Mario Tennis Aces - Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Direct 3.8.2018


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  • Christian Villar
    Christian Villar 2 hours ago

    Pink gold peach should be a character

  • everton emanuel
    everton emanuel 2 hours ago

    Nintedo manda jogos no play store como super mario manker ou outro jogo de super mario

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama 9 hours ago

    So glad there's a normal mode too.

  • Fldmjsw
    Fldmjsw 9 hours ago

    this looks cool
    after this though get camelot to work on golden sun 4 or remakes of the first two... or just port the first two to the switch...

  • Swithgamer567 /Grumpy munchkins are DA beast

    I don't see it at walmart :(

  • TheCyberDonkey
    TheCyberDonkey 18 hours ago

    Make is 30$ or less and I’ll buy

  • Ken Hill
    Ken Hill 21 hour ago

    I want this game so bad 😦

  • Malik Williams
    Malik Williams 23 hours ago

    They love making these sports games for Mario in a snap but take forever to make adventure games.

    • mariofan110
      mariofan110 13 hours ago

      It's not about them loving to do it quickly. It naturally takes a lot longer to make a full-blown 3D adventure, than a Sports game. Why would a Sports game have more effort put into it, when compared to the next big innovate adventure for Mario? It wouldn't make any sense.

  • Enard Hernandez
    Enard Hernandez Day ago

    What would happen if they put Paulin in this game as a secret character?

  • Tiger 844
    Tiger 844 Day ago

    Why am I even watching this I don't even have a Nintendo switch

    • Naiko
      Naiko 7 hours ago

      i see comments like this everytime xD

  • Jetze B
    Jetze B Day ago

    Where is strikers charged football for switch? 🤔🤔

  • Alexandr Kulyabin

    I Love you Nintendo Switch💗

  • JorgitoYokiro
    JorgitoYokiro Day ago

    Simple rules / Classic match that's the way. Those silly effects doesn't like me. I'm from MT64 and MPW. No slowmotion, mega-shots or sh*ts like that... Those effects are ruining the saga.

    • mariofan110
      mariofan110 12 hours ago

      It did it enough that it didn't alienate fans, I see what you mean. Mario Tennis Open was not that great for that exact reason. The moment I figured out that Chance Shots couldn't be turned off at ALL, made me like the game a LOT less.
      Aces is bringing in more hardcore players with it's Energy Gauge, which I love SO much. I guess from here, we can just say that it's awesome that there's an option for normal Tennis matches. Can't wait for Story Mode as well.

    • JorgitoYokiro
      JorgitoYokiro 12 hours ago

      The difference is that MT64 is not exaggerated and all modes were great. Mario Power Tennis begins the super effects magnification but still was OK and very well game but after that, pfff...
      This is my opinion, dude. No problem if people like these kind of games styles.

    • mariofan110
      mariofan110 12 hours ago

      I guess the reason why I responded was because you said it's: "ruining the saga." I don't see how it: "ruins" it. Even Mario Tennis 64 had fiction in it, in the form of item battles.
      "I don't understand where is the fun where you hit the ball and your rivals about 50000 meters from the ball and they reach it..." (A little exaggerated, but ok) The fun is in the form of quick-second thinking. Everything you do is expended from your Energy Gauge. There's going to be a ton of strategy because of it, and everything is balanced so it's fair for all players. You might make the argument that it's already quick-second thinking by itself, (just normal Tennis) but still having a brand-new way to play is great for bringing back old players.
      If you're referring to not being able to toggle those options off in Tournament mode or something like that, then yes I can understand. It's a little weird why they don't do that.

    • JorgitoYokiro
      JorgitoYokiro 13 hours ago

      "It wouldn't make any sense to have Mario characters in a Sport, if the game in question is going to be non-fiction." That's why tons of people said (and I hoped that kind of answer) but I didn't see anyone complaining about Mario Tennis 64 that was in that way, just with Mario characters and some other few extra effects. Most of people still considerate MT64 the best Mario Tennis by far.
      But as I said before, the "classic mode" save this game again. The classic mode on Ultra Smash sucked because still had those annoying special effects.
      Mario Tennis could improve a lot from MT64 base, only Mario Power Tennis did, the rest just special garbage and ridiculous effects and innecesary things. I don't understand where is the fun where you hit the ball and your rivals about 50000 meters from the ball and they reach it...
      Even with my opinion, as I said before, if there is CLASSIC MODE without those annoying and useless effects it's OK for me. But the main gameplay is not the way, IMHO.

    • mariofan110
      mariofan110 13 hours ago

      It wouldn't make any sense to have Mario characters in a Sport, if the game in question is going to be non-fiction. That completely contradicts the entire point of a Mario sports game.
      Not to mention... if the entire FRANCHISE was like that, then what would be the incentive for buying a new installment? No one would bother, and would stick with the previous game. I mean sure you could have new Courts and better graphics, but since gameplay is the most important thing, there'd ultimately be no reason to keep buying them.
      Long story short, you need to have off-the-wall features to make Mario sports games justified.

  • OpZe Wolf
    OpZe Wolf Day ago

    I can’t wait!!!

  • Naiko
    Naiko Day ago

    Cant wait to challenge yall online

  • Kids Cartoon
    Kids Cartoon Day ago +1

    Super Fun....Super Funny.....

  • Deion
    Deion Day ago

    I'm preordering . The fact that this game has online is amazing. I always loved Mario tennis games but had nobody to play this. This game itself looks amazing and has alot of depth with it's mechanic. So there will be a skill gap. I hope they have a ranked mode

  • Jose Miguel Oberto

    Irvin canterena (sorry if I spelled it wrong) there is a story mode

  • Jose Miguel Oberto

    I think this will be 10,000 times better than ultra smash

  • Time-traveling Master Llama

    Hi! I really want The Koopalings back because I love them so much! Maybe you guys could put them in the next Mario game that comes out? I don't know... I just want them back... They're So cute!

  • Bioluminescent Pajamas

    Come for the gameplay,
    Stay for the Waluigi.

  • Misgnomer Productions

    Rackets that break? Seriously??? They shoved this crap into Zelda and now it's in Mario Tennis? WTF?

    • Naiko
      Naiko Day ago


  • NoProbRob
    NoProbRob Day ago

    I'll wait until Mario Strikers switch comes out.

  • BartekMemiarz
    BartekMemiarz Day ago +1


  • Solaris 24
    Solaris 24 2 days ago

    “ You can also play using simple rules!”

  • flotick64
    flotick64 2 days ago

    the ring rovers are comming

  • Jakub Sobiecki
    Jakub Sobiecki 2 days ago +2

    In this game must be Miis!

  • phoneiex lion
    phoneiex lion 2 days ago

    que padre ojala que ya salga rápido porque esta bien padre

  • Pandabearmadness
    Pandabearmadness 2 days ago +1

    Please bring a Mario baseball game to the switch

  • Random Commenter
    Random Commenter 2 days ago

    YO NINTENDO MAKE THIS THAT WII TENNIS GAME. you know the ones where people end up whacking people with the remote. oh I just saw the part

  • Miller Irvin
    Miller Irvin 2 days ago

    I expected more comments about Luigi's 3.7 inch schwing in the comment section

  • Egg Plays
    Egg Plays 2 days ago

    Where’s hockey !??

  • MossMan
    MossMan 2 days ago

    A Mario Sports game with online multiplayer? This’ll take me back to my Strikers Charged days!

  • Blockyguy124
    Blockyguy124 2 days ago

    We are going have to pay $80 to play tennis. wow.

  • SMG3v2
    SMG3v2 2 days ago

    YEA NEW SMASH GA...oops wrong video

  • ultra valkirion 64
    ultra valkirion 64 2 days ago +1

    R.i.p paper mario

  • Ramon Barriga
    Ramon Barriga 2 days ago

    no body need other Mario tennis

  • NickelBugg Gaming
    NickelBugg Gaming 2 days ago

    5:11 SUPER MARIO 64 DS?!!!!!

  • Miizuchi
    Miizuchi 2 days ago

    So can I assume this has 0 story play, compared to the old Mario tennis on Gameboy? Just another wasted Mario Tennis game that will become boring after one sitting.

    • ExtremeThunder
      ExtremeThunder 2 days ago

      Mario Tennis Aces already confirmed to have a story mode.

  • iga ninja
    iga ninja 2 days ago

    I can't wait

  • Googlecrump
    Googlecrump 2 days ago

    I have no idea why I'm so excited for a damn tennis game but it feels good.

  • Lizrd
    Lizrd 3 days ago

    So happy it has motion controls I'll most likely buy this after the online beta

  • supermariosonic 298
    supermariosonic 298 3 days ago

    Nintendo and Camelot took the criticism over Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash and make another Mario Tennis game on the Switch, fixing its problems of what Ultra Smash had, and make it a lot better. An improvement of course.

  • OctavKitty
    OctavKitty 3 days ago

    They're so handsome in this game. Also, CHOMP !

  • Nelia Lopez
    Nelia Lopez 3 days ago

    I hope Cappy is in the game

    GAMING WITH SK 3 days ago

    So that we can play 3ds game plz plz

    GAMING WITH SK 3 days ago

    Plz plz release citrate emulator for Android plz

      GAMING WITH SK 3 days ago


    • ExtremeThunder
      ExtremeThunder 3 days ago

      You want Nintendo to release an emulator for IOS/Android so you can play 3ds games on them. ....
      Good one.

  • Nimue
    Nimue 3 days ago

    Im so excited for this one!! Last mario tennis game i played was on gameboy color and it was my fav game when i was young

  • Ethan Dufour
    Ethan Dufour 3 days ago

    Nintendo can you make a Mario Maker for the switch.

  • Sponge Boy
    Sponge Boy 3 days ago

    1:23 *now that’s a lotta damage*

  • Colby Ellsworth
    Colby Ellsworth 3 days ago

    Chain chomp... didn’t see that coming

  • gwar180
    gwar180 3 days ago

    I’m going to win this tournament

  • RayGamer
    RayGamer 3 days ago

    All the graphics are so detailed and simple.

  • Martin Craw
    Martin Craw 3 days ago

    Yeah for Mario Tennis

  • crispcat
    crispcat 3 days ago

    I don’t even like sports but this looks fun.

  • Scrummy64
    Scrummy64 3 days ago

    I'm as glad as everyone else to see Chain Chomp added to the roster, but there's still one obvious character missing... where the heck is Prince Peasley?

  • RAIN
    RAIN 3 days ago

    I would like to see the fat princes for the mario tennis aces video game

  • Cupcake Falante
    Cupcake Falante 3 days ago +1

    cappy could be a playable character

  • Samuel Vasquez
    Samuel Vasquez 3 days ago

    The release date is my B-Day 🎉

  • velvetlove47
    velvetlove47 3 days ago

    Was hoping for Birdie but I feel like I’m the only one who misses her lol

  • Dylan Ray
    Dylan Ray 3 days ago +1

    When approximately ~16% of the Direct is Mario Tennis Aces.

  • tommy skannal
    tommy skannal 3 days ago

    smash bro switch graphics better look like this

  • TheMack625
    TheMack625 3 days ago

    I love that each character has their own color. Whenever Mario spin-off games do that, it makes the characters feel a bit more distinct.
    Granted, there are some colors I don't personally agree with (i.e. Bowser being black instead of orange or Donkey Kong using brown in lieu of yellow), but the inclusion is much appreciated!

  • Chibi 99
    Chibi 99 3 days ago

    I hope all the koopalings will be playable. They were in Mario Kart 8 and smash bros so why not? I know a lot of other people would love to have the koopalings playable. 😁

  • Memester
    Memester 3 days ago

    Mario Tennis:WAHces

  • Robert Perez
    Robert Perez 3 days ago

    I was under the impression this was a tennis game...

  • Jasper McIntyre
    Jasper McIntyre 4 days ago

    can u use motion controls like wii sports?

    • ExtremeThunder
      ExtremeThunder 3 days ago

      Guess you didn't watch the entire video :P 4:27

  • Level Up GEEKS
    Level Up GEEKS 4 days ago

    The graphics ....

  • John Cantu
    John Cantu 4 days ago

    Dry bones at 5:06 😁😁😁😁😁

  • Lucy
    Lucy 4 days ago

    Where is Birdo!?

  • Lucy
    Lucy 4 days ago

    Hope they release a new baseball game next..

  • ZaaRaphz
    ZaaRaphz 4 days ago

    This game is more realistic than AO Tennis, yet AO tennis was meant to a simulation of the real thing...

  • Frog Man
    Frog Man 4 days ago

    Gosh darn Nintendo, you just special shot my wallet.

  • Cloud Nine
    Cloud Nine 4 days ago

    Day one buyyyyy

  • Alberto Cerna
    Alberto Cerna 4 days ago


  • Braxton Taylor
    Braxton Taylor 4 days ago

    I bet in a couple of years they will make a all star game for all the sports

  • Pizzachu22
    Pizzachu22 4 days ago +1

    Chain chomp playing tennis.

  • Pokestir
    Pokestir 4 days ago

    1/5 of the direct... ONE FIFTH!!!

    It’s a good game but don’t show how to play during a direct. Leave it to the tutorial

  • Santana-Vargas Brothers & Kasumi fãs

    List of Mario Tennis games (updated):
    Mario's Tennis (1995)
    Mario Tennis 64 (2000)
    Mario Power Tennis (2004)
    Mario Tennis Ultra Smash (2015)
    Mario Tennis Aces (2018)
    Handheld games:
    Mario Tennis GBC (2000)
    Mario Tennis: Power Tour (2005)
    Mario Tennis Open (2012)

  • Xcyper33
    Xcyper33 4 days ago

    The Animations are on such a higher level. It just melts with personality. Love the way Waluigi holds his racket like he's fencing.

  • Soph H
    Soph H 4 days ago

    Mario confirmed for smash

  • Raquel18
    Raquel18 4 days ago

    Waluigi has become my fav he is a livewire

  • Raquel18
    Raquel18 4 days ago

    Chain chomp is done being ignored 😩and he is back for revenge 😨

  • Aryl The Barrel
    Aryl The Barrel 4 days ago

    It’s the parental controls person again

  • Boggy B The Worm 249 VGCP


  • Chris Mott
    Chris Mott 5 days ago

    My tennis elbow is ready!!!

  • VaretTheDude
    VaretTheDude 5 days ago +1

    And what about golden sun?..... No?...... :(

  • J. Chang
    J. Chang 5 days ago +1

    I've never been so excited for a Mario tennis game ever

  • 吕昕灿
    吕昕灿 5 days ago

    I will buy it

  • DylanMinori
    DylanMinori 5 days ago +2

    Perfection doesn't exi-- 5:16

  • Mahikan Nakiham
    Mahikan Nakiham 5 days ago

    How is the first person view going to work in multiplayer games? I guess you cannot have more than one player activating it at a time...

  • SonicFanWorld
    SonicFanWorld 5 days ago

    I’m so darn hype imma buy it faster than a zone shot

  • SneakyPete e
    SneakyPete e 5 days ago +1

    Got to stick with the classic mario

  • Dark Interloper
    Dark Interloper 5 days ago +1

    Year of Waluigi...

  • HomieCake x
    HomieCake x 5 days ago

    I wanted them to add dry bones but then I realized I was to late 😞 so I guess my new main character is the chompa

  • Flintstone Feet
    Flintstone Feet 5 days ago

    I can already hear the wii channel theme playing in the background

  • BetaMidly
    BetaMidly 5 days ago

    0:03 Mario looks really good like that!!!!😆😆

  • Arbitrary Buy's
    Arbitrary Buy's 5 days ago

    Can you use the Pro Controller?

  • Sonic the game Speed's my game

    When will Mario teaches typing 3 happen?

  • Sonic the game Speed's my game

    I am sold but I don't have a Switch.