The Retro Video Game Scam Gets Worse...

  • Published on Nov 29, 2021
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    The actions by Wata Games and Heritage Auctions appear to be more nefarious than I previously thought. In today's video I break down the legality of their deceptive marketing practices.

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  • Karl Jobst
    Karl Jobst  Month ago +2422

    This seems a bit sus.

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    • Lovuschka
      Lovuschka 5 hours ago

      What is this adult thing that you mention at 17:07?

    • Nicolas Bouchard
      Nicolas Bouchard 3 days ago

      Yup wata act like scammers

    • Golden Trooper
      Golden Trooper 13 days ago +1

      Wata and their friends bought my games while they were being graded.They waited til they received them then had someone buy my collection. I didn’t know the grades yet and the person who bought acted like they didn’t know them. Then I find out they are all affiliated and crooked

    • Skup Media Group
      Skup Media Group 16 days ago

      this is the same thing the NFT market did to itself, and yes legality is the only bar in business. morality is subjective.

    • Golden Trooper
      Golden Trooper 17 days ago +1

      Can I talk with you??? I ended up being victim to wata and their activities. In the middle of grading they sent someone to my home and bought the games from me.

  • Ryan Bradley
    Ryan Bradley Month ago +4272

    I love how a goat goldeneye speedrunner has reinvented as a legit journalist and truth seeker in a field he’s passionate about and has been able to monetize it. Absolute legend

    • Jess H
      Jess H Day ago

      @sackydzNG Stop saying “Jewish” or Trisha Paytas will be summoned and you’ll never be able to get her to leave. Like herpes but worse since the only substance you could use to subdue her back into dormancy is cyanide while at least herpes has medications for that.

    • Christopher Caley
      Christopher Caley 13 days ago

      How good are his goldeneye times??

    • superanimeniac
      superanimeniac 13 days ago +1

      @Dale Macarena apollo is the guy who first started to show off billy to the community as a whole, also tried to take a bunch of anti GDQ takes to defend shitty people, distanced himself from said takes and deleted his videos when they blew up on him, then also tried to get darkviperAU cancelled, failed, distanced himself from that too, then Billy Mitchell threatened to sue. Apollo crowdfunded a counter lawsuit, realized he didn't have a case, then caved to Billy's demands, deleted all his billy videos, and quit youtube.

      Then...unfortunately, he took his own life. RIP.

    • gordons-alive
      gordons-alive 15 days ago

      More legit than most of the journos at the big gaming sites. They just kind of uncritically hype these things, for the most part.

    • thehotdogman93
      thehotdogman93 25 days ago

      "Has been reinvented"

  • Think Before You Sleep
    Think Before You Sleep Month ago +626

    8:20 - If they actually thought they were defammatory then where is the lawsuit? I mean if Karl is lying then it should be INCREDIBLY easy to prove a financial loss from his video. Seems like an easy win... unless of course, the statements were not, in fact, defammatory.

    • Marty Moose
      Marty Moose Day ago

      @Katrik Cardi B. is suing a TheXvidr for deformation with easily provable facts. I think Cardi B. will win her case. WATA won't sue here because they are the party in the wrong.

    • CriticalHit TCG
      CriticalHit TCG 17 days ago

      @Nonce Void it would cost a shit ton more for them if the defamation had any actual basis on truth. If a major corporation had any indication that they would win in court, they would file it immediately.

    • B lorac
      B lorac 21 day ago

      Well said! They dare not, it will certainly cost them more than they can pay! They are not stupid, just greedy cheats! They prove the point!

    • Ivan Lozano
      Ivan Lozano 27 days ago +2

      I'm here because of you tbys thanks

    • EnragedSephiroth
      EnragedSephiroth 29 days ago +2

      Truth is an absolute defense in slander or defamation lawsuits.

  • Thiefnuker
    Thiefnuker Month ago +814

    Karl: This is so unethical, here's a Video on the details.
    Them: Yeah maybe but this isn't illegal!
    Karl: This is illegal, here's a Video on the details.

    • Marty Moose
      Marty Moose Day ago +1

      @Jason Van Stone You don't understand the complaints in this video? Are you simple?

    • Tryst Dodge
      Tryst Dodge 3 days ago +2

      @Jason Van Stone its market manipulation, you're arguing for a fraudulent market. I'm a capitalist through and through, however this is a prime example of why we do need some sort of regulation. The argument that individuals don't have to buy the product is just bad. People don't need to own a house or a car, or really anything. We need to operate on the assumption we are playing a fair game or nobody is gonna play.

    • Dprince Animation
      Dprince Animation 15 days ago +4

      @Jason Van Stone if your questions havent been answered, let me summarize, this video is about exposing fraud and market manipulation? what a waste of time? whose time is wasted here? karls time? no, my time? no, everyones time? no, oh maybe your time? well he didnt force you to watch his video anyway lol

    • DerpySP
      DerpySP 18 days ago +2

      @Jason Van Stone Cry some more

    • Jason Van Stone
      Jason Van Stone 21 day ago

      @steven young because I realized I was being a dick, then thought about "why am I even bothering with these derps? 😄"

      Lmao so done responding. It's been fun.

  • Tradeka420
    Tradeka420 Month ago +163

    I love how the creator of sonic is like “bro my game isn’t worth that much what’s going on here”

    • Mr. Variant
      Mr. Variant Month ago +6

      yeah lol at the rate this is going, you'll be able to fund low budget movies with 1 game lol. Couldn't help but think of sonic 2 when you said that.

    • Shion Sinx
      Shion Sinx Month ago +32

      TFW a copy sells for more than the budget for its production.

  • Paulo27
    Paulo27 Month ago +281

    I think the fact that they didn't sue Karl yet just shows how guilty they are, because they know if they went to court of this "defamation" then they'd get their shit kicked in even more.

    • Rafael CM
      Rafael CM 18 days ago +1

      @Matt R Also Notch would probably pay the bills anyway

    • Jonathan Roe
      Jonathan Roe Month ago

      Excellent point

    • Matt R
      Matt R Month ago +3

      @Russell J Clapham I think it would by suing Karl, they would be bringing attention to this and it would be reported in the media, youtube, etc.
      So its probably in their financial interest to not bring more eyes to his videos. As such I dont see him getting sued. Also, in most of his videos from what I can remember, he usually says “allegedly” and doesnt make statements of truth that are not fact checked.

    • BubbatheScrub
      BubbatheScrub Month ago

      @Russell J Clapham this wouldn't win a defamation claim in the US, anyway. They would have to prove Karl made claims he knew weren't true.

    • cthulhu Pthagn
      cthulhu Pthagn Month ago +6

      Sadly, I suspect that the real reason is that they don't need to. This entire circus is a bunch of rich people manipulating each other to get richer, it's a high-stakes game of hot potato. I honestly think that the vast majority of collectors that are involved in this, or purchase these things for inflated prices, know what they are doing. For a variety of reasons they are all equally confident that when the buzzer goes off, they will not be the one left holding the package.

      In 2008 the United States saw the same thing happened with the real estate market. People started investing in investment accounts that contained mortgages, betting against the fact that real estate is stable. To profit from that better, people started forming llc's and buying up real estate wherever they could to flip it for more money than they paid for it, and just like now, the only people that are going to get hurt or going to be the average person who is trying to buy something because they legitimately need or want it, a game for their collection or a house to live in.

      In the real estate market, there is a great book called all the devils are here. It traces the roots of the housing market boom and collapse, and has a PostScript which indicates that none of the people involved, none of the people that profited or manipulated the market for profit, were negatively affected. None of them faced fines, none of them lost their jobs, at the absolute worst for some of them they left a successful high-paying job to be hired by their friends in another part of the financial industry

  • Pat the NES Punk
    Pat the NES Punk Month ago +1821

    Outstanding work, Karl. Thank you for putting in the time and effort in covering this artificially inflated market, filled with unethical bad actors. Unfortunately, the damage has been done and it is unsure what accountability there can be for these individuals, if any.

    • Comic Cowboy
      Comic Cowboy Month ago

      all of collectibles (and high end auction markets) are manipulated, no one simply cares or remembers because time passes. Same with this. Same with financial markets.

    • Nobody93388
      Nobody93388 Month ago

      @Charlie Mallonee The reserve list saved MTG after the screw up that was Chronicles. People were furious their Killer Bees lost a ton of value. Premium cards and gimmicks ruined magic... At least that's what ruined it for me.

    • Keiffer01
      Keiffer01 Month ago

      After all this time I'm still asking myself, and it isn't to be mean at all, but why did you go on Pawn Stars with your Nintendo World Championship games? Were you actually trying to sell them for real, or was it some hoax for tv? Did you try to raise their value and awareness by showing them off on tv? We all know you as an NES maniac, these games are the holy grails. I would be very surprised you went on the show with the real intent of ever selling them? Just very curious!

    • Krushak8888
      Krushak8888 Month ago

      @Tomato Tomatoe yes he got notch but he didnt have notch at first. So please show me where you cant even tho it fucking states kn the TOS.

    • Krushak8888
      Krushak8888 Month ago

      @Tomato Tomatoe look at the TOS.... and gofundme is an American company.

      the legal defense of alleged crimes associated with hate, violence, harassment, bullying, discrimination, terrorism, or intolerance of any kind relating to race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, serious disabilities or diseases, financial crimes or crimes of deception;

      Please try again.

  • Juan Rivera
    Juan Rivera Month ago +353

    I have been in the retro game collecting space for many years now, and I have to tell you that your reports have had a huge impact in the market. People are now unwilling to buy WATA graded games because of their deception. There does remain a minority of people who defend them to the death, but these are people who have a collection of WATA graded games and stand to gain from it.

    Thanks for your great work on this!!!

    • x z
      x z 11 days ago +1

      Even if they weren’t doing a bunch of illegal crap the bad rep from that a++ tomb raider having multiple holes and stains is bad enough to never trust their grades.

    • Roger Wilco
      Roger Wilco 15 days ago

      As a ex yet long time dealer i can confirm.

    • snowman9123
      snowman9123 22 days ago +2

      @Socky Noob *Duck Dodgers in the 25th Century! ?????

    • Xfusion
      Xfusion 27 days ago +12

      I'm glad Karl video reached. I still find hard to believe that some folks actually fell for it, specially when WATA said that the sealed Mario cartridge was worth millions and the _holy grail of gaming_ like dude, that game sold 40 millions copies back in the day and was even a pack-in title at some point, it's arguably the most common NES game.
      It's modern day equivalent is like trying to convince someone that Wii Sports, the pack in game with the console that sold 100 million units is extremely rare and valuable.

    • Michael Martin
      Michael Martin 28 days ago +2

      @Socky Noob *Milly Bitchell

  • ChubsTheOwl
    ChubsTheOwl Month ago +257

    Karl Jobst: *spends hours meticulously investigating and clearly laying out examples of fraud by two companies*

    The Two Companies: "His video is totally baseless, just trust us"

    • S G G
      S G G 16 days ago

      ​@John Smith the smart thing to do would be to not say anything at all. don't deny it and don't confirm it. it really is that simple. now it can be used against them.

      FAT SURPRISE Month ago +4

      "We asked ourselves if this sounded like something we would do, and we decided it did not. So, we are perfectly innocent and there is no need to investigate any further." - them, probably

    • John Smith
      John Smith Month ago +5

      Well, it's pretty much expected for every company to deny shit. What do people expect? "Oh, yeah, we're totall breaking the law and scamming people!" - Like, dafuq...

      This way they have a chance, no matter how small, to get away with whatever it is they're doing wrong or pay as little as possible in case of getting caught and sued.

      The moment they admit anything, it's cock-meat sandwich time.

    • RaceBandit
      RaceBandit Month ago

      -Yeah, because that totally worked for Todd Rogers.-

      It's like someone's trying to say it's illegal to learn from mistakes.

    • Paul L
      Paul L Month ago +13

      The two companies should run for president. /s

  • M K
    M K Month ago +141

    "the same person at the top of the hierarchy was involved in the coin bubble of the 80s"

    It's crazy how scamming is almost never actually punished and pretty much every famous scammer has a provable history of it behind them.

    • R Jonboy
      R Jonboy 6 days ago

      Because you won't find a D.A. that will touch it. It fits "Gray Market" well and easily gets lost in the shadows. Like cockroaches these "people" do not like the spotlight.

    • SrJuega Y Mira
      SrJuega Y Mira 16 days ago +1

      @Patrik Lundqvist shut it down

    • Sectphiro
      Sectphiro 18 days ago +1

      @Frank Abagnale LMAO

    • Frank Abagnale
      Frank Abagnale 27 days ago +5

      @Florida Cracker If you nose you nose

    • Alex
      Alex Month ago +3

      It is, when you scam rich people. See Martin Skreli

  • Jani Kärkkäinen
    Jani Kärkkäinen Month ago +84

    The saddest thing here is the deletion of NintendoAge database. Sure, there's a lot of wrong shown in this video, but that one breaks my heart - if I understood correctly, it was volunteer driven, which means people passionate about it spent countless hours on making the database complete, and now it's just... gone.

      MARK KELLY 10 days ago

      It can be retrieved if one contact hosting company etc..

      MARK KELLY 10 days ago +1

      Wouldn’t say gone, more put within the company database to “guide” their valuations.

    • Some Dude
      Some Dude 17 days ago +4

      Can its content be salvaged and republished using the wayback machine?
      I don't know if the pages were locked behind a login screen.

    • Jonathan Roe
      Jonathan Roe Month ago +14

      Gone so that rich ass holes can make up their own opinion of what the stuff is worth.

    • jesal patel
      jesal patel Month ago +9

      it was fucking great, i remember using it all the time to check if retro games i bought were original because of all the fakes on the secondhand market, troves of valuable information on how to tell the slightest of differences concerning real versions vs. reproductions now gone

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    "Everyone involved refuses to admit that basic ethics are important"

    That simply goes to show how far people will go for greed

    • LeafyFox
      LeafyFox Month ago

      Basically in Yu-Gi-Oh terms, these people have an entire deck consisting of ONLY Pot of Greed cards lmao

    • Benny Papino
      Benny Papino Month ago

      @James Priest shut up

    • Thingaloo
      Thingaloo Month ago

      @Jinxed Swashbuckler Marxists do not match next to companies, genius. You're getting it backwards. Capitalists fund fascists of all kinds as a measure against communists. Nazis are just a kind of fascist that wanted to have a bigger say in the deal.

    • Tohru Adachi
      Tohru Adachi Month ago

      *People literally destroying lives and killing innocent others for money and power* First time?

    • Ross Adams
      Ross Adams Month ago

      I guess I'll say the line this time. You again!?

  • Rinkawa Erion
    Rinkawa Erion Month ago +60

    “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

    - Upton Sinclair

  • Luke Hayes
    Luke Hayes Month ago +115

    I hate how legality is used as an excuse so often with shady practices. The law is supposed to improve society, it's not this obstacle you need to avoid to become successful.

    • rgerber
      rgerber 11 days ago

      Thats actually pretty funny in context of speedrunning, because the goal is to "break" the games overcoming it like an obstacle (rules) to be sucessful.
      But of course i know what you mean

    • 3rdEyeWide
      3rdEyeWide Month ago +1

      "The letter of the law" is always one step behind "the spirit of the law".

    • jr637
      jr637 Month ago +12

      When you have to rely on "It's not illegal." as an argument, you're basically admitting that you can't come up with any better argument for why you're doing what you're doing. It's a very subtle way of conceding the argument.

    • Maikeru Go
      Maikeru Go Month ago +8

      Right, just because it's the law doesn't make it right and just because it's not illegal doesn't make it ethical.

      You see folks go, "Well they shouldn't have violated the law," for some pretty dire scenarios. Then they go, "welp, we can't do anything about them doing something terrible/unfair because it isn't illegal!" When the answer should always be, "then lets change our laws to match basic ethics and better serve people."

    • Jhon Doe
      Jhon Doe Month ago +13

      Let me introduce you to our global financial system...

    JUD6MENT Month ago +58

    Imagine if Billy Mitchell started taking part in the schemes of Heritage and Watagames, it would be the most epic Karl Jobst episode, i hope it happens

    • dmgreenberg
      dmgreenberg 19 days ago +2

      I’d rather it doesn’t. The last thing Karl needs is to have to endure more frivolous litigation from that jackass. Ditto Toddgers.

    • DarK SouL
      DarK SouL Month ago +1

      WWE should book Karl vs Billy Mitchell an I Quit Match.

  • Guelph35
    Guelph35 Month ago +77

    Since the whole attraction is that the game is sealed in box, what’s to stop people from making fakes and getting them graded/sold?

    The people buying them aren’t opening them, so once it’s sealed in the case with a grade, how do you know there’s actually a game inside the box?

    • Willnox1
      Willnox1 28 days ago +1

      @Ron2600 Exactly and it grades different as well

    • Ron2600
      Ron2600 28 days ago +1

      @Willnox1 Some people remove the grading score and send it hopeing for a higher score.

    • Shadow Flash
      Shadow Flash Month ago +7

      @Meezus it's a different thing. Emulators and flash cartridges are for gamers. A gamer will never spend even 300 bucks on a new old stock sealed copy of SMB or whatever. Gamers want to play the game. And of course emulators are very convenient. Same for flash carts. Only video game collectors are interested in sealed copies. And those are targeted by this scam. Even collectors aren't insane to pay for some "graded" copy of SMB for 300+k so there's most likely old good auction money laundering scheme going on.

    • Shion Sinx
      Shion Sinx Month ago +5

      ​@Meezus I agree with you but Im all out for emulator for a different reason: some companies (especially Nintendo) just REFUSES to sell us their damn games.
      And on a different note but kinda related, even new releases that are widely avaiable on market are a pain to get around here (Brazil, we end up paying more than double the market price even for digital copies).

    • Meezus
      Meezus Month ago +19

      @Willnox1 this is why I have no problem with emulators or flash cartridges. The market is too fucking wild and I hope this bubble bursts soon. Sealed games used to be a point of pride not an art piece u plan on flipping in a few years.

  • Star Crasher
    Star Crasher Month ago +16

    Turns out the used car dealership I saw on Facebook a few years ago with a bunch of fake reviews that turned out to be from employees and their families was breaking a lot more laws than I thought.

  • PiranahKill
    PiranahKill Month ago +38

    Karl: Presents a well researched hour long video presenting 40 years worth of dirty dealings by those involved in the company.

    WataGames: "Nah."

  • Carlos Oyuela
    Carlos Oyuela Month ago +82

    When even Yuji Naka asks if It's a scam, that's all you need to know to realize it is.

    • Thursfys
      Thursfys 16 days ago

      @Addy Lovestar how did you misread what they said so bad that you thought they were accusing yuji naka of scamming people??

    • (H.N.H) Root Beer King
      (H.N.H) Root Beer King Month ago +15

      @Addy Lovestar I think the point was "the main game developer does not even believe this price is correct, so why would they" not anything to do with Balan

    • Addy Lovestar
      Addy Lovestar Month ago +3

      He made a game with design people disliked, he didn't scam anyone. No one was cheated out of their money. Buying a product and not finding it to your liking is not a scam

  • Scuba
    Scuba Month ago +9

    I’ve been collecting for 10 years. These games aren’t worth anywhere close to their current prices. Not even close. Wata & HA are scam artists. Period. These games aren’t close to being as rare as these companies project. They also don’t disclose if the games actually are being paid for. As many that have sold never got paid for and they won’t disclose that info. A person who works for HA even said if a game goes high by then doesn’t get paid for by the winning bidder and the 2nd place bidder doesnt agree to pay their offer then they hide the game and act like it did sell to keep the price point. Then put back up for auction down the road. This shit will CRASH so hard. 100% speculative based on false and manipulated information.

  • Reminiscentia OFF
    Reminiscentia OFF Month ago +1621

    This is all horrendous, but one thing gives me such a viscerally disgusted reaction;

    Buying and killing old databases is repulsive.

    • Dennis McDonald
      Dennis McDonald 16 days ago +1

      Quite simple, they should be publicly repudiated and charged for market manipulation! The fact that they're fucking with databases should be their legal death knell.

    • I am a Unicorn
      I am a Unicorn 19 days ago +1

      Ikr? Even if this nonsense ends damage has still been done to more than just the people who lost money. Its collateral damage. Everyone in the hobby loses a little.

    • Vincent K. McMahon
      Vincent K. McMahon 26 days ago +2

      @Falkuria the irony in this comment though 😂😂😂

    • Linus Islam Tips
      Linus Islam Tips 26 days ago

      @Dr jebus nah duck off. You can't compare emulation to Hirschfelds books. Ones for children the other predatory of children.

    • Green Cappy
      Green Cappy Month ago

      @Ethan Capitalism promotes selfishness and greed. Profit for the sake of profit.

  • biglollol
    biglollol Month ago +22

    "Wata Games is the trusted *leader* in collectible video game grading"
    Imagine calling yourself a leader.

  • Stephen
    Stephen Month ago +15

    this is what happens when people corrupt a pastime that's about fun in order to make money. these people don't just disrespect gaming, they're actively seeking to pervert its entire purpose.

  • Koobs
    Koobs Month ago +13

    I have a sealed, mint in box copy of the 1st VHS release of Ghostbusters. I called a friend who does estate sales to see if there was interest in it since the new GB film is coming out & to see if he wanted to facilitate the sale. He told me that he worked with an awesome auction house that should be able to help called Heritage Auctions. I was so bummed to hear him say that & I knew I didn’t want to do business with them.

    • KT
      KT 20 days ago

      Don't be noob sell it for some hard cash!

  • Gotursteve
    Gotursteve Month ago +31

    The fact that these people think SMB and LOZ are the holy grail of game collecting just goes to show they have no idea what they are talking about. If anything, NWC 1991 gold or grey carts are the holy grail.

    • kailomonkey
      kailomonkey 14 days ago +1

      Exactly! Those games sold in the millions (I expect) and there's always some stock somewhere of untouched games when we're talking chances in a million!

    • calamorta
      calamorta Month ago +1

      That's part of the plan. Recognizable franchises attract more people

    • Yee Oof
      Yee Oof Month ago

      @Anon ! I bet they don't even know about either Mario 2.

    • Anon !
      Anon ! Month ago

      Yeah that’s what I was thinking they have no knowledge at all about games

    • bananonymous last name
      bananonymous last name Month ago +8

      There are games like the European version of Ultimate 11 for Neo Geo AES that are fare more rare than even those. The rabbit hole of video game rarity is bonkers, and people have to be nuts to think that there aren't still sealed cases of games like Super Mario 64 floating around out there. Games that sold millions of copies are definitely still in backrooms amd warehouses out there, as well as private collections. Something like Eli's Ladder on Atari 2600 is way more difficult to find; it's just not popular and iconic, and is far less marketable. That's why they make the Superman/Mario comparison, trying to make that case to sell people on the "value." It'd be hilarious to see people fawn over Emerson Arcadia 2001 games the way they are these overblown "rarities."

  • Isaac Cady
    Isaac Cady Month ago +1374

    Wata games and heritage auctions: "We wish you would have included us in the discussions about the allegations"

    Also Wata and Heritage: "We have nothing to say about the allegations."

    • GravianS
      GravianS 17 days ago

      When holding power to account, no input from power is necessary.

    • AlinaGray88
      AlinaGray88 Month ago +1

      @A A Notice something 3 times and it's a coincidence. Notice something 20 times and it becomes a pattern.

    • morbideddie
      morbideddie Month ago +3

      @lux switch TheXvid accounts I always wonder with these types, do they refuse to state their opinions because they are afraid of backlash or is it because they are genuinely ashamed? They are a coward either way but the psychology of people like this interests me. What can make a person this bitter and hateful?

    • The Bird
      The Bird Month ago +10

      @lux switch TheXvid accounts These people know they're bigots, and they've not got the spine to stand for it publicly. It's shameful even for bigots

    • wowgek7
      wowgek7 Month ago +1

      @Inorien people are ignorant because politicians etc do the same thng and they dont see it

  • deadbeef
    deadbeef Month ago +41

    Karl you are a brave man. I think you are well aware that Wata and Heritage are probably going to try to sue you to keep your mouth shut, just like Billy Mitchell is doing. Only unlike Billy, these guys will actually have lots of money behind them, and will not be pushovers.

    Thanks for putting up the good fight for us. Stay strong.

  • Quote
    Quote Month ago +15

    The entire segment with Alina was incredibly informative and super interesting. I loved how unbiased she was and how you could really see that she didn't simply agree with everything because "big company bad grrr" but rather because... they are shady fuckers doing shady shit. The little segments she pointed out and how damning they were when you look at them in a certain context and everything just really pulled how these guys are probably liable and I really do hope the whole roof collapses on them... even if it has a Master Elite Certification.

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Month ago +400

    You should feel really proud

    • BGMI short video maker
      BGMI short video maker Month ago +1


    • PN SS
      PN SS Month ago

      @Michael Blount They want likes

    • Finder
      Finder Month ago +1

      @Michael Blount I get it, there's a lot of sarcasm on the internet. Not always clear.

    • Michael Blount
      Michael Blount Month ago

      @Finder just making sure!

    • Finder
      Finder Month ago +7

      @Michael Blount they're saying that Karl has made a fantastic piece of journalism, and that he should feel proud.

  • Octave Rolland
    Octave Rolland 24 days ago +11

    "Mere puffery" is a legal term that actually exists and this is absolutely delightful.

  • Nintendo Unity
    Nintendo Unity Month ago +3437

    This is what actual journalism looks like. Thank you so much for this Karl.
    It's sad how rare real journalism is nowadays.

    • Jay Payne
      Jay Payne Month ago +3

      @Chompy the Beast not to mention all the crooked civil asset forfeiture. Innocent people have shit stolen or businesses destroyed everyday by the damn government and the majority of people think it’s only criminals.

    • Milo Crawford
      Milo Crawford Month ago

      There is plenty of real great journalism. Its all drowned out by opinion pieces because thats what sells

    • Chompy the Beast
      Chompy the Beast Month ago +2

      @ben esterberg ​That's because America is populated by people who, when it comes to history, society, and politics, believe more lies than they know truths. For example, people have no idea how much violence is committed every day not by "criminals", but by the state, and even when they are made aware of it, they're conditioned to excuse it and apologize for it virtually every time.

      Laws are nothing but threats, and cops are the ones who will beat you, rob you, kidnap you, or execute you if you step out of line. We have the highest incarcerated population per capita on earth by a landslide. Fewer than 50 people own more than 50% of the _entire nation's wealth._ Let Freedom Ring™ ― Eat the Rich

    • scooterjones303
      scooterjones303 Month ago +2

      My local paper took a picture of me skating when I was 13 and lied and said I told them I wanted to be pro lol Sensationalism sells. Ethics be damned. Most recently in my town an innocent nurse was mistaken for a viral soup thrower by news cause she had the same name but they obviously didn't look alike if you looked into it. Inside Edition was just trying to make the story juicier, said the soup was also hot when it wasn't. Anyway it sucks cause the real nurse is still being harassed and doxxed.

    • Jared Kinney Jr
      Jared Kinney Jr Month ago +6

      Exactly! MSM today is all propaganda & basically owned by governments(Project Mockingbird) & is why you rarely ever see any meaningful "scandals" these days. The crooks that own everything aren't going to tell on themselves(ala Prince Harry & Epstein info wasn't allowed to be reported on). I'm still surprised the court system still works even sometimes especially when someone can print $ out of thin air & people will do absolutely anything for $. Even sell their own country, family or Mother Nature. This is what happens when a people turn evil & lose all morality unfortunately.

  • El Presidente
    El Presidente Month ago +37

    Karl is basically a journalist for the speedrunning community, absolute legend of a man.

  • VGFreak100
    VGFreak100 Month ago +10

    The more I think about it the more it bugs me. I went to this year's TooManyGames convention in Philadelphia with my brother. I has a fun time there. The thing that even now bugs me is that most of the vendors in the merch hall were selling WATA graded games. I feel like WATA's presence at TMG is a complete antithesis and slap in the face to the spirit of the convention.

  • MizoxNG
    MizoxNG Month ago +25

    I like how they call super mario bros carts hard to find in good condition when the game shop down the street had literally an entire rack filled with them for $2 each last I checked

    • Chante
      Chante 13 days ago

      @MizoxNG Because collecting and gaming are not the same hobby. They can just intersect. You think those gaming collectors you see in the videos have played all their games on the shelf? Some of it is just for vanity and for people to flex. It’s similar as art collectors

    • MizoxNG
      MizoxNG 13 days ago +2

      @Chante and gamers don't understand why anyone would want a game just to own it rather than to actually play it. The types of collectors you're referring to deny games their very purpose of existence

    • Chante
      Chante 14 days ago +1

      Nobody is looking for the games to play them, why are people still not understanding that lol. They want them in near perfect condition to shelve them and fulfil the gratification of owning a one-of-the-kind, royally graded game that has a seal of approval unlike a random seemingly good condition game on a shelf with no grading. They don't care about your local shop's games if they haven't come from first factory print that's sealed and graded. It's those small intangibles that make the game extremely valuable in this "bubble". As soon as you unseal those type of games, they lose 95% of their value

    • Bill Thompson
      Bill Thompson 15 days ago

      That's a good price, even for the carts in bad condition. I'd buy them all.

    • Jay Toogood
      Jay Toogood Month ago

      @cthulhu Pthagn correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the last vid on this topic have an example of just that?
      I don't remember anything about what game it was, but 1 (with hype from one of the party's, or both) sold for a lot and then the entire Heritage Auctions catalogue was filled with the same game a week later which of course wasn't selling anymore (at the same listed/promised prices at least)

  • Barbok
    Barbok Month ago +30

    Karl: *makes a whole detailed video exposing company*
    Company: "No you"

  • TinyGamerTris
    TinyGamerTris Month ago +907

    I was talking about the last video with my dad, a retired commercial lawyer who was practicing during the coin bubble in the 80s. As soon as I mentioned the names of the people involved, my normally pretty chill dad WENT OFF. All of these assholes have form over the last thirty years and it's honestly a wonder any of them are allowed to be involved in this kind of trading.

    • Absent Minded the SubCreator
      Absent Minded the SubCreator 29 days ago

      Chompy, you are reciting a genocidal pledge popular among extreme anti-semites.

    • Propane TreeFiddy
      Propane TreeFiddy Month ago +5

      This has been a thing for decades and they choose new target demographics as the existing ones wise up.

      It should be taught in school: "If someone is trying to sell you something they claim is rare and will make you money....why aren't they holding onto it themselves?"

    • Chompy the Beast
      Chompy the Beast Month ago +1

      @Florida Cracker Certainly not. IDF are a bunch of murderers committing ethnic cleansing. I despise _all_ forms of bigotry and state violence. _From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free_

    • Florida Cracker
      Florida Cracker Month ago +2

      @Chompy the Beast ok now i know your an IDF bot

    • Chompy the Beast
      Chompy the Beast Month ago +2

      @Florida Cracker lol pathetic stock replies from arrested development idiots who literally can't come up with better. "Cope/seethe/maldate/touch grass", bigot―did I miss any?

  • Maravilla
    Maravilla 24 days ago +3

    “As if legality is the purist benchmark for ethical business practices” 2:00
    I’m saving this quote

  • Daniel Love
    Daniel Love 12 days ago +2

    And then there is the “Who cares” camp where people believe anybody willing to pay $2million for a game deserves to be scammed.

  • aaron foley
    aaron foley Month ago +2

    when he was talking over the displate add I honestly thought I was lagging. brilliant video karl I cant believe they get away with this blatant crimes and scummy tactics

  • AtariBorn
    AtariBorn Month ago +25

    I love how one of the bad guys in this is named "Denies Con", only spelled different.

  • Anton Sundin
    Anton Sundin Month ago +848

    I like how Mr Karl Jobst made an hour long very detailed video and the response by Wata and Heritage was 1-2 short paragraphs basically amounting to and I'm paraphrasing "Mr Jobst was mistaken, we didn't do anything bad, trust me bro."

    • Jerry Piper
      Jerry Piper Month ago

      @Stoner gamer I don’t think anyone really cares tbh

    • Stoner gamer
      Stoner gamer Month ago

      Then why is nobody pressing the issue I’m confused. Maybe that’s the goal and the videos has to be made for people to even want to sue them

    • Jerry Piper
      Jerry Piper Month ago +1

      @Captain Bube I’m guessing the latter. 😂

    • mosher2001
      mosher2001 Month ago

      Even better there response also disclosed Denis is part owner of whata games.

    • Captain Bube
      Captain Bube Month ago +3

      @Jerry Piper for sure if they are professional about it and this video was slanderous in any way they would just sue, and don't release any statement until the legal case is done. But they could just be unprofessional.

  • Mark
    Mark 21 day ago +3

    Long story short, you dug up a shady practises and they s*** themselves now because of possible consequences coming up their way and will come up with even the most ridiculous excuses just to calm the situation down and possibly avoid it going further. Well done sir, much respect for shining a light on that.

  • Vincent Beers
    Vincent Beers Month ago +16

    When you realize literally anyone can reseal these boxes, there's no reason to even care about anyone's opinion of a rating

    • steeldragon95
      steeldragon95 Month ago

      @Vincent beers this might come off as a bit rude, but I don't intend it to be. It doesn't sound like you don't subscribe to the "collector's mentality," but more like you don't understand the importance of history.

      History is usually what determines value. The mona lisa has a history that really cannot be replicated, because nobody can paint the actual subject anymore and there are no pictures of her either.

      You painting it or painting any old piece doesn't give it much value, why? Because your worth is less than the original (once again I don't mean it to be rude.) Now if you made it in the art world then it would be different, because there would be a name and history tied to any piece you make.

      By saying your value is the same but better because it is 'newer' is arrogant because you are undermining history. Something people value because once it is gone it is gone.

      To collect is to respect history. People collect things to preserve it, not usually to sell. In fact that is why this video exists, because there are some people who value history so little that they only think of making money on it.

      With your way of thinking anything old should just be ditched because the value only comes from what it is, not what it was. That is a bit shallow.

    • Vincent Beers
      Vincent Beers Month ago +1

      The cardboard is worth pennies, the artwork on it is worth whatever time it took to put there. In this case you're displaying a box, a box I can make myself that will look the same.

      And no, I don't generally buy artwork when I can make it myself. I can have any piece of artwork in the world hanging on my wall at a fraction of the price some collector is willing to pay. They're paying for what? for the privilege of pretending their version is superior, because it's older or costs more.

      Artwork to me is the value of what it looks like, and that's not something that needs to cost millions. It's synthetic scarcity, something that could be mass produced but isn't just to inflate the price.

      We could be talking about the Mona Lisa, why is that worth millions? Because it's old? Because there's only one? I can paint you a new one and what's that worth? The cost of the paint, the canvas and my time, but some snob is going to say it's worthless. If I was going to hang it on my wall I'd actually want the new one and not the old damaged one, but that's me.

      You buy into the whole collector mentality, I don't. You show me some cheap piece of plastic and cardboard I value it as plastic and cardboard that could have been easily mass produced.

    • CollectibleBoys
      CollectibleBoys Month ago +2

      @Vincent Beers thats a false statment though, i can almost guarantee you have a picture of some sort on your walls at home or office, in that sence being art. And guaranteed u paid more than $1also.. Nothing different here with games, people enjoy displaying them too as art.

    • Vincent Beers
      Vincent Beers Month ago +1

      @Ryan Jacobson Or not pay it at all. It's a stupid thing to collect if you aren't going to be using it. You just want a piece of carboard with the box image on it? As a display piece it's worth pennies.

    • Ryan Jacobson
      Ryan Jacobson Month ago +1

      Fraud is incentivized in any market once values rise and speculators/scalpers get their greedy asses involved. Best thing to do is to just not pay inflated values so the bubble will deflate.

  • Chris Lehman
    Chris Lehman Month ago +5

    Yeah, I'm going to stick with emulations and re-released versions on things like the nes/snes classic. I even keep my original PS1 and all games on their original disc's. I wouldn't get involved with the craziness that goes on with "unopened" classic games. No thanks. I hope these guys burn for what they're doing.

  • spoop ball
    spoop ball Month ago +17

    When the lawyer explained "mere puffery" that legit made me sad that things like that can still slide by the court of law

    It was the victims' onus to "know" it was just salesmanship

    • barbapappaowns
      barbapappaowns 19 hours ago

      @The Mad Tinkerer Well, not really. It works for us in Sweden where we have laws against false or misleading marketing. It really is illegal to say that the product is cooler than other products or make claims such as industry-leading, without having data/research to back it up. Anyone here can make a report if they find the marketing to be wrong and actions will be taken by the institution if they reach the same conclusion. Often they just have to stop the commercial or change it but can lead to fines in severe cases.

    • kailomonkey
      kailomonkey 14 days ago

      @spoop ball Yea leeway for lies. Everything about capitalism is about legitimising unfairness and mistreatment.

    • spoop ball
      spoop ball Month ago +2

      Right but then you get diet product that says you'll lose 10 pounds in a week.
      Or a health drink that says it kills and stops cancer.

      And when the company gets sued, the defense is: "it was obviously a lie, who would really believe that?" And they do win sometimes.

    • Michael Buhler
      Michael Buhler Month ago +2

      It allows for room for a company to say stuff like “fast and professional service”. There are no exact definitions for what “fast” or “professional” mean since it would be impossible to precisely quantify those usually subjective terms. Same thing with common advertising tropes like “great tasting”, “refreshing”, “friendly”, etc.

    • The Mad Tinkerer
      The Mad Tinkerer Month ago +5

      Yes, but if mere puffery wasn't allowed, it would basically destroy marketing, which is 99% mere puffery. If mere puffery wasn't allowed, and a company claimed their product was "cooler" than the competition's product, they'd be risking a lawsuit if they couldn't prove their product literally operated at a lower temperature. So mere puffery is actually pretty important.

  • LegalBytes
    LegalBytes Month ago +123

    Thanks so much for letting me add my two cents, Karl! This was a great experience! 😄

  • shadax_gaming
    shadax_gaming Month ago +13

    It's astounding and incomprehensible the damage caused by corruption and manipulation, attacking every facet of humanity. This isn't just about our beloved video games, the staggering lack of attention to this is a poignant indicator about the global elites and those sworn to regulate it. I am thankful and truly respect impeccable journalism like this, Karl. I don't know how you maintain your tone and composure delivering this message, their responses are infuriating yet so predictable...

  • Cyanic Core
    Cyanic Core Month ago +2

    First hearing about this situation felt a little crazy, especially considering it currently revolves around the market of video games. However, continued coverage of the topic really made a difference! While it doesn't make up for the questionable actions and sales already made, this all could have already been much worse.

    This may apply to less people, but back in school I struggled with understanding certain forms of market manipulation, particularly insider trading. By no means does this justify the development in the first place, but hearing about this example greatly helped me understand how events like this occur, and how to watch out for them. Bubble or bull market, even when this is over we'll be the wiser for it!

  • Salem Bendeck
    Salem Bendeck Month ago +6

    imagine purchasing a game for $2,000,000 when you can emulate it for free🤡🤡🤡

  • I am Error
    I am Error Month ago +5

    The value of retro games is over hyped. Games were overly produced, making games not a rare as people think.

  • Brian Babin
    Brian Babin Month ago +3

    *I always called bullsh*t on these "game sold for X amount" headlines.* It makes for sensational clicks, as click-bait does. But i'd bet a GOOD portion of those CRAZZZZZY stories, ended with the buyer not ponying up, if not outright trolling the sellers. I'm sorry but i don't give a crap what "sealed copy of Insert mario game here" it is. It's NOT worth $100,000+++. That's such BS.

  • Lemming
    Lemming Month ago +4

    King Karl. Seriously, you do amazing work. I, and SO MANY others, very much appreciate your work. Thank You Karl. I cannot fully describe my appreciation for what you do.

  • totallyfrozen
    totallyfrozen Month ago +4

    Usually, people get serious about ethics when they’re faced with prison.
    If this hasn’t been reported yet, it needs to be reported to the FTC and let them investigate.
    I read Jeff’s response. There are attempts at minimizing and redirecting obvious to me.

  • Wolfette Plays
    Wolfette Plays Month ago +3

    "it is legal" so was slavery.... That's why we shouldn't trust the law to be the sole arbiter of morality

  • Hexed Pedestrian
    Hexed Pedestrian Month ago +741

    "When crime is organized enough, it's not even illegal." - Huey Freeman

      SMERKUZHEO G Month ago

      @Nick Taylor yup especially during these bill gates Optimus prime flu times

    • Nick Taylor
      Nick Taylor Month ago +9

      You just described government

    • Baker McBrad
      Baker McBrad Month ago +3

      Damn bro that's really how rich people be. I gotta watch the boondocks again

    • Requim Dream
      Requim Dream Month ago +3

      His name is "Diego Freeman" not "Huey Freeman"

    • Ultimate
      Ultimate Month ago +6

      Your comment got stolen by an Account buyer, Zad

  • bean420man
    bean420man Month ago +1

    All I know is I miss the late 90’s, when the most valuable an NES game was, was maybe $50. You could go in video stores or pawn shops and find them for a few dollars most times.

  • DrB
    DrB Month ago +1

    I love that you actually know what you're talking about, and go so far to get an actual lawyer. This is what sets you apart, and it's incredible to see this kind of journalism in the video game video format. Thank you!

  • S G G
    S G G 16 days ago +1

    The "collectors" that you talked to have it in their best interest, as their livelihood is on the line, to not admit that there is a bubble in the market. Their opinions are irrelevant because there is a conflict of interest and when money is on the line people can convince themselves of almost anything.

  • Chris Shastid
    Chris Shastid Month ago +4

    curious how one can grade a sealed item considering it cannot be opened and examined

  • From, Jimmy
    From, Jimmy Month ago +445

    Karl exposing scammers in the video game world is the equivalent of Coffeezilla exposing the scammers in the financial world. Keep doing what you’re doing man. It’s appreciated

    • Frostee
      Frostee Month ago +12

      @The Dean of TheXvid Criticism he is actively saying a service is trash and a scam to prevent people from falling for the scam and getting their video games graded by a terrible company, while at the same time is in on it? makes so much sense

    • Greenteawizard87
      Greenteawizard87 Month ago +1


    • sixstringpsycho
      sixstringpsycho Month ago +15

      @The Dean of TheXvid Criticism Username checks out, but unfortunately throwing out such a ridiculous claim without any tangible data or evidence to back it up is not exactly the level of argument most people would typically expect of a Dean.

    • Shinozu
      Shinozu Month ago +7

      @C N Save the Karls

    • Taolan8472
      Taolan8472 Month ago +7

      Considering the heavy financial tones in this video... anybody else smell a collab opportunity?

  • OldSchoolMan 98
    OldSchoolMan 98 Month ago +1

    I await the day that the heads of Wata, Heritage, and everyone involved in this scam are arrested and charged with fraud

  • Luiz Fadul Rolim Antonio

    Karl is gunning for that "get sued%" PB

  • Ayrat Khalikov
    Ayrat Khalikov Month ago +1

    Bravo, Karl!
    This is so well done, I can't believe I'm seeing it in 2021, the time of misinformation.

  • Inciaradible
    Inciaradible Month ago +2

    I really hope something ultimately comes from this, but I don't have high hopes; WATA is going to try the bare minimum that makes their lawyers say 'yeah, that should probably hold up in court.'

  • Aaron B
    Aaron B Month ago +686

    You should feel really proud, you broke the flood gates wide open and everyone started looking into these shady people and their companies, you care about games and like all of us hate to see these leeches come into the market just to con people out of their money, you really are an absolute legend karl, I hope you realize that

  • B lorac
    B lorac 21 day ago +2

    Liked video, subscribed to this channel, watched all the advertisements! This is the very least I can do to add power to your voice! Thank you for revealing these greedy pigs for what they are! And they wonder why people are leary of dealing with them! Pigs love poo!

    M1SSC0RPSE Month ago +2

    I love it when I see Charlie in Karl's videos. These two could be a great team cuz both of them are never afraid to speak their mind and be straightforward about any topic.

  • Daniel Evensen
    Daniel Evensen Month ago +8

    One thing that might get lost in the noise here is how telling it is that the mainstream media has not reported on this. The fact that reporters for well-respected and influential news organizations (I'm talking about Reuters, the AP, etc) would simply play along with the Wata / Heritage scheme is absolutely awful. It says horrible things about the current global media environment, and is a good example of why so many people are searching for alternative news sources.

    • Steve Sether
      Steve Sether 26 days ago

      Mainstream media doesn't report on this because 40 year old video games aren't mainstream. It won't generate enough clicks for anyone to write an article about it. The media wants to focus in on "golly.... a million dollars for a video game!", because that's a story that appeals to Joe sixpack. It's not just about video games either. The worldwide high end art, antiquities, signatures, and the like have had widespread fraud, abuse, and lies for decades. Does media report on it? No, because... it's boring to the vast majority of the population.

      in 2021, it's all about clickbait. It doesn't matter if it's a newspaper article, a video, or a tweet. To get views, it MUST have immediate appeal because it's competing with another article written by another media outlet that has that same clickbait appeal.

      I'm not particularly convinced that "alternative news sources" are any better. They all have the same profit motives. The only solution I've found is to try to use multiple news sources, and try to interpolate the truth between them. It's not easy since many news sources mix reporting facts with "analysis". So you wind up having to strip away the analysis from the facts, as well as find primary sources of what was actually said rather than rely on what the media has re-interpreted and distilled down.

  • Roman Holtwick
    Roman Holtwick 21 day ago +2

    It's getting even more ridiculous now:
    I'm getting Instagram ads all the time from a business called "Timeless Investments". They want me to buy a share in a VGA 85 Mario Kart 64. 50€/share, claimed value of the game: 73.300€.
    This is so f'd up. Noone has seen the game and knows it exists in the first place, the value isn't real because it isn't sold...
    It's a mess...
    A friend (not at all into retro games) even told me the other day that my collection was worth millions and I had to explain the whole thing.
    When the general public thinks you're rich because you have some pretty looking retro games, then those scammers are winning.
    It's too bad a lot of people will fall for it (like they always do) and give them their money 😐

  • Tesserax
    Tesserax Month ago +405

    I just wanna say, Karl's lawyer must be extremely happy. He makes a lot of enemies by making these videos, but the videos are always so well-founded with minimal error that you can't really go at him without losing lol

    • MajorOutage
      MajorOutage Month ago +1

      Karl is in very good company when it comes to legal advice. I caught him commenting on one of Rikeita's roundtable livestreams (which LegalBytes also participates in) a few weeks ago.

    • RedLife Games
      RedLife Games Month ago +9

      @Zack Estin well... repeat clients are nice right? especially the fact that its really easy to defend?

      (just my opinion, im not a lawyer/law student... just a gamer)

    • Sneezlebottom
      Sneezlebottom Month ago +15

      Maybe someone should check that out. Seems like there might be a conflict of interest there. 🤔

      Inb4 people take this comment seriously.

    • Thingaloo
      Thingaloo Month ago +32

      @Zack Estin I mean, succeeding in keeping a client unhindered by long, aggravating legal battles can be a pretty good deal if you know they'll keep getting sued

    • Zack Estin
      Zack Estin Month ago +91

      Law student here: lawyers don’t care about how easy a case is, in fact the ones that drag out as long as possible being an absolute disaster are the ones you make the most from. And your client is always innocent so.

  • TheDuckofLaw
    TheDuckofLaw Month ago +1

    This gets so much more criminal with every expose. Thanks again for the work, Karl!

  • Charlie Benham
    Charlie Benham Month ago +3

    Woah, investigative journalism with balls and integrity??

    Even though it's just about fraud regarding the video game market, this is like spotting a unicorn.

  • jes13e reviews
    jes13e reviews Month ago +1

    I applauded you for everything you do against scamers and fuck heads. I've been a video game collector for about 25 years. I know what games are actually worth. What WATA and heritage has done, is just sickening. I can't stop them, but with the influence you have, you have a chance.

  • AngryDestroyer
    AngryDestroyer Month ago +1

    Imagine making a video game that eventually sells for more than what you made off of it, I can't imagine the game creator's feelings in these situations.

  • onikoneko
    onikoneko Month ago +435

    You are a journalist. In the way that journalism was *meant* to be, doing the legwork and exposing shittiness no matter what enemies you make or what crawls out from the rocks you overturn

    • Gerard Garvan
      Gerard Garvan Month ago


    • B Sherman
      B Sherman Month ago +7

      Vigilant journalist

    • Dan Aguilera
      Dan Aguilera Month ago +30

      No biases, no information manipulation, not a hint of venom in his reporting. Just straight truth and plenty of evidence to back it up.

      Like you said mate, journalism at its finest.

  • mattg889
    mattg889 9 days ago +1

    Would there be anything stopping them from "selling" a game for say a million, then later giving that million back behind the scenes. (or maybe no money ever exchanged hands) Now people think that game is worth millions just because they say so.

  • Joseph Andrews
    Joseph Andrews 29 days ago +1

    I wish I had bought several of these as a kid and put them away. The way our parents disapproved of video games led me to believe they weren’t desirable to anyone else. I was 9 years old when I got a Nintendo. I could be rich……

  • moo mäh
    moo mäh Month ago +7

    If this would be legal, insider trading in the stocks market would be legal too which it isn't in many countries. If you play the market by lying (omitting facts to profit is lying too), you are a fraudster. It's like using fancy statistics but leaving away crucial points to make your point seem more true than it actually is.

  • Roni Saiba
    Roni Saiba Month ago +5

    I am a scientist in training. The part about killing the databases made me retch.

  • Bismuth
    Bismuth Month ago +2871

    How bad is it that I immediately recognized the SMB1 speedrun as being by Kosmic?

    • Jo-Cyanide
      Jo-Cyanide Month ago

      Because it isn't as good as Badabun's run.

    • ToastyDaDragon
      ToastyDaDragon Month ago

      @Man Child finally someone bringing it up

    • Dagistani Warlord
      Dagistani Warlord Month ago

      makes you look like squeen aka a skwonk

    • Anki
      Anki Month ago

      Well done Bismuth! Well done... ;)

    • SwizzTV
      SwizzTV Month ago

      @morbideddie I don't use facebook, or any social media for that matter (unless you count youtube).

  • Michael Hutchings
    Michael Hutchings Month ago +1

    Btw so glad you’re on the trending page for exposing alleged crimes.

  • DarkLight 2.1
    DarkLight 2.1 Month ago +2

    At this point a substantial percentage of the "vintage" sealed cartridges changing hands for these sums are undoubtedly counterfeit anyway.

    If skilled and unscrupulous artisans can regularly fool the fine art market, some folks can certainly recreate as believable a piece of plastic.

    As with fine art, since both the buyer and seller have a vested interest in believing that the commodity is genuine, fakes will continue to be fed into the market without being subjected to objective scrutiny until the bubble bursts-at which point it is simply becomes a game of musical chairs, with some unfortunates left holding a pile of worthless plastic.

    I'll take a morally ambiguous stance and say that, with the exception of a very few serious collectors, it's mostly a victimless crime. Greed is the primary motive and those involved know that they pay their money and take their chances.

    Really interesting video by the way-it's has been an interesting investigation into another weird corner of the world.

  • greyグレェ
    greyグレェ Month ago +2

    Thanks for the update.

    I seem to recall not long after your first video, there being an article on Kotaku referencing it, and somewhere in the comments there were connections drawn between Kotaku and other related entities.

    That story was pulled from their front page very shortly afterwards, even though months later they still have stale stories on the front page which predated it.

    The corruption in the aftermarket runs deep. Honest journalism, is hard to come by.

  • Mark Duivesteijn
    Mark Duivesteijn Month ago +1

    Keep it going Karl! It seems like you're onto something big.

    As a retro gamer+collector I'll never buy a WATA game anyway. I want to be able to unpack it and play it in original hardware. But if people have sealed games and want to sell for the highest price, or have the money to buy these things, go for it. Just try to inform yourself and don't be too greedy by feeding these kind of bad practices, because then you become part of the problem.

  • ZeikJT
    ZeikJT Month ago +413

    Them: "We wish we'd had a chance to respond before the video went out"
    Karl: Shows evidence he tried to reach out.
    Conclusion: They didn't think he'd have any effect and decided not to respond, now they regret it.

    • Krampus Klaws
      Krampus Klaws Month ago +5

      Lying is so engrained into these kinds of people it's their go to response for any accusation. I's the equivalent of being caught with their hand in the cookie jar and denying they are doing it. Despite unconditional proof they deny deny deny.

    • ZeikJT
      ZeikJT Month ago +12

      @gunsmithbasic ah yeah, of course that's the scummy angle

    • gunsmithbasic
      gunsmithbasic Month ago +63

      Nah it's all a PR battle and they want to steer perception of Karl as negative. They do not regret avoiding talking to him. It's all to make media outlets sheepish about covering this story, even if its for a short period of time. Of course now they look like liars, or incompetent. It is possible that they didnt know that they were contacted. Some employee could have got the message and there's a standard response to ignore those, or thay they just forgot that had this contact.

  • David Cohen
    David Cohen Month ago +1

    Karl.... you have some big balls taking on these whales scamming people. What you do and publicize is amazing 👏

  • Calum Mccreath
    Calum Mccreath Month ago +1

    Gotta love when a person is so concerned with accuracy they stop the video just to correct a small mistake

  • Mr Burns
    Mr Burns Month ago +1

    I strongly believe in the old saying "a fool and his money are easily parted." I have a really hard time feeling sorry for anyone dumb enough to pay that kind of money for an NES game. 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Emily Mabrey
    Emily Mabrey Month ago +5

    Asking a collector if the video game(s) which they spent way too much money on are valuable is pointless. Not only could they be unwitting victims now parroting the same misinformation they fell victim to upon the purchase of the overpriced items, they could also be intentionally spreading the pricing misinformation in order to sustain the speculative bubble long enough for them to find a "greater fool" (as in the economic theory of the greater fool) and get out of the rigged market by selling their game before the bubble collapses. They are biased, whether intentionally or unintentionally, to the point that their opinion on the market price's validity isn't actually useful.

    The key question to ask is "Why are these items more valuable now then before the price spiked, and could a rapid change in valuation occur again?". These video game cartridges have undergone price inflation, but there isn't a clear reason why the inflation is justified by an underlying value increase. There is no logical explanation for why the carts are more valuable other than recent sales. That is the exact situation you would find yourself in if you were looking at a speculative bubble. And once you couple in the insider trading activities surrounding the use of the grading apparatus to pick winners and losers, it seems pretty clear, in my personal opinion, that some fraud is happening.

  • okCobalt
    okCobalt Month ago +378

    Speculators masquerading as collectors saying the market is undervalued is like the "source: dude just trust me" of the game collector market.

    • Doktor Wyvern
      Doktor Wyvern Month ago +3

      @Max Pulido No, you're obviously a 70 year old memeing on TheXvid. We see through your lies old man.

      /S for our special friend patrick

    • Max Pulido
      Max Pulido Month ago +4

      @Patrick O It was a joke, you nerd. Hence why I framed it in the trustmebro motif, called myself a "video gamer,"(rather than a gamer, to give "how do you do, fellow kids" vibes) and claimed to be collecting for 50 years(how many games were there even to collect 50 years ago?). A JOKE. I'M NOT REALLY A 70 YEAR OLD MAN TRYING TO RIDE THE BUBBLE.

    • Patrick O
      Patrick O Month ago

      @Max Pulido You are literally a mirror image of the problem. You need prices to go up, so you will never reject scammers driving prices up.

    • Max Pulido
      Max Pulido Month ago +2

      @Patrick O /s

    • Patrick O
      Patrick O Month ago

      @Max Pulido You are the scam rider type we are talking about. You are happy to ride the scam since you won't be held accountable for it. Collecting already peaked. Less and less people care about a physical cartridge that sits on their shelf. That "gamers grew up and have money" crap is the new mantra of the opportunists that think they can gamble against the manipulators and avoid getting burned.

  • Caligulove
    Caligulove Month ago +1

    More outstanding work from the legend Karl Jobst. Thank you for doing these, especially considering the weirdos that harass you over your awesome work.

  • Coralskipper
    Coralskipper Month ago +1

    I love this channel so much. Come for the fun speed-running videos, stay for the brutal take-downs of the shadiest SOBs involved in the video game industry

  • Three Musketeers Gaming (TMG)

    Amazing video as usual, but sadly I don't think they will be held accountable...

    One can hope.

  • Felix C.
    Felix C. Month ago +1

    Thank you for this video. This is even worse than I thought. And people still get stuff graded by WATA, I just dont get it.

  • heisenberg
    heisenberg Month ago +638

    I love the fact that karl jobst takes his time making these videos and showing evidence to back it up. Keep it up.

    • Aidan
      Aidan Month ago

      @Doctor Nowzaradan why are you against Karl earning money?

    • Dr. Mercury
      Dr. Mercury Month ago +1

      Well these are very serious accusations, he'd need a lot of legal standing to do so himself.

    • Doctor Nowzaradan
      Doctor Nowzaradan Month ago +2

      @Todd Burgess i get it Guys im a Fan too so its all good

    • Todd Burgess
      Todd Burgess Month ago +1

      @Doctor Nowzaradan he has bills to pay 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    • Duraab
      Duraab Month ago +8

      @Doctor Nowzaradan you make cash, you're not a Saint either.

      From your logic, everyone makes cash from anything, so therefore no one is a Saint. 🤣

  • Unperson
    Unperson Month ago +1

    I very much appreciate content which serves a valuable social function. Clearly, this content qualifies. Thank you for sharing.
    I can't understand the mindset of collectors, physical possessions are transient, but each to their own.

  • Dodge Rider
    Dodge Rider 26 days ago +1

    Displate also has a long history of allowing uploaders to violate the copyright of others and does NOTHING to stop the behavior. Displate is great if you don't care about artists being compensated for the things they make.

  • sol invictus
    sol invictus 18 days ago +1

    If you think this is incredible, wait till you figure out that the same practices are the basis of the entire modern art economy. Artists like Damien Hirst have shell companies buying their own art to inflate prices, which are all determined by auction sales....

  • XeroWon
    XeroWon Month ago +1

    Hey Karl you're on trending right now. Your channel is growing so well I love watching it

  • Stephen White
    Stephen White Month ago +140

    I love how they try to claim that that Super Mario Bros cart is the most valuable game ever, yet Nintendo World Championships 1990 is a thing, and even back as far as 2014 had a copy sell for over 100,000$. And that was a copy that wasn't graded, had it's front label tore off, and was described as in acceptable condition. So even their claim of it being the most valuable game is provably false.

    • Yojiro
      Yojiro Month ago +7

      They're just using Super Mario because most people who aren't really into games have probably heard of "Mario" and "Nintendo" that's why they're abusing those to market themselves since it is so recognisable.
      If they go on to a show like Pawn Stars and show up with some actual rare game that almost nobody has ever heard of it most likely wouldn't stick in the average viewers mind but by using something they know/remember it has a bigger impact and tricks them into thinking the things they own themselves might be worth a lot of money.
      It's a pretty insidious mental manipulation trick intentionally done this way to set up their scam business, inflating the value of an actual rare item usually doesn't affect the whole industry but inflating the value of the most common items can ripple and cause chaos from value/price uncertainty and confusion which is what these type of companies want so they can inject themselves as self-proclaimed "experts" to take control of how much things are worth.

    • Jayme Splendid
      Jayme Splendid Month ago +14

      Not to mention it was THE cart that was bundled with the NES before they began adding the lightgun and then having the Mario/Duckhunt cart.

      SMB has to be one of if not the most printed NES games of all time.