making. So in conclusion you should spend a few grand first rather then start small.

    • Sergio-Isidoro Lombardo
      Sergio-Isidoro Lombardo 4 days ago +1

      Can you please explain? I know nothing about knife making so I'm very interested to hear your criticism

    • Jaiden Jones
      Jaiden Jones 4 days ago +1

      What's wrong with harbor freight? I put their tools to the test every day and they work great. My harbor freight tools are outlasting a lot of my name brand tools. The only thing I've really had problems with are the ratchets and sockets from harbor freight.

  • Brad Humphreys
    Brad Humphreys 4 days ago +1

    this video is fantastic! what was the pocket knife you have??

    • Make Everything
      Make Everything  4 days ago

      Brad Humphreys thank you! I actually made that pocket knife! I’m gonna do a video on making s folding knife soon!!!

  • Dell Johnson
    Dell Johnson 4 days ago

    Great video to show beginners the basics with out big $ power tools..i have commerical blade blanks which will
    .makes it easier..thks sir..

  • Mr Hands Head Savage Garage

    Great video man and Harbor Freight that's my main go to store always looking for something to from there.

  • Dave Eastham
    Dave Eastham 4 days ago

    Fantastic video!! Makes it less daunting for the average person to start knife making.

  • michel laroche
    michel laroche 4 days ago

    Gee,i don't know where you live,but you are freaky-lucky to have access to such prices.

  • Sam Tunnicliff
    Sam Tunnicliff 4 days ago

    subbed. awesome!!!!

  • Gene Takach
    Gene Takach 4 days ago

    Use the quenching oil to put a finish on the scales.

  • Jack Morgan
    Jack Morgan 4 days ago

    I was already subscribed, and you confirmed my confidence in you when you burned the drill instructions to start the fire LOL

  • Bart Goins
    Bart Goins 4 days ago

    FYI, you have the American flag improperly displayed. The field of blue should be in the upper left corner, no matter the orientation of the flag.

  • garo nick
    garo nick 4 days ago

    Good job, well made video .

  • TheGrizzly
    TheGrizzly 4 days ago

    i like the idea, might have went for a hacksaw or small wood saw instead of the sharpener. you can always use the sandpaper to sharpen with on a flat surface. good vid though man.

  • Jasper Leighspring
    Jasper Leighspring 5 days ago

    Thank you. I've been looking to start knife making, so thanks for showing me how.

  • Randy Flores
    Randy Flores 5 days ago

    Awesome set by set video
    And harbor freight is awesome for value tools

  • joel383
    joel383 5 days ago

    Chamfer the holes on the tang side of the scales for maximum holding, even with wooden pins, the epoxy wont slip.

  • Jim Fody
    Jim Fody 5 days ago

    Well done video and a great idea to get started. BTW, is your American flag hanging backwards from what it should be? www.flagandbanner.com/flags/flag_etiquette.asp

  • Barry K
    Barry K 5 days ago +4

    Nice video but I wish you would hang your/Our flag with a bit of respect. It's not a shop rag. Thanks.

  • BustinBenny
    BustinBenny 5 days ago

    A shiv, what you made was a nice prison. shiv. It's actually nice and functional.

  • Headles Norseman
    Headles Norseman 5 days ago

    since i have all of these tools already including a blade that doesnt fit my saw, i am very inclined to do this... can the heat treating be done with a torch as well?

  • DALE thebelldiver
    DALE thebelldiver 5 days ago

    I suggest buying cheap knives and start off redesigning handles and making sheaths; then go ahead and try a blade.
    Try the zero handle design; it really interesting and very functional to not have a conventional handle at all. I can field dress, gut a deer, hogs, goats, or any game and fish or shape shoe sole heavy leather for knife sheaths with a blade and virtually no handle.
    Think of this; How long is the handle on a bears tooth or lions tooth?

  • R C
    R C 5 days ago

    you could have cut the maple in half and gotten two sets of handles out of it . just saying .👍

  • R C
    R C 5 days ago

    nice , but I disagree with wooden pins in the handles . not a good idea .

  • Rick C-137
    Rick C-137 5 days ago

    To avoid drilling holes in your workbench, put a spare piece of wood under your project

  • Zach Meyer
    Zach Meyer 5 days ago

    I kinda did the same thing when I was 12. Actually really glad I did it no matter how terrible the knife turned out because it introduced me into being more resourceful, cheap, and learning to use tools and starting my own shop and projects. All while doing it under my parents nose until I finished and I showed them. My first project and my worst but best in a way.

  • Truth Prepping
    Truth Prepping 5 days ago

    Lawn mower blades work great for a beefy knifes.

  • hooptybug
    hooptybug 5 days ago

    Did you use a 20% coupon? What did you get for free?

  • Mohib Siddiqui
    Mohib Siddiqui 5 days ago

    try using a hairdryer to get the fire hotter, much easier than blowing on it

  • notxarb21
    notxarb21 5 days ago

    Well, now it looks like I'm gonna have to make a knife! Thanks for the great video!

  • Rylee Durand
    Rylee Durand 5 days ago

    can you do a follow up video showing how well each product worked and what you would change

  • Sean Lane
    Sean Lane 5 days ago

    Is it just me or does this guy sound like Eric foreman from that 70s show?? Lol

    KEVIN GALLOWAY 5 days ago

    Awesome video, very informative and entertaing!

  • Kyle Robert
    Kyle Robert 5 days ago

    I thought you were supposed to use dirty carbon rich oil?....

  • Mark Crume
    Mark Crume 5 days ago

    Great video. Thanks.

  • Fierydemise
    Fierydemise 5 days ago

    The grinder use triggers me