The Best of CES 2019: Only the cream of the crop

  • Published on Jan 11, 2019
  • Oops, we made a mistake! Impossible Burgers are plant-based, not a lab-grown meat.
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Comments • 725

  • Yeezy westy
    Yeezy westy Day ago

    "grown in a lab" mmmmm.... tasty..

  • Bryan Timbal
    Bryan Timbal Day ago

    2:30 trucks don't usually interest me that much but that is one sick looking semi.

  • alvinpetrovitch13

    If you think I'm ever going to give up beef, you're a moron. I will eat burgers made from plants occasionally, if they are organic and healthy. But beef, chicken and salmon are always a go-to choice.

  • Jonathan Brady
    Jonathan Brady 2 days ago

    I agree that the burger has the potential to have far more impact that any other tech product... it'll certainly help reduce climate change big time, if they can get it to mass market adoption.

  • Lord von Waffy
    Lord von Waffy 2 days ago

    The dystopian future has arrived.

  • linop412
    linop412 2 days ago

    Haven't seen everything CES had to offer, but that impossible burger really is some impressive ish. Could have a huge impact with global warming and might just be the one thing to help save the planet. How nutty would that be? Pretty mind blowing.

  • Ross Meldrum
    Ross Meldrum 2 days ago

    I find it curious how in years past MSM made a big deal about CES reporting on it daily, this year nothing, your could hear crickets chirping. And the week went by so fast, it was all a blur.

  • Von Neumann
    Von Neumann 2 days ago

    check out AmazingPolly story on this Impossible co.

  • Charly85
    Charly85 2 days ago

    Yeah but does the meat contain high amounts of protein and b

  • Michael Lee
    Michael Lee 2 days ago

    Now that sustainable foods is moving forward, I wonder when will "we" see CES winners on cleaning up the environment, on creating sustainable energy, on clean water management, and on efficient and effective recycling and trash management.

  • lfin _77
    lfin _77 2 days ago

    How tf do you adjust the weight

  • Kylie Lyon
    Kylie Lyon 2 days ago

    Quick and straight to the point, this is my favourite CES video so far

  • luis002
    luis002 2 days ago

    music was drowning out the info.....

  • Trigg Ethridge
    Trigg Ethridge 2 days ago

    or you can just eat normal meat

  • DR Paquette
    DR Paquette 3 days ago

    Did Tesla not show this type of freightliner driver assist in an all electric version? I think it had more tech than the Daimer-Chrysler version. You earned a thumbs down with the veggie burger. This is a tech show - not a veggie show.

  • james diamond
    james diamond 3 days ago

    wonder what has happened to the alien tech you have hidden or should I say NASA has hidden and these little green men would laugh at this it is sad but true.

  • Timothy Sullivan
    Timothy Sullivan 3 days ago


  • WanganTune3DXPluDeaf

    wrong!! Best laptop is MSI GS75!!!

  • Business Purchase
    Business Purchase 3 days ago

    A wall of high technology.

  • caribbeanchild
    caribbeanchild 3 days ago

    How the hell can that thing have adjustable weight by pushing a button? That's not possible.

  • Beez Neez
    Beez Neez 3 days ago

    "Our best of the best, also known as who paid us the most to promote them after the show ended"

  • Neelan Alphonse
    Neelan Alphonse 3 days ago

    Someone got a lot of free burgers....

  • First Name Last Name

    A computer you can update!!!!! Wow, the future is now!

  • Tri Mulyadi [ TM9CHANNEL ]


  • Mark Easley
    Mark Easley 3 days ago

    Burger won 3 awards? Guys take your job seriously.

  • mellow m
    mellow m 3 days ago

    the only cool thing is the tv

  • Baladár
    Baladár 4 days ago

    ... and this is EXACTLY why I never visit these shows. If I want somebody to think I'm stupid, I just visit my mother. She won't lie to me to get my money. And she won't talk bullshit between shiny useless gadgets.

  • Mike
    Mike 4 days ago

    Consumer Electronics Show. Engadget. Plant Burger. WTF.

  • 5kyisth3limit
    5kyisth3limit 4 days ago

    The Alienware laptop design took me back to 1982.. jeeesus..

  • drane1210
    drane1210 4 days ago +1

    A man went to the doctor’s office to get a double dose of Viagra. The doctor told him that he couldn’t allow him a double dose. “Why not?” asked the man. “Because it’s not safe,” replied the doctor. “But I need it really bad,” said the man. “Well, why do you need it so badly?” asked the doctor. The man said, “My girlfriend is coming into town on Friday; my ex-wife will be here on Saturday; and my wife is coming home on Sunday. Can’t you see? I must have a double dose.” The doctor finally relented saying, “Okay, I’ll give it to you, but you have to come in on Monday morning so that I can check you to see if there are any side effects.” On Monday, the man dragged himself in; his arm in a sling. The doctor asked, “What happened to you?” The man said, “No one showed up.”

  • Ricardo D'SOUZA
    Ricardo D'SOUZA 4 days ago

    Wow!! looking forward to that burger))

  • MrPvallone
    MrPvallone 4 days ago

    Only in America where a fake burger wins best in Electronics....

  • infernoscorpion for life

    ya know they didn't say that this video wasn't sponsored by a cheeseburger...

  • Johannes
    Johannes 4 days ago

    lmao imagine buying a 1000 dollar phone and having to get a thick ass battery case just so it gets through the day

  • Gorilla Jones
    Gorilla Jones 4 days ago

    Ummmmm you have no idea what you're talking about. The Yamaha YSP series of sound bars has been delivering surround for over 15 years.
    Go get a proper demonstration. Stop passing on misinformation.

  • Sudip Ale
    Sudip Ale 4 days ago

    total respect for the best CES 2019

  • Justin Wilson
    Justin Wilson 4 days ago

    Who will win Engadget's best of CES 2019 award ? A lower body exoskeleton to help people with with mobility issues or One Beefy Boii ?

  • The Dudelino
    The Dudelino 4 days ago

    Honestly: Give the world a meatless but super tasty burger and we could end a lot of our emission problems. And you know all that animal cruelty that is going down in meat factories.

  • a64750
    a64750 4 days ago

    lots of weird stuff never seen in Real World

  • Cat Collision
    Cat Collision 4 days ago

    This video was created by a Social Justice Vegan..

  • ano T
    ano T 4 days ago

    I am severely disappointed that Engadet with foodie. Maybe there is a food expo or something that can say this is great. Worse yet, soy is not great for you? Soy protein contains phytates, also known as antinutrients. These reduce the availability of iron and zinc in soy protein.
    Heme iron is derived from hemoglobin. It is found in animal foods! So is this the Anti nutrient burger?

  • anonymous mc
    anonymous mc 4 days ago

    eat out of his butt.....

  • Chris Perry
    Chris Perry 4 days ago

    Sorry. Had to unlike for the anti beef comments. Had they made it a health thing maybe I could get onboard. But just flat out you should quit eating beef comments... in a tech video... just stop. Please. :)

  • spectadour Gaming
    spectadour Gaming 4 days ago

    what's the intro music called

  • 배규진
    배규진 4 days ago

    Amazing LG Rollable TV !

  • anjoe sebastian
    anjoe sebastian 4 days ago

    What about the mothership?!!

  • Heavy Palmz
    Heavy Palmz 4 days ago

    I've been eating The impossible burger for the last year and it's freaking amazing and I cannot wait to try the new one... I can't believe I came for a tech video and now im hungry... haha

    I'm not even going to read the comments cuz I'm sure it's a lot of people pissed off about a vegetarian burger.

  • Raging Tout
    Raging Tout 4 days ago

    What a shit video. A lab grown burger is your winner? Really? I'm sure there's no health issues with those in the future, right? Face it, nobody who eats burgers wants a crappy GMO seudo plant burger, this is for yuppy snowflakes.

  • Brandon Ell
    Brandon Ell 4 days ago

    Whoever took their blood pressure on that watch needs to go see a doctor soon lmao not good

  • Stil29
    Stil29 4 days ago

    I love my tv who wants a tv That rolls up not me

    • Stil29
      Stil29 4 days ago

      Wait infirmary come on that’s insulting

  • 4 days ago

    You are quite ridiculous, fake meat ??? Go away

  • Fly Boy Drone Services

    That burger is crap!

  • Krombopulos T
    Krombopulos T 4 days ago

    i cant trust this video worth a damn after the meatless burger lie.

  • jorcasce
    jorcasce 4 days ago

    That soundbar....

  • Jacob T Kuker Creative

    Definitely a disappointed vibe in the comments. I didn’t see anything I wasn’t already very aware of in the tech world. I appreciate the health products and the new trucking tech application but seriously 😒 missing the truly innovative new tech solutions in this video. Perhaps this year was not much to see in this area though.

  • JihadInMyPants
    JihadInMyPants 4 days ago

    Veggie burger? No thanks.

  • ajosn
    ajosn 5 days ago

    a bit boring.....-_-

  • stinknus
    stinknus 5 days ago

    Yes, Engadget. Lab meat is absolutely fitting winner for the Consumer Electronics Show 2019.

  • James Prival
    James Prival 5 days ago

    Lab grown? Not lab made? Do they have a grow op for all the ingredients they use or do they outsource and mix together?

  • Smokey Dopey
    Smokey Dopey 5 days ago

    7:14 what song is this

  • Ted Hawk
    Ted Hawk 5 days ago

    Meatless burger award winner: evidence that CES does NOT get better every year.

  • diesel6916
    diesel6916 5 days ago

    really saving a cow was the best thing all week. They should yank your credentials. Bunch of crunchers

  • hugh mcmenamin
    hugh mcmenamin 5 days ago

    Burger looks disgusting!

  • Keven Harvey
    Keven Harvey 5 days ago

    Nothing remotely interesting in that video. My highlight is the hisense uled XD, the rollable TV is stupid, most people are gonna use it a handful of time to showoff to guests and then leave it up because they can't be bothered. Form that hinders function will always be stupid.

    • Keven Harvey
      Keven Harvey 2 days ago

      +Noob Attempts Those things have existed for decades and have yet to help anyone as far as I'm aware, it's more of a manufacturer's claim than anything else at this point.

    • Noob Attempts
      Noob Attempts 2 days ago

      so the device that helps patients walk did not interest you in the slightest

  • sw112
    sw112 5 days ago

    Diastolic BP of 108? Doubtful that it works correctly

  • Raw2929 Will
    Raw2929 Will 5 days ago

    That phone case is so ugly

  • Young_Hov
    Young_Hov 5 days ago

    Lab grown meat!!?? 🤢🤢🤮🤮

  • MrStubbs1981
    MrStubbs1981 5 days ago

    Top most garbage things the ces had tp offer is probably more appropriate. Notebooks in 2 categories? No real announcememt for immediate future? Hmm...and I watched the whole crap...

  • Joseph W
    Joseph W 5 days ago

    They need to change CES from Consumer to Consumption electronics show.

  • GreyAnnic
    GreyAnnic 5 days ago +1

    omg, the black mirror curse is coming for us. sad.

  • Sherazam Tiwana
    Sherazam Tiwana 5 days ago

    The woman sounds super entitled.

  • talin nalo
    talin nalo 5 days ago


  • Roger
    Roger 5 days ago

    that burger looks gross

  • hyp3ract1v• •XB1X

    Really ? Fake meat ? Wow . _Unsubscribed_ 'cause here you are ,, trying to trick us into OK'ing this shiit for society .
    I bet you were forced into saying that .

  • Myballsitchsomethingfierce

    Why didn't they talk about that big ass drone hover thingy.

  • jakeman0x0
    jakeman0x0 5 days ago

    tech or food...they chosen food. Engadget you really lost it.

  • Gavin Sellers
    Gavin Sellers 5 days ago

    Please cite your music. Rendezvous by Michael McClellan.

  • واردات تخصصی لپ تاپ

    The laptops were dope as well :)

  • Justin Couser
    Justin Couser 5 days ago

    Wtf a burger! How much did they pay you guys!

  • Heath Townley
    Heath Townley 5 days ago +7

    Since when did people need to eat less beef? Best of CES 19? What a joke. Keep your biased nonsense to yourselves please...

  • C F
    C F 5 days ago

    Shorter intro please

  • Fourat .M
    Fourat .M 5 days ago

    if thats the ladies blood pressure she need to see a doctor its a bit high

  • richard lloyd
    richard lloyd 5 days ago

    “Cream of the crop”. A vegan burger.
    Hope the cream was non-dairy, or someone will be triggered.

  • Martin Bygdén
    Martin Bygdén 5 days ago

    Damn lefties...

  • 63JackBlack
    63JackBlack 5 days ago +1

    A device that tells me when to pee?

  • Michael Fernandes
    Michael Fernandes 5 days ago

    The Yamaha ysp5600 sound bar has been giving atmos sound for years so what’s different in the sennheiser soundbar?

  • rekshort
    rekshort 5 days ago

    Really! Alienware Area51m as cream of the crop laptop in 2019 and it's max resolution is 1920x1080! The new generation of video cards are made to deliver exceptional framerates at 2k and 4k resolutions and your putting this old tech on a pedestal because its up-gradable? the monitor is obsolete so can we upgrade that?

  • MrMethod007
    MrMethod007 5 days ago

    EnGadget : Nope, the roller tv or health robot isn’t the best of show.......................a burger is!

  • Андрей Иванов

    Совсем ебанулись с этими бургерами. Даже сюда умудрились эту тему всунуть и полвидоса этому посвятили

  • Tony Philbin
    Tony Philbin 5 days ago

    Great video! Straight to the point

  • Carmen Nooner
    Carmen Nooner 5 days ago

    I already eat veggie burgers, but they taste like veggie burgers with extra spices. My husband SHOULD be eating them but can't stand the taste or texture. As crazy as it sounds, I would like to thank you for introducing the burger to us. Hopefully consumers will be able to purchase the product in the frozen food section instead of having to buy burgers only. A meat substitute that could actually take the place of the hamburger used in casseroles, meat loaf, etc., could be a heart healthy choice!

  • Butch 1952
    Butch 1952 5 days ago

    What has a burger grown in a lab got to do with electronics?

  • Wolf
    Wolf 5 days ago

    0:50 Nice ass( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Aerial
    Aerial 5 days ago

    GTFO ....

  • Chris Valin
    Chris Valin 5 days ago

    I agree with your choice in the end. Disappointing tech imo but the meat intrigues me if it actually does taste good and is reasonably healthy

  • Bogdan Stefan
    Bogdan Stefan 5 days ago

    Who else thinks that the meatless burger, at 4:52, is actually the best part of this year's CES?

  • jarrett maltry
    jarrett maltry 5 days ago

    So you motherfuckers are just vegetarians got it go report on something else

  • Syed Amir Azhar
    Syed Amir Azhar 5 days ago

    A Vegetarian burger won a tech convention guys. A burger won! :D With hydroponics this could mean unlimited burgers for the trip to Mars!

  • r. grambo
    r. grambo 5 days ago +2

    guess id rather eat something grown in a lab than actual flesh

  • abin mathew
    abin mathew 5 days ago

    Lol the burger won the tech show