We Made Transparent Potato Chips

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    So I saw this recipe for transparent potato chips on Facebook and thought we had to try them! I wanted to try out a series where I try Facebook food video recipes and see if they're worth it... so I took on the transparent chip recipe! It took Safiya and I like four days to make these clear or glass potato chips but in the end I think we succeeded!
    What do you think? Would you try this recipe? What recipe should I try out next?
    Recipe: cchannel.english/videos/1817372271668563/
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  • Tyler Williams
    Tyler Williams  2 years ago +4897

    HELLO!!! what do you guys think of these ~clear~ potato chips? also, if you want to check out our deep frying nextbeat room, the link is here! :) nextbeat.co/r/ZmGM/

    • Pixie Sanchez
      Pixie Sanchez Day ago

      You should try deep frying lipstick and make up products just to see what happens 😮 would be awesome 😛

    • Deepika Rohit
      Deepika Rohit Month ago

      Tyler Williams
      Actually it’s South Indian traditional food served a side dish called vodiyalu but made with rice flour thexvid.com/video/D4zSNzzkDRM/video.html

    • vidhi Raithatha
      vidhi Raithatha Month ago


    • Mała Mi
      Mała Mi Month ago

      @Rainati Rahmaputeri and in Poland its called prażynka

    • Mała Mi
      Mała Mi Month ago

      @Caroline Agustian it is also tottaly prażynka 😂. It is a polish snack. It can be also in bacon flavour.

  • lilli milliken
    lilli milliken 3 hours ago

    It's called ice.

  • Keyla Warburton
    Keyla Warburton 13 hours ago

    Pls make savory bread and butter pudding

  • Charlotte
    Charlotte Day ago +1

    Fried Oreos are only the best thing ever

  • Grace Muturi
    Grace Muturi 4 days ago

    No shade Tyler but ur better as background comments in safiya

  • Perla Sari
    Perla Sari 4 days ago


  • Adrian Deb
    Adrian Deb 4 days ago

    Before this was guava juice studio

  • Nathan Mclinsky
    Nathan Mclinsky 7 days ago

    Hey this was uploaded in my birthday

  • Michelle Santoso
    Michelle Santoso 7 days ago

    If you like the "crispier ver.". You must try "Kerupuk" from Indonesia.

  • Maziha Fareen
    Maziha Fareen 7 days ago

    I think the chips should have been thick before they were fried

  • Astronomy_Gacha
    Astronomy_Gacha 12 days ago

    This is why men need woman to stop them from doing weird things like this

  • Dawn Mellish
    Dawn Mellish 13 days ago

    Potatoe teabag?
    I'll have the pota-tea

  • Arthi Kadalabalu Matha

    7:46 Tyler looks like a preschooler who has to poop his pants

  • Curly's Craziness
    Curly's Craziness 21 day ago

    We make these chips since generations. my Indian grandma prepares them in the summer. But we add more seasonings to them

  • Arshleen Bhandari
    Arshleen Bhandari 26 days ago


  • Natalie Basehart
    Natalie Basehart 27 days ago +1

    The look on saf’s face when Tyler goes “intercepted” made my laugh so hard

  • Ava Devani
    Ava Devani 28 days ago +1

    10:44 no wonder you made a franken candle (safiya)

  • animals rule 400
    animals rule 400 28 days ago

    Fried potato water

  • Arista Titus
    Arista Titus 29 days ago

    Is the video sped up ??? This is messing with my brain

  • Emma Risby
    Emma Risby Month ago

    Omg kind of looks like a popadom when you super fried it.

  • James Grisson
    James Grisson Month ago

    I love how safiya jumps so high when she ate it!

  • Emily Jones
    Emily Jones Month ago +1

    2:20 "Intercepted"
    Saf's face is killing me

  • Victor Emmerette
    Victor Emmerette Month ago

    Counting on a day when safiya’s pregnant and craving for a dumb clear potato chips🤔

  • Dishika Jand
    Dishika Jand Month ago

    Stop popping in my recommendations.

  • David Walsh
    David Walsh Month ago

    Potato Bathhouse

  • Kerrigan Long
    Kerrigan Long Month ago

    No one:
    Not even Tyler:
    Safiya: I used to eat candles as a child

  • Cat King YASSS
    Cat King YASSS Month ago

    "I used to eat candles as a child" Had me dead

  • msp: meama
    msp: meama Month ago

    Tyler and safiya:

    ARPITA SINGH Month ago

    In india transparent potato chips are very common..
    Dear tyler you should come to india❤

  • Vera Tran
    Vera Tran Month ago

    I used to eat candles as a child

  • sweetxlilxmexx
    sweetxlilxmexx Month ago

    Is it just me that read the title as transparent chins?
    Just me ok😂😂😂😂

  • minakshi maurya
    minakshi maurya Month ago

    India makes potato papad like this this is very old technique.
    .... You guys don't know how to fry it.

  • CactusCat18
    CactusCat18 Month ago

    I used to eat candles

  • Feona Peyatt
    Feona Peyatt Month ago +1


  • Shibhani
    Shibhani Month ago

    We call it "vathal" in South India... !!! We eat it everyday... Like every single day....

  • yejinus
    yejinus Month ago

    When they fried the big chip it looked like a 7 when it came out of the fryer and im like….. MOTS:7??

  • Royal -Chan
    Royal -Chan Month ago

    I feel like... this just turns out to be another 'kerupuk'? 😂😂😂

  • GDXdominator Geo
    GDXdominator Geo Month ago

    I like how saf barely says anything in his videos while tyler interupts in her vids 😂

    • Fabio Galletti
      Fabio Galletti 5 days ago

      Chit-chatter and snarky, and we love him like this.
      (to be honest, Safiya got pretty vocal here and there: e.g. in the wardrobe swipe, she put out a LOT of innuendos)

  • Sharayu Shinde
    Sharayu Shinde Month ago

    Guysss it's indian we eat this very often u can find very tasty and healthy papad hear

    ABIGAIL FISHER Month ago

    At 1:49 when you said alright you sounded JUST like Safyia

  • Mała Mi
    Mała Mi Month ago +1

    Those are some kind of "prażynki"-polish chips.

  • Kathleen Nascimento

    Jesus loves u

  • Omaisa Anam
    Omaisa Anam Month ago +2

    They are basically making starch papads which are absolutely common in our country (India) but we use rice instead of potato starch ...The rice papads requires less effort than this one but it tastes the same!!

    • Mała Mi
      Mała Mi Month ago

      We use potato strach in Poland. It's called "prażynki" but we fry it not bake.

  • Janvi Andhale
    Janvi Andhale Month ago

    We make this in india by adding some Cumins , a pinch of salt and red pepper powder and let it dry and then fry and eat it ;) try this one its tasty .

  • Yasmine Flaum
    Yasmine Flaum Month ago

    Hi Tyler j love your videos

  • Cub & Cat
    Cub & Cat 2 months ago

    It looks like the skin flakes Goldmember was eating 😂😂

  • Cub & Cat
    Cub & Cat 2 months ago +1

    Anybody watching this in 2020 ? This is definitely like my 3rd time

  • Emma C
    Emma C 2 months ago

    Anyone else randomly find his channel after watching one of Safia’s channel?

  • weepweep
    weepweep 2 months ago

    in school when in hungry i eat paper

  • Dgeidbc Ysodbcy
    Dgeidbc Ysodbcy 2 months ago

    Those are terrible. Great job on making them though.

  • Gamer Girl
    Gamer Girl 2 months ago

    Try my favourite snack. Ready salted potato chips with crunchy peanut butter xx

  • Brinnlyn Eldridge
    Brinnlyn Eldridge 2 months ago

    Nextbeat doesn’t work

  • Riigatoni
    Riigatoni 2 months ago +1

    Tyler: Intercepted (noms Safiya's potato)
    Saf: 0-0?

  • Ericka Daze
    Ericka Daze 2 months ago

    I eas JUST thinking Goldmember, and then you said it. Yuck.

  • Aulia Firdianna
    Aulia Firdianna 2 months ago

    In my place, this kind of food is called "kerupuk"

  • Teesha Debnath
    Teesha Debnath 2 months ago

    Oh my gods! You get this India! It's called papad!😂

  • Helina T
    Helina T 2 months ago

    At first I thought it must be from potato starch and I was right. Then you just added some corn starch and basically got some sugar chips from all of it.

  • Wanderlusty Lokhande
    Wanderlusty Lokhande 2 months ago

    In India it's very common...

  • Creepy_cosplay _pasta
    Creepy_cosplay _pasta 2 months ago

    Safs face in the thumbnail tho..

  • ezekial zapata
    ezekial zapata 2 months ago

    tyler you need to come back with your own videos because i’ve binge watched all safiya’s videos and i need you 😔😆

  • PP Pokemon
    PP Pokemon 2 months ago

    whats wrong with normal potato chips

  • Sahiti Karri
    Sahiti Karri 2 months ago

    if you are indian..youll get what they made... they clearly made "vadiyalu"... which is an indian side dish which is served with lentil rice.. google it up

  • Kairalho
    Kairalho 2 months ago

    7:08 what’s the face in the microwave wtf

  • Abigail Seyfert
    Abigail Seyfert 2 months ago +2

    i love how distraught she seemed after he ate her potato.

    that can seem very wierd out of context

  • Jacob Austin
    Jacob Austin 2 months ago

    Wtf i watched this video a week ago and ibthoujt i was watching saf i didnt even realised that tyler had a yputibeb channel

  • Jodine Manalo
    Jodine Manalo 2 months ago +310

    "I used to eat candles as a child."
    "Okay, get out of here."

    • Tina T
      Tina T Month ago +1

      Haewon Choi she didn’t make it as a child although adults are just really old children

    • Haewon Choi
      Haewon Choi 2 months ago +8

      Did she eat...
      T H E F R A N K E N C A N D L E?????

  • igotjamsandtheyrekimchiflavour

    did anyone else notice that he called the giant one a 'clear PLASTIC giant potato chip'?

  • Ya Yoi
    Ya Yoi 2 months ago

    “ wHo’S wAtChInG iN- “

  • Rhy Skye
    Rhy Skye 2 months ago

    If they had a lot of gel, why couldn’t they just make regular sized chips and not tiny ones?

  • Grady is Gud
    Grady is Gud 2 months ago

    Man I really wish I could know what a potato chip tastes like ( I’m allergic )

  • poppedjfta Roblox
    poppedjfta Roblox 2 months ago

    You guys got married 🎊🎉🥳

  • Thomas Farrell
    Thomas Farrell 2 months ago

    Wok fried: tempura apples, dipped in cinnamon. It's like apple pie bites.
    Or you can do beer battered twinkies...

  • Guhi Kandukuri
    Guhi Kandukuri 2 months ago +11

    Tyler's doing it so i don't have to

    like if u agree

  • Thegrizz Minecraftgrizz

    Is he in guava juice house??

  • Lorenzo Antonio
    Lorenzo Antonio 2 months ago

    Did anyone know guava juice??
    Because its the old apartment of guava juice!!!

  • Ryan Hibbird
    Ryan Hibbird 2 months ago

    2:56 This is so wrong

  • Sandy Codfish YT
    Sandy Codfish YT 2 months ago

    It’s actually just starch you know.

  • Kaitlyn McKessy
    Kaitlyn McKessy 2 months ago

    Thank GOD for these potato chips.

  • Me Too
    Me Too 2 months ago

    I thought that this was Safiya channel 💀

  • Kathie Gemmell
    Kathie Gemmell 2 months ago

    You two are SO funny!