• Published on Mar 26, 2021

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  • Mumena Begum
    Mumena Begum Year ago +10

    The cutest part is when the dad is the only one that tries to catch the son that says he's the most handsome in the family😂

  • Jude Granflor

    “I am the most funny in the family”

  • Banana Man shorts

    The reaction of the dad when no one caught him was hilarious

  • ToastiDemon_
    ToastiDemon_ Year ago +6

    “I am the most handsome in the family”

  • pablo999
    pablo999  +39

    Father falls

  • Kalia Jacoby

    I love how the dad was ready to catch all of them, that's love there💙💙

  • Venious -
    Venious - Year ago +6

    “You won’t survive a day without me”

  • Michael Casley

    Dad: "grabs belt"

  • Sam Wellaxe

    When he was trying to take his belt off:

  • Nagwa Mohamed
    Nagwa Mohamed Year ago +3

    Dad was saving everyone no one saved him🤦🏾‍♀️ I always feel sorry for him😏😁

  • •WildMuffin•

    “You won’t survive a day without me”

  • rodneyclooney1

    Saw Furrha laughing for the very first time. So much fun to watch her happy.

  • Sir Yeetus
    Sir Yeetus Year ago +2


  • Aishat Smith

    Father stuck his arm out for everyone even though he drew it back, twice.

  • Super Butter

    Father: “I’m the most funny..”

  • Poser_Boy_21
    Poser_Boy_21 Year ago +774

    Always bring out the belt lol nice vid

  • weebobo
    weebobo  +9

    i love how he just started pulling his belt after they started running

  • ⬅️my childhood show

    Dad: "I'm the most funny in the family"

  • Obamaspuebes
    Obamaspuebes Year ago +1

    I like how dads are barely able to run when they are getting old but they are still able to stand up from their back with no hands while grabbing the belt

  • vossler25

    This is the one channel that I can even watch with scripts cause they’re so wholesome as a family