$100 Harbor Freight Knife Shop!

  • Published on Jan 1, 2019
  • In this video I show you how to make a simple utility knife using ONLY $100 worth of tools from Harbor Freight!
    YES, there are better ways to do this, but the idea here is to show people that its not hard or expensive to make your first knife!
    Here are some amazon affiliate links to the stuff I used (or similar items, I tried to keep the prices down)
    Drill Bits:
    Grinder Discs:
    Knife Sharpener:
    Safety Glasses:

    Here are the links to the actual Harbor Freight Items I used:
    Drill Bits:
    Grinder Discs:
    Knife Sharpener:
    Saw Blade:
    Safety Glasses
    Some tools you might want to consider to make this easier:
    1 x 30 Belt Grinder:
    Drill Press:
    1075 Tool Steel ( Easy to heat treat)
    Thanks for watching! Be careful, know the limits of your skills and your tools! Don't try this stuff at home!
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    Bosch Miter Saw ( My Favorite miter saw)
    Sawstop Table Saw:
    Wen Tabletop Metalcutting Bandsaw
    Articulated Vise:
    Bosch Portable Bandsaw ( 18V)
    Porter Cable Restorer:
    Lincoln 120V Welder ( good for a home shop)
    Miller Autoset 212 ( large welder I use most)
    The Camera I use:
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  • Black Beard Projects
    Black Beard Projects 2 months ago +104

    I love this concept! Thanks for making this video mate!

    • Sam Haynes
      Sam Haynes 2 months ago +4

      Hey Black Beard. Discovered your channel last week and have blown through all your content. Can't wait for whatever you release next.

  • Dabeav !
    Dabeav ! 15 hours ago

    I would have swapped the new blade for the one on my Saw, and cut up the old blade.

  • Duggle Bogey
    Duggle Bogey 17 hours ago

    I love beginners guides like this. Well done.

  • failure2flinch
    failure2flinch Day ago

    Ugliest $100 Ever!

  • Michael Linner
    Michael Linner Day ago

    I love the whole concept, the only thing I have a problem with is the size of the knife blank. I prefer a much bigger knife. Great video though. 👍

  • Alex Barr
    Alex Barr 2 days ago +2

    Love the concept! Can you do a best budget file version!?!?

  • John Dorrill
    John Dorrill 3 days ago

    Thanks, I learned a lot. The annealing and hardening process explanation was great.

  • John Redman
    John Redman 3 days ago

    Whats the big deal.....I made my first knife when I was 18..
    With not a single power tool.

  • Giobeam O
    Giobeam O 3 days ago

    I make big survival knives with a dremmel and angle grinder

  • Robert Law
    Robert Law 3 days ago

    learn how to hang the flag correctly before doing anything else!!!!!!!!

  • Jason Pettit
    Jason Pettit 6 days ago

    Well done,,,

  • Olaf Berserker
    Olaf Berserker 7 days ago

    this was fantastic! Thank you!

  • Mason Leeth
    Mason Leeth 8 days ago

    Soaking the knife in vinegar for an hour removes the forge scale and saves your sand paper 😉

  • Mr.snowy_Frost
    Mr.snowy_Frost 9 days ago

    18:47 this guy has mad rymes! Dang!😮

  • steve williams
    steve williams 9 days ago

    i sincerely hope a resporator, or at the least a dust mask, was in your budget because that amount of saw dust is extremely harmful

  • Hugh Wynn
    Hugh Wynn 9 days ago +1

    You are the worst knife maker on TheXvid.

  • Primusaur
    Primusaur 10 days ago

    very inspirational

  • Capt'n Aidy
    Capt'n Aidy 11 days ago

    Thank's for the Video PEACE :-)

  • Matthew Shannon
    Matthew Shannon 11 days ago

    Man! Great job-
    Thanks for your time and expense to bring this to us.

    HOWARD B. 12 days ago +1

    Great vid! Good thing is you still have a lot of usfull tools for DIY if knives are not a good fit..

  • j e
    j e 12 days ago

    Take a nail and cut the head off. Put it in the drill and drill it, will spot anneal the area to be drilled.

  • Dave Shaffer
    Dave Shaffer 13 days ago

    Was that a Harbor Freight toaster oven?

  • Cameron McConnell
    Cameron McConnell 13 days ago

    Very informative and easy to follow subbed!!

  • AdsBlogTV
    AdsBlogTV 14 days ago +1

    He seems like the kind of guy that would pour water on wood to lubricate his cut with a tenon saw.

  • glen rye
    glen rye 15 days ago +1

    Nice presentation. Two quick improvement thoughts, You purchased the Drill Master grinder. It is a piece of garbage. For about $4 more you can get the Central Machine 4-1/2" heavy duty grinder at Harbor Freight and it will last a lot longer. As a Blacksmith I have tried both and burn up the Drill Master in a few weeks while the Central Machine typically lasts a few years. Second comment, while the two dowel pins work, to improve your handle, drill several smaller holes in the tang and make sure they fill with epoxy during assembly. this will give your scales a lot more strength.

  • big dave
    big dave 15 days ago

    i actually like the burnt wood look that the cut disk leaves lol

    • Matthew Shannon
      Matthew Shannon 11 days ago +1

      I like using a propane torch to bring out the grain before I finish it with clear poly!

  • billy Thompson
    billy Thompson 16 days ago

    A file would have been a better idea. Thicker

  • George B. Wolffsohn
    George B. Wolffsohn 18 days ago

    Safety glasses !

  • Heartland Outdoor Living
    Heartland Outdoor Living 18 days ago +1

    Since that saw blade is so easy to bend, could you bend it to make like a spoon carving knife and then harden it and do the bake in process or whatever? I know that is outside the scope of this video, just made me think as flexible as it looks it looked like it might actually work
    Thanks in advance and have a blessed week.

  • Hammer and Neil
    Hammer and Neil 19 days ago

    More like $80 knife shop! You can't forget the coupons. Also, what did you do with all your free flashlights?

    • Kali Southpaw
      Kali Southpaw 2 days ago

      Hammer and Neil you can usually only use one coupon per purchase per person.
      I went to HF with my dad the other day so we could use 2 coupons! We got free batteries and an angle grinder! The angle grinder was only 10 bucks!
      Gonna get a belt sander next with a 20% off coupon! Next I need to make a little forge, and I'm set!

  • will covington
    will covington 20 days ago

    the ceramic sharpener never works for me it just dulls my blades

  • codey m
    codey m 26 days ago

    pay 100$ to make a knife worse than a 5$ knife... I know its a "DIY starter kit" but cost/use ratio is bad. And it feels more like a gimmick to buy from harbor freight than a real farrier kit. At the very end of the video I watched you bend that blade like it was wet paper, and I made a knife completely out of plastic with better cutting power. I'm sure you mean well but don't set people up for failure like this. I've been forging knives and other metal works for 10 years now, and if a newbie's first knife sucked as bad as this one they'd be understandably discouraged from ever trying again. -Ps: Your knife didn't harden for 3 reasons. 1: You didn't get it hot enough for long enough and you only did one quench. 2: You heated half the blade. Never do that, its how you end up with cracks in the metal that cause it to snap under pressure which can be very dangerous. Always heat it evenly. 3: when you put it in the oil you need to move it around as much as you can. It needs to cool at a VERY fast rate to harden, and as soon as the oil got warm that process slowed down to a crawl

  • Mr Meener
    Mr Meener 26 days ago

    what a nice kid like his style

  • Peg Tooth
    Peg Tooth 26 days ago +1

    I stopped watching as soon as you said that you bought a dolly for the wood.
    You sound like an idiot who is crazy lazy.
    Guh bye

    • Make Everything
      Make Everything  26 days ago

      Peg Tooth lazy is not a word typically used to describe me but hey, there’s a first time for everything right?

  • Scott Jewell
    Scott Jewell 29 days ago

    Wow you all got things that others throw out in the trash you can grab and use, why are you paying for more for thing you can get for free

  • Car guy Corban
    Car guy Corban 29 days ago

    Hey look at my channel

  • Keith Brewer
    Keith Brewer 29 days ago

    That is the ugliest handle I’ve ever seen

  • Benjamin Bunnell
    Benjamin Bunnell Month ago

    Great video.

  • Benjamin Bunnell
    Benjamin Bunnell Month ago

    Look up the flag code. Thanks.

  • Mark Soucy
    Mark Soucy Month ago

    never heard of the handle to be called the scales be for . but then again I do not make knifes .

  • Richard McKinney
    Richard McKinney Month ago

    So one could could use one's bbq grill for the harding of the blade?

  • Make It Take It Outdoors

    Videos like this are dangerous for people like me. I Have enough hobbies and then I see this.....

    • Make It Take It Outdoors
      Make It Take It Outdoors 10 days ago

      +Wookie Productions I was joking about it being "dangerous". I have a ton of hobbies and videos like this make me want to try more things.

    • Make It Take It Outdoors
      Make It Take It Outdoors 10 days ago

      +Wookie Productions it was in jest.....

  • Roger J
    Roger J Month ago

    This folks is why I keep old lawn mower blades.

  • Sgt Dino
    Sgt Dino Month ago

    Nice job - I've got 80% of the stuff you bought for the project I'm going to get into this... well as soon as it warms up here in Illinois. Great stuff Tanx

    DERICKBLAIR4 Month ago

    I may have missed it, but one thing to mention to people when using circular saw blades for knife steel, make sure that it is the type of saw blade that has the teeth made right into the blade, and isnt a blade with carbide teeth. The blades with Carbide teeth on them are a softer metal unsuitable for knifemaking as it is the carbon tips that do the cutting, whereas with the blades like shown in your video are a full carbon blade.

  • Jamie
    Jamie Month ago

    You can find used oak pallets for free everywhere, dolly cut up was stupid. You can buy a cheap propane torch to heat treat cheaper than the oil and tin pans... use waste car oil for the heat treat.. its free.. you need to rethink your strategy. You could build that knife for 15 bucks.. or buy one at Harbor freight for 10..😂

  • Birmingham Jax
    Birmingham Jax Month ago

    33:15 what is "strop"

    • Wookie Productions
      Wookie Productions 10 days ago

      It's the process of "rubbing" the bevel/sharpened part of the blade on a piece of leather to get rid of the micro level burrs on the blade, making it razor sharp

  • Birmingham Jax
    Birmingham Jax Month ago

    This is so unsafe

  • Frank Pasqua
    Frank Pasqua Month ago

    Just a quick question if you had the vegetable-oil handy why did you use the water to lubricate the sanding process?

  • J time
    J time Month ago

    Losers go to harbor freight asshole.

  • Informed citizen
    Informed citizen Month ago

    I'm not knocking you but you know a file just cuts on the push stroke. A back and forth motion will flatten the teeth of the file. Sorry to be that guy.

  • Cutbait Hooks
    Cutbait Hooks Month ago

    This isnt rocket science for pete's sake you're just making a knife 😴

  • Grant Buchanan
    Grant Buchanan Month ago

    Pretty good build---pretty good instructions!!!! Good job!!!

  • William Borgeson
    William Borgeson Month ago

    Thanks for keeping it real!

  • Andy Aitken
    Andy Aitken Month ago

    With life, just try new things and learn. Nice video bud. Also if there is ever another world catastrophe and technology goes out the window people are going to need to be able to make things themselves and nothing but hands on skills will do, a liberal arts degree won’t.

  • No One Of Consequence

    Your flag is backwards. Common mistake.

  • Dave Pierce
    Dave Pierce Month ago

    Fun video with very acceptable results. Well done, cheers

  • Jim King Designs
    Jim King Designs Month ago

    why not a maple replacement axe handle waste of a dolly.

  • Jk Canvas
    Jk Canvas Month ago

    Thank you for the tips and encouragement. This is on my project list to do.

  • Worm
    Worm Month ago

    That fucking thing looks like a shank from a prison workshop. Oh and saw blades are already hardened dude...........

  • ORIGNALatomicpunk
    ORIGNALatomicpunk Month ago

    I've wanted to try knife making for a while but have been hesitant to lay out that kind of cash for something i might only do once. This is great! I won't have to spend a dime. I already have everything you listed in the garage. You're a rockstar in my book!

  • Seth Bracken
    Seth Bracken Month ago

    This is a super cool idea for a series.

  • Smug Smugly
    Smug Smugly Month ago +2

    Imagine hating on someone because they didn't make a knife the way you wanted, and you go in and whack them.

  • Jack Eddinger
    Jack Eddinger Month ago

    Why do you grind with the flap disc instead of a regular grinding wheel on the angle grinder?

  • Michael chandler
    Michael chandler Month ago

    That's very impressive

  • Dan Valleskey
    Dan Valleskey Month ago

    You might do better using charcoal briquettes for your fire, or just buy a propane torch. Also, hardwood would give a hotter fire. The extra maple?

  • Dan Valleskey
    Dan Valleskey Month ago

    That is a really hard way to come up with some hardwood for handles. I could help you with wood scraps. You might also find bigger, thicker saw blades (worn out) from woodworkers. Put an ad on craigslist. I'd be glad to hand off my old blades for a re-use project.

  • Sam Harper
    Sam Harper Month ago

    I think you could've saved more money by buying a hack saw instead of an angle grinder. You could've made your bevels with a cheap file, too. The hack saw and file would probably cost less than the angle grinder.

    • Wookie Productions
      Wookie Productions 10 days ago

      And take 4+ more hours, especially since he'll probably be doing this alot it makes economic sense to use a grinder

  • Grant Snell
    Grant Snell Month ago +2

    Good video, thanks. I think having the clamp handles below the work when possible is the best way to go.

  • Mark Lasater
    Mark Lasater Month ago

    That was an excellent framework for putting together my first knife. I've got all of the stuff laying about and just haven't put it all together yet. I've been a bit intimidated by the heat treating process. It seems that everyone on TheXvid who goes into this bit has one of those hi-temp digital ovens. I bet a charcoal fire and a box fan in the same "hole-in-the-ground" set up you used would work for the most part. If I were going to buy sheet steel instead of using a saw blade, would I use 1080 in 3/16's?

  • zdringy
    zdringy Month ago

    really liked the video, 30 mins passed and couldn't tell how time flew
    a few additional info:
    - never, ever, EVER sand with an angle grinder inside, dust gets everywhere and it's super tiny particles
    - when you grind hardwood with the angle grinder, always move it otherwise it's going to burn the wood, the finish should be done manually with sandpaper for superior result
    - when you grind the bevel in with the angle grinder, make quick swift moves and every couple of passes, spray some water to avoid burns
    - you can actually drill the hardened steel with a new drill bit, just that the bit will be useless after a few holes, drill initial holes with smaller bit and then enlarge them with the bigger bit, this will destroy the bits, but if they are cheap and you don't care, it saves you from making one fire
    - you can use 2 nails for the pins, especially if you're going to epoxy them in, alternatively, you can cut them 1/8th longer than you need and hammer then ends, then grind them flat
    - whenever you sharpen with a flap wheel or the sanding wheel, always go from one end to the other with each pass if the material is the same thickness like in this case, you aren't seeing it, but the flap wheel will make bows in the material

  • Sarge Marine
    Sarge Marine Month ago

    Knowledge is power. Thanks for sharing this power.

  • Jeremey Allen
    Jeremey Allen Month ago

    Are those saw blades full tool steel, or are they bi-metal like most of the Chinese stuff?

  • Theodore Bear
    Theodore Bear Month ago

    ...But what knife steel blank should we pick?
    What if I want to make the knife of doom, out of some amazing tool steel? Is it worth the investment in an absurdly expensive blank?
    What about heat treatments?
    Also, modern plastics are really great for handle materials. Would any of these tools overheat and melt plastic? Melting temperatures are around 200 degrees F for lots of handle materials that would work well.

    • Dale Ray
      Dale Ray 10 days ago

      Theodore Bear I’d imagine a “super steel” would be much to hard to treat with these tools.... maybe d2 since it can be air hardened? Idk just throwing ideas out I’m not sure.

  • John Dias
    John Dias Month ago

    Next up... making a machete out of a lawn mower blade!

  • John Dias
    John Dias Month ago

    What amazed me is that angle grinder lasted more than 3 minutes. I got the same model to use for work (I didn't want my good expensive one to disappear) and not even 2 minutes into it smoke began growing out the vent holes... then came the flames... then the laughter from all the guys watching it self destruct. We locked the trigger closed with a zip tie and watched in awe as it finally let out its last puff of smoke.

  • Margo Ski
    Margo Ski Month ago

    Thank You ☺️ I also want to make my one knife!!! 👩‍🍳🇵🇱🇺🇸

  • Bubo Sibiricus
    Bubo Sibiricus Month ago

    Toolmaker here.
    This is great. Unfortunately harbor fright doesn't carry flat stock. There are a variety of vendors where you can buy O1 oil hardening flat stock of varying thicknesses for the novice knife maker. A 36 inch long bar of no-name 01 will give you 4 8.blah inch blades. Because mistakes. And it's cheap. If you're going to use a saw blade, it's better to buy a box of used blades to be more frugal.(they are out there if you look)
    Also, it behooves the amateur to research the types of materials, like air hardening steels, etc., as they have different properties.
    A cheap forge made from fire bricks with a busted hair dryer with the heating element yanked and a light dimmer switch will get you a forge air source to get the higher temps that something like CPM 10-v need. This may cost you all of free if done from salvage and asking your friends.
    And if you're to go *that* route, invest in a roll of stainless steel wrap to prevent scale. And when you wrap with stainless, wrap the knife blank in toilet paper. If you wrapped the blank correctly and had no air leaks, the toilet paper should still be there (albeit a little toasted) in some form. EVEN AFTER BEING IN A 2150 DEGREE OVEN. It's amazing when you see it for the first time.
    Toaster ovens are *fine* for tempering.
    An ir thermometer isn't a bad idea either.
    For the metrology end, get a small surface plate (this is crucial. If you buy anything from this list, buy this to at least make your blades straight) from harbor fright, a 1 inch micrometer, a height gage, a set of gauge blocks (cheap 84 import set), a surface gauge, a 1 inch dial indicator with stand, 6 and 12 inch dial, vernier, or electronic calipers, a test indicator (b&s best test, gem, or starrett - cheaper ones feel clunky). All of these and more can be had for cheap if you browse Facebook marketplace for machinists/ toolmakers who ate retiring and their widows. Look for estate sales. Browse the obits.
    And get a toolbox with shallow drawers.
    Watch toolmaker/machinist basics on TheXvid like "this old Tony" or "clickspring" - the latter for Zen filing. You will know who is good and not by your gut feeling and you will be right.
    Invest in new or old (better for manual work) Machinery's Handbook and learn how to use it.
    Let's see.. power tools: buy a small drill press and scroll saw and metal cutting blades. A small vertical bandsaw is nice but not mandatory.
    A good vise, clamps, hammers, Jewelers saw, small hand saws, squares, parallels, a set of adjustable parallels, 6 and 12 inch steel rules, combination square (goddamn these things are priced dearly for what they areif you want a good one new) sturdy bench.
    That was longer than I expected. Anyway, the above will get you started with a minimal of swearing, by which I mean you will still swear a lot but less.
    None of the above need be new. Like I said, there are machinists and toolmakers retiring and dying every day. Beware of those who think they have gold unless they're selling a genuine Gerstner tool box in good condition for 200
    - jump on that bad boy. Shop around.
    Now go ahead and flame me.
    ADDENDUM:. I have to say this, that TheXvid is a fucking *treasure* for the autodidact and apprentice in any industry or art. It's videos like this one that educate people in things they'll never get in school. Even channels like AvE, or even especially like AvE.

  • Matthew Obrien
    Matthew Obrien Month ago

    Or you can buy a knife at harbor freight for $5.00.lol

  • Carlos Casamayor
    Carlos Casamayor Month ago

    You can buy in Amazon a blade made with carbon still for 20$ ready to glue the wood. That knife for 100$ is too espensive. Even for 100$ you can buy an excelent carbon stil knife new. You loose your time.

  • Nathan Gedamke
    Nathan Gedamke Month ago

    Thank you for this. I've been dabbling with various different pieces of knife making for years, but was still afraid that I couldn't handle making the blades yet in my little closet shop. Now I feel like there's no reason I can't get started on that too.

  • Johnnythepillpopper

    Are the pins wood?

  • Johnnythepillpopper

    Where you get the pins from?

  • Shaun Elliott
    Shaun Elliott Month ago

    If you have trouble grinding the bevel because the metal is thin, try using a sanding disk, it will take longer, but it is very forgiving.

  • fredel 285
    fredel 285 Month ago

    This man is a magician he got a knife sharp with a pullthrough 😯

  • oliver franklin
    oliver franklin Month ago

    .... similar equipment in denmark would cost me about 1000 dollars...

  • Dego Motovlogs
    Dego Motovlogs Month ago

    Probably would have skipped the hammer and picked up a hacksaw. You are the first person I’ve seen cutting wood with a grinder lol

  • Dennis LeBlanc
    Dennis LeBlanc Month ago

    Great video! I had made a neck knife from a saw blade a few years ago. It was a total success and a tremendous confidence builder for me. Thanks

  • Christy Crider
    Christy Crider Month ago

    Awesome video! I have most all these tools already and never would have thought about making a knife. Going to definitely give it a try! THANKS!!!

  • Sean Patterson
    Sean Patterson Month ago +2

    Great execution of concept. Also thanks for the epoxy mixing in lines tip. I've never heard that before, but I'll start using it.

  • R Backus
    R Backus Month ago

    Dolly was a nice touch, but a waste of material. Why not cut them in half?

  • Brian
    Brian Month ago

    Awesome Video!
    I've already got every single item you've got on your list... Even good maple and scrap maple from a skating rink floor! (hundreds of feet)
    Thanks for the upload, I never realized knife making was within my grasp!
    You've determined my next winter project! (subbed)

  • Mark Tiongco
    Mark Tiongco Month ago

    Just heard Harbor Freight Corporate office high five

  • Goldstein
    Goldstein Month ago

    Great stuff lets up the budget of the knife kit make another video

  • שון חוסמן
    שון חוסמן Month ago

    What's the name of the book?

  • Bill K.
    Bill K. Month ago

    That was pretty impressive my young friend...

  • Thinking Monkey
    Thinking Monkey Month ago +1

    I love your channel but to say this was a half-hearted attempt is to give "half-heartedness" a bad name. It was obvious from the start that you thought the whole idea was crap. I'm no beauty expert but that little knife has got to be the ugliest thing I have ever seen. Why would you ever shape the handle like that? Of course, it conforms to the sketch you made but you had plenty of material (in the saw blade) to cut it out to later make a nice handle.

  • Hellhound878
    Hellhound878 Month ago

    You’re a fucking idiot lol. What a waste of time. That blade steel won’t harden.

    • Hellhound878
      Hellhound878 4 days ago

      OLD circular saw blades can sometimes be made of good, high carbon steel that can be hardened. The problem is, it’s not always easy to tell what the exact steel is. Even if you know for sure that it’s a hardenable, high carbon steel, you don’t know which high carbon steel it is. They could be W2, 1095, L6, or who knows. Heat treatments can vary drastically with steels. There’s different austenitizing temps and different hold/soak times at those temps.

    • Hellhound878
      Hellhound878 4 days ago

      No it won’t. Notice how, on the outer edge of the table saw blade, the teeth have a coating on them? Only the teeth are hardened. Hell, they might not even be hardened. It might just be a carbidized coating. In the video he even says “I heard old saw blades make for good blade steel.” The key word being “OLD.” NOT new circular saw blades that only have hardened/coated teeth. That’s just a fact. The funny thing is, he could have gotten a piece of good, easy to heat treat, 1084 high carbon steel for the price of the circular saw blade.

    • Wookie Productions
      Wookie Productions 10 days ago

      Yes it will

  • Tech Spy
    Tech Spy Month ago

    Not true about HF not selling oil. HF sells oil for air compressors, you could probably use that. Would probably cost more though.

  • Josh Bull
    Josh Bull Month ago

    Great to see fellow 'lefty' on TheXvid. Just found your channel, Liked and subscribed. My father used to make knives from files. You get a better quality of steel and it's thicker. Loved your video!