Top Shelf Fresh Strawberry Jam

  • Published on Jun 20, 2014
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    Make fresh strawberry jam at home. This video contains links to sterilizing jars and homemade biscuts.
    There really is nothing like homemade strawberry jam or jelly.
    This is not really a very difficult recipe. The preserving technique in this recipe is simple and you will not need a lot of fancy equipment.
    This year when you see all of those great strawberries at very low prices don't miss out on the opportunity to try this recipe. I promise you, you will be very happy that you did.
    Thank you very much for watching. Margie
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Comments • 13

  • kingtutakhamon
    kingtutakhamon 4 months ago

    I like the video, but can we use organic honey? That's too much sugar for me.

    • Margie's It's No Secret Candies
      Margie's It's No Secret Candies  3 months ago

      I do not think that you can substitute honey for sugar. I would not do that. Maybe someone out there knows??? Margie

  • Cynthia Dunning
    Cynthia Dunning 3 years ago

    Love this

  • Tina Robbins
    Tina Robbins 4 years ago

    i watched a video kneedy homesteaders, taking apple peels and pear peels to make a syrup. she mentioned candy apple jam at the end using red hots to make it. i love watching you, and if anyone could make this you can. will you try for me pleaseee

  • Destiny Tedrick
    Destiny Tedrick 4 years ago

    Love this

  • MissJoaniB
    MissJoaniB 5 years ago

    Thank you for this video and the one on sterilizing jars. I was having trouble visualizing the process until this. Also, that jam looks delicious.

  • Steve Davidson
    Steve Davidson 5 years ago

    Thanks Margie! Made this today and it's delicious! Also great on pork.


    I Will try

  • Margie's It's No Secret Candies

    Thanks you so much.
    But I think I should have said Tea.

  • Anthony Reichardt
    Anthony Reichardt 5 years ago

    Margie, I so love your videos. Making homemade strawberry jam screams the arrival of summer! Those buttered biscuits with the jam looked heavenly and you're right, coffee would go great with it. Thank you for all you do!