Pouring lava in my pool!

  • Published on Jan 24, 2019
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  • TheBackyardScientist
    TheBackyardScientist  5 months ago +11813

    Thumbs up for Primrose! :D
    That movie legit gave me nightmares as a kid haha. I wanted to upload this in 4k but TheXvid is having problems with it :/ oh well.
    I got some new materials for my foundry that should let it get even hotter, let me know if you want me to try more LAVA!!

  • Kambre Gaming
    Kambre Gaming Hour ago

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    The time you came for
    Is 2:02

  • Руслан Громов

    Minecraft players:
    wOw It is obsidian

  • Laxmi prasad Maharjan
    Laxmi prasad Maharjan 2 hours ago

    Looks like poop

  • Joel MacDonald
    Joel MacDonald 6 hours ago

    I hear you. When Volcano came out I was fairly young. I was good up until the kid was in the building they were gonna blow. I couldn't finish it. I laugh at myself now. Finished it years later. Great movie.

  • may woody
    may woody 7 hours ago

    Now this kids is how to make some homemade lava

  • Repulsive Shotz
    Repulsive Shotz 7 hours ago

    2:20 when the devil takes a big dump 👹

  • Trevor Ratliff
    Trevor Ratliff 7 hours ago

    This would go good in a ASMR video

  • Queen Marteena_123
    Queen Marteena_123 9 hours ago

    Him:pours lava in the pool

    Me: there’s a monster growing

  • Chia Lee
    Chia Lee 10 hours ago

    Damn... i like this guy. He does lab experiments without the lab and without signing a lab waiver. What the hell is college teaching?

  • Faze_ Zachary2010
    Faze_ Zachary2010 11 hours ago

    How to basic: how to make a hot tub
    Me:is it hot tho

  • StalePudding
    StalePudding 11 hours ago

    Don’t need to watch. Already know it makes obsidian cuz I’m an epic gamer.

  • hillbilly bone
    hillbilly bone 11 hours ago

    Instant obsidian

  • hillbilly bone
    hillbilly bone 11 hours ago

    Instant obsidian

  • GayMonkeyOnMar s
    GayMonkeyOnMar s 12 hours ago

    The second test made me want to eat the lava because it looked like a puffed marshmallow.

  • Krystian Kolasinski
    Krystian Kolasinski 13 hours ago

    thats how underwater volcanoes work..

  • Francisco Figueroa
    Francisco Figueroa 13 hours ago

    Lava:pls water come

  • HJP
    HJP 15 hours ago

    10:42 did he just call a covered wagon a Stagecoach

  • Olivia Guy
    Olivia Guy 17 hours ago

    But why?

  • mr beast 2.0
    mr beast 2.0 18 hours ago

    its june 24th when im looking at this and it was published at jan 24th :D

  • Mighty Leviathan
    Mighty Leviathan 19 hours ago

    Pours lava into pool*
    Wife:let’s go into the pool

    Wife:um did u pee in the water why is it so hot

  • C Strawhecker
    C Strawhecker 21 hour ago

    Sand is now black!-6:02

  • T Sasso
    T Sasso Day ago

    Conserve gas with a regulator. Only need 7 to 11 psi achieve forge welding temps. 2400 ish degrees .

  • Astro Cat
    Astro Cat Day ago

    Where do you even get lava? Ebay?

  • Mark Productions

    The sun is very hot so it emits radiation at many different wavelengths. The surface can be approximated as a blackbody at 6000 K. A normal orange flame may burn at 600 K or so. It isn't hot enough to radiate UV rays but it does radiate in the visible and infrared parts of the electromagnetic spectrum.

  • Liliana Ruggiero

    Him: multed
    Real life: melted!

  • Ansar mohamed
    Ansar mohamed Day ago

    Why don't you pour liquid nitrogen into lava.

  • Mopi Baca Tulis
    Mopi Baca Tulis Day ago

    What oh

  • mir dav
    mir dav Day ago

    Man have u ever been at school learning the different type of lava and their effect
    Sure it is fun what u did but you forgot to add a little science info
    I am a little disappointed but good video though

  • Dreeka Price
    Dreeka Price Day ago +1

    "will it sink or will it float"
    Me: I have a feeling that that chicken will start cooking

  • Sweaty Neo
    Sweaty Neo Day ago

    Pouring water into a pool
    Me: turns into a hot tub duh

  • ashley fowlkes
    ashley fowlkes Day ago

    It’s gonna cook.. you shoulda seasoned it ! 😂😫

  • Max Carter
    Max Carter Day ago +1

    2200 degrees Kelvin
    No much UV radiation is emitted by a wood or paper fire. The temperatures of those fires is roughly 2200 degrees Kelvin. To get significant UV radiation, the temperature has to be up around 3000 degrees Kelvin, near the temperature of the Sun.

  • Twister
    Twister Day ago

    The plate exploded because of obvious reasons.

    Due to the lava heating up the glass material, parts of the plate were still hardened up. So when it reacted to the other section melting, it exploded due to sudden reasons.

  • Aleesa Loader
    Aleesa Loader Day ago +1

    I am Ssssooooo happy that I am not the only one who was traumatized by Volcano and Dante’s Peak. 😱😱😱😱☠️☠️☠️😓😓😓

  • No Name
    No Name Day ago

    4:50 when he actually starts to pour the lava in the pool.

  • Vivi Llc
    Vivi Llc Day ago

    Love the vid.but dude please wear your safety gear

  • Kris Welsh
    Kris Welsh Day ago

    Rip pool guy

  • the mlp reactor. yt channel

    10:56 please dont start a forest fire 😐😂

  • Charlie Kelley
    Charlie Kelley Day ago

    Am I the only one that totally jumped when the plate shattered?

  • charles simmons
    charles simmons Day ago

    Um yea, how did u not know high heat can shatter glass 😂

  • Goblinlight104
    Goblinlight104 Day ago

    Ying Spoh Leeiyt So Hum?

  • Alicia Plever
    Alicia Plever Day ago +1

    Not real lava it will Bern the border and it would catch on fire in the woods

  • Pabexu
    Pabexu 2 days ago

    Lava + Water = Obsidian

  • Cookie Pug
    Cookie Pug 2 days ago

    8:33 It looked like he was about to eat the chicken xD

  • Joseph Jarnagin
    Joseph Jarnagin 2 days ago

    how dis he get lava???

  • ItzJacobHD
    ItzJacobHD 2 days ago


  • WolfOriginal Gacha
    WolfOriginal Gacha 2 days ago

    *he puts chicken in*
    Me:Now you have cooked chicken

  • Milan Karakas
    Milan Karakas 2 days ago

    I jumped when glass dish shattered. Anyone else?

  • Sock Face
    Sock Face 2 days ago

    This is the most crazy experience ever

  • ImUhRandii
    ImUhRandii 2 days ago

    This dude tryna make Cobblestone

  • Ice Dragon
    Ice Dragon 2 days ago

    The heat put to much pressure on the glass then it blew up

  • 1976 Grady
    1976 Grady 2 days ago

    Do you talk way too much

  • Ronan Radical
    Ronan Radical 2 days ago

    It’s so hot I can’t even get close to it.

    Boy did you forget it’s lava

  • Muhammad Turtle
    Muhammad Turtle 2 days ago

    That will get you thousand degree knife in a second

  • Cory da beast Fax
    Cory da beast Fax 2 days ago

    This whole vid is satisfying

  • Summer Sweets
    Summer Sweets 3 days ago


  • Tessa Monson
    Tessa Monson 3 days ago

    2200 kelvin


    How he got 34 mill views with 4 mill subs

  • Mesum Shah
    Mesum Shah 3 days ago

    “Let me stick my stick in there”

  • Rainbow Dash
    Rainbow Dash 3 days ago +1

    2:29 reminds me of the time some kid decided to crap in the pool

  • Hehe
    Hehe 3 days ago

    Enjoy cleaning the mess

  • Joshua Cruz
    Joshua Cruz 4 days ago +4

    I didn't know that Dirk Nowitzki has a TheXvid channel..

  • Hinda Suleiman
    Hinda Suleiman 4 days ago


  • Kaylie Mixayphon
    Kaylie Mixayphon 4 days ago

    I was dead when the wife said" that's what the sun looks like.....it looks like cheese........we should have seasoned it............that's molten cheese ...........I'm surprised the glass is holding up*brakes** shook* I kinda knew that was happening .....man that just exploded"

  • yunita bbifa
    yunita bbifa 4 days ago +3

    next video:making a real vidio nether portal🤗

  • Ligit venom Chloe
    Ligit venom Chloe 4 days ago

    toy story 3 reference: I see daylight!

  • Angel’s Lab
    Angel’s Lab 4 days ago

    THATS OBSIDIAN!!!!!!!!

  • Supernova in the neighborhood

    him: oh look at it twisting like tha woooow

  • Anne Craik
    Anne Craik 4 days ago

    100000000000000000000000000000000 degrees Celsius

  • Kamden Bentley
    Kamden Bentley 4 days ago

    About 5000 degrees Fahrenheit (near the temperature of the sun) to give off large amounts of UV rays

  • Julysaa Williams
    Julysaa Williams 4 days ago

    The glass made me jump

  • NoobMaster69
    NoobMaster69 4 days ago

    Why ain’t it cobblestone

  • Fatima Salman
    Fatima Salman 4 days ago +8

    wait so ur telling me i can make LAVA

    in my backyard?

  • Rohan Aneja
    Rohan Aneja 4 days ago

    Satan taking a dump.

  • Stellaxvega
    Stellaxvega 5 days ago

    My name is Zackery I always wanted to like you make lava or make lava to make like this upsetting because I heard it in Minecraft but I was wanted to make obsidian you just can’t like making cobblestone butyou might not know what I’m talking about at all I like your video have a great day and you are some cool guy

  • Reeree Alhawari
    Reeree Alhawari 5 days ago +1

    "Am sure someone knows that from the top of their head" uhmmm NO? WHO WOULD RANDOMLY KNOW THE REQUIRED TEMPERATURE OF OBJECTS TO EMIT UV RAYS?? Lolll

  • Reeree Alhawari
    Reeree Alhawari 5 days ago

    WHAT IS THE MOVIE NAME PLZ SOMEONE TELL ME. I watched it before and I totally loved it and I tried to look for it again but never found it plz someone tell me the name of the movie 😭😭💔

  • Kyle Ward
    Kyle Ward 5 days ago

    Not sinking sounds like the worst thing ever

  • squrtleplays 99
    squrtleplays 99 5 days ago

    to get uv rays im a science boy i know this stuff
    To get significant UV radiation, the temperature has to be up around 3000 degrees Kelvin, near the temperature of the Sun.

  • Nathaniel Garcia
    Nathaniel Garcia 5 days ago +1

    2:02 5:04 thank me later

  • Lilly Anderson
    Lilly Anderson 5 days ago

    Doesnt that look like a upside down baby at 5:23

  • Tetsuran mark 1
    Tetsuran mark 1 5 days ago

    > irrational fear of volcanos

  • Jess dela Fuente
    Jess dela Fuente 5 days ago

    Love this channel and love this video...but seriously...I feel bad for your pool cleaner

  • Zoe Edwards Smith
    Zoe Edwards Smith 5 days ago

    The first thought: Minecraft obsidian

  • Jaiden Donner
    Jaiden Donner 5 days ago

    2200 Kelvin

  • Nadia Lipovz
    Nadia Lipovz 5 days ago

    You made your own igneous rock

  • Preston Gaming
    Preston Gaming 5 days ago +1

    Pool guy: what is it?
    Him: oh yeah so we were gonna put lava in our pool.
    Pool guy: *hangs up*

  • Drdrkr
    Drdrkr 5 days ago

    im legit worried about his safety

  • SaucePlayz - The Original Nyan Roscoe


  • David is the best one
    David is the best one 5 days ago +1

    yay Minecraft I knew it would make obsidian

  • Aiden Norcliffe
    Aiden Norcliffe 5 days ago

    5:35 thats lava dierreah

  • Agamez Z
    Agamez Z 5 days ago

    Has he never played minecraft

  • Thomas Winovich
    Thomas Winovich 5 days ago

    It looks like pizza

  • akaiyukihana
    akaiyukihana 5 days ago

    To fear lava is not irrational

  • Josef Sviták
    Josef Sviták 5 days ago

    Electric arcs use to be hot enough to produce UV and they should have temperatures around 5000C to 6000C.

  • Dense Cabbage
    Dense Cabbage 6 days ago +1

    When I go to the toilet after the birthday dinner

  • BillyBobBros
    BillyBobBros 6 days ago

    10:15 oh rly